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Outback geothermal plant goes live

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"The company believes the Habanero site has around nearly 60,000 petajoules of recoverable thermal energy which would, it says, deliver around 7,000 petajoules of end user power"

So it is only a little better than 10% efficient, way less than current PV efficiency. Is this wasting too much natural resource?

Giant solar-powered aircraft to begin cross-country flight

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A Minor Point

Think head wind...

Australia’s biggest IT moments of 2012

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Re: East island goings on?

Dotcom vs. US/NZ Govt antics would surpass any of the West Island items mentioned.

Watch out, Martians! Curiosity to scoop its first soil sample

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I predict that they will find rubber molecules in the test sample, indicating the passage of Martians on rubber tired vehicles in the past.....

iPad mini to go on sale in one month?

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Media Hype

Let's see. Apple has 68% of the tablet market and is still growing strongly, with only a 10" offering. Rest of world, including dogs sells 10" and 7" tablets - mostly 7". Rest of world plus dogs fighting for market share and only seem to make progress by cutting price.

Tell me again, why do Apple NEED a mini tablet?

Not only that, there is the past stellar results of media predictions on Apple products.

NZ spooks acted unlawfully in Megaupload wiretap

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Re: The New Zealand Government is ...

New Zealand's "constitution" is effectively the same as the UK, a tangle of legal precedent, a few laws and aging treaties... http://gg.govt.nz/role/constofnz.htm

The reason the judiciary appears to operate in a more transparent way here is that the country is small and it is very hard to hide stuff for long.

'Immortal cancer' found in Australia

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Re: Sun it hot and grass is green...

"Aren't all cancerous cells immortal?"

Sort of, most are. My own personal cancer cells have proven to be mortal (to date) when exposed to chemo and the surgeon's knife.

My understanding of the main reason I got colon cancer was because the mortal bit flipped in one cell. RAM is not the only entity that suffers random bit errors when they get older.

U.S forces maintain fire against Megaupload

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House Arrest!!!

"Dotcom remains under house arrest in his New Zealand mansion where he waging an aggressive social media campaign against the MPA and the U.S government’s actions."

He has never been on House Arrest. Earlier on he was bailed to a specific location, now he pretty much free to wander around NZ as he chooses.

Pano does browser-thin virty desktops

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Sun Ray?

And this differs from the SunRay in what way?


Solar power can head out of the clouds says CSIRO

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Re: local limit

Any power transformer, including a local area transformer, can pass power both ways, no worries. The only problem (and it can be a real issue) is that there may be local voltage issues that cannot be managed by a tap changer (if there is one in the local transformer).

'Biocoal' fuels steam train comeback

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Hell That's Fast

Having been on the foot plate of a Ja class loco in NZ, going down a slight gradient at an indicated 70mph I would not want to be there at 130mph. 70mph was like the gates of hell, noise, fire, smoke, swaying (we only have narrow gauge). I only really enjoyed it because I was well primed with alcohol. I think the driver was as well.

NZ erupts over Dotcom corruption accusations

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Not NZ Erupts

Rather bored NZ media erupts. As ACT returned around the margin of error in the last election there are few people in NZ who really care.

Amazon's S3 object count kisses 1 trillion

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If I was Jeff Barr I would be getting VERY worried.....

There must be some copyright material in all those stored objects.

Azure's storage cloud was never at stake, insists storage cloud biz

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Don't Get The Status

"The Amazon storage cloud "was used internally at Amazon for over a decade. It stores billions of objects with over 99.9 per cent availability and 99.999999999 per cent of data durability"

99.9% availability would note come close to satisfying our users. And WTF is data durability?

Megaupload honcho sprung from slammer (for now)

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New Evidence?

There is no report of new evidence, including in the linked report. The primary reason for granting bail appears to be that there is no new evidence of significant funds available. The FBI and supposedly NZ police have been unable to uncover the cash stash which the prosecution said existed and would have facilitated flight.

A bit like supposed weapons of mass distruction....

Apache releases first upgrade to HTTP Server in six years

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One of the early signs on maturity in the IT space. A 4 year upgrade cycle is about the same for the automobile industry now.

