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Oracle Linux now supported on 64-bit Armv8 processors

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So, the OL port for SPARC was scrapped, Fujitsu is showing it's post-K architecture based on ARM and now Oracle presents OL for ARM.

I wonder when will they merge the rest of the stuff from Solaris into OL...

VMware: Sure, you might run our stuff on bare-metal Azure, but we don't have to like it

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VMware doesn't like to be out-VMware'd

Azure Stack's debut ends the easy ride for AWS, VMware and hyperconverged boxen

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"...changes the cloud market forever..."

Oracle did it already: https://www.oracle.com/cloud/paas/cloud-machine/index.html

Gartner: It's tough out there for server-sellers

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Re: Whatever Huawei and Inspur are doing?

Corruption. It's what Huawei and Inspur are doing. I live in Venezuela and all of the pro-Chinese government is plagued with Huawei and Inspur, who sell at twice the price and leave half of the money in the hands of corrupt management, government and military.

Surprise! No wonder Oracle doesn't 'see' IBM or SAP in the cloud

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Re: Oracle is trying to sell SUN hardware for storage!

By the looks of it, the problem is you do not know what a cloud is, and even less a private cloud...

VMware doubling down on OpenStack

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OpenStack aims to eliminate the dependence on software such a vSphere... Exactly what difference will it make to pay the extra money (which is not cheap) for VMware's OpenStack instead of using it off the shelf?

Missing in action: The OpenStackers lost from Gartner's quadrant

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You seem to have overlooked the fact that Solaris 11 has OpenStack too, so your oracle - Red Hat argument is invalid. Oracle has integrated OpenStack in it's OSs, OVM, storage (even tape with HSM) and networking and yet you are crying because your own favorite isn't on the list.

Oracle has Solaris Zones, Oracle VM based on Xen, oracle Linux OpenStack with KVM and LXC, enterprise manager and Horizon support... Yet you claim oracle should not be on the x86 virtualization quadrant, because you don't want to. How's that for a biased opinion?

2015 and IBM: But it wasn't supposed to be like this...

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"IBM wants to break down Chinese walls between hardware and software to create units for research, sales and delivery, systems, global technology services, cloud, Watson, security, commerce and analytics."

I guess IBM wants to be Oracle now.

Docker, Part 2: Whoa! Spontaneous industry standard! How did they do THAT?

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You should update yourself from the FUD after Sun's acquisition. MySQL as a product and as community is doing quite alright now.

Docker kicks KVM's butt in IBM tests

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Sun was saying this since 2004 with Solaris Containers/Zones... Only now the Linux zealots want to hear, because they discovered cold water...

Splice Machine revs up Derby for SQL-on-Hadoop system

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"With the massive growth in data across all companies, traditional RDBMSs like MySQL and Oracle are either hitting the wall and having to prune data or becoming prohibitive to scale up on servers that can cost millions of dollar each,"

Is he talking about zLinux? Or just wishful thinking?

EMC embarks on all-singing, all-dancing VNX jamboree

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Sounds pretty weak...

at least as far as announcements goes...

What's a right pain in the ASCII for IBM? Its own leech-like hardware biz

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Re: Brought to You by the Letter Z

They are no longer investing in AIX, only on Linux and you expect Power will survive, how?

OpenPower has existed for years and has not taken off, that will not change. There are more efficient CPU architectures, what exactly does Power brings to differentiate from x86 or ARM?

SPARC and Solaris will live until at least 2019

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Re: You clearly don't understand what "high-end" means if you cite HPC

I have a dilemma... I'm not sure if I should humiliate you publicly for having no idea what a commercial workload is, and how high end and HPC differ from one another, or if you did that on your own stupidly enough. Paris is a good icon for you, as it's your best description, Ramazan.

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So, according to this article's title...

Power processors will live until 2015 and Itanium is already dead?... Do you grasp the term "roadmap"?

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Re: Linux is the answer

You clearly don't understand what "high-end" means if you cite HPC.

Oracle shoves IBM out of world's No 2 software seller spot – Gartner

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Re: Crappy software top 10

"Maybe I just don't get enterprise IT buying and only see the end-user perspective."


Better late than never: Monster 15-core Xeon chips let loose by Intel

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SPARC has had 16 Cores for a while, with 8 threads in each Core. Why is this a "monster" with 15?

Samsung joins IBM's secretive chip consortium

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Power Fabs

That and the news that IBM is looking for shoppers of it's chips fabs tells you more or less what's going to happen. Power is the new Itanic.

