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Guild Wars 2 game review

Tony 34

Probably still not going to lure me away from Haven & Hearth by the sound of it. Good review though. I am looking for a good MMO to suck me in after I finally quit EVE after 7 years playing, not a bad run.

Infiniy (Infinity Universe, not Infinity Online) looked like it might be good but development seems to have stalled.

Where are all the good MMO's? I thought the internet would be swarming with them by now.

*wanders off back to Geas Mud*

... Beer - Because I just like it ok?

DOCTOR WHO world, or Magrathea, SPOTTED* orbiting twin suns

Tony 34

"The twin suns of Soulianis and Rahm ... !"

"Or whatever," said Ford quietly.

"Soulianis and Rahm!" insisted Zaphod.

Facebook replaces non-Facebook mail addresses on Timeline

Tony 34
Big Brother


Perfectly targeted at facebook users like me.

The only reason I have a facebook account is to display my contact details, especially my e-mail, on my facebook profile so that people I know who are into facebook can contact me.

I only ever log in to accept friend requests.

I only ever accept friend requests from people I know so that they will have a way to find my e-mail address which is on my profile.

I suspect I am not the only one who uses facebook in this way.

I bet there are a few people who, having not been notified of this will have not changed their e-mail back, and will miss some very important messages due to this complete wankiness. Facebook really don't give a shit about their users, sorry, victims.


Fire burns away the Kindle dream of interactivity

Tony 34


I use the keyboard on my kindle all the time, searches, annotations, notes, e-mails, you name it - texty type stuff. It is perfect for that.

Very useful device for me.

My gf I would buy one of the new cheapies for christmas because that is what she would choose.

Personally I turn off all the collaboration stuff, but that is because I am not collaborating, not because the feature is at all broken. Shame the way it is going with consumer rather than creator focused products. It could have been so different - I thought it would be back in the '80s

I applaud Bezos' attempt to appeal to the more creative.

Hope the choice remains for those of us that want it.

Ho hum.

Google muzzles political dissidents with YouTube ID tweaks

Tony 34
Black Helicopters

Wrong Tool

Service providers cannot be expected to provide a neutral or anonymous service in a marketplace and / or political and technical environment that favours bias and accountability.

It seems like these dissidents, or whatever should be using freenet or something. That is what it is for.

It would still require somebody to post a link to whatever it was on freenet to the WWW in order for it to become available to a huge audience though.

RAF Eurofighter Typhoons 'beaten by Pakistani F-16s'

Tony 34
Paris Hilton

Title, etc


Normally I rate your articles because, they are a breath of fresh air. They are entertaining and reasoned. The off the wall stuff is peppered with wisdom and interesting jump-off-points for googling, and the factual stuff is factual - even if blatantly cherry-picked for fun, and the opinion stuff at least makes it's case in a way I can respect, even if I disagree, which I often don't.

This article is a low point for lacking almost all the above-mentioned good qualities.

Paris, because I wouldn't throw her out of bed for farting, and I am not going to do the same (metaphorically) with you, just because of this fart, you sexy old Lewis Page, you.

Elite coder readies £15 programming gadget for schools

Tony 34

The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

'The UK's well-established videogames industry certainly hasn't suffered from this shift away from how we mucked about with computers as lads...."

Yes it has. It really has.

Or were you being sarcastic -- I miss that sometimes.

Doctor Who's Elisabeth Sladen dies at 63

Tony 34


I am sure I am not alone in feeling that a friend I grew up with is gone.

Thanks for all the adventures during the '70s, and the magnificent return.

The universe will always be a better place for having had you you visit for a time.


Debian 6: Have your Debian and eat your Ubuntu too

Tony 34
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Linux From Scratch FTW

Yeah - Every linux user should have to run through a from source LFS install at least once before being allowed to post advice on the forums. It is simply the best way to be introduced to what is great about linux. Unfortunately the forums seem to have become terrible these last few years.

Since Ubuntu came out it is almost as bad looking for community support on the forums as it is on the support forums for windows.

Shitloads of apparantly random advice.

Still - Like another poster said - I am really happy we are debating different linuxes. 10 years ago I was hoping for at least this.

Great stuff.

Tony 34

One Word. Slackware.

If you want to be tied down by one man choose Apple.

If you want to be tied down by a committee choose Ubuntu.

If you want a nice OS that does what you want with rock solid stability no horrible "They did it WHICH way?" surprises then choose Slackware.

If you want "I dunno - it came with the PC / Office / Phone" then stck with MS I suppose....

Mine is the one with the Pipe in the pocket.

Fanboi's lament – falling out of love with the iPad

Tony 34


My first computer was a TRS80. Never had a mac, always an alternative that seemed better.

I have a desktop PC, a laptop, and a phone.

My phone is a normal phone, a sony-erricson w910i, a couple of years old with an 8gb card.

On my phone I have opera mini, an ssh client and a text reader. I bet I can can do anything with it that I could with an iPad, (as long as I can connect to my server with ssh), Plays music great too. Oh and it's a phone.

I was going to by a nexus but then I thought, "why?", I will buy an android phone next, when my current phone dies.

I am not anti-apple, I have stuck with PC's purely because of IBM open architecture and linux, not because I hate apple, but the way apple are going lately I am starting to think that Jobs has gone mad. Really, frothing, twitching, round-the-bend, mad...

El Reg's LHC visit - Deleted Scenes

Tony 34

You know hoo...

My favourite screensaver - wonder if they run the OS.

Pirate Bay sells out to Swedish software firm for $7.7m

Tony 34

Yarr... Cough... gurgle.... Thud!

Mine's the coat, I'm outta here......


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