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Volvo V60 Polestar: Speak softly, carry a big stick, dress like a Smurf


Why on gods green one would you buy a Volvo for £50K?

Planning to fly? Pour out your shampoo, toss your scissors, rename terrorist Wi-fi!


true, just seems to prove the real terrorism is actually the fear of that which you are told by the ones with the most interest in its promotion.

ISPs' pirate-choking blocking measures ARE effective – music body


and Im sure I read something from one of the big streaming outfits saying that an 11% drop in piracy could be attributed to the quality and availability of their network....

Five unbelievable headlines that claim Tim Berners-Lee 'INVENTED the INTERNET'


Re: Macs ARE PCs.

By the same token as correcting a colloquial term like internet to www

correcting a PC to a "windows based desktop computer" would be correct.

My point is semantics - and you are making it for me.


Although technically incorrect "the internet" being WWW is an feature of popular misnomers describing 'complicated' technologies that are taken over by the ease of access to non-techies.


'my ipad' actually being an android tablet

'my pc' being a desktop mac

etc etc etc

'the internet' is one we all use daily and could be forgiven for (surely?) eg:

"have you seen that 'thing' on 'the internet'"

but granted, maybe shouldn't the larger news sources actually be correctly headlining for the masses :

"Technology underpinning the way Web Pages are created and displayed turns 25"

cant see it happening, more likely they'll choose a more colloquial

"internet turns 25"

As we are talking colloquially: What Evs.

California kids win right to delete digital past


"Even if you make sure not to post photos of yourself, you can't stop your friends from doing so. If you use drugs and there are pictures of you doing that and you apply for a job, you won't get hired."

I really don't understand why people still have such a problem understanding this concept. Internetz be public unless you KNOW only you can see it or better still don't put it on the bleeding thing.

Speaking in Tech: You hit Y for YouTube at work and up pops YouPor..



Got halfway through and couldn't stand it anymore...

HGST unveils 12Gbit/s SAS SSDs for bankers, gamers and cloud-pushers

Paris Hilton

Ill take 22 said the SAN manager to accounts department.

Who promptly laughed

Big labels try for ISP blocking on 3 more 'pirate' sites


Re: Thin end of the wedge.

Slippery slope... give it a few months and we'll see what the censor next... unless people wake up and see whats happening.

Only buy Huawei or ZTE if you like being SPIED ON - US politicos

Big Brother

doesnt the patriot act

Mean that any us hosted cloud service is subject to being spied on under the banner of Protecting Freedom ?

Eddie Murphy heading for worst movie ever glory

IT Angle

the closest i found was

the mention of cgi...

Brit censor stamps on The Human Centipede


Gotta love piratebay

Thanks to the BBFC for bringing this film to my attention :P

Microsoft sends IE9 'do-not-track' tech to W3C



Now all we need is some kind of "standard" for companies called "do not hack".... I cant see how this will really help advertisers or anyone else who will ultimatly not really care what protection you have, they will always find a way around it

Mexican woman gets litigious on Top Gear's ass

Thumb Up

Or better still

When they got the Australian car show persevered to turn up to the show in a prison transport van!

Make your iPhone patriotic - for free


ive just

Reported a gang of dodgy looking snow men outside work. Hope the feds are coming sooooon!

Twitter airport bomb joker loses second job



What would happen to me if i were to suggest I would like to mail a handgranade to the Reg?!

BT quotes pensioner £150,000 to get broadband

Paris Hilton

id pay it!

Id want to see exactly what hardware was installed for £130k, and Id put my name on it, then id charge BT the cost of renting it from me.

Paris, because of some joke about fat pipes....

Google tweaks search results with mystery site speedometer


Sounds alot like..

Google are giving a clear bias toward whatever hosting they will be doing, surely the 'fastest' servers will be in googles own network across the globe? that being the case, its just a matter of marketing the fact, and boom, before you know it peeps will be clambering over themselves to get some Google Server action to help them clamber up the rankings

Bloke uses nail clippers to go roundhead

IT Angle

Wheres the IT angle?

Bored / mental IT worker?


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