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Absolutely fabless: MediaTek lifts the lid on latest 5G 7nm Dimensity chipset family

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Re: Cheaper?

I own´t buy a mediatek powered phone.. as they do not release drivers etc.. so the phones just don´t get updates.

Oh sure, we'll just make a tiny little change in every source file without letting anyone know. What could go wrong?

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Re: Mail Storm

All minorities represented and smiling. At least that is the standard I receive.

I mean, why not put pics, please don´t fill everyone's ssds!

Apple warns developers API tweaks will flow from style guide changes that remove non-inclusive language

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They are ok abusing employees in factories, that is ok, but Master/Slave is wrong because some people in some part of the world might be offended, even if most slaves historically were not black.

Forget about Wipro chairman saying no one would lose their job due to COVID-19: UK staff told they're facing redundancy

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Is this even legal?

I mean, it could be construed as misleading the AGM..

.NET Core: Still a Microsoft platform thing despite more than five years open source

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Re: What's up with non-.NET developers thinking?

Of course C# is Java only nicer.. they could not get Microsoft Java, so instead they did C#.

The problem is the use case.. Java has its own inertia and just runs almost anywhere.. so it keeps being used.

Oracle ownership is quite bad for Java, so maybe, maybe C# might get some prominence.. by pyton, javascript etc also have their own inertia and use cases.

As for me.. well, I like it, but "uups, thaty is not implemented in mono" etc, just kills it.

MIT apologizes, permanently pulls offline huge dataset that taught AI systems to use racist, misogynistic slurs

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Re: Just do a text search

Err,we are all monkeys. Context is important.

Beijing's tightening grip on Hong Kong could put region's future as an up-and-coming tech hub in jeopardy

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Re: "we need clarity on what the laws will involve before we can decide anything"

The peopñe of hong kong lived under our rule with our governor, and only shortly before leaving did we give them democracy.

To complain now that the chinese government is making decisions in china is a bit rich, and frankly, insulting, we no longwr are an empire that can carce concessons in other countries by force of arms.

That being said, I am sorry for the people of hong kong and happy that we are giving them uk passports at last, even if it is just part of our cold war against china.

Apple: We're defending your privacy by nixing 16 browser APIs. Rivals: You mean defending your bottom line

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Re: Gotta agree with Apple for a change

While you are probably correct about google, this does not substract from the main point: the objective of Apple is to prevent websites that compete with their lucrative walled garden.

A memo from the distant future... June 2022: The boss decides working from home isn't the new normal after all

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Re: Yes the juniors are being dumped-on again

We created company cycling and running strava clubs and the competition is fierce.. therefore I am losing weight!

Oh, and spending quite a bit on bike parts, I am on my third COVID bike chain..

Western Digital shingled out in lawsuit for sneaking RAID-unfriendly tech into drives for RAID arrays

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Re: Storm in a teacup?

Or maybe they did not even test it...

Twitter, Reddit and pals super unhappy US visa hopefuls have to declare their online handles to Uncle Sam

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Federal crime

The problem is, it would be a federal crime.. the same as if you get asked by federal agents "hey, do you have a usb stick on you?" If you happen to say 2, and had a third with say porn, there you have it, federal crime (and this happened already.. google it)

Wakipedia link:


So this is essentially supression of free speech.

Embrace and kill? AppGet dev claims Microsoft reeled him in with talk of help and a job – then released remarkably similar package manager

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Failed to get job

So he essentially wrote something they wanted to have, and got an interview.

The recruiting process determined he was a terribly bad engineer, that is why he had trouble being paid transport costs. Yet the product was good, and done by him alone.

Obviously their recruiting system is shite.

cmd.exe is dead, long live PowerShell: Microsoft leads aged command-line interpreter out into 'maintenance mode'

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Re: WTF?

I just hope that person got fired.. what a bad manager, and what a chain of self inflicted events

Brit competition regulator will soon be able to seize rogue traders' domains – and even Amazon accounts

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No need for a trial

This looks like civil asset forfeiture or just abuse of power...

Tales from the crypt-oh: Nvidia accused of concealing $1bn in coin-mining GPU sales as gaming revenue

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You make a series of high risk investments, some will fail, but fear not, you can just sue them!

And they already sold the shares

Oracle faces claims of unequal pay from 4,000+ women after judge upgrades gender gap lawsuit to class action

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Civil fine

Class actions these days are essentially civil fines, you sue them, they will settle, but it will be expensive.

