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ZX Spectrum reboot promising – steady now – 28MHz of sizzling Speccy speed now boasts improved Wi-Fi

Jason Hindle


Even better if it requires a dongle, a few months down the line, to make it work properly.

Chinese debt collectors jailed for cyberbullying under ‘soft violence’ laws

Jason Hindle

It's worse than that

They also had a system of loans called Naked Loans:


Only EU can help us, pleads Slack as it slings competition complaint against Microsoft Teams

Jason Hindle

The real argument in favour of Teams...

Microsoft's bundling of messaging into the corporate MS Office Product probably pre-dates Slack. It started with Lync, which could have been shat out by the devil himself. Lync was Antichrist of messaging product. Lync then evolved into Skype for business, which was far more Lync than Skype. Teams then replaced Skype for business.

My point? Microsoft has had a product embedded in the business I work for, for a long time, and Teams simply replaced it. The difference? Prior to Teams, the engineers circumvented Skype for business, using consumer Skype, Google Hangouts* and even small scale Slack. Whereas Teams is something everyone actually wants to use and finds useful. I don't think there was ever any prospect of the business buying into Slack in the first place; I think that applies to a lot of longstanding corporate Office customers.

* And don't get me started with Google. They should be a leader, but their messaging strategy is a mess. They should be front and centre in education in particular, yet Microsoft is taking that business off them by doing exactly nothing in particular.

Soft press keys for locked-down devs: Three new models of old school 60-key Happy Hacking 'board out next month

Jason Hindle

Re: I used to use L,H,J,K lad, and I were lucky to even have that!

Saw the sketch you allude to for the first time in donkeys’ years, today. Pissed myself laughing.

You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here. Fujitsu tells 80,000 of its Japan employees: From now on, you work remotely

Jason Hindle

Re: So, the collapse of human civilisation

It's not like it hasn't happened before (and it wasn't inevitable back then either) :-/.

Analogue radio given 10-year stay of execution as the UK U-turns on DAB digital future

Jason Hindle


My Panasonic DAB radio must approaching 20 years old. I'd always assumed the power brick for it would be the weakest link, but it's been fine. That said, it's unplugged and looking sad since internet radio arrived (via Echo) a few months back.

Jason Hindle

Re: DAB Is dead in the water

I've not switched the (actually now quite old) DAB radio since since I got an Echo Dot (connected to an old but good enough speaker). That said, I never had a problem with DAB audio quality- that's what CDs (and increasingly decent internet music services) are for.

Purism's quest against Intel's Management Engine black box CPU now comes in 14 inches

Jason Hindle

Re: If a Chinese chip manufacturer had put one of these on their boards ...

But when the US does it, it's for your own good. Will you just think of the children?

Jason Hindle

Security does come at cost...

But once I read through to the bottom line, not as expensive as I'd assumed. I was expecting this to be the Leica of laptops, but for anyone who needs the privacy features it looks a reasonable option (I do like the hardware kill switches - I'm quite paranoid about the corporate Dell that has lived in my bedroom/office for the past several months). As per other respondents.... Bring on ARM. Please!

White elephants in the mist: Google's upcoming Pixel 4A may ship without Soli motion recognition, per FCC filing

Jason Hindle

Re: Why use the phrase "White elephants"

Absolutely. Let's instead use "none descript elephant of neutral colour" (assuming the wording is not deemed, by those who deem stuff, discriminatory towards elephants, or that that the word elephant is not deemed, by the same deeming people, to conflate with persons of size).

OpenJDK lands on Windows 10 for Arm: Not 100% there yet but enough to start tinkering

Jason Hindle

They’ve had years to get this right

And it looks like Apple is about to make Microsoft look a very poor second best with their first release.

Apple to keep Intel at Arm's length: macOS shifts from x86 to homegrown common CPU arch, will run iOS apps

Jason Hindle

New Intel Macs in the pipeline?

"In fact, we have some new Intel-based Macs in the pipeline that we're really excited about."

I wish Apple the best of luck selling those!

Hey is trying a new take on email – but maker complains of 'outrageous' demands after Apple rejects iOS app

Jason Hindle

It does sound monopolistic

Demanding a cut if you're using Apple's subscription infrastructure is one thing. Demanding a cut if you handle subscriptions via your website (without breaking any rules regarding accessing the website from the app) is altogether different. Also, I can subscribe to Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud, via the web, and then us their premium apps (and premium features of otherwise free apps) obtained from Apple's app store. Does Adobe give a wad of cash to Apple for this? I doubt it. I don't think Google does this. Besides, I have more than one app store on my Google Phone. An iOS user has just the one app store to choose from.

