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Samsung appeals to Supreme Court to bring patent law into 21st century

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Re: The law is a Ass -@Sean

Sorry Sean but when you say "And no, the user experience does not begin and end with round corners and a grid of icons. Anyone who genuinely believes this is what the lawsuit was about has utterly missed the point." I think you might be wrong. Looking at the appeal (which other than some pretty pictures is far too long and complex for my tiny brain) you'll find the following statement:

"The three design patents at issue here cover only specific, limited portions of a smartphone’s design: a

particular black rectangular round-cornered front face, a substantially similar rectangular round-cornered front face plus the surrounding rim or “bezel,” and a particular colorful grid of sixteen icons."

Which suggests that Samsung's lawsuit is actually is actually round corners and a grid of icons. Maybe because those are what are covered by the patents that Samsung has been held to have breached. And absolutely no reference to the user experience nor any patent relating to any user experience.

Google says its quantum computer is 100 million times faster than PC

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Some interesting comments but ...

... the real question is - how will affect my Facebook experience?

Please tell me it can't get any worse!

128TB SSD by 2018? Toshiba promises much, delivers ... a little

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Re: A lot of data

"A lot of data

To loose"

Nah mate, it'll all be backed up on floppies ...

... or USB2 sticks

Vodafone didn't have a £6bn tax bill. Sort yourselves out, Lefties

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Hmmm, methinks the author is also being economical with the truth. In the article it states:

" ...it became clear (in Cadbury, a related case) that under EU law the UK's CFC rules did not apply within the EU"

And there endeth the paragraph with no future reference to legal proceedings looking as if Vodafone were the victors However, let's take a quick glance at what one might think of a reliable source:


And what do we find? That after the above decision the case continued in the UK -

Back to the Special Commissioners - Vodafone lost

Next the high court - Vodafone won

Off to the Court of Appeal - Vodafone lost and were refused leave to appeal

So when Tim says "At which point it was established that there's no tax bill at all." it's true, insofar as at that point there probably wasn't! In fact, despite Vodafoen losing the final round, there might not have been an actual tax bill, just HMRC suggesting that they were owed some cash.

And finally Time says " There simply was no deal, no negotiation" whereas Vodafone says "Vodafone and HMRC resolved to work towards a full and final settlement, as summarised above." So8unds like a negotiation leading to a deal to me. But I'm not an author so what do I know

Amazon's tax deal in Luxembourg BROKE the LAW, says EU

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Re: No. PR is the special olympics of electoral systems - you get elected just for turning up.

What a particularly distasteful person you appear to be!

How dare you use the phrase "special olympics" as a derogatory term with the implication that paralympians get medals just for turning up.

Also, why the personal insult over Caroline Lucas's appearance?

Can I suggest that you take your small-minded opinions elsewhere.

Demon Internet goes TITSUP: Outage borks ancient ISP

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Re: Demonised

Ooh, another old-timer!

Can't remember when I joined but it was waaaaaay back when, back in the days when you received an actual printed magazine every quarter. We did defect to BT in order to get 64Kbp ISDN - oh the speed!!! But I think we kept the Demon account for my wife's email address.

It's been a weird morning as I was receiving mail around 7:15, well when I say receiving mail - I had a meeting in my Outlook calendar but no invite in my Inbox. But by the time I saw this the net was long gone!

Oh well, off to BT soon as my local exchange is about to become all fibred up.

Universal Credit: £40 MILLION and counting's been spaffed up the wall on useless IT gear

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Having worked at 3 large organisations and implemented systems for public sector clients that range from adding an extra module to f*cking enormous systems (whereby I can honestly say it is the world's largest ...) I can shed no light on this latest fiasco.

What I can say is that, in the wordsof the Sex Pisols, no one is innocent.

I'm sure the IT vendors take advantage, just a pity none of those ill-gotten gains trickle down to us folk who actually work bloody hard. But the public sector is just as culpable. The reason that 3rd party vendors get involved was so governments could shift the money from operating costs to capital costs. MAde it look like they were investing in the public sector while driving costs down. It was also in an attempt (only partally successful) to replace a multitude of bespoke systems with COTS packages, which in theory is cheaper to support.

