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Santa Fe man demands half a mill for being near iPhone

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All you need to know about EMF sensitivity...


I particularly like the refernce to Compulsive Risk Assessment Psychosis.

I seem to remember an article in New Scientist saying that in controlled conditions it was simply impossible for the supposedly afflicted to tell whether they were being subjected to such fields with any better than a 50/50 chance of success.

Give 'em an MRI and see what happens...

Iocell NetDisk

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Are those prices a misprint?

So it's 110 quid for an empty box but 250 quid for a 1TB box. The exact same drive is available from ebuyer for 72 quid. (http://www.ebuyer.com/product/150245)

So why do Iocell charge 140 quid for a 72 quid drive. Is it because they think we're all stupid? Perhaps it's some sort of intelligence test....

Ricoh launches camera with removable lenses, sensors

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Not different, stupid.

So, let me get this straight... if you want to buy a new lens for this camera you also have to buy a new sensor and image processor as well??? That's bonkers.

And those prices?!? Are they having a laugh? You can get an entry level SLR with a half decent kit lens and a 50mm prime off ebay and you end up with a much better, far more flexible piece of kit for less than this Ricoh body-only.

And why does the body cost FOUR HUNDRED AND TWENTY sniffs when it doesn't have a sensor, an image processor or a lens included?!?

DJ Hero sets up, scratches down in Blighty

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Yeah man,

get one of these for a fiver less and do it properly:


EU to shout at media player makers over noise levels

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I'm all in favour of noise limits...

...but only in terms of the amount of noise that leaks from headphones.

Orange prices up LG 3G watchphone for UK

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Or, if you have shallow pockets...

...save yourself 4 ton and get this puppy:


Tesla's first UK showroom opens for business

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How far will the batteries get you if you rag it then? This is a sports car after all.

Tesla themselves reckon it'll do 220 miles but that would driving like a little old lady (http://www.teslamotors.com/performance/perf_specs.php). If I drove my old Saxo VTR like an old lady it would do 44mpg (on a long run - sticking to 70mph on the motorway). If I drove it like a 17yr old it would do 28mpg. So if you apply that factor to the quoted range you get 140 miles... and then you have to charge it overnight.

This factor seems to be consistent - my girlfriends Evo VIII 260 was quoted at 26 but a real world figure for a driver pressing on was 17.5mpg. That gives a Tesla range of 143 miles

Not bad for a first attempt but still a long way from being a pratical proposition.

If I had that sort of cash knocking about I'd have a Nissan GTR instead.