So they want to avoid the whole thing, it is a deterrent.

Imagination and Apple, sitting in a tree, l-i-c-e-n-s-i-n-g GPU tech semi-secretly: Brit chip designer strikes iGiant deal

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Re: Two and a half years ago I wrote

Most patents these days, sadly, are quite suspicious.. and are there more to raise the cost of entry to the market you just created.. even if the patent itself is obvious.

There is one such patent that I appear as co-author.. and while it was/is a good idea, I don´t think a patent should have been granted.. but if was filed and was granted.

Dumpster diving to revive a crashing NetWare server? It was acceptable in the '90s

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That is why you have proper servers with LOM, on a different network.. they are essentially the advanced pencil...

Cisco rations VPNs for staff as strain of 100,000+ home workers hits its network

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Re: Networking company...

That is the reason they banned Huawei.. too good to compete on level terrain.

That LVI CPU hole wasn't the only Intel fix: Dozens of flaws patched to stop chips turning into potatoes

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Re: Mitigations, mitigations

That is an issue for many ppl.. they use a workstation to calculate stuff, but it is also their personal work pc.. so they have to patch it thnx to ads!

Chips that pass in the night: How risky is RISC-V to Arm, Intel and the others? Very

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Re: Admirable effort but didn't think it through

That is why the coercion/blackmail worked!

If I had to choose at the time between Intel giving me money, or being denied sales/highly increased prices for Intel for using AMD, I would have only one option as a computer maker: go Intel.

right now companies are buying for their data-centres more expensive, higher power using less performant Intel bases servers.. and while the excellent Intel management might have part to do with this as it reduces the TCO, for many of them it does not make sense.. yet they buy Intel!

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Re: Also security risks..

Plenty of security software has been proven to have backdoors, and published here at The Reg.

Is is publicly KNOWN to have backdoors on purpose? No, but think about this: the US government can demand these backdoors to be present, with a gag order, and Intel (or any other US based chip company) would have to comply.

Do I think they have backdoors? It makes sense to think that there are ways for them to hack the system. And the secure enclave is one of the best targets.

Same for China, don´t get me wrong, they could also put backdoors/difficult to find vulnerabilities.

There are, of course, many other places to put backdoors-compromises, like UEFI, etc etc.

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Also security risks..

Don't forget the secure enclaves in US products, and the long story of backdoors for five eyes.

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Re: Admirable effort but didn't think it through

That is not the case.

Intel bribed and coerced the big brands into not buying AMD, and this is not hearsay but a legal case that was won on paper by AMD and on practice by Intel.

Google: You know we said that Chrome tracker contained no personally identifiable info? Yeah, about that...

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Re: Government and business

And the result is that the police can release you "under investigation" for the rest of your life and put arbitrary restrictions to your life, or expel you without trial.

some Reg readers have been released like that.. for YEARS (not me..).

I would rather have the us version of privacy, just remove the Civil Forfeiture bullshit.

Is that a typo? Oh, it's not a typo. Ampere really is touting an 80-core 64-bit 7nm Arm server processor dubbed Altra

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It seems to me that they are about a year late into the game.. AMD provides x86 compatibility with more performance.. and they will ship "mid 2020".. so they can barely compete with 2019 product and obviously not 2020 product.. so they will have to compete on price.

I fully expect their integer performance to be low.

Anyway, all competition is good, and I hope the best for them.

Link to cloudflare´s analysis:



Google burns down more than 500 private-data-stealing, ad-defrauding Chrome extensions installed by 1.7m netizens

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Re: Bah!

Yes, but he had the wrong nationality.

Oracle staff say Larry Ellison's fundraiser for Trump is against 'company ethics' – Oracle, ethics... what dimension have we fallen into?

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It was a good product in 2000.

Right now, it is obsolete, slow, etc.

There are many reasons to still use it.. but it is way too expensive for what it is.. using a supported version of postgresql is way cheaper and you get more for your money... plus you can also design products not to use Oracle but rather way faster alternatives... if you know what you are doing.

Huawei to the danger zone: Now Uncle Sam slaps it with 16 charges of racketeering, fraud, money laundering, theft of robot arm and source code

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Re: Wow, DC is really out to get Huawei...

The thing is statute of limitations and common sense should prevail here.. these are 199x and arly 2000/2001 cases.. either tbey should have been judged before or now it is too late.