Logitech Zone Wireless: Swanky headset means business, but that also means it comes with a hefty price tag

Jason Hindle

Surprisingly, the corporate Dell does a good job.

The microphone only seems to pick up me, not the rest of the meeting participants so, so far, I’ve not needed to think about an expensive headset (though I do own an old Microsoft USB headset that I use occasionally).

Podcast Addict banned from Google Play Store because heaven forbid app somehow references COVID-19

Jason Hindle

Thanks on two counts....

1. Publicity seems to have bought it back and more notorious than ever!

2. Never heard of it. Just tried it. Somewhat better than Google's app (listened to the latest More Or Less, and The Inquiry, over breakfast).

The takeaway? Don't depend on Google's services; be promiscuous with your app stores (Huawei will thank you).

You can't have it both ways: Anti-coronavirus masks may thwart our creepy face-recog cameras, London cops admit

Jason Hindle

Re: Lookie likey

No, those are both more negative terms. I regularly have to correct the old man - he uses "Hard of thinking" from time to time.

Jason Hindle

Not in China...,

In China, if they can recognise your face, they’ll simply take a small fine out of your WeChar or Alipay account for not wearing a mask.

Jason Hindle

Re: Lookie likey

Well in this case, it does seem the Met have been a little thinking impaired.

More than one-fifth of smartphone sales evaporate in China as pandemic grips Middle Kingdom

Jason Hindle

Not necessarily surprising

Huawei’s high end models might actually selling quite well, to people who, like a lot of Reg readers, have the luxury of full pay/hours from home. And China’s tech sector is really embracing work from home for its knowledge workers. If only Japan (for its own sake - excuse the pun) would do the same.

Microsoft decrees that all high-school IT teachers were wrong: Double spaces now flagged as typos in Word

Jason Hindle

Re: Skype

I’ve not tried it yet, but Zoom asks if your using a green screen. I’m guessing it works far more nicely with one of those.

Royal Navy nuclear submarine captain rapped for letting crew throw shoreside BBQ party

Jason Hindle

When I see the people paid to protect us behaving like this.

It doesn’t exactly make me feel any safer. To be clear, I’m not referring to the Captain of HMS Trenchant or any member of his crew.

Oh Hell. Remember the glory days of Demon Internet? Well, now would be a good time to pick a new email address

Jason Hindle

Well, Demon old timers can console themselves....

Their domains outlived Freeserve.

Huawei P40 pricing is in step with previous P-series efforts – but flagship lacks the apps punters have come to expect

Jason Hindle

They need to get Google back ASAP

I’ve just done a trawl of the App Gallery, on my P20. The lack of WhatsApp is minor. The swathe of missing apps for banking, transportation and so on is not!

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 earbuds: They're good – though for close to £300, they really should be

Jason Hindle

I am in the market for buds, but...

Something this easy to lose? I’d go for something like Echo Buds (Prime Day or Black Friday pricing) at the very max in terms of budget. I already have decent cans for when I’m in my own private (and quiet) bubble.

Computer, deactivate self-destruct system requirement, says Sonos... were it on a starship in space, and not a smart-speaker slinger

Jason Hindle

Surprised Sonos survive?

Am I missing something (not really being an audiophile)? Why would anyone buy Sonos smart-gear in a world where can simply hook up a great speaker to a cheap Echo Dot or Nest Mini?

Famed Apple analyst chances his Arm-based Macs that Apple kit will land next year

Jason Hindle

Re: Well you don't often see Apple following Microsoft

The difference being Apple will get it right. Waiting for Microsoft to get it right is an exercise in utmost patience. Last time I checked, Microsoft had still not made native versions of some fairly important applications. Office, for example. I expect Apple to deliver something close to the finished article; something you can develop on, not just for

Going Dutch: The Bakker Elkhuizen UltraBoard 950 Wireless... because looks aren't everything

Jason Hindle

Re: Microsoft Wireless Comfort Keyboard 5000

Quite happy with a Surface wireless keyboard (but accept I might be in a minority of one in these august nerd forums).

Time to patch your lightbulb? Researchers demonstrate Philips Hue exploit

Jason Hindle

X Files Series 11, episode (I think) 7

Where our heroes' smart home try to bump them off after Mulder refuses to tip at an entirely automated restaurant.

Former Autonomy boss Mike Lynch 'submits himself' for arrest in central London

Jason Hindle

Don't know about guilt or innocence

But I tend to object to extradition to the US on general principle.

