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Microsoft's summer update will be called Windows 8.1

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Pro-tip: Mouse over the "hot-spot" thing in the bottom left, right click, select "Programs and Features".

News of the World TO CLOSE

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It was updated yesterday apparently:

Domain name:



News International Newspapers Limited

Registrant type:

UK Limited Company, (Company number: 1885543)

Registrant's address:

NI Group Limited

3 Thomas More Square


E98 1ES

United Kingdom


News International Newspapers Limited [Tag = NEWSINT]

URL: http://www.newsint.co.uk

Relevant dates:

Registered on: 05-Jul-2011

Renewal date: 05-Jul-2013

Last updated: 08-Jul-2011

Registration status:

Registration request being processed.

Nuke icon because that's what should have been done >:|

New NASA model: Doubled CO2 means just 1.64°C warming

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You just got owned.


Diary of a Not-spot: One man's heroic struggle for broadband

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When freeview reception was still abysmal in my area of Northern Ireland, we got a streetlight from the scrapheap, cut the top off, bolted on the aerial and concreted it into the ground. Not the prettiest sight but it worked.

As for the internet, AOL was the only ISP that even suggested that we could get ADSL. 200Kbps max at around 3am if I'm lucky and cuts out for about an hour each day.

iPad alert: Are you a selfish elite or an independent geek?

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This title is required, and contains letters and/or digits.

They appear to have taken a picture of me, stuck it on the wall and said "This is an iPad critic." I even have Ubuntu installed on one computer but I prefer Windows 7 for the GUI and gaming. Now please excuse me while I adopt my tin-foil hat.

Get ready for the revolution: internet TVs

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Just give me a dumb display that I can connect a Windows Media Center PC to and that will keep me happy.

The problem with putting PC-like functions into a TV (especially with this sort of tech that's just appering) is that it will be outdated within a year, maybe months, and can't be fixed or tweaked as it's all locked in.

Buy a normal display and use the money saved to buy a cheap PC with Windows 7 on it and fire up Media Centre. Once the major internet TV players like BBC and 4OD etc it will be damn near perfect for viewing TV on and it's a PC so it has millions of possible features rather then these locked in TVs.

Hey, Mr Games Addict! Do you have a problem?

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I disagree...

As a PC gamer I would say it's the opposite actually.

Generally I see it as those with fewer friends in reality and find it harder to make them turn to video games as they can half a laugh with otehr people they may not know, and do what they like.

Yes there's the odd case of a socialite going AWOL on WoW but it's mostly being stuck indoors on a Friday night bored and by themselves that people play online games.

MW2 is the most overrated game in history btw :P

Mozilla tries to silence add-on developers' scream

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If they take Adblock away from me I'm giving up on Firefox.

Adobe Reader vuln hit with unusually advanced attack

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The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

I'm more worried about that Adobe AIR that's needed for the iPlayer [well to download the shows anyway].

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The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

I also agree with all those complaining about another auto updater. Ask nicely and get the patches pushed through Windows Update.

There's nothing worse then playing a multiplayer game or streaming media from the internet and Apple's auto updater stealing all of my small but precious bandwidth. Then there's the ridiculous size of the patches from Adobe. Are they actually patches or are they giving us a "fixed" version of the entire program again?

Then there's the problem that the people who aren't keeping their programs up to date anyway aren't going to download the auto-updater because they will either not know about it, not care or think that because everything seems to be working fine, there's no need.

That said, everyone could just switch to Silverlight [which will never happen since Google owns YouTube] and get the updates via Windows Update. At least Microsoft take security seriously. And why isn't Adobe being pissed on by the EU from being a monopoly with 95% or the market while IE only has around 70% [give or take 10% because I can't remember right]?

Windows 95 to Windows 7: How Microsoft lost its vision

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Damned if they do... damed if they don't.

Remember when Microsoft revolutionized the Office interface with the Ribbon?

They got shat on by people because people don't like change.

Now you are all criticizing them for evolving Windows and refining it and making it better instead of changing it all?

Tough crowd...

Most Mac owners getting Windows on the side

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21% of the USA gets an income of over $100,000!?

Please say I'm missing something important here...

UK already 'major world power' in cyberwar

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now they only need more than 0.5Mbps broadband to share and they could actually do something.

Game censorship crusader sues Facebook for $120m

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double echo...

Jack Thompson is a fucking douche

US to deploy 'optionally manned' hover-dirigible in 2011

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@"Why not use hydrogen"

Would a mix of hydrogen and CO2 work?

I know that CO2 is heavier then air but then hydrogen weighs less than helium so would it cancel out the added weight of the CO2?

