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Australia's coalition launches new broadband policy

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Turnbull is Abbott's Bitch

Sort of feel sorry for him after the knifing in the back and then been given the job of attacking a proposal (NBN) that I think he belives in but that does not retract from the Title.

Outsourcing your own job much more common than first thought

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Outsourcing their own job... isn't that what all shit kicking middle managment do?

NASA suggests robotic return to the Moon

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Space Shuttle was an in-city delivery van

I dont think the Shuttle gave anyone access to "deep space". It was a LEO delivery van.

NBN zealotry in the ultra-high definition age



Hi Your a clown. The old system was a state created monopoly. How did you miss the 800 pound gorillia in your fantasy "private industry" assestment?? The cost for FTTP is in the cost for NBN so is the time taken to deploy - its not exponentially more its already factored in

Google's self-driving car snags first-ever license in Nevada


The 800 pound Gorilla in the room

In the future in-car wanking is the norm

TV Now was too good, and that was its downfall

Paris Hilton

Sorry but

These sports are funded in part by the broadcast rights they sell. Optus were not paying for this. How can they in any way justify having this as a value add for their customers? Defending optus on technical grounds is a joke.

Paris because she knows about having content broadcasted without permission or payment

Billionaire astro mining venture long on hype and timescale


Re: This entire concept is such horseshit ...

Horseshit on your horseshit. What you are pointing out is an energy problem only. It's obviously not an impossible obstacle.

I will listen to a group of people with a proven track record of innovation who hire a group of people with a proven track record in the industry first. I imagine they are aware of transfer orbit issues... what do you think? Besides it's not costing me any cash - they are putting up thier own dough.



If this makes a scenario possible as shown in the movie Outland I am all for it!

I want to be a space miner mummy!

Huawei banned from Australia’s NBN: reports

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Clive Palmer has the early mail

on this. As long as he makes a buck at any ones expense.

He will be linking this decision to the Greens and their puppet masters at rockefeller, making a lot of noise to look good for his Chinese masters

Whinging Brits reflect on epic Oz road trip


it has to be said with the right pronounciation

the closest a Pomie Bastard can come to understanding how to say Pommie Bastard is to imagine Gene Hunt (Philip Glenister) using the phrase as an expletive and/or just before phone booking said individual.

Reg hacks confront really wide Oz load terror


What part of

Down Under, Darwin to Adelaide, Stuart Highway, "Oz" did you miss or was that a reflexive "my countries highway load is bigger than your countries highway load"?

Back on topic: the Bruce Highway is quite a shitty road - as a citizen of the Premier state I was shocked to see what a goat track the banana benders had let it become. It's like the Pacific Highway in the early 80's. Meeting some heavy mining equipment on those can be more annoying as it usually means long delays following something that looks like the arm off an up-scaled mega transformer. No chances to overtake crumbling shoulder on "Highway 1"

Russian rocket flub threatens to empty ISS


the ISS

...such a wasted 70's dream... yawn

Oz cybercrime bill passes on the nod, unchanged


God I hate the current state of Australian politics

this sucks

NASA to work on approved sci-fi books


Jobs for unwanted Shuttle Astronauts

surely they can get jobs as mini van drivers... just without the "Glorified" bit at the start

Russia: 'We'll dump the ISS into the sea after 2020'



but the Space Shuttle as a tender to the ISS was a failed vision that should have been scrapped before it's inception or just after Challenger.

Then the money could have been spent on real research and space ventures rather than a glorified cross city transporter with it's destination a shabby caravan park in the sky.

The de-orbit should at least be spectacular

Aussie carbon tax in actually-makes-sense shocker


dude did you miss the bit

about low income earners, whether they be renters or not, getting tax breaks to cover the rise in electricity costs? I agree in part with what your saying but have a look at the bigger picture.

WA duo rock Apple apps


How along untill

the app is banned and thier interface becomes the new "skin" for the apple one?

NASA's nuclear Mars tank arrives at launch site


The sound is there because

the average Joe's (politicians, funding managers) attention span is way too short to watch 5 minutes of space film without big breasted aliens or light sabres and quick! look over there !1! a flashing animation with a celebrity in it... right .. something... mumbles I think it looks fairly convoluted.

I thought NASA had put up a prize for a rocket that could hover, land then hover and take off again in the last few years? This looks to vastly more complicated than the entrants in that contest. Did they laugh at Carmack and others attempts and throw down this challenge with the bold "watch us do it with a nuclear powered rover on f''ing mars you losers!" statement?

Some of my best plans came after a few beers so cheers to the NASA team.

