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100 freetards an hour join Pirate Party UK

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Where do I sign up???

Is Gordon Brown safe to work with vulnerable people?


The Buck Starts Here

It only stands to reason that those with the most control over the lives of the most vulnerable persons should be the first, and most deeply, vetted of all.

Kent Police clamp down on tall photographers


Wot a girrarf!

To: medway.matters@medway.gov.uk

Re:Medway 2010 Calendar competition



The competition "Medway 2010 Calendar competition" being run looks like great fun.

However, due to the attitude of Kent Police force, I am afraid to take part, for fear of arrest, and a police record which would show up in any enhanced CRB checks , disqualifying me from any work deemed to be "sensitive".

It is with regret that I must decline.



Nehalems make like elephants on HPC memory test


when it finally gets a round tuit.

@Bronek Kozicki

Only logged in to make the point that you already have, but then had to post, you know, its a synchronous extended data operation thing.

If I'd had lower latency I could have gotten some coffee instead.

When are we going to get some decent RAM in our computers???

ESA to develop cargo-lander space podule


and the pedant of the year award goes to...

I thought a Podule<TM>was one of them things what you rammed in the back of an Acorn<TM> Archimedes<TM> 400 series.

Mine's the Anorak with the loose ARM<TM>

Police may have had a duty to notify phone-hacking victims


Pay to Play

Seems slightly incongruous that the newspaper group can pay an "out of court settlement" to get away with a criminal act.

I thought the principle was, that the law was an equal asset to all, rather than the decisions of the police and judiciary being dictated by the ability to pay, or political clout.


Seems to me that those useually branded as Criminals have more integrity.

Ofcom coughs 3G coverage maps


Less coverage than a lap dancers G string then...

Sigh no suprise.. Looks like I'm stuck with my 10 year old Nokia Communicator for a bit longer then.

I'll carry on wearing one with a large tinfoil lined pocket.

Debian rejects open-source .NET threat claim


excrement for brains


"KDE is a straight rip off of Windows 95's interface for instance,"

Get some education! Look at Windows 85, then go look at RiscOS from the 80s!

Then find out where the RiscOS boys got their ideas from.

*THEN WHEN YOU KNOW SOMETHING* feel free to whine!

Masked passwords must go


excrement for brains

Are these guys totally full of it, or wot????

Seagate shines under Luczo's law


Who cares?

After the "seagate snubs linux" insult, and the crappy reliability of recent product, its obvious the rot extends through Seagate.

So it is not relevant to me or my companies, we now shop elsewhere.

Shame.. My ST-506, ST-412 and both ST-225s are /still/ working, reminding me that Seagate were a great company. Once.