The CO2 would stop the massive exploding ball problem a bit and they are both cheap.

Microsoft accused of 'ulterior motive' in Linux patent sale

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is that last paragraph hinting that he himself is a linux troll or am I seeing things?

Power grid takedown: A new how-to

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in theory a drunken trucker could take out the west coasts electricity with a well directed crash which takes a line down, overloads a substation and kaboom!

Y don't the russians just spite american drinks and then the whole of the USA will overload and canada will invade, become the new superpower and start a war with Europe. Then when both The US of Canada and the EU are dead, Russia moves in and bob's your socialist.

Brown says the 'C' word

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Double Take

"Labour, Tory or LibDem"

LibDem? Really?

Personally i don't care how stuffed we are. I will vote for the one that admits we are stuffed and tells people that they will nuke all public services and the welfare system unless they stop complaining about how much taxes cost or how little they get. It's impossible for everyone to take out more than they put it.

Better the one with sense than the deluded one leading the deluded people into believing everything is their personal right and that they should get "free" health care without paying anything.

BTW: Cameron isn't the one with sense. He's a rip slightly melted wax work of Tony. His only policy is "It was all labours fault!" Can't wait to see how that works in government.

Mozilla Labs bootstraps on another Jetpack

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RE: More malware?

If we destroyed anything that allowed us access to malware the internet would have been nuked by now.

Stay calm. Have a pint.

Word nemesis: Microsoft deliberately 'destroyed' our business

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Sounds like i4i was dumped by the school jock captain after the sex got boring.

Axeman cometh: Microsoft lays off 27 staff

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@ Maryland

They only speak in metaphors, similes and hyperbole while only using a thesaurus to make themselves feel superior and to dodge the question. It's easy to get around the question whenever the asker is confused without realising it.

I assume they are realigning the metaphorical bow and arrow and aiming at the imaginary apple being held in the transdimensional mouth of 27 employees. Either that of it's Balmer's researchers that old him the iPhone would be a "fail and you"

Secret US spontaneous human combustion beam tested

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Anyone else think the americans have been playing too many video games?

Windows 7 versus Snow Leopard — The poison taste test

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I agree that those who moved from Vista to OS X are unlikely to return but I believe Windows 7 may be able to move a few that got sick of Vista back to Windows. If they gave it a chance they may like it.

That said... all fanboy arguments are about not giving the other one a chance so we have learnt a lesson of love here. Play nice.

US music publishers sue online lyrics sites

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if the Oxford English dictionary would claim copyright to it's contents it would make a small fortune and destroy civilisation.

I would love to know who only looks at lyrics and ignores the actual song. Without music, most lyrics suck and are all clichéd anyway. How the hell can you copyright a cliché!!!

Fire because I'm well pissed off.

FSF launches Windows 7 anti-upgrade letter campaign

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Does anyone else think...

that their crappy website looks like it was made in FrontPage as a school child's ICT project?

Google applies patch to nasty Chrome vulns

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I would like to thank our new time travelling overlord Dave 145.

Opera 10 hits release candidate status

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that the Opera marketing department is shite.

Yahoo! News confused on theft of Lego giraffe's todger

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that is all.

Smoking iMac caught on camera

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well now.

Windows' Blue Screen Of Death = Flaming Screen of deahth

US 'grooming robot' to reduce navy bottom-fouling

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Thanks reg

for completely misleading me as to what the hell the article was about until half way through.

Well done. 2 gold stars.

Tesla Model S poses for cameras

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I thought that all electric cars where dead since the development of the hydrogen fuel cell.

The fact that this is electric means the only noise you will hear is air and tire roar.

10 best engines on the CD player anyone?

Most gamers fat and miserable, finds study

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That's described me in a nutshell to be honest besides the 35 years of age. World of Warcraft much?

NASA: Extraterrestrial sample holds ingredient for alien life

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o come on.

You guys are too quick with the "i for one welcome..." comments.

Give me a chance for once!

Mines the one with the lego in the pocket.

Apple tried to quash Sunday Times' Jobs profile

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Anyone else read Appletard rather then Appleyard?

Coincidence? I think not.

Brain-jacking fungus turns living victims into 'zombies'

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Headcrab comment already made.

Serves me right for turning up late.

Arizona sheriff prefers jail to handing over server password

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idiocy anyone?

Surly they would have some sort of computer forensics people that can hack this?! If not, all the hackers know where to set up shop.

Apple promises MacBook Pro drive bug fix

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This has been up for 2 hours and now fighting between Apple, Windows and Linux users?

I'm very impressed.

Beer to all although the alcohol may start them off again.

Sony Ericsson preparing netbook launch?

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Go rumour ninjas!!!