Australia’s NBN too expensive: EIU


Good analysis

the hysteria in the local rags is at fever pitch. I am waiting for Abbot to print out the report and start waving it around in Parliament in a similar fashion to Moses coming down off the mountain with the Ten Commandments. If only Conjob wasn't such a dickhead.

Data centre season down under


yeah but what about the Mad mOnk?

Tony "I see people reading emails on their laptop's at airports using Wifi all the time Therefore: broadband can be delivered to all Australia via wireless" Abbot is still doing everything in his ignorant partisan power to derail the NBN so its not a given - particularly not given how selfish the Australian people are as a mob. If it was up to the mob nothing would be spent on infrastructure other than middle income handouts and fireworks competitions with each others capital city.

New RAF transport plane is 'Euro-w*nking makework project'



Looking back at this sensationalist piece from same author:


I will take this latest article with an ocean of salt.

Ahhh there's my coat - time to leave the soap box hall

Aussie parties trade blows over fast broadband


wow Jerry

How can you be so blind? the only compelling reason is so Murdoch benefits? Amazing thought process there.

I live in the center of the nations capital. ADLS2+ is not an option because the copper cannot support it. ADSL1 will connect unreliably at a max of 300k. Can you tell me when this will be fixed by Telstra?

I know many people living on the Gold Coast who cannot get ADSL - that's the fastest growing region in Australia if you were not aware. When will this be fixed by Telstra? I know people in every captial city who cannot get ADSL anything. When will this be fixed by Telstra?

People want to pay for the service but they cannot get it. Capitalism has failed and will continue to fail in this industry, in this country.

the compelling reason for fiber to the home is to replace the outdated copper network owned by a monopoly that will NEVER be upgraded to be broad band capable. Is it that hard to get the big picture?

The NBN is a more recent effort to provide essential services like the sewers, telephony, roads rail etc

Aussie broadband is slower than a slow thing in a slow town

Big Brother

Ahh the conservatives started it

I believe the conservative party of Australia actually initiated the filter. This whore here: http://www.aph.gov.au/senate/senators/homepages/senators.asp?id=2M6

That's why there appears to be no opposition to it.

At least Gillard is an atheist - so sick to death of religious leaders in this supposedly secular state.

James Bond's autogyro revived by Brit spec-ops pilots

Black Helicopters

Dunno about that

last year I walked into the crater north of Kagoshima to confirm that Bond's mission had been successful and tasted the water. Heaps of sulphur vents but it wasn't hot. It may have cooled down since then though.

Auto Gyros were also used in Mad Max2 or Road Warrior movie. The guy that built the 2 used in Max2, and I think 3, lived around the block from me. he built them in his garage. I used to cut through his yard as a short cut till his neighbour got a large and very angry dog.

Google Nexus One spends dying days as dev phone



as a "developer' phone the user can do what they want to the phone

Rancid IE6 'more secure' than Chrome and Opera US bank says


thats not so Bad

Last time I looked when functionality didn't work useing the latest public build of Firefox after logging in to a big Australian bank it offered me this advice:

To access Balance Sheet you will need to be using a Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6 browser or above, and a Windows based operating system.

Select proceed if you would like to upgrade your browser.


Oracle kills AMD Opteron on Sun iron



If Oracle bends over does the Sun still shine?

Samsung Omnia Pro


Mines got 6.5

I bought it from Clove and shipped to Oz mid december last year. Had 6.5 pre loaded. I have turned off the Samsung UI. I liked it but it did lag. Now using SPB. Great phone, keyboard is awesome. I have been using so called Smart phones since 2003 and this is the best so far.

The penguin because I wished Android was a little more mature.

Facebook busts ground on first custom data center


$$ title is suckage

Does Facebook make any money to pay for this?

Star Trek to boldly go (again)


Borg only if 7of9 returns

If she's still got it include her if not find someone else (if possible) with the same packaging.

No plot other than 7of 9 controlling a Tron style virtual reality where Shats, playing the original Kirk, is put through unwinnable life or death scenarios but unfortunately for him, luckily for the audience, he is brutally killed often.

How did 7of9 get back to this alternate reality in control of a VR machine containing the original JTK? Who cares as long as it includes jump suits.

Charlize Theron to travel Mad Max's Fury Road


Son of Max

I was hoping Sam Worthington would be son of Mel with Theron his side bitch

See you on the road scag!

Australia's 'answer to the velociraptor' unveiled



"How do they know that these weren't actually British dinosaurs who emigrated there for better weather and prospects, or criminal dinosaurs transported there against their will for stealing iguanadon eggs?"

There's no evidence of excessive dinosaur whining "its not like that TV show Neighbours is it!!!"

Buzz Aldrin weighs into NASA


Obvious to all with a brain



watch the video, read the brief.

NASA needs an acid enema of Saturn V proportions "now with spinning brush".