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IBM's eight-core Power7 chip to clock in at 4.0GHz

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Poor kids will eventually get them...

How long 'til we see one in our Salvage bins?

Can't wait to morph it to something that will work for a poor child somewhere!

Gift From God Computer Foundation.org sent out, in 2007, over 1400 systems to school aged kids on the dark side of the Digital Divide.

Units with no COA from Microsoft get Ubuntu, Xubuntu...

Vista woes fuel Mac sales surge - analyst

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No Brainer, Dell nagware, Macs are complete!

In many cost comparisons, published or that you can do, fully loaded Macs (no filled with Pop-ups and nag-ware!) are compared to almost "bare bones" Dells.

When fully loaded, my comparisons of Dells I "built" on the Dell sales site, cost $1050 MORE (AFTER all 'REBATES'), than does a comparable competent and fully loaded standard MacIntosh!

Then, toss in the award winning tech service of MacIntosh, and we have a NO BRAINER!

But, enjoy both the FREEDOM (of Liberty, of Speech) and the freedom (free as in beer!) and turn older Dells into monster systems with GNU/Linux and BSD!

Then, It is ALL FREE, and free!

Overstock and Patrick Byrne sue New York over Amazon Tax

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Local taxes raised, again!

Many cities now have implemented an additional "Fire tax", and are looking at a Police and EMT (Ambulance) assessment, per use, of $450 per call.

Our fair city of 20,000 now pays $240 per house, $1200 per business FIRE tax, assessed on top of the regular property taxation $3500 per household,

$12,000 per business (averages) that is propping up many mistresses of the the local commissioners...

Getting less government, but costing you much more? Isn't it time for a tax revolt?

Microsoft slings multiple sue balls at resellers

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Ubuntu for refurbisher charities!

More UBuntu is being installed PXE with netboot!

Currently converting a charity that ships 1400 complete systems... M$ MAR cost them $4000 last year along with much concern over drivers, that has all gone away with Linux installs!

SIIA slaps lawsuits on eight eBay Adobe sellers

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Only use Open Source Software!

If you would ONLY run Free Open Source Software on your Windows machine, there is the TTCS OSSWIN Free CD of 100 mature apps, you will have secure, safe, FREE software without any 'registration' problems, full and free support forums and usergroups, and the capability to actually contact the real authors if you ever encounter a glitch.

Whenever you try to contact proprietary software companies, since they are in it for the money, there is the strong possibility that they will mis-identify you as a thief, ala Microsoft's broken "Genuine Advantage" problem child ( 7day server outages, during Labor Day break!).

A major issue is that proprietary software is not well supported, most customers are used as 'beta' testers, and after the sale, there is little incentive for the company to support the product!

Then, too, the license disclaimer for proprietary software that you signed permits all of those folks to sell your Identity to the thieves in Russia or some former satellite nation of the USSR! Major credit data on millions of folks was sold to an identity theft ring in 2006!

Open Source software grows exponentially because it is user supported, and authors can even perish, and there are no restrictions about some other person contributing updates, and continuing the good work!

Brothers caged for selling pirated Adobe software

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What, no murders to report this week?

Oops. I forgot there was expensive, commercial, proprietary software out there!

A real waste of our taxes, used in seeking out those who are crafty and wizened at garnering riches from fools, and then punishing them. Don't the police have real crimes to fight?

Like, only one murder in one thousand even results in a conviction, with a high number of the convicted being later proven innocent!

I run some of the livecdlist.com free 300 distros. The faster we all switch to safe, secure, FREE OSes, the more taax money we all save.

Intel's 4004 microprocessor calc code brought back to life

Maligned Truth
Jobs Horns

That, or, Vixta.org

one may fiddle with the 4004, or in the same time frame, try out the Vixta.org livecdrom...

Microsoft sells Windows twice

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Can't beat the free Vixta.org

It just will not ever beat out the free download of a liveCDrom like Vixta or Mepis, PCLinuxOS or Edubuntu. or the other 310 at the livecdrom . com site.

I volunteer at thrift shoppe charities, and private schools, in Florida, as some of us are not on vacation. Stuff the old boxes with Linux.

Overthrow the Evil Empire. Diabolical scheme is to pervert the little ones heads towards love of penguins and daemons.

No charity wants a repeat of the Salvation Army $4 million fiasco. (BSA lawsuit, early this millennium - w/sealed settlement).

It is still an issue of 'First Sale' law for all except those fat OEMs. Microsoft is milking the neighbor's cows a third time...

I won't dirty my hands, nor take advantage of the innocent milkmaid.

Apple sells one in six US laptops

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'Nix works best

New 64 bit home built AMD AM2 socket machine, instantly responds with one of the 64 bit Linux OSes. Mepis 6l5 -64bit is fine, here, since May.

Older Macs (iMac 700mhz w/512MB RAM) runs great with OS 10.3.9.

Fedora Core 7 and Simply Mepis 6.5 for 32bit systems work great on 32 bit PCs of 500 Mhz to the 2000mhz boxes, in schools.

Safe, secure, and fast fun for all the students, with no service calls in the past year of 48 deployed in a local private academy that lives online with research and discovery!

http://livecdlist.com has ~300 choices in Linux Live CDroms, each complete with thousands of suites of applications!

Too bad Vista was such a pig in a poke, but, it isn't missed by intelligent teachers and students who simply want efficient tools with which to learn.

We'll spend our money on beefing up some of our older computers, and sales reflect this.

PC buyers: 'Vista Capable' machines weren't Vista capable

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Definitely Linux ready!

