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Apple, tech titans lead US brands to world domination


The UK strong in booze ? Then who's at number 19 ?

Mozilla forces Firefox 7 on memory diet


Issue discovered with Firefox add-on upgrades

People who lost one of their add-ons after upgrading, please read http://blog.mozilla.com/addons/2011/09/28/issue-discovered-with-firefox-add-on-upgrades/ for some info and a workaround.


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Sigh. Every time an update is released, you can always read the same clueless comments. If you really think you know better, you can easily fix it yourself. The source code is open. I don't work for Mozilla, but there's some of my code inside (even though I'm mostly a bug triager). Obviously, only the improvements that are ready (and went thru a 12-week test cycle) are included, and there is more to come. There will always be.

@Martijn Otto: are you kidding ? Everyone asks to use less memory, and you want to use more? Note the memory savings have not been done by removing caches.

@Aquilus: never saw that, it only last a few seconds at the most. Check your add-ons.

@itzman: the new version is already improved a lot (note that you couldn't see the compartments before), but there indeed cases where compartments are immediately released. At least one of the vectors is AdBlock+, but there others too. In many cases, the compartment will be released a while later (reloading the website again), but it often depends on the exact JavaScript code that is used by the website).

@EddieD: AdBlock+ works fine

@The Fuzzy Wotnot: let me guess, you tested on Google website ? Look up what SPDY. means..

Apple slapped with lawsuit over 'iAds' monicker


video flash overlay technology ?

If it has "Flash" in its title, then it must be ignored, right ?

Facebook convenes privacy 'crisis' meeting


@Andre 4

Account->Privacy Settings->Applications and Websites->Instant Personalization Pilot Program

Robot cars can now do a Rockford into a parking space



Now we just have to wait for the robot version of Dukes of Hazzard ...

Mozilla site to offer multi-browser add-on security check


@AC 17:03

It's not a software product, it's a webpage that speaks directly to your plugins (using <about:plugins> or the equivalent in javascript). The webpage itself can't be a security problem. If something breaks, it's the problem of your browser or your plugins.

Mozilla swats Firefox zero-day bug a week early


@George Spiggottby-Name

The last beta is always identical to the released version - that's why you din't receive any new update.


@AC 13:41

What exploit code ? Secunia has put up a warning for a security problem, but refused to say what the problem was. And none of the exploit code was seen either. That makes it quite difficult to fix, right ?

Mozilla received more information from Legerov last week (when he *finally* released the exploit code), and a patch was available the 18th.

AC : where are your "numerous live exploits" ? You're not just an AC, you're also a liar.

Firefox 3.5 gets third release candidate



RC3 doesn't mention that they're release candidates (in the about box for instance), because it could be declared the final version when everything tests well. Unless there is a reason to try a fourth version. Just like what happened to RC2.

Look at it another way : if Mozilla would need to remove the "RC3" from the about box, then they would need to release *another* version, which could have issues of its own.


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