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iPod cans menace pacemakers

john Durrant


surely all magnets will do this not just those in earbuds. So.... the magnets in your Feder Stratocaster, which of course you hold across your chest , will do the same and standing beside your floor standing HiFi speakers will also do the same ... but what a way to go!!!!!!

Philips creates a buzz with entry into marital aid market

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Gives a whole new meaning to going Dutch.

Brits more fearful of ID fraud

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Black Helicopters

lies damn lies & statistics

Percentages tell us nothing useful. As in "a 100%rise in ......." there was one last year and two this year. All they do is panic the public and create a demand for something that is almost certainly not required. i.e. ID cards , wars on Iraq etc.

Texas graverobbers 'used skull to smoke dope'

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cue "out of his head" joke

Is the earth getting warmer, or cooler?

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Lies,damn lies & statistics

Nuff said?

Do biofuels cause famine? EU President opens probe

john Durrant

farmers and money

All that needs to happen is for the CAP to give farmers a subsidy for actually growing food instead of a subsidy for doing bugger all (set aside) and food will magically appear.

MPs: Axe Nimrod subhunters to balance MoD budget

john Durrant

OAP Aircraft

The Dh Comet from which this derives first flew in 1949. As, for some reason (It's a tradition, and old charter or something © rankin) these are thought of as female It'a bout due to be retired anyway. I recall engineers who worked on these in the'60s describing them as "leaking hydraulic fluid like a sieve" even then.

CERN completes 'world’s largest jigsaw puzzle'

john Durrant
Gates Horns

"Nostradamus ate my hamster"

Robert Rankin's "Nostradamus ate my hamster" has nothing on this. scary

Crazed NZ fanboy mows down churchgoer

john Durrant

I'm not surprised

If they are anything like our local god botherers they will have parked so that all other drivers get pissed off anyway ... it was just a matter of time.

Fujitsu Siemens makes tiny, quiet, green tower server

john Durrant


the standard "light bulb", the incandescent coil variety is so inneficient that governments are legislating against them ... not a good comparison.

Logitech launches Wii Mote-like 'in-air' mouse

john Durrant

nothing new here

First year ravensbourne College Interaction Design students have been doing most of this with a Wii controller pretty much from the off. they cost gbp32.

Water found on extrasolar planet

john Durrant

dont bother

I think you will find that on closder examination the Germans already have their towels on it.

Israeli boffins bring life to human neuron culture

john Durrant

new avengers plot?

I saw this on the new avengers last night. theres no need to worry 'cos Steed always saves the day.

TV ads too loud, industry watchdog says

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presumably "difficult to interpret" translates as "how far can we stretch the rules"

Microsoft too busy to name Linux patents

john Durrant

wrong way round

perhaps they have realised that the infringements were them infringing unix concepts.

Sacred blogging bovine turns camgirl in sympathy push

john Durrant

Owain Glyndwr faught for this?

I think this is a publicity stunt for the next Malcolm Pryce "Loius Knight" book.

I can understand protecting an ovine ..... but a bovine .... nah

Sun may never set on British Empire's pint

john Durrant

What about government education guidelines

so what happens to the last 2 generations who have been taught in SI units. will the government now change curricula and insist on an about turn. the american thing is a red herring they dont even use the same size gallon as we used to. it comes out as pretty much a metric equivalent.

AND ..... does the judiciary now refund all the fines levied against traders in the past few years for non compliance ... plus interest of course.

this is just a bunch of boring old fart luddites with their heads stuck in the sand or maybe somewhere nearer than the beach.