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South Australia: Great for wine, murder, insecure, outdated over budget government IT


Not to worry

SA is running out of electricity anway so it won't matter that nothing works.

Auto erotica bonk shocker: ja das ist gut, say 56% of Germans


Re: Oh really

and maybe both ways on both sides of the road.

The 'echo chamber' effect misleading people on climate change


Re: Humans are defective

Nor is "carbon" the right word


Well done

for demonstrating the point of the study so succinctly

NBN Co yet to make a single fibre to the node connection but is eyeing off G.fast



judging by my daughter's experience, NBN's performance and customer relations are two piles of ordure.

Stop taking drug advice from Kim Kardashian on Twitter, sighs watchdog


Re: hyperemesis

Is it a posh word for "sick as a parrot"?


Given that the link was labelled "gigantic arse" that might be a clue to NSFW-ocity

Giant male member spontaneously ejaculates over Norway


Re: Acting

and reacting too soon.

Telstra, Voda bag blackspot bucks


I'm a bit confused

by the blackspot map - does it mean all the khaki coloured bits have good service and the blue blobs poor/no service?

Use snooped data in court? Nah, says UK.gov - folk might be cleared


It used to be

that the prosecution were required to disclose unused evidence to the defence on request and that would presumably cover snooping records. I'm talking about 30 years ago so things may well have changed.

Sorry we called you a fatty, say Kiwi spies to Kim 'Slim Jim' Dotcom


Re: perhaps the headline should have been

Cross-bred, surely?

Chinese bloke escapes execution for Forbidden City nude photo shoot


Re: Censorship Bill

I'm curious as to how the UK government proposes to impose and enforce a licensing requirement on a foreign pornographic service provider given that by definition the provider is outside the UK jurisdiction.

Police ICT company finally lurches off the ground


So is the solution to FoIA individual PCCs regarding their dealings with the new body?

This one weird trick deletes any YouTube flick in just a few clicks


Re: F*king cat videos

Was that a cameo appearance by Obama at 1:15?

Patch now: Design flaw in Windows security allows hackers to own corporate laptops, PCs


Re: Server 2003

Sod's law strikes again: their not there? you're not your? lose not loose?

Drinking to forget? OK. But first, eat a curry... QUICK!


Re: Curry...

Full of Indian's what...? Or is that a greengrocer I see before me...

'Stop dissing Google or quit': OK, I quit, says Code Club co-founder


...workers could hire and fire their doctors.

Well, the few who could afford to hire one in the first place. Britain before the NHS was not a healthy place if you were one of the hoi polloi.

Why has the web gone to hell? Market chaos and HUMAN NATURE


Re: Human Nature

"working rather like S&P, Moody's, and Fitch for credit rating"

Not necessarily a good example given the revelations about how they actually work.

Cops baffled by riddle of CHICKEN who crossed ROAD


I suppose someone has to say it

Playmobile, or else...

Why your mum was WRONG about whiffy tattooed people


Re: Human physics !

They are also radioactive so a banana is like having your own personal reactor,

Yorkshire cops fail to grasp principle behind BT Fon Wi-Fi network


Don't bet on it

"I hope they aren't this incompetent when it comes to stopping people who want to blow us up."

Writing about an Australian Snowden would land Vulture South in the clink


Re: Australian Federal Government - The New NORKS

What is the relevance of China to the discussion?


Re: Australian Federal Government - The New NORKS

"There are immigrants who have done the right thing and are being penalised."

In the context of Australia, I just had to laugh at that.

Cops nab suspect using CREEPY facial recog system


May The Face

Be With You

Japanese artist cuffed for disseminating 3D ladyparts files


Irony or something

In a Japanese town I visit fairly regularly for its hot springs is a temple the name of which is enticingly translated as the "Happy God Temple". The central shrine of the temple is a rock formation portraying Mother Nature's representation of lady parts. http://www.mediafire.com/view/0za2jypjj5zjn/Japan#gl6q3bq9dnet946

The link is NSFW but OK for worship

'Apple is terrified of women’s bodies and women’s pleasure' – fresh tech sex storm


Re: Is this really Apple gender discrimination rubbing out

You must have seen some very strange female genitalia if you see the representation in a halved pomegranate. As for biting into one, not an attractive proposition - all those seeds and interstitial stuff.