EU outlines 5G rules: You don't have to keep 'risky' vendors completely Huawei

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Re: HCSEC is auditing Huawei code

The equivalent is KNOWN to have backdoors for five eyes.

HPE goes on the warpath, attacks AWS over vendor lock-in

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Re: What lunch?

AWS makes sense for some companies.

It does not for mine, yet they want to push it.. and we will end up paying four times as much to have less control of it.

Exploring AWS CodeGuru: New automated code review has smart features – but Java-only

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So crap quality then..

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Re: IP


This is a bad idea beyond belief

UK's Virgin Media celebrates the end of 2019 with a good, old fashioned TITSUP*

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Are you me?

This happened to me about two months ago.

The genius left the whole street without service..

Boeing, Boeing, gone! CEO Muilenburg quits 'effective immediately'

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Re: Fault tree

Same with california fires.

Yes, the company has gone bankrupt twice.. but no one has gone to prison.. and they just let the lines degrade for decades..

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Re: Fault tree

Are you serious?

It is the type of wort ethics climate you get.

If you create a climate of "provide me solutions now as I say or get fired", then you get these results.

The directors are responsible for this more than the engineers who did the MCAS.

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They are people in the US

So I say we put them behind bars, so they cant do anything.. wait, that would mean bankruptcy..

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Re: Cascade failure

The problem is who makes the decisions, and that is the bean counters, as long as they call the shots and are not just giving suggestions, Boeing is doomed.

And as the directors are either smoke and mirror sales teams or bean counters and they are not going to fire themselves, they need the US to wage a trade war with the EU and China, otherwise they have a big problem.

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Re: Other Issues

Essentially the Boeing part failed...

Cops storm Nginx's Moscow offices after a Russian biz claims it owns world's most widely used web server, not F5

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Doubt it matters as this point, as 17 years have passed.. and they did nothing, and if yiu dont enforce your rights, you lose them.

Now, lets see the details about this in russian law..

Post Office coughs £57.75m to settle wonky Horizon IT system case

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Re: Another criminal fail for people who have to work for a living

Prosecute all those that send false statements to the courts, lock them up and throw away the key.,

Plus 57 million is peanuts for the damages caused.

Intel might want to reconsider the G part of SGX – because it's been plunderstruck

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Re: Things tend to leak from soft backdoors

I remember commentin 10/15 years ago here in the reg that these backdoors/black boxes were going to be terrible.. and, as expected, they are.

So no wonder that now the chinese gvnt wants out of western tech...

Customers in 'standoff' with SAP over 2025 end of support for Business Suite: Who'll blink first?

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Re: Oh FFS!

SAP is great if it suits your business model.

If you have to modify it.. well, hell no, too expensive and convoluted.

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Re: Communication?

SAP will stop working as you know if you have worked with SAP.

And if it is not supported, I don´t think they will provide licenses.. as who is responsible for the system not being patched?

After four years, Rust-based Redox OS is nearly self-hosting

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Re: He's completely missed the point of everything being a file in unix

Writing an OS from scratch only helps you understand how hard it is.. not to be great or anything.

So the question should be "what great OS have you written?"

Intel's back. Can't keep it down. Back with 5G. Back in the game, back with modems... that have 'MediaTek' written on them

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A bit late to the party..

Tonight on Tales from the Crypto: It lives! GPU flinger Nvidia bouncing back after miner affair

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Re: design wins

I dont see LIDAR being the future.. what we need is decent processing.. we don´t have LIDAR, yet we drive with way less processing power than a modern ARM processor.

If you think about it, we humans just use two cameras (AKA eyes) plus object recognition to determine distance from objects.. and we should be able to do the same with cars, hence no LIDAR needed.

Imagine OLE reinvented for the web and that's 90% of Microsoft's Fluid Framework: We dig into O365 collaborative tech

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Of course, another problem in the future

They should call it "Silver Fluid", so people know in advance what will happen with it.

Running on Intel? If you want security, disable hyper-threading, says Linux kernel maintainer

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Re: Desktops and browsers

Or browser tabs spying on my kernel...

'No more room for wars in the new world'? Who are you and what have you done with Microsoft?

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Re: Java vs C#

C# is better.. but belongs to microsoft, so limited scope.

It is obvious they want to contribute so they can use it Azure and offer open jdk suport.



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