One of the comments hit the nail on the head, they get what they ask for, not what they need. Giving them what they need can be problematic. In one memorable, but ultimately doomed, project I spent many a happy meeting discussing the word "or" in a requrement that not only gave us their requirement but aso a couple of alternative solutions. So not only was I forced to use their solution as specified, I had the argument that went "But when we say OR we mean we want both" which technically couldn't be done. In the end I was allowed to give them just the one solution but at the cost of my contact feeling as if he'd somehow lost.

My last project (the world's largest ...) never seems to hit the headlines any more. It was big and it was (almost certainly) expensive but ...

... it works! Trust me, if it didn't it would on the front page of thenational dailies not just the computer press. So they are not all didaster stories.

I'll leave you with a story that might help to explain why it's always the same old vendors "ripping off" the taxpayer. And it's funny how ripping off the public sector can still mean that we make a loss on the deal!

A previous employer was one of only three organisations to tender for a large PFI deal. We asked teh question "What would happen if we were the only bidders?" to which the reply was an aloof, "Don't be silly!". As more detail became available both of the other companies had withdrawn. We stayed the course, implemented and outsourced, and it was all a great success. The initial 7 year deal was extended and at the end of that extension, the staff we outsourced were taken back by their original employers and hee we are 15 years later and the client is STILL using the (upgraded) systems we implemented. As I said, not always a disaster

Ten serious sci-fi films for the sentient fan

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IT Angle

Great list! One or two there that I haven't seen (makes mental note to look out for them). Rather than add a "what about ..." I thought I'd mention that in the 1969 Oscars, Planet Of The Apes was nominated (but didn't win) in the Costume Design category but John Chambers, the creative makeup designer, did win an honorary Oscar for "outstanding make-up achievement in the movie"; for making actors look a bit like apes. One can only assume that everyone assumed that the apes in 2001 were real!

Higgs data shows alternate reality will SWALLOW UNIVERSE

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Re: "A little bubble of... an ‘alternative' universe will appear"

Any Beatle reference, no matter how irrelevant, is always worth an upvote!

Nokia Lumia 820 WinPho 8 review

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"The story of ordinary phone calls on both Lumias is not, I'm afraid, very good."

So basically, don't bother if you actually want to use it as a phone. OK, I'm sold!

A history of personal computing in 20 objects part 1

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> The Apple machines really weren't that important or successful

Maybe, but I used one in the office back in the early 80s. Great little machine, 48kb memory, twin floppies and the killer app, Visicalc.

When the company acquired its first IBM PC it seemed inferior in every sense. "It'll never catch on", thought I. Thus starting my ability to be 100% wrong about new technology.

DOS or CCPM? - no question, Concurrent CPM was superior in every way!

Future PC with CCPM or IBM PC with PC-DOS? - no brainer, I can multitask on my Future pc and store data on my 800kb floppies rather than 1 thing at a time with 360kb storage.

Word Perfect of MS Word? - easy. MS Word is so clunky it's all but unusable

Apple Lisa and a mouse? No-one needs a mouse

If only I had bet against myself

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Any reference to Leo always reminds me of the story my father-in-law (95 and still going strong) tells. Lyons offered the use of Leo to the Inland Revenue to calculate the tax tables after a budget change. One year he was selected to go to Lyons, taking with him the highly confidential envelope that contained details of the tax changes to be announced in the budget. The rule was that the changes were secret until the budget announcements were made and the chancellor had sat down. Which meant waiting for the phone call to say that the chancellor had sat down. The envelope could be opened and the details given to the Lyons' techies. He opened the envelope, took out the paper that was inside and read it - "No Change".

Samsung ships two smartphones for every one Apple sells

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Re: The headline...

> ... is misleading.

You are correct. Not because they are "Two totally different things." but because the article actually refers to the quantities shipped by both organisations.

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Which one would you rather have?


