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What the duck? Bloke keeps getting sent bathtime toys in the post – and Amazon won't say who's responsible

Nathan 13

Probably sent to him by James Vetch as he has 100s of them.

Car crash: Uber axes another 3,000 jobs, closes 45 offices as punters snub app during coronavirus lockdown

Nathan 13

Every job loss is sad

But as for the company, I fail to have much sympathy as they have engaged in many evil practices over the years.

What was Boeing through their heads? Emails show staff wouldn't put their families on a 737 Max over safety fears

Nathan 13

Every industry, unless closely scrutinised by a competent regulator, starts to slowly but surely errode standards and safety over a period time. Its always driven by cost, and people at the top are ruthless about profit and if given the chance will happily cut whatever corners they can to obtain more and more profits.

In such a safety critical industry this does (and has in this case) cost lives.

Airbus A350 software bug forces airlines to turn planes off and on every 149 hours

Nathan 13

Re: Fly-not-by-wire

The people on that plane were 1 in 100 lucky. It really should have ended up in the sea, a miracle actually!!!

Stop us if you're getting deja-vu: Uber used spyware to nobble dial-a-ride rival, this time Down Under, allegedly

Nathan 13

Re: I dislike using taxis

There are not many companies I will NEVER EVER use, but Uber is one of them!

Age checks for online pr0n? I've never heard of it but it sounds like a good idea – survey

Nathan 13

VPN is a godsend

Ridiculously cheap really, a good one for £3 a month if you sign up for 24 months! Useful for so many things, including the latest government hair-brain porn solution lol

Even Windows 10 can't save the PC market as chip shortages, Brexit uncertainties bite

Nathan 13

Re: Windows 10 can't save the PC market

I would happily buy W7 licences for my 3 pcs. I HATE W10, it really is a complete piece of shit!!

Huawei Mate 20 Pro: If you can stomach the nagware and price, it may be Droid of the Year

Nathan 13


When you can get a good quality android (that will in reality be no worse to use than the Mate20 Pro for 99% of users) for under £150, why would anyone pay 5x that?

And in 12-18 months do it all over again, and again ...

Fork it! Google fined €4.34bn over Android, has 90 days to behave

Nathan 13

Google are morally above Apple and Microsoft

Literally way more open than both. Yes all 3 suck data, but according to all the cookie messages I am getting recently, so does every website in existence!!

The EU could fine literally 3 million websites $5 billion each. That might make up for the loss of the UKs contribution and keep 10 million male migrants in the luxury they have been told to expect by their traffickers!!

Skype Classic headed for the chopping block on September 1

Nathan 13

Re: Goodbye Skype

Yep, bye Skype, another good thing MS fucked up so badly its unreal!!

Apple: Our stores are your 'town square' and a $1,000 iPhone is your 'future'

Nathan 13

I can see

Muslim women demanding "Iphone Unlock privacy booths" be built every 50 yards down all roads.

Nathan 13

Not for me

My Redmi note 4 cost £120 and works just fine and does nearly everything that the new Iphone does.

Plus if it gets stolen or I drop it and smash it up I will be 8 times less upset.

Nationwide banking suffers its own Black Wednesday

Nathan 13

Down again here

right now

Boeing preps pilotless passenger flights – once it has solved the Sully problem, of course

Nathan 13

I dont think

That the public would get onto an aircraft that didnt have at least 2 fully qualified pilots in the cockpit, not in my lifetime anyway.

Bloke charged under UK terror law for refusing to cough up passwords

Nathan 13

This is exactly the sort of person who should be stopped IMO.

Just like a white brit would be given a good going over in an Islamic country that suffers from white Brit terrorism.

China's first large passenger jet makes maiden flight

Nathan 13

Are there

any genuine parts on the aircraft, or are they all fake?

What is this bullsh*t, Google? Nexus phones starved of security fixes after just three years

Nathan 13

Loved my Nexus5, love my Nexus 6P

But my next phone will not be anything to do with google if they are going to treat their customers like shit.

I cant do Apple for the same reason help lol

Don't install our buggy Windows 10 Creators Update, begs Microsoft

Nathan 13


Is just one big train wreck

Uber cloaked its spying and all it got from Apple was a slap on the wrist

Nathan 13

I will never use Uber

Not many companies I will not do business with out of principle, but Apple and Uber are 2 of them.

Grumpy Trump trumped, now he's got the hump: Muslim ban beaten back by appeals court

Nathan 13

Just one small thing

Its not a muslim ban.

Zuck off: Facebook's big kahuna sues Hawaiians to kick 'em off their land

Nathan 13


Hope he gets a virulent form of cancer, he might then realise what an asshole he is when he has weeks to live.

Apple sings another iTune following Brexit as prices rise by up to a third

Nathan 13

Re: For Once

Thats because we voted to leave the EU, it is that hard to understand. That means the single market, freedom of movement, EU courts etc etc etc

Its called democracy.

UK can be a 'world leader in 5G', you say? Er, our 4G still takes a beating from Peru

Nathan 13

Lets hope

They remember people use their mobiles occasionally for actually calling people, and accommodate that feature into 5G which they completely forgot about when designing 4G.

Hapless scouser scours streets for lost Crimble drone

Nathan 13

I lost an aerobie to a tree over xmas, I feel his pain lol but not his open wallet surgery!

Ransomware scum offer free decryption if you infect two mates

Nathan 13

Re: So...

With VMs making a V payment?

UK's new Snoopers' Charter just passed an encryption backdoor law by the backdoor

Nathan 13

Will affect most people, but not serious criminals or terrorists.

Just like the snooping law that was "only to counter terrorism and serious organised crime" but led to fines for for putting out bins on the wrong day.

