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Flying giant octopus menaces New York

Simon Williams 2

what about the turnip

if a giant octopus only weighs in at 45Kg how about feeding it 5 turnips prior to launching it the obligatory number of DDB's into the air.

I'm sure there is some rule about not eating and then flying but since it's probably game over for the the octopus anyway it can probably be overlooked.

Amazon’s Christmas queuing bonanza!

Simon Williams 2

I pretty much get everything I can sent to my local locker these days. Open til 10pm and generally it's free delivery.

Otherwise it's a lottery as to who you get courier wise and since Yodel and Hermes both seem to think I live in a hedge 200yrds down the road I try my best to avoid them.

Big appreciation for DPD who by far are the best courier out there, even giving me the option of collection from the depot before they try and deliver an item, which works out better all round.

Two driverless cars stuffed with passengers are ABOUT TO CRASH - who should take the hit?

Simon Williams 2

I don't buy the premise

Why would they be crashing? Any self respecting driverless car system would include brakes and collision detection. Worst case scenario, assuming a single track lane is two stationary cars and no ability to pass each other. A better question in that instance would be do you just all swap cars and carry on your journey?

Innovation creates instability, you say? BLASPHEMY, you SCUM

Simon Williams 2


Had and Spaniard come to our company and talk about a system we look after, he was very interested in our"wiggly tusks". It took me 3 days to realise he was asking about weekly tasks and not making derogatory comments about the state of english dentistry or commenting on the illicit ivory trade.

Vulture Central plans Brit-Yank dictionary

Simon Williams 2

After all that

Niche ( there is an accent over the e but you have to imagine real hard to see it)

It's pronounced Neesh not Nitch. Every time I hear you people dumb it down, I just want to hop on a plane, fly over there and punch you in the face. Seriously, sort it out.

O2 gets into banking business

Simon Williams 2

Quit sitting on my cash

Take the money I pay on a monthly basis for my phone contract and instead of starting a fscking bank, use it to roll out some fscking 3G already.

Is your cameraphone an oxymoron?

Simon Williams 2
Jobs Halo


Steves Reality Distortion Field included in the iPhone., it's a key selling point.


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