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Autonomy founder Mike Lynch loses first stage in fight against extradition to US

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Re: It's only fair

Obvious sarcasm is obvious.

Lawn care SWAT team subdues trigger-happy Texan... and other stories

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Re: Bloody hell, nobody told me the police would cut my lawn!

Land of the free baby!

Ubuntu on a phone, anyone? UBports reaches 18th stable update, but it's still based on 16.04

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UBports Phone Experience

I have UBports running on an LG Nexus 6p and it works pretty well really. I have not had dropped calls which some people report. The recent update downloaded and installed in pretty quick time too, I was impressed by how smoothly that went.

The real problem of course is a lack of apps, and several that I use daily will never be available for a minority platform like this one.

I am hopeful however that one of the Linux phone projects gets to the point of mainstream acceptance, and in an effort to help with that I have thrown some money at the Pinephone guys.

Open-source RAW image editor Darktable releases major update to version 3.6 – and it's very accessible

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Re: Image processors and pixel editors

I can't remember why I stopped using Darktable, but something about it really cheesed me off.

This release however might be the biscuit just for the exposure adjustment slider alone.

Today's arms race is all about AI and it's China vs America, says US defense secretary

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Re: Meanwhile

The goal is not to build new and better aeroplanes, the goal is to funnel more taxpayer's money to the military industrial complex.

Sabre-rattling pieces like the one we are commenting on are part of the process.

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G: Sub-$600 midranger makes premium phones feel frivolous

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I am using a Galaxy S8, and it is a perfectly good phone still, apart from being made of glass which is stupid, and the non-removable battery is starting to show its age.

Samsung don't want to support it any more, so I took the time to install Pixel Experience which has given me a more-or-less stock Android and it is so much better than the Samsung Android that I feel a bit silly for not doing it sooner.

Paper Tiger Lake? El Reg gets its talons on the first Intel Core i7 Honor MagicBook 14

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Re: Civ XI !!!!

Vanilla Civ VI was a bit meh, it's true, but with the various expansion packs it is a great game now.

You might like to have another crack at it, there will be a sale on Steam any minute now.

Richard Branson uses two planes to make 170km round trip

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Re: Uses two planes...

I'm not impressed by it, because its taken him 17 years, and at 85Km apogee he still hasn't got into space yet.

US offers Julian Assange time in Australian prison instead of American supermax if he loses London extradition fight

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Re: Out of the loop here


Remember when we were young and the Soviet Union were the bad guys? It turns out "our team" are not much better.

Audacity users stick the knife – and fork – in to strip audio editor of unwanted features

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Re: Audiance

Me too. V clever.

Arm chief hits out at 'ill-informed speculation' over proposed Nvidia buyout

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Re: How will it not damage competition

Aside from all that WTF is Britain thinking to sell one of its few homegrown success stories to America? It's insane.

Capitalism knows no borders.

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The thinking seems to be that Softbank is an investment vehicle, whereas Nvidia is a customer of and potential competitor to ARM.

At least I think that's right.

System76 releases Ubuntu-based Pop!_OS 21.04 with auto-tiling COSMIC desktop

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Re: Hmmmmmm

I feel like Pop_os! is Ubuntu done properly, without those stupid snaps that work so poorly.

When I need a new laptop I will probably buy one from them too.

Stop. Look... Install Linux? The Reg solves Microsoft's latest Windows teaser

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Re: Time For a Real Upgrade

I have had a wee play with the leaked Win11 iso in a virtual machine, and almost everything prompts a login to the Microsoft cloud.

POP_os seems to support the Steam games I play, so once Win 10 is out of support I'll probably switch to that full time.

US Navy starts an earthquake to see how its newest carrier withstands combat conditions

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Odd Name

I find it odd that the United States would call a navy ship Gerald R Ford.

I assumed Americans are all completely embarrassed that he ever ran the joint, and they just pretend they didn't have a president between 1974 and 1977.

Maybe the next one they build will be the Richard M Nixon.