Report: IBM to peddle its chip wing

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So much fun

I remember how you treated Sun, IBM. I remember.

Looks like they finally called it quits against Oracle. Where's TPM when you want to read him?

Oracle nemesis SkySQL gins up enterprise MariaDB product

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Oracle "Nemesis"

This headline should come with the "Joke Alert!" icon.

Hey, EMC. You and I are seriously falling out over this marketing crap

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"a micro-RAID distributed across all disks with improved re-build times" sounds awfully similar to Pillar's Distributed RAID.

Just what is Oracle going to plop out as its golden storage egg?

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It supports NFS, CIFS, iSCSI and FC... It uses Solaris' COMSTAR which supports all those protocols and more

VMware sharpens axe for PCs: Horizon boxset brings Windows to iPads

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IBM rolls up SAP HANA appliance on SUSE Linux, x iron

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Selling like hotcakes??... Excuse me, but maybe your hotcakes do not sell very much.

Love vSphere? You're going to have to love Flash too

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you forgot your troll face

EMC, Lenovo, in servers alliance

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Re: Whereee

Did you read the Nicira news?

Virtualization market faces shake-up

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Oracle previews RHEL-ish 2 Linux kernel

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define "Normal Linux containers"... which one??

IBM woos Oracle punters smarting from price hikes

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That's their answer?... Price?

Ellison dismembered them all these days and their only answer is Oracle's price?

That's a fail in my book.

Oracle revs up Sparc, speeds up roadmap

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ARM... think about it

Capitalism killed the Martians, suggests Hugo Chavez

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Wrong man. He's not trivializing anything. He DID say capitalism destroyed Mars.

You just don't want to accept he's nuts.

Santander blames Firefox 4 for website fail

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FF4 was announced to be unsupported on PPC and Mac OS tiger, it's your fault you didn't read the release notes, AC.

That said, there is a community version of FF4 for PPC here: http://www.floodgap.com/software/tenfourfox/

Apache and Google airbrushed from Oracle's Java victory

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I lol'd

"ASF is home to some of the biggest and most popular open-source projects on the web, gave us the ubiquitous server, and is one of the JCP's longest serving participants.

Google? The internet's largest search and advertising company, owner of Android - the fastest growing mobile phone operating system."

Open source WEB SERVER and SEARCH COMPANY... they are definitively not Java giants, nor Java companies.

Ex-Sun boss gives Ellison open source wedgie

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They are jealous

Opensourcers get personal over Ellison's Google fight

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too bad Google took the wrong decisions while trying to skip license responsibilities

Google is evil too, never forget that... and all of you Lunix caught the bait

Oracle refreshes Sun Xeon server lineup

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You don't know how much do they cost yet

SAP lays down $5.8bn for Sybase

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Yah... RE: RE: ORLY


"Nope, all they have to do is bundle in a cheap version of Sybase's database products with SAP for now, they have plenty of time to work on a more integrated stack including mobile toys. Oracle survives on pricey database licences, whereas SAP are more interested in selling the apps on top."

That's what Exadata does exactly for Oracle, and they still have plenty of time to keep integrating. No news there.

"Oh yeah, because Oracle have that well-known, market-leading ERP/BI/CRM tool called.... oh, no they actually don't! Nothing like the SAP suite."

Actually, most of the time the problem with Oracle is not that they lack applications, but that they have too many offerings... Have you even took the time to explore oracle applications site? http://www.oracle.com/us/products/applications/index.html ... Most of those are well known and market leading, being acquisitions of already well known products... and yes, many customers I have met use them, even if most use SAP, you can't just disregard Oracle's presence.

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"The partnership could prove a real competitor for Oracle, which is still busy digesting its purchase of Sun."

No, I don't think so.

SAP will now need to digest this acquisition and it still doesn't compare to what Oracle can offer.

Also, take care to notice they are targeting mobile with this acquisition, not going head to head against Oracle. OTOH, customers ask for SAP on Oracle or SAP on MSSQL (depending on their infrastructure)... They won't migrate to sybase just for the sake of it.

This will be interesting nevertheless, but not real competition.

MySQL fork duo tear down Oracle's Iron Man fantasy

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If I was Wideanus, I would keep quiet for a while before appearing in public after all he did... maybe change my name and face too.

After his attacks on code ownership, NOW (after he is left with no other choice) he wants to be a MySQL support company... of course.

Thanks but no thanks.. Drizzle OTOH is very interesting, let's see where it gets.

