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Bletchley Park earns first ever lottery grant

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Well Done Camelot

They should get all the cash they need :)

Ammo rationing at Wal-Mart as panic buying sweeps US

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@Adrian Esdaile

7billion, like the author said thats 23 rounds per person. I am a brit living in England and I have shot more rounds than that this year. Clay Pidgeon shooting. 23 rounds per person is nothing. 7Billion sounds like a lot but its a big country.

On average they shoot 2 rounds a month. see its nothing.

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I mean, for fuck's sake, by antiquated law, you can shoot a Welshman with a bow and arrow (or is it a crossbow?) for being inside the city walls of Chester after dark. You don't see a bunch of mental-case Lancastrians (and they are a dodgy bunch) arming up in case the Taffs come.

And damn right too given that Chester is the county town of Cheshire. Those bloody Lancastrians can keep to lancaster if they dont mind.

Highways Agency plans new speed cameras

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RE Graham Bartlett

But where's the revenue stream?? come on son, think harder before suggesting sensible schemes. Always think, right whats in this for me.

Home Office stonewalls ID findings

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Just how bad must it be

If they cant spin it to something good???

Bureaucrat behind bars for creating 1,400 fake kids

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He just got a bit confused

He though they said "wont somebody think UP the children" and so he did just that

Citroën redesigns the 2CV

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Well I for one

quite like it. Its a lot better than that shite you had from peugoet.

Now does that make me feminine? I dont know, but I do want a MX5. So what does that say :)

Cracks show in music industry over P2P enforcement

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Re dunncha

I agree with what you are saying, but I have a major caveat and that is what is the burden of proof required for a strike. Reading what the French are proposing and other articles about game file sharing. It seems to me all that is required will be for the labels to say you did it and thats all there is. No proof, no investigation. Just there word. And thats scary.

Archos Android 'tablet phone' confirmed

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I want one :)

South Africa official calls for 'outright ban' on pornography

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RE Governmental (lack of) logic

"ban on pornography as a way to combat online child porn."

That should work about as well as a complete ban on children to combat online child porm.

Actually you're wrong on that one. Banning porn wont do anything to combat child porn. Because child porn is (or at least should be) banned already. The crims will still keep making it. However if we ban children completely, there would be no children to abuse and hence it has worked 100% and thats guarenteed, if a bit extreme. But hey the are noisy little fuc*ers and keep me awake on the train in the morning, so its fine by me.

Loch Ness Monster surfaces on Google Earth

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Thumb Up

Damn right its a boat

But you guys all missed the fact that nessie was driving (piloting) it :)


Fire at Google UK

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I think

Its just one engineer and a very large cigar / reefer :)

Blazing laptop of death claims one

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Re Doug Glass

Nothing is permanent and in the case of batteries their replacement is intentionally made easier for that vary reason.

Yes in most things, some fruit based companies go the other way of intentionally making them hard to remove to gain extra buisness replacing them for you :)

Handset makers, the criminal's friend

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Re Boris the Cockroach

If he was texting and locked the phone, you dont need to access the hand set, you need to ask the network operators for the call history. This they are already leagally obliged to supply so really there is no need for this.

Police drag feet following DNA law change

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Re Nothing to fear ?

It would seem that those who have nothing to hide will be subject to a cavity search anyways.

If you have nothing to hide then why do you have cavities to hide stuff in?? Come along with me sunny jim!

Pressure group aghast at Hillingdon ID card scheme

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RE Anonymous Coward 11:27 GMT

My thoughts exactly :)

Best Buy demos Dell netbook running... Mac OS X

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I know this isnt going to go down well but...

And wouldn't you rather have a 10in Mac OS X netbook for $350 (£212/€247) than a Windows XP machine?

No I wouldnt.

Reg reader captures Perseid meteor

alan 39

Ah but

how tall is he? i dont want to be looking at photos from illegally tall photographers or they could do me so they could

Man blames cat for child porn downloads

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and to think

All my cat does is shredd the stairs carpet when shes not getting enough attention, I should be thankful :)

Gamers gun down Half-Life

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I want one

See title

T-Mobile UK starts shifting iPhones on the quiet

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Re Anonymous Coward 4th August 09:59

France for a second

Small biz warns on contractor law

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That will be...

The consultation period is now closed and Mandy's Department of Business, Innovation and Skills will consider exactly how to implement the changes into UK law.


Cameron condemns Tweeters as tw*ts

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Re Scott Mitchell

I hope Cameron wins, because then Scotland will become independent - we remember what the tories did to us.

Good because we remeber what the labour did for us down here. Using the scottish MPs to force through all sorts of shit south of the border and not north. As soon as you have independancy we will be deporting Brown et all.


My dad was a miner in scotland in the 80's so I remember too. Dont really have anyone to vote for. Bring back Paddy Ashdown, thats what I say. We need more MP's who were in the force, and not lawyers.

Greenpeace unleashes Captain Kirk on HP

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Re Jake

I look on 'em as Scientology for vegetarians

And now do I :) quality mate quality

Kent Police clamp down on tall photographers

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RE Corrupt as ever #

As for the WPC saying she was intimidated, that comes under the public order act, not the terrorism act. She has to give a warning advising you to stop the action and only if you refuse does it become an offence.

But how do you stop being tall?? or do you just need to walk round on your knees??

McKinnon faces final appeal against extradition

alan 39

re Anonymous Coward 14th July 2009 15:19 GMT

What a prize knob end you are.

Why shouldnt we honour an agreement we have made with one of our allies. Why should we just accept the word of criminal that he didnt do any damage.

Yes I personally wouldnt have signed that agreement and if I was in charge would look at getting it altered, I would want to see the evidence first. But the guy committed a crime and they rightly want to bring him to justice. They are a free country with a decent legal system, so why the hell not?? Like someone else said its not like its Sharia law, they arent wanting to chop his hands off.

Would you happly believe him over america if lets say the crime had been mass rape and murder of school children, and he said he hadnt done it?? NO, you would side with america. Well what makes this different? Oh yes he admits that he is guilty!!

And you are happy to insult people but not reveal your name, well done.


Staten Island manhole swallows texting teen

alan 39

Re William Clark

You my son are speaking my kind of language. That in my opinion is exactly what should happen. With maybe a verbal warning and retraining for the staff in question. I cant believe how many people here are calling for the sack, it harsh if its a first offence, and an inocent mistake.

But I really suspect that she will be getting 10's of K's of $.

Mores the pity.

Ofcom foresees an entertaining 2028

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Re Natalie

Without sounding sexist that because you are from the gentler sex, I for one do want a phone with a terabyte raid array :)

Gamer embezzles virtual cash to settle real debts

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re Steve Roper


Its a make believe world were you can do stuff which you wouldnt do in the real world. I for one play counter strike, where as a terrorist I take hostages and blow stuff up. Maybe I should be detained as a potential terrorist becuase obviously some people struggle to tell the difference between the real world and fantasy worlds.



Great Australian Firewall to censor online games

alan 39

This is all inline with goverment policy

To encourage all austrialian's to take up the national game of Knifey Spoony. Only once all computer games are banned will people return to the tradition game :)