Shares - Apple

Phone - Samsung

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Re: Ships vs Sells @AC 08:41

Just a minor corrrection to your post. Had you read the article properly (or were you using the inferior iPad Mini with it's low res screen?) you would have noticed the following.

It wasn't Samsung shouting it was "ABI Research and Strategy Analytics, market watchers both"

Furthermore it also stated that "Samsung’s share was 35.2 per cent, achieved by shipping 56.9 million smartphones." And went on to say "the twice the 26.9 million units Apple shipped"

Note the use of the word shipped.

Really, you must try harder

BYOD for our own staff? That would be 'embarrassing' – HP exec

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At my last company (Morse) we weren't allowed to bring our own mugs! They had to be company branded.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 review

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Re: unsatisfying review :(

Re your question "does it work as a phone?" Can I point you to the paragraph on page 3 that starts: "How does it work as a phone? Superbly ..."

As for your other comments, I think I'm right in saying that El Reg reviews aren't necessarily the most in-depth you'll find.

Google's stats show few Android tablets in use

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Re: Isnt this a sign @AC 08:37

Well, I work at HP and bought a WebOS tablet for a dirt cheap price. Have I plonked Android on it? Not yet but intend to do so. Is that because I hate WebOS? Nope! I find WebOS rather good actually. So why go to Android? Apps!

Another reason for going Android might be people prefer the same experience on phone & tablet.

CSC bundles NHS IT fiasco staff out the door

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Re: A telling quote.... @Scotty1234

I can't make up my mind whether you are a simple troll or not! But let's assume you are serious. You suggest "the Unions want CSC to be lumbered with the unemployable staff" Unemployable? How the dickens do you draw that conclusion? Having worked on a number of large government projects over the years, I suspect that these "unemployable" (although they were employed by CSC) staff were on a project that possibly:

- was oversold in terms of functionality

- had an unrealistic go-live date (I've lost count of the number of projects where the start date was delayed but the go-live date remained the same)

- suffered from poor project management

- had requirements that kept changing (again, the very late change request from the client that had a major impact without changing the go-live date)

Any one of the above could mean the project went tits up. And once it did, redundancies were CSC's answer. Nowhere is there a suggestion that Unite try to hold CS "... to ransom". They merely expressed disappointment at the level of compulsory redundancies. But I guess we shouldn't allow facts to get in teh way of a prejudice.

In fact 2 prejudices - first anti-union (and I am not a union member myself) and ant public sector IT staff. It seems sometimes as if people think that Atos/CSC/HP/IBM/et al go "Oh look, we've won a govt contract. Quick go employ some useless people to work on it"

HMRC Tax Calc

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Re: I have a better idea

The only problem is that net pay depends on things like tax rates and tax code. I suspect it would be even more confusing to be told that the net pay is £17,000 pa only to find that because your tax code has been reduced, e.g. underpaid tax in a pevious year, you only get £16,000.

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Re: Employers NI

There's a reason why it doesn't include Employers NI, note the word Employers. I do envy you your naivity if you really believe that the employer would pass on any savings in Employers NI to the employee.

HP cuts 27,000 workers

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Re: Ha! (@Rombizio)

Thanks for the well reasoned argument.

Punters are the real losers in BT, TalkTalk copyright court blow

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Have to admit, I'm not as well versed in this as I ought to be (especially as there are 4 adults using the same static ip address). However, what concerns me is the constant reference to people who are "alleged" to have downloaded copyright material. Seems to ignore the innocent until proven guilty premise.

BTW on the topic of hating the music industry, can I stake a claim for the earliest grievance? December 1966 - I had to buy The Beatles' LP "A Collection Of Oldies" as it had one unreleased track on it. Since hat date I have bought a number of LPs because they had been re-released with one or two new tracks. Then when CDs appeared they did it again. Release the CD with its original tracklist. Then release it again with "bonus" tracks, then again re-mastered and once more for luck on its 25th/30th/40th anniversary. But then, they probably don't care about being hated.