Calendly’s new logo perceived as either bog-standard or kind of crappy

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Nobody talks nonsense quite like a designer.

Apple, it's OK. Seriously. You don't need to blind your iOS 15 engineers to prevent leaks

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Wow, the Worldwide Loyalty Team might be the most dystopian thing I have read about today.

Still, the day is young.

Google wants to look like it cares about your privacy with Android 12 Beta 2, but note that's not how Google works

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Still, it's this or iOS...

I'm hoping one of the Linux phone OS' mature to the point they become competition, but I don't know if it will ever happen.

I have ubports installed on a Nexus 6p I own, and it is at the point where it can make calls and send texts and do several other useful things quite well, but it is lacking several apps I need. It may always lack those apps, which is a shame.

Still, I am going to buy a Pinephone at some point, even if it is just to give them some money and encouragement.

Just when everyone thought things might be looking up, Dido Harding admits interest in top job at NHS England

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Born to Rule

I don't see what the problem is.

If you had made a better choice of parents you too could have continued to fail upwards.

Google employee helped UK government switch from disastrous COVID-19 strategy, according to Dominic Cummings

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Re: Seems consistent with my timeline

Britain could have been a European version of New Zealand (Brexit not withstanding, obviously) if you had had competent leadership.

Unfortunately you don't.

Amazon puts an $8.5bn MGM in its shopping cart, clicks on checkout

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New show ideas

...so does that mean Bezos gets the ex-president's outtakes tapes...

I had not thought of that. The results could be hilarious.

Google to venture where Apple soared and Microsoft crashed – physical retail

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Re: Yeah, I'd keep my resume up to date if I worked there

I think it might have more to do with how well thought out it is.

Xiaomi have a "Mi Store" near me, and it is hopeless due to completely untrained, unmotivated staff and awful stock management.

The last time I was there, one of their scooters was lying down across a whole aisle and I had to move it myself, despite 3 staff members having nothing to do.

Fortunately the shelves were only half full, so I had no problem finding somewhere to put it.

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I agree entirely, fellow economic unit.

Hi, Congress. FTC here. It would be so wonderful if you could let us recover money stolen from victims by crooks

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Re: What's going on?

I'm not sure the libertarian magical thinking about free markets is an exclusively American thing.

Another week, another issue: Virgin Galactic mulls test flight restart as VSS Unity fixed – but VMS Eve might be borked

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Re: "he expected demand to be so great"

Virgin Galactic was founded in 2004 and has not managed even one flight into orbit yet.

They're not doing 400 per year anytime soon.

As another vendor promises 3 years of Android updates, we ask: How long should mobile devices receive support?

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Re: "support" is a sales "feature"

Batteries have a limited life, and more updates will reduce the battery life.

That doesn't follow at all. There is no reason an update would have any impact on battery life other than poorly written code.

As I have mentioned elsewhere I own a Samsung Galaxy S8, which will no longer be supported by Samsung, despite being only 4 years old.

There are however, community supported ROMs available, some even based on Android 11 which will run fine on my hardware.

This begs the question why a group of nerdy blokes in basements can manage that, but a corporation with $32 billion in profit last year can't.

Samsung stops providing security updates to the Galaxy S8 at grand old age of four years

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Galaxy S8 User

I bought an S8 the year after they were released, because current flagship phones cost stupid money and offer nothing I want. Last years model is fine.

The hardware is pretty good, nice screen, really good camera and the fingerprint reader works most of the time. A glass back is a stupid design decision however and if you don't keep it in a case it will last 5 minutes I would think.

Samsung's take on Android has gone from being "meh" to being terrible to being great and is back to being terrible.

They made the weird decision to start playing an ad every time I opened the music app, then they put up persistent notifications about moving my data from the Samsung cloud to Microsoft's one because Samsung's is shutting down and I had a great deal of trouble turning the stupid thing off.

This will be the last Samsung phone I own, but now that The Register has pointed me to Project Sakura I can at least figure out how to unlock it and install a current OS, even if it is developed by someone called "LordShenron".

