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Most coders have sleep problems, need 'hygiene and care'


Enemy of my enemy

You guys have it all wrong. I'm a sysadmin that works closely with several dev teams. The issue IS often with the code, mostly things like untested code being pushed into a live system, but in most cases it isn't the devs fault at all. It's the business units.

A typical situation goes along these lines:

Dev: "We are deploying version x tomorrow"

Admin: "I haven't seen this go through Change Management"

Exec: "We need it today, tomorrow is already a compromise, just put it in"

Dev and admin exchange a resigned look, knowing what is to come.

-Time Passes-

Exec: "Minor feature in Software version x isn't working"

Admin: "Well we didn't have time to tes-"

Exec: "But you are supposed to test everything that goes live, that's what Change Managment is for!"

Admin: (sighs) "I'll get the devs to update the code to fix the issue, but it will take a week to code and test, at least"

Exec: "Oh don't worry about the testing, it's already broken, we need this yesterday!"

-Admin explains conversation to dev, complete with conversation re-enactment-

Dev: "Sooo....Beer?"

Gov beats BOFHs to snatch worst-for-service crown



I hope that's to share, can't have them taking up more than half a meg each!

Avatar renders this earthly life meaningless


My Solution:

Drop some acid, watch the movie again. Get up, move on with life.

El Reg shrinks seven days onto one webpage

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Sorry but...


but seriously, nice job

Torrent crackdown pushing pirates towards file hosting


Alternant Formats

I own a few DVD's...actually, more than a few...you could even say alot. However, I have ALOT more .avi files. Why?

Firstly, every DVD I own i download a copy of the same movie, which lets me stream it around the house, and gives me a decent backup if anything happens to the disk. The DvD itself I can take with me to a friends, lend to people etc, and I can still have the movies if it gets lost, or if I really want to watch them and it will be weeks till i see whoever it was that I lent them to.

The other reason is that there are some movies I just outright would not be interested enough to buy, yet at as little as 20 mins to download I can watch things just because I heard the name somewhere. I will and have bought movies just because I downloaded them and enjoyed them. It happens.

Downloading movies that I might not necessarily like also gives me a decent selection for movie nights, which is just an added bonus really.

I can think of a couple of solutions which would be nice, but will never happen. One is reasonably priced movie downloads without DRM. $3-5 for low (<DVD) quality, $5-10 for DVD, and have ALL blu-ray and DVD purchases come with a download code. Oh, and at upto $35(AUS) for a blu-ray movie, I'll be sticking to DVD for a long time. Especially when the main way I watch movies is streamed, and it takes me less time to download a HQ video file than it does to rip a disk.

DNA-carbon nanotube microprocessors — small hope for a big shift?


@Suburban Inmate

For processes such as this, atom numbers aren't really used for two reasons:

1) Atoms vary in diameter depending on the element, ionization and even to a degree electron spin, so its possible not only for two atoms of different elements to be of different size, but also two atoms of the same element to be of different size. And going further, two atoms of the same element and same charge can also be of a different size.

2) " x atoms thick" or "x atoms long" is only really used in PR, as most people seem to take it as some kind of perspective, despite having no idea how big an atom really is. Go figure.

That said, this is between 40 and 220 atoms long and wide (depending on the geometric face)

Source: http://hypertextbook.com/facts/MichaelPhillip.shtml

yadda yadda yadda, welcome to the DNA based super computer in the next Xbox. Maby thay ca even make it quiet....

When is an operating system not an operating system?

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@AC 21:45 on the 13th

There are plenty more reasons to have visualization, among them being space (physical), fail-over, redundancy of core servers, the ability to easily and quickly back up a whole computer, and then restore it independent of hardware.

On top of all this there is the management options with the ability to remove problem servers from networks, commission new servers relatively quickly from spare capacity to suit needs.

Of course there are issues with it, like memory swapping etc, but overall for a lot of my companies clients (we are recommending to more than 95% of the at least partial visualization of their server environments) visualization is a viable option for reducing costs, centralizing and consolidation IT infrastructure and providing a future proofed solution.

Tasered Oz man bursts into flames

Paris Hilton

For th love of god, read the orriginal article

The article published in the Australian states that the man had a histroy of violent offences relating to substance abuse. Also that he ran at poliece officers with a big'ole bottel of fucking petrol and a lighter.

Now, for some reason (it may be the memory of what happens to the little dudes in Red alert when you set them on fire) I totally understand the concept of keeping some dude, who has a histroy of violence, a can of hgihly flamible liquid and a lighter, away from me. If you dont then there is probably something wrong withyour sense of self presevation.

http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,25197,25817896-5006789,00.html << the article from the australian.

Paris cause well...you know who you are.

Amazon may plug in-book advertising into Kindle


For the love of god

No. If they go through with this, I will never buy a book from amazon again (I allready avoid it as much as possible). Books I buy sit in my personal library indefinantly, and i cirtainly sont want to be flicking through a novel or text and see an ad to amke my co*k bigger.

And you all know thats where all advertising ends ;)

Hohm - save energy the Microsoft way


"Your copy of hohm is not genuine"

Please wait 30 second and then click here to access you house.


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