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95% of NFTs now totally worthless, say researchers

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Not everyone was scammed. Metallica Trump used hers for money laundering.

So what if China has 7nm chips now, there's no Huawei it can make them 'at scale'

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Re: What ?

There is often confusion in these sorts of stories, where people conflate the nation of the USA with the corporations that control it.

Technically they're supposed to be separate, but in the real world the corporations don't give a bugger about how their vast profits materialise, as long as they do, and as long as they keep growing.

Many of these corporations make a significant percentage of their profits from China, so they're actually a little bit leery about getting too bullish with the Chinese because it's obvious that things can't escalate into a shooting war, so America's leverage is limited and everyone involved knows it.

Post-IPO, Arm to push purpose-built almost-processors

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Re: Public - not really

That was the bit that caught my attention too: Now that the biz has again gone public it is again accountable to a range of investors who expect strong returns, one way or another.

which of course is nonsense, with the public bit being 10% or less. Softbank will continue to do what they want.

Let's come back in 12 months and see what the share price is shall we?

Activist investor to GoDaddy: Cut costs, improve sales, or sell

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Re: "activist" investor

The vast corporation I work for attracted one of those about 6 or 7 years ago. They bought ~ 3% and started throwing their weight around. Fortunately, the CEO at the time went on the attack and shot down all their claims in various media interviews.

The upshot was the shareprice rose a little, the activists sold off, and everyone wound up happy.

It was one of the few good decisions that particular CEO made in my view.

Having slammed brakes on hiring, Google says it no longer needs quite so many recruiters

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Re: changing their spots

Hey! We got ourselves one of those business analysts and she's hilarious.

The first time I met her, she took me on a tour through our factory explaining all the efficiencies she had in mind and I totalled up the cost in my head. I got to about $750,000 when I lost count.

Anyway, by the time the quotes from suppliers had arrived and the boss had stopped laughing, she was already running a new "Centre of Excellence" in another part of the business so none of it happened.

From what I hear she's struggling to get people to accept her meeting invitations.

X marks the spot where free speech clashes with Californian transparency

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Didn't Elon sack all the moderators?

Microsoft billing 3 cents a minute to revisit tedious Teams meetings via API

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One of my bosses has begun recording and transcribing every meeting we have. For what reason? I know not.

Maybe he enjoys going back over endless discussions about that laptop that someone setup and delivered to that remote office last Tuesday.

Or was it Wednesday?

No, no, I'm pretty sure it was last Tuesday.

Unless it was Monday?

Anyway, the point is the laptop was delivered.

Wait, now I come to think of it, it might have been a monitor and dock.

That will have cost $8 (I hope).

Google wants to takes a byte out of Oracle workloads with PostgreSQL migration service

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Re: Google just wants you in their cloud

In-house servers? What are you? Some sort of Luddite, Grandad?

We love paying someone else to host all our data although they do seem to keep raising their prices now that they've got all our data on their servers.

Hey, hang on!

America's financial cops say Impact Theory's NFTs were unregistered securities

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We've done this before

Unregulated and poorly regulated markets have the potential to make a mess of the real economy, which is why people like the SEC jump on them.

Bubbles & panics were a major feature of the 19th century American economy, and the people who look after it are well aware. They're not going to let it happen again.

Cost of gallium goes up after Chinese export restrictions land

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Trade War!

What is it good for?

Absolutely nothing!

Say it again.

Chinese media teases imminent exposé of seismic US spying scheme

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Re: Whatever China

We're better than China is not great though, is it?

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Re: Whatever China

Sadly, the Chinese people have to suffer having a man child in power.

Hilariously, the United States recently had Donald Trump as president.

Internet Archive sued by record labels as battle with book publishers intensifies

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Re: "artists such as Frank Sinatra .." etc

If Frank Sinatra is such a a music giant then why hasn't he released any new music recently? Huh?

I'll tell you why, it's because of all the pirates stealing his work. It must be terribly difficult for him to make a living now.

Oracle, SUSE and others caught up in RHEL drama hit back with OpenELA

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ClearOS Correction

As a former ClearOS user I can confidently state that it is in fact dead, despite the semi-regular announcements to the contrary.

It's a shame too, because it was pretty easy to set up and run and worked pretty well. I think the people who were behind it got overly ambitious though and spread themselves too thin with all sorts of weird new projects, none of which amounted to anything.

They had a really good community at one point but everyone lost heart and left and the forums are ghost towns now.

Alibaba says demand for cloud has dipped – which improved its profits

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Re: The pendulum is swinging back

Some companies are now locked into a double digit price rise, ever dwindling functionality and vendor lock in because they've trusted it all to someone else.