Forget malware, crooks are cracking ATMs the old-fashioned way – with explosives

Nathan 13

Time to close cash machines, and let all shops offer free cash back with any transaction.

My Nest smoke alarm was great … right up to the point it went nuts

Nathan 13

Call me old fashioned

But a smoke alarm (tested monthly) on each floor for when your in, and home insurance for when your out is more reliable that nest!

I want to remotely disable Londoners' cars, says Met's top cop

Nathan 13

Ive always wondered if it would be possible to build stingers into the road at certain points that can be activated by the police just before a stolen car arrives, and then they retract again?

Probably an astoundingly stupid idea but I have wondered about it for years lol

EU court: Linking to pirated stuff doesn't breach copyright... except when it does

Nathan 13

Do they even know what they are talking about!

Windows 10 now rules the weekend, taking over from Windows 7

Nathan 13

Windows as a service will fail. I look after most of my friend's computers/laptops etc. Every single one who has W10 hated it, but tolerate it with classic shell/all apps deleted and no start screen/all connections set to metered in the registry to stop forced updates etc

Not one of them wants adverts, or would be willing to pay any sort of subscription whatsoever.

WhatsApp is to hand your phone number to Facebook

Nathan 13

Fuck about with Whatsapp, and another provider will step in. SMS died very quickly, Whatsapp will too if they start pissing of their users.

Corbyn lied, Virgin Trains lied, Harambe died

Nathan 13

This man and his team want to run the country, but they cant even book a simple train ticket. And as for that video, there are no words to describe how terrible an idea it was.

Labour need to sort themselves out, because although I'm a Tory voter, this country does need a strong and credible opposition badly.

Corbyn, and the Labour Party are a pathetic joke at the moment.

Nathan 13

A politician lied, OMG this is a world 224443355643st

French, German ministers demand new encryption backdoor law

Nathan 13

Anyone who wants to keep their communication secure will, no matter what stupid ignorant governments legislate.

Microsoft to overhaul Windows 10 UI – with a 3D Holographic Shell

Nathan 13

MS are intent

on making W10 as difficult to use as etch a sketch.

Just make a fucking computer that people can do work on easily and efficiently.

Ten-trillionths of your suntan comes from intergalactic photons

Nathan 13

poor intergalactic photons

They have travelled for millions, even billions of years and the 1st thing they could strike is possibly an overweight blob of human skin.

Still as they have been travelling at the speed of light, to them the billion year journey passed instantly lol

London's 'automatic' Tube trains suffered 750 computer failures last year

Nathan 13


You wait 2 years for an article about the tube, then 2 come along at once :)

Violence, vandals and vomit: London's naughtiest tech Tube stations revealed

Nathan 13

Really interesting and fascinating comments. I use the tube most days and never give a second thought about how it all works. I didnt even know my line (Jubilee) was automated, must be a bit boring for the "driver" just sitting there.

Windows 10 pain: Reg man has 75 per cent upgrade failure rate

Nathan 13


Can MS leave my W7 computers alone now until 2020 and stop trying to install spyware, nagware, and shitware disguised as essential security updates.

Diary note in Oct 2019 to start learning a different OS, and conveniently will probably need to get new kit by then.

Don't use a VPN in United Arab Emirates – unless you wanna risk jail and a $545,000 fine

Nathan 13

Not somewhere

I would ever choose to go, but some of these countries really do treat their citizens (especially female ones) like pieces of shit dont they lol

Free Windows 10 upgrade: Time is running out – should you do it?

Nathan 13


For people who tablets and touch-screen pc's and don't give a fuck about their privacy W10 works OK.

For people using a proper desktop PC and/or care about their privacy, its a big NO.

App-V birthday to you, Win10: Virty tools baked in Anniversary update

Nathan 13

The Beginning

Of screwing over W10 sheeple bit by bit.

Dell confirms price rise post Brexit vote as UK pound stumbles

Nathan 13


Great 10 years ago, shit after that time.

'Leave EU means...' WHAT?! Britons ask Google after results declared

Nathan 13

Is all this crybaby stuff

The result of children not being allowed to lose at school any more?

Referendum was held, leave won, get over it and start the process to leave the nightmare that is the EU already!

Update your buggy Samsung PC bloatware to plug privilege bug

Nathan 13

I would never

buy a computer with bloatware/crapware installed.

Quality stores never add this shit, but the mass market ripoff stores do in spades and should be avoided IMO.

In obesity fight, UK’s heavy-handed soda tax beats US' watered-down warning

Nathan 13

Tax Tax and more fucking tax

Why not charge the obese for treatment, and not tax everyone including those that drink soda drinks responsibly, dont have a BMI of 50 and look after themselves.

How long before the local scallywags are going to add soda to their shopping list of fake alcohol and tobacco products.

The Windows 10 future: Imagine a boot stamping on an upgrade treadmill forever

Nathan 13

Most people

Just want a desktop PC to work like XP and W7 does.

Yes have touchscreen and tiles on tablets and phones.

But a desktop PC is best operated with a mouse, and by installing your programs than run in windows accessed by either shortcuts or the start menu.

If Microsoft cannot make that any more, then people who use desktops will look for the best alternative, which will be a trade of between ease of use, and quality of the experience.

If Android desktop could be actually better in both the above areas than Mircosoft, then its a BOOM!!!

IE and Graphics head Microsoft's Patch Tuesday critical list

Nathan 13

W10 virus

Any of these "updates" infected with it?

Wasps force two passenger jets into emergency landings

Nathan 13


Hope they double check that the covers are removed before flight. This sort of mistake has brought down planes before.