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China orders its telcos to rip and replace US chips with homegrown silicon by 2027

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Re: Expensive

It is going to hit hard companies like Cisco. AMD and Intel will be affected, losing sales, but won't be hard hit.

The government is also going out of us controlled processors.

The biggest consumers of processors are data centers, business and tertiary personal devices.

I guess that will come next.

More worrying is the timeframe. Looks like China is considering going to war with the us after 3/4 years, and they obviously can't do that with us made processors and sw everywhere.

Broadcom has willingly dug its VMware hole, says cloud CEO

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I disagree. It is immoral, but quite logical.

You have hostages (clients) and you buy for day 1 billion. Extract 2 billion in 2 years, and move on.

Amazing benefit.

Now move on and extract value from the next company.

This was done in the 80s repeatedly with terrible consequences for the economy, as it is essentially a hostage situation plus setting a company on fire. Value is overall destroyed and resources (money) plundered.

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Re: Alternative to Player with USB support?

And even how you install virtualbox used to be a legal issue.

I mostly used virtualbox to play dos and w95 games, but they removed the dx support, so no more dx passthrough for old games

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Re: Joke's on them

Increasing prices this much and removing training and certification will probably give them the benefits of 20+ years in a couple of years.

Of course it will seriously damage the long term value of vmware, but they are essentially strip mining the value of the asset they bought.

It is immoral, as it breaks the assumed agreement between partners (vmware and clients), but probably legal in most parts of the world.

Overall I find it quite damaging for IT and the world in general, but sadly this was to be expected.

Broadcom boss Hock Tan acknowledges 'some unease' among VMware community

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Re: Way to go : Tan

It also covers sound, and more critically remote desktop.

Broadcom ditches VMware Cloud Service Providers

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Oracle move.

As others have commented.. this is an Oracle move... The installed base will suffer, but revenue won't, and costs will plummet until all the value has been extorted from the clients.

Why Nvidia and AMD are roasting each other over AI performance claims

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Re: "benchmarking shenanigans"

Also, I remember how nvidia converted 16bit precission to I think 8 in certain assets of certain games. At driver level

The battle between open source and 'sort of' open source is as old as software

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Selling software

Monthly fees and "online dongles" is not selling software, but services.

It is terrible for many clients, as it also includes auto rolling of new versions. Change for change sake isn't good.

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Re: Most of these companies only exist because of OpenSource

I would pay per use for software.

For example. Photoshop.

If a license is say £20 a month, then a reasonable cost should be pennies per hour. But no, they just want rent.

Western Digital execs vote to split biz in two: HDD and flash

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Re: So the two new companies will be HGST and San Disk right?

Yes it was. I sold a few and the clients were impressed. In the wrong way of course.

From browser brat to backend boss: Will WASM win the web wars?

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Re: Our experience with Excel to WASM compilation for the last few years

FileMaker pro? 123? Dbase?

Criminals go full Viking on CloudNordic, wipe all servers and customer data

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Re: Offline backups??

That is the standard now.

On different vlans ordifferent virtual environments.

But looks like the miscreants still had c&c servers abke to access everything or it was a time bomb

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Re: Where are the backups?

Most of my big customers always had the backup network port and network, plus servers. Everything independent.

But it was expensive.

So they recreated that as virtual appliances.

Still expensive.

So they "went to the cloud" as it seemed less expensive. And threw caution to the wind.

Now it is more expensive than the initial situation and less resilient, but they are trapped.

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Re: Where are the backups?

It also makes it look like an insider job..

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Re: "their own backups as a contingency"

Constant backup on cloud premises is neither practical nor affordable.

The cost is huge, and makes the cloud difficult to justify.

Almost everyone that uses Amazon has the data in amazon. In another region as backup, yes, but still on amazon/azure/google.

Virginia industrial park wants to power DCs with mini nuclear reactors, clean hydrogen

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Clean hydrogen

I hate clean hydrogen, as such thing doesn't exist.

Also, how do they pretend to store hydrogen long term? That is, in practice, impossible without loss.

Under pressure it will go through the pressure vessel and potentially embrittle it, and liquid it needs to be extremely cold, and that requires energy input to keep it cool.

Where they want to source this hydrogen from is also of interes.

They would be better served by batteries.

If you already have a massive bank of lifepo batteries.. more options open.

Maker of Chrome extension with 300,000+ users tells of constant pressure to sell out

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Ruler redux

I used to use a ruler for web dev.

It got sold and malware was hot dropped.

So it was forked into ruler redux.

It was sold.. and again, malware.