That is all.

Firefox 3.7 swivels glassy eye

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Am I the only one that ran Vista and is currently on Windows 7 RC and hates the transparency?



Just me then....

Ads watchdog bows to iPhone's might

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I found it more annoying that the new ad for the 3G S says "Amazing new features, like video".

Wow. I've never seen that on a phone before...

IE icon too familiar for Microsoft EU settlement?

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@orko McVelikovskyvez

Imagine your an adult (microsoft) and there's an annoying little 12 year old that keeps whining and yapping and doesn't shut up no matter what you do to try and keep it happy (Opera). It's safe to say that you would get pissed off at it.

I've never used Opera (except on the Wii and my phone if those count) but I really don't care whether the browser itself is good or not. The fact is that it's the companies attitude that's getting me angry.

I thought it was more then enough that they got this Ballot screen and that should have done it. It's only Microsoft that people shout at for bundling software with more software. It's not as if they blocked competitors websites or made them unable to install on Windows.

The fact is that anyone that cares which browser they use just uses IE once to download another one and never looks at it again. Everyone else just sticks with I.E. because they don't care and don't want to try anything else. Firefox has got decent market share from people using I.E. to download it so why should Opera be complaining just because it's less popular? They will be having a go at Firefox next for some obscure reason.

And why do you care anyway? Your big anti-MS rant clearly shows you're a linux user.

@AC: It's not microsoft that are our new overloads. It's Google! At least Microsoft is a software company but Google is an advertising company! When Chrome OS comes out they shall inherit the earth.

Will Opera complain about Google's monopoly because Chrome will be bundled with Chrome OS on netbooks and Apple's monopoly on Apple Macs because Safari is bundled with OSX? In fact... If Opera want more more market share... BUILD AN OS! O wait. Sorry. That's what they are trying to ban.

Terminator because people love waging jihad on MS.

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It's already been said but most will select google and then ring up microsoft complaining when Chrome pops up. Let the chaos commence...

I propose a boycott of Opera for being assholes. It will first be this and now everyone will be harrassing MS. And why is no one bitching at Apple for not doing this for OSX?! This selectiojn screen was almost too far anyway but now this?

Microsoft: GPL violation didn't drive Linux donation

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Right attitude

"Technology over politics"...

If only more people where like this...

I have a question. Has Apple ever released anything under open source? It's just that everyone seems to hate Microsoft but what about Apple?

Schneier says he was 'probably wrong' on masked passwords

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Kudos to him for admiting he was wrong. Even if it wasn't a 100% confession, it's far more then we can expect of any bloody politician or business man that would try to bullshit their way out of it even though we know they are lying and that they are complete morons (i.e. Gordon Brown)

Opera slams Microsoft's Windows 7 E move - again

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I was tempted to download and use Opera but know that I know they are a bunch of winging cry babies I won't bother.

MS should just ditch IE and should bundle Firefox with Windows. Then everyone's shut up and happy except Opera (but since they are winging cry babies that's a good thing in my opinion).

Mysterious organic blobs found in Alaskan waters

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I was hoping it to be an alien from outer space gorging on small towns.

Maybe its that thing from Evolution or Venom from Spiderman.

Someone's already mentioned Palin running away from it. Maybe she knows something we don't.

The more conspiracy theories the better I say.

In the mean time... I surrender the earth to our sludgy new overloads and as ambassador to the earth, I want all of Europe and half of Australia and the right to not be eaten.

Sign Here Please ________________________

Google polishes Chrome into netbook OS

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XP is dominant because it's not all that bad? Just a thought.

Developers will have fun having to program for a million different OSs.

Web 2.0 not liable for real-world assaults, says court

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@ Tom Maddox

Or just nuke America.

I only ever hear of this widespread leeching behaviour in the USA.

Must be nice to be so up your own ass that it's everybody elses fault instead of your own.

Badgers because they would sue them for being run over and getting blood on their shiny pick up trucks.

Gamer embezzles virtual cash to settle real debts

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I doubt he would be too popular if he ever played again. Well it is a recession and all and it's only virtual money.

Skull because EVE is basicly one big space pirate game (with corporations obviously)

Facebook promises privacy settings to suit 'everyone'

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Big Brother

@Politicians will worry

@Politicians will worry


Death to UK and Ireland.

Northern Irelanders (?) are the new overloards and deserve their own recognition.

Yes I do have have a facebook page and from Northern Ireland... <bitch_requirement> bitch </bitch_requirement>.

@I for one

Google already knows everything about your life so I don't see how signing up 2 facebook could hurt. At least ypu only put what you want on facebook. Google knows your secrets... it knows what you did last summer... (Cue music)