IBM tears up open source patent pledge, claims FOSS

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You need a better one for your translations

Oracle endorses faster Java changes

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Google's standards?

Google de facto standards?... you mean, like the Android Linux kernel code that was rejected from being upstreamed?... they forked Harmony, itself already non-standard.. so exactly were is Google establishing standards? they are playing on their own.

Gartner report card gives high marks to x64, blades

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""To help you on your ignorance - It is spelled Solaris...." As we've discussed before, the moniker Slowaris was coined many years ago by dissatisfied Sun customers. "

Obviously, "many years ago" means it's not up to date with the times. Would you care to update your information now that at least you have admitted it's something past?... Please, try the latests releases of Solaris and explain where is it slow. And no, I don't care how fast it boots, Solaris is not meant to be rebooted constantly as Windows, it's meant to work.

"Even if I had a fab plant I wouldn't be burning SPARC as that seems to be a sure way to burn your company. "

Typical Matt response, avoid the question.

You said there was nothing open about OpenSPARC, and were proven wrong. So you answer with something completely unrelated. Be honest and admit you are wrong.

The fact is, there is no other architecture more open than SPARC/Solaris. SPARC International is the organization behind the architecture and it was founded nearly two decades ago, and keeps the architecture fully open and non proprietary, licensing the "SPARC" trademark (much like the "UNIX" trademark's case) to the interested parties, like Sun, Fujitsu and others.

Not only that, Sun has released it's SPARC v9 implementation (OpenSPARC T1 and T2) as open source, mostly under the GPL and there are other open source implementations, such a LEON (SPARC v8).

On top of that, Solaris is also open source in the form of OpenSolaris, with which you can take full advantage of the SPARC architecture with no strings attached... or you could go for the supported linux distros, such as Debian, WindRiver Linux and others... or if you are a BSD person, you can go with FreeBSD, OpenBSD or NetBSD... it's up to you.

Exactly were is it proprietary??

AIX, HP-UX, Power, Itanium and x86/x64 do not match up to this level of openness. All of those are fully proprietary architectures and systems where no standardization body exists (unlike SPARC international) and tightly controlled by their owners.

Matt, if you are going to reply, please do so within the context of the information contained in my post and not some random thought on how much you hate Sun and anything related to it.

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This means that even after IBM and HP supposedly were savaging Sun's customers, customers didn't want to buy from Sun until after the acquisition and the whole economical turmoil, Sun still sells more RISC than the rest? (even if it was less than the previous period)

That should tell you something TPM, imagine what can Oracle do with SPARC and Solaris now that they own it. x64 systems are good up to a point. Talk about critical systems and RAS and you can forget about x64.

Microsoft: Oracle will take us back to 1970s hell

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"I don't understand what's going to happen" of course you don't Mr Muglia... There, there.

EMC shuffles Ionix to VMware

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With these software and SpringSource's Hyperic, VMware can now manage and monitor both hardware and software. Nice move by EMC, leaving the software to the software company, this will be nice.

Compare it to Oracle's Enterprise Manager + Sun Ops Center, HP's Insight + Microsoft's System Center and you get a trend... and the motivation behind EMC's move.

Now, my question is, how far down the line can VMware continue to be agnostic?

Open-source Silverlight project drops early third code

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You do know it's Microsoft we are talking about here, don't you?

It's in their best interest to keep Linux and any other non-Windows platform crippled and behind the official version... On the desktop side, Windows is already dominant, they don't need other platforms to work.

Larry to take integrated Sunacle direct to CIOs

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Sorry, but looks like you didn't understand the plan on x64.

Oracle will continue to invest heavily on UltraSPARC, SPARC64 (at least until they can go solo with UltraSPARC) and x64 in a particular case. Clustered x64. Like Exadata and the other soon-to-come Oracle appliances.

Oracle won't target volume markets.

For more information, watch the webcast video and presentations.

HP, Microsoft form $250m IT tag team

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knew it

fscking knew it... I saw this coming since about a year now... the next moves should be surrounding Citrix/Novell and SAP... what will they do now that vendors are targeting entire stacks and not only parts of it?... What about Dell?

Microsoft offers Oracle-phobes MySQL migration tool

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as planned

With this, seems like Monty's/MS plan to create FUD around MySQL and Oracle has come to fruition... How convenient isn't it? after all the noise generated by Monty, here comes the messiah ballmer to save you...

Are people really going to jump from the frying pan into the fire?