Today's Facebook fury: Coppertone-like baby pic ban baffles US mom


Re: Meanwhile in Brussels...

Friends of the Order of Manneken-Pis - who needs enemies?



Yes. And you better be careful not to upset Mr Plod or he'll be breaking your door down to search your photo albums.

Computing student jailed after failing to hand over crypto keys


Re: Are there any defenses to this law?

They would probably like to.

Rockall batters plucky Brit adventurer


Re: Just how inedible are seabirds really?

Depends how hungry you are...

Royal Navy parks 470 double-decker buses on Queen Elizabeth


You always need extra fuel!

And that is the major weakness of an aircraft carrier. It needs lots and lots of aviation fuel because whatever its storage capacity might be, in intensive flying operations, it needs topping up very frequently. And if it's non-nuclear engined, it needs a lot of fuel just to keep steaming round. A cunning enemy wouldn't both trying to penetrate a carrier air group's defences - simply disrupting the (very) vulnerable flow of supply ships would bring things to a grinding halt very quickly.


Re: SkippyBing a navalised Typhoon

Scimitars had fallen out of operational use at sea by 1966. Thereafter the tanking was done by Sea Vixens or Buccaneers.


Re: You think aircraft carriers are expensive...

Considering that Nimrods were Comet 1 airframes (yes, the very same that embarrassingly broke up in flight) I reckon they did pretty well.


Re: You think aircraft carriers are expensive...

The problem with the Harrier was that it was getting a bit long in the tooth. Do you realise the prototype P1127 first flew 54 years ago?

Lords try shoehorning law against revenge porn into justice bill


Politicans' sense of proportion

" the posting of explicit images online without permission from the people depicted “an appalling crime”.

But authorising the deaths of thousands of people through indulging in an illegal war by a certain ex-prime minister is not considered a crime at all.

What's it like using the LG G smartwatch and Android Wear? Let us tell YOU


Re: Want standalone, or at least wifi

I always like to respond to massages...anywhere

'Heartbleed-based BYOD hack' pwns insurance giant Aviva's iPhones


The big question is were Mobilron insured by Aviva?

Canada to Google: You can't have your borderless cake and eat it too


Re: I'm old enough to remember...

Here, here. I'm in Hong Kong and Google will let have nothing but Chinese.

Australia and USA strike closer cyber defence alliance


The cyber threat

is the USA, surely so why make it easier for them? But under the mutual defence treaty the US will be required to attack itself in retaliation... Bizarre the unintended consequences.

Fed-up bloke takes email spammers to court – and wins piles of cash


Re: voluntarily ???

Not en masse - one by one without a stamp

Revealed: GCHQ's beyond top secret Middle Eastern internet spy base


Re: @Vic the prison is real

There was the shoe bomber.

There was the underpants bomber.

Well, they were both failures of airport security so that doesn't make for a useful contribution either.


Re: Why did we publish this?

"It may prompt Oman to publicly cut ties and force the base to close?"

Unlikely, the ties go very deep particularly with the UK - and even the US (recall the abortion of the Teheran hostages rescue was mounted from Oman). BT has been well established since at least the mid-1980s to my knowledge. MI6 used to run the euphemistically-named Oman Research Department and probably still does.


Re: Britain's got secrets

"...At what level are things really kept secret?"

At a national level "Eyes only" - meaning UK eyes only - is close to the top but I believe there more above that.



No, the desalination station is further down the coast towards Muscat

Cloud computing is FAIL and here’s why


But a missing hour hand

means it's right every 60 minutes.

'Bladdered' Utah couple cuffed in church lawn sex outrage


It's a yin/yang thing...

...we can't all be beautiful - somebody's got to be ugly

Teen girl arrested with 70-year-old man's four inch weapon inside her


If it went off

would it be a shot in the dark?

Woman whipped gun from vagina in SPACE ALIEN spat, reports Officer Zook


She had

a gun in the oven

It's official: The iPhone 5S bling-mobe IS chavvy. OR, Burberry isn't


Re: I'm surprised no one has thought of...

You can, a mere $17.99 at Amazon


Re: Hong Kong MTR

err...1997. It was Macau that was Portuguese until 1999