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UK mobile broadband carriers compared

tony 33

three Broadband

I live on the end of Kent

had a three contract for 18months (15gb for £15.98 a month)

seems to mostly work ok, had a lapse for a week ! back end of last year, they did a site update to improve service. Only difference noticed was when it didn't work atall for whole week, was told by local three shop it was vadalised during work. Although emailing complaints got a different answer about switch over problems. Also recently it keeps logging onto the mobile network and not the wireless broadband one, pain in the ass if you are trying to look at anything adult !

Not that i try of course ..........

Students busted for hacking computers, changing grades

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took a while then !

The master key was stolen from the janitors office (physically or just a software number?) and security wasn't changed?

maybe someone other than the kids should be leaving the school........

Got a website? Pay attention, Cookie Law will come

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they already agreed

you can turn off cookie storage (although wont be able to do much on most sites) so doesn't that already mean you agree if set like this?

maybe a browser update to set all browsers so you have to 'allow from this website' unless you go and change it

O2 struggles for breath in widespread outages

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kent !

well i'm very east kent and it's all off

signal and everything ok

just can't do anything atall

pikey's and cables again?????

Moving to Windows 7: Is it worth it?

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win7 backup

i have had two laptops with win 7 on (both home premium) maybe other versions are different, but i doubt it

after about two weeks of using the backup to a DVDrw it wont do it anymore

no matter how much playing formatting etc you do, it just wont

the DVD can be used for anything else, except backup then

and with service pack 1 it still hasn't changed

of course you can use another and another and another every 2 weeks and have a library of all the backups i guess

maybe it is a feature !

Windows 7 customers hit by service pack 1 install 'fatal error' flaws

tony 33

backup sorted?

Well i didn't have a problem with mine!

running win7 home premium, but i wonder if the backup still corrupts DVRr/w's a few weeks after you forst use it?

i am loathed to bugger another one again, having tried two different laptops and numerous dvd's and all end up with same problem although if formatted they work fine for anything else !

Microsoft: Hotmail fix coming soon to a browser near you

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whats up

hotmail since the upgrade is better than it ever has been !

and yes you get lots of spam, although fairly well filtered these days

but i generally use it for catching anything i am not to sure of online, so it is basically a spam account anyway for me

and btw i don't use chrome, just firefox at home, and IE at work

Bookie takes wagers on iPhone 4 recall

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isn't there an app to predict that?

Windows 8 and life after KIN - Ballmer's hot summer

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windows 7 first?

how about sorting Wnidows 7 first

i bought a laptop with it on, actually seemed quite good as far as windows goes

but have had to sort the backup out three times and this time the ms fix doesn't sort it

kind of handy for a backup that it doesn't work

even after many updates, what exactly do they fix then?

and the most important button often dissapears 'shutdown' i mean, or even the whole menu is often blank and lets you have no selection

sort these out before you start a new version, because i wont be buying it !

now where is a blank cdr to put UBuntu on

Feed curry to sheep, boffins suggest

tony 33

hot air !

sound like a load of hot air

and how come it has the opposite effect in humans? or is that the 10 pints that go with it

also those names sounds rather foreign, not a family busuness in spices is there?

ISP condemns new BT backbone

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upgrade !

since my local exchange (broadstairs) has been upgraded earlier this year, my internet connection often disconnects, not good for an always on connection !

yes i complained to my ISP, plusnet, which is owned by BT of course

at first it disconnected quite a lot, i did complain but during the standard plug the modem in main socket and master test socket, we suffered a serious power cut too

once it returned it didnt do it

now it generally does it once a day but a disconnect and reconnect cures it, so no joy in actualy getting it sorted properly

when it does go, the modem knows something is wrong but seems to think it is still connected too. i'm sure someone here will understand the technical reason why that is

who knows one day they might sort whatever it is causing it if a big enough company complains!

Microsoft's Windows 8 goals revealed

tony 33


well is obviously a good idea to startup quick as all you ever do with windows is reboot for one reason or another!

also the goals, aren't they what the latest version of Ubuntu already does?

grenade as i just pull the pin out with the word 'ubuntu'

mine the flak jacket please

Tories declare students a burden on us all

tony 33

England or everywhere?

So this will apply to Scotland aswell, or just the English going to pay more?

as we do for prescriptions..........

Microsoft tells UK schools: buy our software, save money

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schools and software!

unfortunately my experience of my kids at school shows they only know about MS software

I think the schools have no concept of Linus systems or OS's

i weonder how they fet around the rules like they have in religion of teaching all the different ones, because in IT at school level it seems they only teach about MS software

My daughter did some homework on open office, saving it in an open office standard, when emailed in to school they couldn't open it within Word !

although when she emails the stuff home in some MS standard it opens fine in open office

So i guess microsfot might be right, only by the fact you'd have to re-educate all school ITt staff to actually understand

btw, my kids understood exactly what tyo do with Ubuntu after about 1 hour of just using it !

Microsoft offers EU choice on Windows browsers

tony 33

top 5 only?

So after a few years, says IE isn't being used much, it might not make the top 5.

Are MS going to keep it on the list anyway??????

'go' icon because i hope it happens