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Android phones get free video calling

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Nexus One

Gonna have to carry a mirror around if you want to see the screen and appear to the other person on the nexus one :)

Linus Torvalds doesn't hate the Googlephone

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But is it rooted? :)

Gene... its $530 direct, unless your contract is $670 year/ $55 month you would save that $100+ a month getting one direct

64-bit Chrome takes centre stage in Linux land

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64bit not always related to RAM

A lot of people saying "64 bit OSs only useful for more RAM" but thats not the only benefit

With a 64 bit OS you can also map large files into virtual memory

Notorious hacker Analyzer pleads guilty on credit card scam

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re: something...

I know thats the case for the US, but he was arrested in Canada then extradited to the US

Windows 7: Microsoft's three missed opportunities

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Always on top

Annoying they still dont have an 'Always on top' option in the context menu of the taskbar

Faster broadband for free?

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CBA to order one?

Google "disconnect ring wire", same thing

Unions demands better conditions for temps

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My partner temped for a union that was actively campaigning for better temp worker rights.

Then due to bad management and a miss understand she was shown the door after 2 weeks with no warning

Botched judge threat probe downs Fathers 4 Justice website

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take any website offline

so you could essentially take any uk website down with this ploy. Send a badly faked mail saying your the admin and you'll post something nasty. Site will be forced down, then its up to the owner to prove them self innocent...

Masked passwords must go

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The icon in Lotus Notes

Pretty much the only thing I like about lotus notes is the icon that changes as you enter your password. Makes it instantly obvious if you've entered an incorrect password before hitting OK