That's us baby! We've already had a price increase from Microsoft this year and they've told us we're getting another soon. "Just as soon as they decide how much" is what I was told.

We could tell them to bugger off but they're hosting most of our data. Nobody could have forseen that though. Nobody.

Nearly every AMD CPU since 2017 vulnerable to Inception data-leak attacks

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Re: unless I'm missing something...

The article mentions "rogue logged in user" so if you've got one of those you've got much bigger problems than this particular thing.

Boeing abandons plans for crewed Starliner flight in 2023

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Re: Remember kids

That's true, but it doesn't really matter. Boeing has become a conduit for taxpayer's money to find its way into the pockets of shareholders.

If things get too bad there'll be a bailout.

S/4HANA was once the future for SAP – but now it's in the clouds

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We're in the process of moving from Oracle to SAP for exactly that reason.

Blue Origin tells staff to catch next rocket back to their desks

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Re: Colleagues are distracting

I'm not going to the office more than twice a week. If you want that get somebody else.

One of our top people told her boss exactly that when the "flexible working arrangements" came into force where I work so she comes in when she needs to and it's fine.

Those "flexible work arrangements" are anything but of course.

Lacros rescues Chromebooks by extending their lifespans

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Re: The real solution...

While I whole-heartedly agree with you, the depressing truth is that the people decide to buy these things are the people in charge of large budgets who are only interested in cost and ease of use.

Chromebooks are widely used in the education market for those reasons.

It'll take the EU passing a law preventing artificial end-of-life crap to stop it I suspect.

A room-temperature, ambient-pressure superconductor? Take a closer look

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Other countries look out the window at the rain and sigh. Also, we have cold feet. It's cold.

[Source: Am in other country]

Aliens crash landed on Earth – and Uncle Sam is covering it up, this guy tells Congress

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Re: Alien UFOs

shitposters on social media trolling for shits & giggles

You're welcome.

World's most internetty firm tries life off the net, and it's sillier than it seems

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Re: It's not about the air gap

Yeah, me too.

Working for a vast American corporation, I'm reminded daily how good they are at propaganda, and how little they value the people who create the stuff they sell.

Just declassified: US senator caught up in Section 702 FBI surveillance dragnet

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Re: "We're doing better!"

Can you remember when the Soviet Union treated it's people like that? I can.

We shook our heads and told each other that we were lucky to live in the free West.

Linux has nearly half of the desktop OS Linux market

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Re: If ChromeOS is Linux...

I help lug 25 or so 21" Trinitrons up 3 flights of stairs and set them up on desks for pretty young designers to use in the mid-90's some time.

Someone told me they were $6k each (local money).

Tesla board members to return $735M in compensation settlement

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Re: Just a bunch of plain, simple lads

Why anyone thinks James Murdoch has any skills other than being born to the right parents is beyond me. I thought capitalism was supposed to be a meritocracy.

Chips ahoy! US and China locked in self-destructive battle of trade restrictions

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Re: Myopic strategy

The people who run America can't control China and they hate that.

Man who nearly killed physical media returns with $60,000 vinyl turntable

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Re: Worth more in the wrapper

They're designers. They don't really "know" anything. They do have feelings and stuff though.

Musk sues law firm for overcharging Twitter when Twitter was suing Musk

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Re: Elon Musk is suing the lawyers who were representing Twitter when it sued him

The dick measuring contest is because he's just now catching up with old episodes of The Venture Bros.

One year after Roe v Wade overturned and 'uterus surveillance' looks grim

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Re: Defining "The Land of the Free"

Going to the polling booths in America is not going to help. I'm afraid your system was set up by rich people for their benefit and it continues to work as designed.

'We hate what you’ve done with the place – especially the hate' Australia tells Twitter

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Re: What type of "hate speech"?

Real people? I hate those guys.

Music bosses go after Twitter's unlicensed soundtrack to the tune of $250M

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Re: "copacetic"

The Register needs to be careful about that sort of stuff. It's British quaintness and eccentric use of language have always been what sets it apart.

Sysadmin and IT ops jobs to slump, says IDC

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Where I work, the DevOps people took over some of the "Ops" bits and since the beginning of the month guest wi-fi has stopped working at one of my sites. I have narrowed it down to the fact that clients attempting to join that specific SSID are no longer being given an IP address.

When I explained it to the lady in charge, she looked at me blankly. I know she desperately wanted to ask what a DHCP server was, but she's aware of her reputation, and she knows I'm a gossip so she didn't.

It's still not fixed. I'm pretty sure it's because the "Director of Excellence" hasn't had a chance to Google "DHCP Server" yet. She'll get around to it sometime I suppose.