All the "Vista Ready" systems our LUG tested in Central Florida were definitely Linux ready, and all that I tested in Best Buy, Costco, and other chain stores also ran Beryl!

Linux is part of the peaceful FOSS movement, where we attempt to not sue.

Instead, we simply migrate away from dysfunctional monopoly businesses.

Trust me, I am the oft malignedtruth

Saudi hackers scalp MS UK

Maligned Truth

They've joined the code community!

Glad to see the Saudi's have joined the Code Community! They also know well the vulnerabilities of Microsoft!

Every cloud has it's silver lining! Anyone who wants, can grab some of the hundreds of GNU/Linux distros at distrowatch.com or livecdlist.com or linux.org

Linux? Isn't that what Microsoft runs all it's websites behind? All it's Aruba Routers on?

BSD? Yes, that is what Hotmail, Yahoo, run on their servers.


Microsoft strips Office from charity PC scheme

Maligned Truth

Mepis Linux Refurbs.

At all charities and government assistance programs that I attend and aid, I provide, and we install, Mepis Linux.

We don't know who paid the $2.5 million purportedly won from the Salvation Army by the Business Software Alliance (owned, operated, phones answered by: Convicted Felon Microsoft!), back a few years ago.

BUT, we do NOT intend to put anyone at risk, and officially counsel all US government employees, customers, and volunteers, to ONLY use Open Source software, GNU/Linux, *BSD.

Sorry, Steve Jobs! Our Macs, when we get them, all run Yellow Dog, Ubuntu, etc. built for the hardware. You can't be trusted, either!

http://livecdlist.com is the resource for 315 Live CDs.

DrinkorDie warez leader jailed for 51 months

Maligned Truth

USA is Police Authority

For several hundred years, Britain imposed it's law upon the seas, assisted by most of the peace loving countries of the world.

Now that the USA does so, taking a turn in the role, and with the assistance of it's allies, some of the rules of business are being enforced, to protect businesses, large and small, everywhere.

Thanks from all the 'little people' go out to all the former and current governments in the British Empire, the EU, Asia, Africa, and the East, who participate in law enforcement.

If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen! Come over to Free, Open Source, Software, aka FOSS! http://distrowatch.com

And, Vote!

Yeah, I hate taxes, also, but, pay them under penalty of death.

UK firm pays biggest ever fine over 'pirate' software

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Free Software Equivalents

Enter that title into the search engine.

Duh! Thousands of FREE Equivalents exist.

Your lack of planning does not constitute an emergency on my part!

But, I do notice you whining and bitching an awful lot!

Also, there are 130,000+ free open source software apps at sourceforge, on bit torrent, and at fileplanet. Don't be so damn lazy, look them up!

Bait and switch? Not us, says Best Buy

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Why I shop the Internet instead of Worst Buy...

Another reason I go to Pricewatch.com and look at the 5,000 vendors' prices there!

Then, too, if I really and absolutely must have a local part, I print out the web page, in color, with the prices, and carry them with me.

But, I also don't have time to argue with idiots, so, I usually end up buying the item with the manager standing there, OK'ing the deal, on penalty of my cell phone flash mob riot, or the State Consumer Affairs looking into the matter.

I am the Customer, and I am always right. But, hey, I do not have to push it, as I "vote" with my money, my feet, and the Internet. I pick my fights, and that is why I am always right, and I always win.

Best Buy loses, as does their buddy, the multiple convicted pirate felon Microsoft. I run only Linux, and recommend you at least try out Mepis, PCLinuxOS, Kubuntu, or Ubuntu.

Then, you will be both smart, and right, too!

Vista goes gangbusters

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Shipped vs. Sales

To put the fine point on it:

M$ quotes their "shipped" ledger, but, not on the SEC reports! There, it is a mis-representation leading to government AUDIT!

I know that 1% is damaged goods!

Well, I run all Open Source OSes, and consider M$ 100% "damaged goods"!

Then, normal return for no sales usually is upto 10%!

Let's add the industry standard 5% for Theft, and other losses!

Well, that accounts for as much as 16% of NO SALES!...

No wonder they quote "Shipped" units, and not "Delivered" units!

Microsoft puts a figure on open source 'patent infringements'

Maligned Truth

200 million rebels

At least 200 million citizens of the planet contest the large corporate stance that everything can have a patent, even ancient Yoga techniques, individual DNA sequences, and commonly used concepts, which they purport must be defended in the courts, at our expense!

They have it backwards, but, they say 'nevermind, we'll go to market with our assertions, and stomp the individual users and customers in court!'

What happened to "the customer is always right"!? The large corporations wonder what causes the flatlined sales of desktops for 8 years, and are blind to the 'big picture' of living the "Golden Rule", not the "Gold Rules"!

Reason #59,437 that I and all my friends, run http://www.mepis.org and other FREE and Open Source distros, at http://livecdlist.com and http://distrowatch.com

Lawyers must be in charge, over there, as is evident from the stupidity of the marketing plan!

Russian teacher fined for MS piracy

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Missed chance for M$...

This was another missed opportunity for Microsoft to donate 20 copies of their product to a school in a poverty stricken region of the world.

But, those systems are now running a localized, FREE, GNU/Linux.

You might recall the many efforts of Microsoft to get a strangle hold on schools, through the oft practiced technique of drug dealers - "here, the first hit is free!"

Now, as of three weeks ago, with the announcement of GNU/Linux adoption by a California School Board, my count is showing GNU/Linux will be in the schools in 40 states, at tremendous savings in hardware and software, next Fall.

Most fitting.