Mobile internet devices to outnumber humans this year

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So What?

We have been outnumbered by grains of sand, litres of water in the oceans, number of birds (avian variety) for many years, why should this make a difference?

Apple crushes rivals under its heel in Euro fondleslab sales

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BIG ecoSystem

It is more than hardware, App Store and iTunes. When checking out at the supermarket I can buy a range of iTunes gift cards, but none for Andriod systems.

Portsmouth stretches the Olympic-sized swimming pool

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In Perspective

Great to see El Reg raising major local authority issues which allow me to put our wee earthquake in Christchurch, NZ, into proper perspective.

Twenty-tonne space truck poised for ISS trip

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Way To Go In These Times Of Financial Trouble

Surely (Shirley?) it would be safer and easier to just burn several hundred millions of dollars in bank notes in a big bonfire rather than a big bang shortly after launch or some time later during de-orbit?

Google unleashes phone calls from Gmail

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Human Communication started in 1810?

Surprised to see that, I had always assumed that speech was available and in use well before then.

One could argue that increased use of online communication (email, twitter, facebook etc.) has depreciated human communication.

The pain and promise of x86 servers

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What About The Important Servers

How about a similar study on real servers, the ones running UNIX, that do most of the real work.

DTrace co-creator quits Sun, hits delete on Oracle

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Not The End of Open Solaris

You might see Bryan and a few other such names turn up here... http://www.illumos.org/

Apple sues three more over power adapter 'knock-offs'

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Conspiracy Alert

Had a look at the linked patent, very little text detail so went took at the images, Firefox needed a plugin to view them, guess which one - Apple Quicktime. I did not corrupt Firefox so cannot see the images.

Ellison's database customers slip slidin' to x86

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Interesting Numbers Behind This Survey

41% of sites surveyed are running Oracle database on x86. Assumption is that all/most sites are running Oracle databases. So 59% are running on UNIX/RISC near exclusively (there may be one or two on ZOS). As there will be some overlap of sites running UNIX/RISC and x86 there must be at least 60% of sites not running Linux/x86, and only 6% of pure UNIX shops thinking of moving to x86.

While Sun is 3rd behind Windows and Linux, above figures would suggest that UNIX/RISC is still doing the heavy lifting and Solaris is 25% ahead of the next UNIX platform (AIX).

(Some of the above data is from the full report).

Is it any wonder Larry bought Sun?

Boffins fawn over dirt cheap server clusters

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Not That Unique

"One of the key factors behind the wimpy nodes doing so well is that on such a node, processing, main memory, and flash memory speeds are more in synch than they are on a modern x64 or RISC server."

Not all RISC servers - sounds just like the design logic of a SPARC T series cpu.

Gartner confirms crap Q2 server sales

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Re: Do the math Matty!

Using the Risc/Itanic figues from Gartner....

Total 57789 100.00%

HP 8358 14.46%

IBM 16635 28.79%

Sun 30997 53.64%

More customers have confidence in Sun/Sparc than any other Risc architecture. Perhaps Larry is on the money when he says Oracle will continue with Sparc.

The curious case of Sun's hardware biz

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It's Not All About CPU

"Here we are, nine years later, and Sun's "Niagara" family of Sparc T servers are not competitive with the most recent x64 boxes."

Sun's processors have never been competive with Intel/AMD CPUs. However the systems have had consistently better IO, threading and reliability than most x86 systems. If the CMT chips are so uncompetitive, why the continued increase in volume sales of the T series boxes during the 25+% drop in other systems over the past few quarters?

And how come Sun got to 54%, by volume, of UNIX server shipments a couple of quarters back, according to Gartner? This could only be due to shipments of the cheaper T series systems as they were behind IBM and HP on revenues.

Sun's VirtualBox 3.0 exits betaland

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Re: $30? And the rest...

"I'd love to buy the full commercial version... if Sun would just let me."

Why? You can use the "full commercial version" for free. From Virtual box Editions page... http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Editions "The full VirtualBox package is available in binary (executable) form free of charge from the Downloads page....... If, instead, you wish to purchase licenses for enterprise use and/or enterprise support for VirtualBox, please do not hesitate to contact your Sun representative. "


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