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Google laying off more 'second class citizens'?

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Ok all aboard the Google hate train

Fuck ppl ok so they are not the lovey dovey tree hugging save the fucking whales peta pumpkin eater saviours of the internet

But while your clubbing the Google seal to death just think about how much Google has helped shape the net. into what i consider a better place….

A prime example is Gmail. Before Gmail we had what a 10 meg limit then WHAME here have a gig or 7 for free

Yeah they might secretly be a bunch of cunts waiting to fuck us over but because ot what they have done other companies have had no choice but to say “um yeah we in truth the 10 meg limit on your email was because we did not want to give you more”

So you all jump up and down about the evils of Google and so on and so forth as for me I will go log into on of my Gmail accounts and check my mail.

Gawd imagine the net with out the influence of Google…. What a sad fucking place it would be

Top British judge suggests ban on 'cruel' killer roboplanes

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Dude the only way and i mean the only way you could save any face after making such a comment is if you are a front line veteran....

I have this strange feeling that you are not....

Cyber security minister ridiculed over s'kiddie hire plan

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Hiring Hackers... Its all very Anime... In a weird way


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