Doctor Who girl Amy Pond axed in 'heartbreaking' exit

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"It's heartbreaking" says Karen Gillan, "Who else will pay me a handsome salary for running around in short skirts?"

Best Buy fires parting shot at Dixons with closing down sale

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50% off Blu-Rays & DVDs? Excellent! Xmas pressies (for me obviously ,,,

... oh wait, there aren't any left online (ignoring the dozen 3D movies).

Oh well

Mail Online is broken

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You forgot:

- Illegral immigrant asylum seeking benefit fraudsters (who all live in castles and palaces while driving around in Aston Martins) also cause cancer

Computers are so middle class – Mark E Smith

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I disagree, shouldn't that be "middle class desperate to be working class"?

HP offers devs £130 32GB TouchPad tablets

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Quite frankly, I don't care! That is, I don't care how/why/who/etc. All I know is that I have a TP (yep! HP employee) and so I look forward to lots(?) of new apps.

BBC iPlayer to require TV licence

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> did you ever here of anyone getting fined because they have 5 TVs on one licence?

Nope! That's because the licence "... covers the installation and use of TV receivers at the premises specified on the licence." (according to www.tvlicencing.co.uk)

Don't disgree with the Beeb being funded out of general taxation, except those pesky MP would want to interfere even more

Man City boss quits over cancer email

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It's at times like this that you really need a troll icon!!!

iPhone users richer, brainier, more tasteful than Android-ers

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In other words ...

... iPhone users are rich (have to be to pay for over-priced Apple stuff) poseurs while Android users are those who can't be arsed to "look cool" with the latest iCrap and are able to handle the freedom of Android apps

HARRY POTTER CHAINED to new Sony reader

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Note to self ...

... download books on day 3

Dragon Bannatyne threatens to break arms of 'Russian' bloke

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Can't think of a title

If someone threatened on of my kids I'd break the bugger's arms myself. But I'm not worth £400+ million so can't afford to pay someone else to do it. Or at least I doubt anyone would do it for £35 - the equivalent percentage of my worth!

MPs round on plans to offshore gov IT work

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Ummmm, not quite.

"The motion, signed by six other MPs from the region, also noted the "ethical implications" of cutting costs and raising the contract's profitability by exploiting lower paid overseas workers."

Naughty HP exporting jobs to India to screw more profit out of a govt depatrment.

Except, the reason is that, with the proposed budget cuts, it's the DWP who are forcing the issue. I'm currently on a DWP project and they stated that they wanted on-site timescales but with offshore rates.

So the question of ethics isn't solely for HP to answer.

FAIL all round as cheapest isn't usually the best

Oracle chief bean-counter mysteriously quits database giant

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... he refused to approve one of Mark Hurd's claims

Fast-fingered oldster relieves shop worker of iPhone cash

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I know I'm a pedant but ...

"Surrey Police say they are looking for an unshaven 5ft 11in man aged between 55 and 60"

Oh look, I'm between 55 and 60 but ...

"Surrey Police are hunting a slick-fingered 60-year-old " - I'm not a 60 year old

"the fast-fingered sexagenerian" - nor am I a sexagenerian

Sorry but I did say I was a pedant

Documents in Assange rape probe leak onto the net

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Thumb Down

@AC 10:48

> By that argument, 9/10s of the world should be locked up

So 90% of the world (not just the men) have non-consensual sex? Twat!

Beeb say sorry for Stephen Fry A-bomb quip

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Dear BBC - grow some!!!

Compare and contrast:

Stephen Fry makes a fairly innocuous comment that someone who was A-bombed twice was unlucky. BBC apologises

Frankie Boyle makes "jokes" at the expense of an 8yr old disabled child and Channel 4 defend the recovering alcoholic (strangely an area that he doesn't find funny) as being challenging, although they didn't add the more apt adjectives offensive and hypocritical.

Zuckerberg beats Assange to claim Person of the Year™

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Paris Hilton


I thought this award was Person of the Year. So how did the Tea Party come second? Or were the poor voters confused and thought they were voting for Mr T?

