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Met re-opens NoTW phone hack probe


Not in the phone?

Surely it isn't the "phone" that's being hacked - the number of the phone plus a pin is being used to "hack" some kind of computer/storage system belonging to the phone company, to gain access to the messages.

So it is a computer, even if the "victim" has a really simple dumbphone*, as messages are stored remotely, not in the phone. CMA much easier to apply then.

* everything must have an opposite, even a smartphone.

Ofcom mulls popular number charge



Not a technophobe - see, I can use a computer(& have done for 23 years), but to be cityist, there are places where mobile phones don't work (out in the country, beyond the M25).

Our previous neighbours had no landline, and all their calls had to take place in the garden. There are whole areas round here (Fenland), where there is no signal.

In our last house (Rye, E, Sux.), the only way to use a mobile was with it & your head pressed against the bathroom window, even then it was pretty useless.

If everyone's phone number started with 0 (the area code one, what's the 0 for?

Apple ships Mac OS X 10.6.5 update


...so's mine...

... but hopefully size isn't important.

The print delay has been "addressed" apparently, and printing no longer has the hang between jobs, which meant that it was taking longer with a new macMini to run off multiple print jobs than it did with the old G4, which took longer to process them but didn't wait 30 seconds before sending the next print job to the printer (Kyocera laser).

And there's a new (unwanted) feature: A4 pdfs printed with Preview are treated as Landscape and come out "feet first" (bottom of page) - why?

Caravan-swiping suspect spotted on Street View


here one minute, gone...

Interesting link - but only got a blurred image, before Safari "Quit unexpectedly" ;

well, not that "unexpectedly", but more so than iDVD for which actually burning a dvd is too much like hard work.

Worked in Firefox, but number plate still blurred.

Safari and Firefox updates plug critical holes


Safari extensions

The security update suggests that extensions have been given a secure (sic) connection.

However, one of these extensions still breaks the https page status - green EVC text at right of URL panel disappears, if you are connecting to your bank for instance. This will also upset Rapport, if your bank uses this.

You can check this in the "Activity" window - if there are http requests in amongst https ones for a secure page, this might be an extension requesting stuff, so beware - it's easier to write a script to divert http requests (so I'm told).

Hopefully Apple are working on this - it's about 3 weeks since I told them, and oh yes I did get a reply (two so far, not just autoreply ones).

Apple goes social with musical Ping


Not yet!

As I write (21.45), iTunes 10 is still coming "soon".

Court slaps down coppers in photography case



Which one? The photographer at the crime scene or outside the Pullen Centre?

A lot of things went on...

at the Pullen Centre, as far as I am aware three people held up a banner in front of police photographers. Two were arrested, I am told (fairly reliably) at the time, and the third was arrested in Parliament Square between 8-9pm when he went to collect his bike - one of the officers present in the morning was in Parliament Square, although he did not actually carry out the arrest (fear of form filling?). This person was held in cells overnight - for holding up a banner!

Were any of these three charged with any other offences "committed" later in the day at the Bush protest? (Remember that the morning meeting was not connected with the "Bush" demonstration)

I think not - I know for a fact that one definitely wasn't, and the other two may well have spent the afternoon at a police station, which would have made committing an offence rather difficult.

Mozilla stokes Firefox 4 with first beta build



The developer version (c. Aug 08/Aug 09) of Safari 4 had tabs at the very top - to the right of of the page title, which did not reduce the size of the window area.

This disappeared in the public version, and hasn't (yet) been seen since, but it seemed a better position for tabs.

Free open source satnav comes to UK iPhones


Closed StreetMap?

Hope it doesn't rely on Open StreetMap in real time, as it says it's down for maintenance (09.55).

Still, at least OSM can be corrected, which is more than can be said for maps based on Tele Atlas (even if you do tell them).

Apple unleashes four dozen free Snow Leopard fixes



... I'll be able to open the Security preferences panel in System preferences now. (Mac mini bought last week)

But probably not :

change the size of Applications stack grid icons;

or not have PPC apps "Quit unexpectedly" under Rosetta (It was the pressing of Command-Q what done it).

Record year for online tax filing - and phishing mails


... and pay for the privilege ...

Being a partnership, we have to pay for "software" (actually an editable pdf form) to submit our return as there is no online version on the HMRC site.

The HMRC pages seem to be designed for them rather than the user, e.g. when doing our individual returns, at the beginning there are questions about whether you are employed as we as self-employed. Despite saying no, half-way through the form it asks if you want tax collected by PAYE (from a non-existent job).

There are also links that give 404s (not in the actual form)

When online filing first started, there was an error relating to charitable donations. The Tax office said there was a "quirk in the system". One of our sons suggested that this might Microsoft Quirk.

Send them a message? But don't use the wrong characters or carriage returns - but you don't get told this until after you've tried sending it, and it doesn't like pages referenced by URLs either.

They did reply to a question about the VAT pages -tried to find out why an old post code was shown but not allowed to access "my account". They said:

"I advise that you contact our helpdesk on the telephone number below as the ‘access denied’ error message that you detailed in your email may be linked to the ‘shared secret’ security questions on your account which may need to be cleared by an advisor after completing security"

So there! Except that no "shared secret" question had been asked.

Official: British telly really is almost all repeats



We have that already. It's called "My Family".

Afghanistan disappears from Planet Apple


Safety first!

Perhaps they've taken Rhod Gilbert's tale of being told that the Taleban can capture dialled numbers from the hills round Kabul too seriously, so they're taking no chances.

Apple's geography isn't very good, as recently (October) the map showing the location of the Norwich Apple Store was just a blue square, which when zoomed out, turned out to be the south Atlantic below Lagos.

Sadly, the "get driving directions" did know where Norwich was.

(I told Apple about it & it's been corrected)

UK2.net still sorting email service


Mail server

Our UK2 incoming emails are working OK - the Register email reminding me of my password arrived instantly (or thereabouts). We don't UK2 use for outbound mail.

If you are unable to access POP3 mail using a client, it may be that you need to change the name of the incoming mail server. Before the "issues"/outage/ collapse (nice to the see the word "problems" appear in some of UK2's status postings), the name of the server was "pop. … .net" (forgotten the rest).

The new system uses "mail.hostedemail.com".

Logging into the old name was still possible, but there were no new emails. This new server name is mentioned on a UK2 FAQu page, about using SSL/changing ports.

In Apple Mail, the new name needs to go in the Preferences/ "Accounts" pane: Incoming Mail Server". Presumably MS has this hidden somewhere in Outlook, but UK2's support generic email reply said

"Your email in Outlook should work just fine with the same settings as before now"

(even though I'd said it was Apple Mail I used).

Safari 4: Apple's crash-happy shipper


It works, but…

I have been using Safari 4 since last August (Developer then Public Beta Versions - 10.4.11).

The Beta versions seemed to load pages faster, and the tabs were along the very top of the window ("Title" bar), and a little + appeared at the top right corner to add a new tab. Which was nice.

Rather worse than the disappearance of this feature, was that having allowed Software update to update the "final" version of Safari 4, I did not realise that opting to "Shutdown" meant permanently, as the computer would not start up the next day. Had to resort to 10.3 and do lots of reinstalling (countless updates of Java as well) to get back to 10.4.11..

Having now got Safari 4 installed again, it does not crash, but all bookmarks seem to have been lost.