Brit MPs and campaigners come together to oppose COVID status certificates as 'divisive and discriminatory'

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Re: WTF ?

Negative Covid tests are for sale at all Indian airports.

Or at least they were before everyone stopped accepting flights from India.

My source is a colleague who returned from India recently.

State of Maine lays off 15 independent consultants on $13k a month amid efforts to implement troubled Workday system

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Re: Before the RFP

SAP? We're doing the same thing where I work, and after 6 months we can start selling the product we manufacture.

Oh, wait, no we can't because the raw materials bit does work yet.

Foxconn's showcase Wisconsin LCD factory becomes aspirational 'manufacturing ecosystem'

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Re: The whole thing

Trump had very little to do with the Foxconn con, other than trying to take credit for it at one time.

It was set up by former governor Scott Walker, who, it turns out was that one that gets born every minute, and Foxconn took full advantage.

The people of Wisconsin got rid of him at the first opportunity and this "deal" is just the current administration trying to tidy the mess up without losing too much more money.

There's no place like GNOME: System 76 introduces COSMIC desktop GUI for its Pop!_OS Linux

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Re: Why the fuck

My 81 year old Mum has used Linux for about 10 years, but she is a lot smarter than me.

Mike Lynch-backed Darktrace to file for London IPO in aftermath of Deliveroo flop

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According to Wikipedia "Darktrace was founded in 2013, in a collaboration between British intelligence agencies and Cambridge University mathematicians." but these former HP people keep calling themselves "founders" which raises a few questions doesn't it?

When I searched I found an interview with this Poppy Gustafsson, but it was unenlightening because she spewed out a bunch of generic management buzzwords, so I have no idea whether she is capable of tying her own shoelaces or not.

The whole set up seems like some sort of scam to me.

United States' plan to beat China includes dominating tech standards groups – especially for 5G

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Thank you, A/C for a balanced post on why China is not the huge scary danger some of our overlords would like to make them.

Atheists appeal to higher power for intercession over alleged sins against privacy

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Come on now

All joking aside, this schism has some really important principles behind it, and occurred when one group of atheists declared they didn't believe in any gods, but another group disagreed.

The second group insisted they didn't believe in any gods, but even more than the first group.

Hopefully there will be an agreement about how to quantify the exact lack of belief. These things are important people.

Yep, the 'Who owns Linux?' case is back from the dead

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Re: The question of how much?

According to Wikipedia: "On April 9, 2010 McBride purchased the SCO Mobility intellectual property from The SCO Group for $100,000" whatever that means.

McBride has however declared bankruptcy.

'Imagine' if Virgin Galactic actually did sub-orbital tourism: Firm unveils new chrome job on SpaceShip III

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Re: "400 flights per year per spaceport"

I wouldn't worry about the pollution from anything Virgin Galactic because none of that is going to happen.

I'm pretty sure its just some sort of complicated tax dodge at this point, because if it really was an orbital tourism venture they would have put someone into orbit by now.

UK prime minister Boris Johnson reluctant to reveal his involvement in the OneWeb deal

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Re: Clueless

New Zealand is the same, although I don't think the PM has come right out and said it.

I might go to the rugby on Saturday with 30,000 of my closest mates as a result.

It is also still summer here. I don't think that is the government's doing but they'll take credit if they can.

FreeBSD 13.0 to ship without WireGuard support as dev steps in to fix 'grave issues' with initial implementation

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Re: Hardware engineers vs Software Engineers

I have pfSense routers and keep wondering if I ought to be moving them to opnSense.

I have been aware of all sorts of bad blood between Netgate and various people but have never really cared enough to take a side.

Are Netgate the bad guys here? Does it really matter? I don't know.

Open Source Initiative board election results scrapped after security hole found, exploited to rig outcome

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Re: loggers who claim to speak for the trees.

Go a bit further south in New Zealand, and take a look at how Pinus Radiata takes over the entire landscape, leaving no room for anything else.