Paris - because she told hard-hitting journo Fearne Cotten that "In real life I'm completely different. I'm very down to earth, I'm smart, I know what's going on.” and Fearne believed her!

Grand jury meets to decide fate of WikiLeaks founder

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@AC 09:44

And I quote: "keeping everyone else from either killing themselves, their citizens, neighbors "

Sorry, far too busy trying to stop US miltary from killing us.

This year's comedy Xmas No. 1 contender: Silent song 4'33"

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satisfying the needs of the title-facists!

Also in restaurants

Gov to resellers: Glory bonanza secrecy days are over. For real

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@Pete 2 or should that be troll?

Why quote the word workers when referring to civil service employees? As a comparitively well paid IT consultant, I have implemented systems in both public and private sectors. And guess what? While the public sector can be a bit jobsworth and staffed by some people who seem to be out of their depth, so can the private sector - SHOCK!!! Both sectors employ the full gamut of abilities. From those who actually do know what they are talking about to those who are just a waste of oxygen.

As for "lifelong pen-pushers who wouldn't recognise a piece of source code" - why the hell should they? They use the systems, not design them. It might help the procurement teams to get some IT assistance, except governments have been outsourcing the IT departments. So all they can do is either, do it themselves or buy in some consultants. Sounds like you'll damn them whatever they do.

Far too many people start from the postion of. to paraphrase George Orwell:

Private sector good, public sector bad

Whereas I'm more inclined to agree with his ultimate conclusion

Steve Jobs no longer Eggman as Beatles hits iTunes

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Thumb Down

Another example of what's wrong with the music industry

See various comments above re the rip-off that is a £10.99 album cost, not to mention the so-called box set. Another example of trying to make people buy stuff they already have to get a little something that they didn't already own.

Who the heck is going to buy this stuff? I would hazard a guess that everyone who actually wanted it, or was vaguely interested in it, already has it digitally. I sure have, as well as the vinyl I bought when it was first released and the original CDs. I refused to but the remastered albums (might have bought them at a fiver each) so I am certainly not going to enrich any of the greedy buggers behind this non-event (and I say that as a big fan for the last 48 years).

But then again, the world is full of mugs! Anyone want to buy some shares? Or a bridge, maybe?

Dear music industry, please FOAD. Soon!

Twitter joke martyr loses appeal

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@David Wood

Please don't believe everything you read in the Daily Fail or Excess about the ECHR. Makes you look like a real tw*t!

Oh, and as you obviously don't understand the law, by being found guilty Mr Chambers IS a criminal! Kind of negates your stupid comment, wuoldn't you say?

FAIL - just the dumbest comment I've seen in a long while

Group slams airport naked body scanners

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Don't know enough ...

... about these scanners to make an informed decision.

Perhaps the proponents of these security devices would volunteer to post the scans of themselves and their family members (no pun intended) on the net so we could all see whether we approve or not

Spuds for laptop fraudsters strike in Huntingdon

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Could someone let me know who this couple is?

I've a few shares and a London bridge I'm trying to sell.

FAIL - to anyone who buys anything from "a bloke on the street"

Apotheker was HP's sole CEO choice

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Dear Leo, don't buy SAP ...

... just beef up HP's Oracle offering, work closely with Larry & Mark, and totally dominate the application space. That's the way to get your own back on SAP not renewing your contract.

Even if I say so myself, a brilliant suggestion!

And in no way connected to the fact that I work for a certain IT giant much in the news latterly, nor to the fact that I work with Oracle applications. Sheer coincidence.

Ovi maps out Google competitor

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Me too!

And there was I thinking that Ovi Maps was quite good. Not only was it free but it doesn't use any of my precious bandwidth as it's all offline.

What's more it handled travelling around rural Brittany without a problem when our TomTom decided to go on strike! It even gave us a laugh with the English voice's pronounciation of French roads.

Burglars used social network status updates to select victims

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If you were a burglar

I doubt you'd "leave directions to a lockup where they can get their stuff back".

There really oughty to be a Beware Pedants icon