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Virgin faces customer exodus over Sky battle

Simon Lloyd

As someone who switched

I had been a Blueyonder/Telewest/VM customer for 4 years before I switched to Sky last month. I've always been a great fan of the broadband offering, and because of that I've put up with the shortcomings of the TV they offer (no interactive services to speak of).

I'm a HDTV subscriber and with VM offering almost no HD content, my extra £10 a month was promised to be refunded each month. This happened once. So I started looking into switching to Sky.

I was amazed to find that for a better service on almost all fronts (Broadband is on a par at best, but I get more and better TV, better phone service and a PVR that works), I'd actually save £25 per month!

The switch went through fine and I've got nothing but praise for Sky's service.


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