Her boss lives half way around the planet and probably doesn't understand any of it either, so there's no point talking to him.

James Webb smells someone having barbecue in galaxy 12 billion light years away

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Re: The start of life?

I wonder why the 2 downvotes?

The comment seems like an interesting discussion point. Maybe El Reg has a couple of deists on board.

CERN spots Higgs boson decay breaking the rules

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Re: breaking the rules

Thanks. It still makes my head hurt though. ;-) Ow.

AI, extinction, nuclear war, pandemics ... That's expert open letter bingo

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The CAIS are a group of super villains who live in hollowed out volcanos or orbiting space stations. They're mostly funded from the proceeds of threatening to destroy the Moon with an ultra-deathray.

It's all pretty standard stuff really.

Microsoft has made Azure Linux generally available. Repeat, Azure Linux

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Ads for lucrative jobs in Asia fail to mention chance of slavery as crypto-scammer

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I live in a a country that you probably think of as being civilised and democratic, but our entire agriculture and horticulture industries are reliant on a very similar scam.

In our case, the farmers complain that they're unable to find local workers willing to work so the government creates visa categories that enable the farmers to bring in hundreds of people (mostly from south East Asia) to work in their businesses with the promise of high wages so that they can send money home.

What actually happens is that the workers are paid less than minimum wage (this is allowed in the visa category) and have to pay their own expenses, so there is no money to send home.

We ought to be ashamed of ourselves, but we're not for some reason.

We regret to inform you Earth will not be destroyed by an asteroid within 1,000 years

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Re: .. Do you know where your towel is? ..

I'm pinning my hopes on a giant mutant star goat.

Elizabeth Holmes is going to prison – with a $500m bill

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I'm a bit torn

On one hand, that weirdo con artist might actually go to prison, but then a bunch of scumbags who should have known better might get some of their money back.

In a perfect world a meteorite would hit the building where they were meeting to celebrate.

Dell reneges on remote work promise, tells staff to wear pants at least 3 days a week

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Re: Sure, it's the newbie's fault

Hi A/C, do you work for the same vast American corporation I do?

I've been here long enough to get to the point where I'm comfortable telling people that I can't help when they request things I know nothing about.

Yesterday some manager asked me to investigate what bits of SAP a new user needs and make sure he has them, so I replied that I have no access to any bits of SAP and have never been shown how any of it works so I wasn't going to do any of that.

It helps that I have an interview at another job tomorrow.

Handwritten Einstein essay on theory of relativity goes under the hammer

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It seems to have originally been published in a magazine called "Nexus" which is a weird purveyor of pseudo-scientific nonsense.

I'm amazed that anyone believes any of it, but it's a weird world we live in.

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Your links include the following at the end: Extracted from Nexus Magazine.

That's the same Nexus Magazine that has an article about the "Scientific benefits of structured, living water" on the cover its current issue so you'll need to excuse me if I'm going to be sceptical of the claims made.

NASA tweaks Voyager 2's power supply to avoid another sensor shutdown

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Stupid Humans

Why don't they just go and get it? It hasn't even reached the nearest star yet. They could upgrade it then send it out again.

Sometimes the simplest solution really is the best.

Elizabeth Holmes is not going to prison – for the moment

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Those "gullible idiots" included a former Secretary of State and several retired senior military leaders.

I'm going to use the term "greedy arseholes" instead.

Boffins think they've decoded mysterious 819-day Mayan calendar

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Re: we again note that we're still here

I'm not, for tax purposes.

Facebook puts a price on privacy for US users and it's not enough to buy a cup of coffee

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Re: Pah

Taking young William's advice about the lawyers would be a start, but America's problems go much deeper than that.

This is another example of a vast corporation breaking the law and being mildly inconvenienced by a fine that is a tiny percentage of their annual profit and goes no way to providing a remedy to the people who were hurt by the lawbreaking.

Which is to say the system works as designed.

Arm liable for $8.5B SoftBank loan if IPO is a no-show

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Re: What's this got to do with making chips?

One of the questions I ask at job interviews is about the background of the person who runs the joint.

If it's anything to do with being an accountant I back out straight away. Accountants are important but you should never let one run your business because they know the cost of everything and the value of nothing.

Chromebook expiration date, repair issues 'bad for people and planet'

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Please Stop

...580 pounds.. which is how many kilogrammes?

I'm pretty old, but even I'm not old enough to remember how much a pound weighs.

Nine more US states join ad antitrust legal battle against Google

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Re: I keep saying this...

Yeah, and I keep saying that this is a bloody stupid way to run a country.

What happened to the elected representatives of the people enacting legislation to set the rules for society?