This would be solved if we knew who is signing the software. As we could just put them behind bars.

Also, hot download of features? Nope.

US Supreme Court allows 'ghost guns' to fall under federal purview

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Re: "suspected ghost guns"

Because they are not a gun.

A legal or illegal gun with a 3d printed part is being called a suspected ghost gumd, 3d printed. And they insist the stock can be a gun.

Infineon to offer recyclable circuit boards that dissolve in water

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Re: High humidity environments?

My experience with this type of materials is that they are very unstable.

OpenAI pulls AI text detector due to it being a bit crap

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Re: either that or they get along just fine in life, using the tools they have to hand


Ai is a tool, and I don't require to know how to paint in order to take pictures.

LG to offer subscriptions for appliances and televisions

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Rent seeking

Everyone is now rent seeking, leeching their victims, I mean, customers.

Just put your favourite stick into the HDMI and ignore the Smart TV of the day, be it LG, Samsung, TCL or whatever..

Europe's largest city council runs parallel systems to cover Oracle rollout mess

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Re: The right question

This is the correct answer.

If you are going to spend this much money, spend it in your own systems.

Millions of Gigabyte PC motherboards backdoored? What's the actual score?

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Re: How do we defend against this? - Linux edition

You are correct, but uefi is just wrong. It is running a mystery os that is unaccountable.

It does have benefits, but is very unsecure.

If we add the "secure" enclaves mystery os, plus complex os/firmware in drives and network cards, what a security nightmare.

Lenovo profits sink 75% as PC demand continues nosedive

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Re: Its not just that....

Lucky you. They would just not sell us 100 laptops, in the uk.

So we switched companies.

Python Package Index had one person on-call to hold back weekend malware rush

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Re: And I bet

Defaults should be safe. Yesterday I pushed a new default into a system, and it is disabled by default so clueless people don't scree their systems.

Sonatype axes 14 percent of staff, reminds them not to talk to the press

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Fire experienced engineers

Keep engineers based on salary.. lower salary you are retained.

Looks like they want to keep the lowest performing ones plus young people.

Perfect way of dooming the company.

23-year-old Brit linked to 2020 Twitter attack and SIM-swap scheme pleads guilty

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Re: "You send $1,000, I send you back $2,000."

If only 1 in 5000 fall, you are golden... And someone is going to be stupid, drunk, mentally ill or desperate enough.

Datacenter fire suppression system wasn't tested for years, then BOOM

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Not proportional to cost.

Having it fitted we are looking at £500 or about.

I did install it because even if overkill, hey, it is my life, and I can afford it.

But considering how many fires are, and how many lives this would save.. I think this is overkill.

There are about 44 deaths by fires in Scotland per year.

Lets assume the US number of 55% reduction is correct.

There are 2.53 million households in Scotland.

Let's assume all those 44 deaths are residential, and no firefighters, etc (so best case scenario for alarms)

This would save 24 lives.

The battery ones last about 6 years really, not 10, and the installed ones are very expensive to install.

The cost? 8.8 million pounds per life.

While life is quite valuable, there are many things than can be done for less money to save lives, and actuaries would agree.

I would say, fix potholes, put lights on dangerous intersections, do colon cancer screenings sooner, etc etc.

If you fit them yourself, it is better value, still quite expensive, but I did it for £200




Europe's right-to-repair law asks hardware makers for fixes for up to 10 years

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Re: A good start, but ...

All source code, etc etc.

Also the schematics abd board views should be provided day 1, otherwise you can't sell it.

Parts should be sold at reasonable markup, and exclusive contracts with suppliers should be illegal, parts should be available from suppliers.

Free-Teams-gate: Docker apologizes for shooting itself in the foot

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Re: IBM Forced Us Into It

Well, maybe you can creat a podman.. but is it supported?

I don´t support configurations not on out list of approved configurations are agreed with the client. At least in theory..

Thanks to generative AI, catching fraud science is going to be this much harder

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Re: Goodhart's Law

It is already a thing... i have seen people get fired over fakes.

But some desperate people will always think "either I fake it or I lose my career". Not putting people under this stress will reduce burnout and false data. Sadly it will still be a thing.

Financial red tape blamed for London losing Arm IPO

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Either that or rules are incredibly expensive and convoluted.

I don't have a legal and market analysis of these rules at hand, so I can't tell what are the consequences of these rules.

FBI boss says COVID-19 'most likely' escaped from lab

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Re: Credible or not, the motivation is suspect

Australian sources are even less trust worthy.