Your eco daughter would once again be aghast.

WiMAX? 'Dead with no known users': Linux tips code in the recycle bin

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Re: Is WiMAX now OpenRAN?

I always blamed the network operators for killing WiMAX, due to stupid pricing.

I was shown indicative pricing by my ISP at the time, and they got really huffy when I laughed and told them they were dreaming.

I can't remember the exact details, but the pricing was super complex, and I think it would have cost something like $200 per month per user.

Anyway, I'm sure all of their customers told them to shove it because they never rolled out more that a very limited test network as far as I can remember.

Staff and students at Victoria University of Wellington learn the most important lesson of all: Keep your files backed up

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Re: The only things

On Windows the Desktop is a folder, like any other so feel free to store stuff there, it won't slow the computer down.

UBports community delivers 'second-largest release of Ubuntu Touch ever'

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Re: Why not fork Android + make it a shell

You're right about the lack of apps.

I have UBports installed on a Huawei Nexus 6p phone, and it works really well. I can make and receive calls and texts, take photos, browse the web and whatnot, but there are a couple of apps I use every day that are not available, and won't ever be.

That said, I could probably work out workarounds for the apps I'm missing, and there is a browser plugin (at least I think that is what it is) that will let me pin web pages on the home screen sort of like an app, which is something.

I am still awaiting this particular update though.

'Business folk often don't understand what developers do...' Twilio boss on the chasm that holds companies back

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Re: "rather subscribing to cloud services and using them as components"

I am not particularly disappoint, because a PR puff piece is exactly what I expected. I seriously doubt if Twilio founder and CEO Jeff Lawson has even read the thing because what are the chances he wrote it?

Also, I would not leave my wallet on my desk if he was in the office.

Why yes, I'll take that commendation for fixing the thing I broke

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Re: At Joe W, re: intelligence vs wisdom.

And just like that I learned about Sticky spiced pork belly and watermelon.

I owe you a pint for that, thanks.

Jailed Samsung boss accused of abusing Propofol aka ‘the milk of amnesia’ or 'the drug that killed Michael Jackson'

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Re: I was given propofol when I had a dislocated hsoulder

In my view Michael Jackson should have been treated for his insomnia, instead of being supplied with a drug that no-one outside a hospital ought be getting hold of.

Redditor thinks they have a solution to Surface Laptop 3's overheating issues: Elastic bands and USB fans

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A very important manager in the corporate chain of command decided some of her users had to have Microsoft surface devices, nothing else would do, so the IT department purchased them and rolled them out.

After 18 months of complaints the original users all have nice Dell latitudes again and the Microsoft surfaces are given to people who annoy the IT deptartment, as they are not a pleasant experience.

Except that one lady in finance who loves hers. Good on you Helen.

Bezos denied: New Glenn launch pushed into 2022 after Space Force says no

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Re: in the absence of those sweet, sweet taxpayer dollars

I can't figure out what Virgin Galactic is for.

It's clearly not for sending people into orbit or they would have done that already. I assume it's some kind of tax dodge, but I can't figure out that would make money.

Facebook and Apple are toying with us, and it's scarcely believable

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Re: Point

The situation with Facebook in Australia is happening because News Corp has an unreasonable amount of political influence, and they have had a law passed for their own benefit.

The article neglects that part of the equation.

I hope Facebook's chickens turn into emus and kick their shithouse down, but that doesn't make them entirely wrong here.

Huawei's new Mate X2 foldable phone costs almost $2,800

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Re: Nothing

Nope. I gave up on ever being cool many years ago, but I will buy a product like one of these when they're a third of the price and will last more than a few months.

As noted, pholdables are in the R&D stage but they'll be useful at some point.

Hey, AT&T, you ripped off our smartwatch-phone group call tech – and we want our $1bn, say entrepreneur pair

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Re: What am I missing?

I have to work with AT&T and wouldn't trust anyone who works for that company to sit the right way round on the toilet.



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