They could be telling the truth, but their rhetoric is "China bad" no matter if actually bad, or even involved.

Not that I like the CCP, they are mostly not a force of good, but this is getting a bit ridiculous.

Remember when Huawei was being accused of being a security risk? This is probably part of the same confrontation between the US and China.

As someone living in Europe, we can only lose from this.

Most Londoners would quit before they give up working from home

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Divided groups

I have interacted today with people in the UK, Serbia, India and the US. This is my team. If I go to the office I would have a couple more, and some chats on the coffee machine, but not get more work done.

5% of the cloud now runs on Arm as chip designer plans 2023 IPO

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Re: The death of CISC?

Software blocked its death.

The platform does not matter. Software and the ecosystem is what matters. But now as software is running behind closed doors on walled gardens, they can use something they control and not pay royalties and huge margins to others.

It is also terrible for the small players, as we are moving from open systems to everything proprietary, including hardware.

US stalkerware developer fined $410,000 and ordered to modify apps so they reveal spying

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Uk and law

In the uk our security agencies have been repeatedly found to be breaking the law, with no real consequences. This is not what I would call democratic.

Only court authorised and controlled should be allowed.

I think the guy should be jailed..but at least he was fined.

South Korea to treat crypto tokens and virtual assets as if they were securities

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Not securities

They are certainly not securities in my opinion, but more akin to gold, as there is no promise whatsoever.

I guess they are using the definition of any financial tradable asset, but that makes almost everything a security..

BT taps Kyndryl to migrate mainframe apps to the cloud

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Re: Odd tactic

Is cityfibre also doing shoddy repair work afterwards? This is what decided me against moving.. they destroyed a lot of streets in Edinburgh and had to be reported, fined, etc.

Sweating the assets: Techies hold onto PCs, phones for longer than ever

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Income and all online

Microsoft will be happy to support linux using office365 and all online, as long as they get their recurring income. This is why they no longer care that much about open source, etc.

They will, of course, try to get as much from windows while they can, but not a top priority anymore.

Smart ovens do really dumb stuff to check for Wi-Fi

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Re: Question..

It of course depends. Most just sulk, some do have very useful functionality locked that way.

It is a problem for several reasons, them using bandwidth is one, and companies collecting our data is another..

Apple wants a quarter of its products manufactured in India, claims minister

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Re: "Manufacturing" in India is the tip of the iceberg

As a Chinese customer I would also prefer all made in China, as they don't know what sanctions from the US will come next, it is unsafe otherwise.

I assume you moved your operation somewhere else..

Netflix changes CEO-sharing arrangement, teases paid password-sharing

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Re: It wouldn’t hurt if they offered better plans

The cost of streaming 4k is quite high.

Also, it doesn't stream on 4k to most computers...

UK Online Safety law threatens Big Tech bosses with jail

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Re: @jollyborspecial

He might sleep well, meanwhile some people who dislike him put some illegal stuff, and there it is.

Years late and 36 cores short of AMD, who are Intel’s 4th-gen Xeons even for?

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Good money after bad

Throwing good money after bad is not a big issue when someone else is paying.. you present a good looking project and your expenses might get covered.. no one is going to say in academia no, use amd instead. Not at that level, not yet.

Should open source sniff the geopolitical wind and ban itself in China and Russia?

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Re: Keep politics out of open source

Actually much easier to hit the target as speed is(mostly, after having adequate materials) not an issue.

TSMC ramps up 3nm chip baking at Taiwan plants

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Re: Is it just me?

N3 is not 3nm, they say "equivalent"

An IT emergency during a festive visit to the in-laws? So sorry, everyone, I need to step out for a while

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Re: Not during Christmas, but not at the best moment either...

Service in Switzerland was great, if terribly expensive.

I had the same issue... Got called while on the slope and had issues with getting reimbursed, as the client called me on my personal phone that some idiot gave to them.

Ukraine secures 10k more Starlink receivers with EU help

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Re: Borshchevik is in its final testing stages

Yes, the starlink antenna detector seems unlikely.

The reason is it is a directional antenna.

I haven't tested or know of anyone who has tested the leakage of radio waves.. iit certainly leaks, how much, I don't know, not much is my guess, they are directional after all and all leakage is lost useful power and increased noise.

I am going with "don't believe you". Or maybe they can detect the wifi from the system.. that is certainly possible.

Amazon, Games Workshop announce Warhammer 40k film deal

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The quality will be terrible. It will be everything the 40k universe is not.

London cops break into gallery to rescue lifelike art installation

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Re: Mannequins

Maybe if they took care of crime...