Samsung: You see, what we did was we took the Galaxy Tab S6, right? Then we slapped some 5G on it

Jason Hindle

Re: For tablets, the last best hope for anyone who isn't Apple

That has changed....


Jason Hindle

Re: For tablets, the last best hope for anyone who isn't Apple

Arrgh - my bad. I missed out the Air bit. I suspect it has had its last major release as iOS though.

Jason Hindle

For tablets, the last best hope for anyone who isn't Apple

Is going to be Chromebook in tablet form. Google have screwed this up spectacularly, already, with the Slate, but others are slowly starting to come up with compelling devices. This posh new Samsung? It's still stuck with all the issues of an Android tablet. My ancient iPad 2 still gets updates. Good look with that on a Samsung.

There are already Chinese components in your pocket – so why fret about 5G gear?

Jason Hindle

Re: “A country torn apart by nationalism, corruption and warring factions”

"UK is now a sea of calm, with Corbin hung out to dry and Boris ruling the land!"

And with Rebecca Long-Nobody likely to win, this Labour member thinks Boris could be on the Iron Throne for some considerable time.

Wave goodbye: DigitalOcean decimates workforce as co-founder reveals lack of profitability, leadership turmoil

Jason Hindle

Can a company lacking the economies of scale of Amazon, Microsoft or Alibaba

Survive in the current cloud computing market?

Uber CEO compares pedestrian death to murder of Saudi journalist, saying all should be forgiven

Jason Hindle

That Quick Test...

Seems to describe a lot of people in the public eye (some senior politicians in particular).

ZTE Nubia Z20: It's £499. It's a great phone. Buy it. Or don't. We don't care

Jason Hindle

Oh, are ZTE still a thing?

I thought Trump had dumped on them.

Q. Who's triumphantly slamming barn door shut after horse bolted at warp 9? A. NordVPN

Jason Hindle

One of the weaker commercial VPNs - they need to improve

Nord didn’t work at all during a holiday to China. Admittedly, the first week (Golden Week holiday) was a little sensitive, but Express VPN recovered quickly enough for the following week.

You better get a wiggle on then: BT said to be mulling switching off UK's copper internets by 2027

Jason Hindle

I like it. But why the rush?

They’re still finding ways to improve cost effective FTTP. And don’t the government have higher priorities to spaff money at?

From pen-test to penitentiary: Infosec duo cuffed after physically breaking into courthouse during IT security assessment

Jason Hindle

I predict they will go to state Pen

And break out having hatched a cunning plan involving one of them having a tattoo of the plans for the jail on his back.

Windows on Arm keeps low profile at IFA as Intel takes swipe at platform's compatibility problems

Jason Hindle

Apple will gazump Microsoft and get there first

With the first fully 5G, ARM based laptops with little (if no) noticeable performance penalty. Apple's lead in chip design pretty much determines events. It won’t affect Microsoft too much though - not for most of the money. If nothing else, Microsoft has time. It is Google and Chromebook that still vexes me. The best devices are still Intel based/sans SIM. What the hell are they playing at?

Huawei new smartphone won't be Mate-y with Google apps as trade sanctions kick in

Jason Hindle

This is Google’s problem to somehow swerve

Trump has created the conditions for none American alternatives to Google to emerge. I can’t imagine Google being terribly happy with that.

Clutching at its Perl 6, developer community ponders language name with less baggage

Jason Hindle

Re: If you want to make Life, the Universe and Everything a mystery...

Writing it in Perl would be a good start.

Four more years! Four more years! Svelte Linux desktop Xfce gets first big update since 2015

Jason Hindle

Another reason for Xfce

Performs nicely in Virtualbox, especially where the lab consists of multiple running VMs. That said, the GUI is basic - my dev VM is standard Ubuntu.

Don't let your dreams be dreams! Itty-bitty space shuttle to ride into orbit on a Vulcan Centaur

Jason Hindle

Reminds me a bit of the French Hermes

AKA a good way to send two astronauts and a ham sandwich into space.

Virgin Media's Project Lightning now at 1.8m connections. Just 2.2m to go before year's end, right?

Jason Hindle

So who needs full fibre speeds?

I was satisfied once BT provided me with sufficient speed for (utmost) reliable UHD streaming. There are times when faster would be nicer (PS4 software upgrades can be HUGE) and do wonder if the fibre to cabinet solution will be good enough for streaming games (in the event I ever need that). I still think filling in not spots should be a higher priority. But that’s just me with my unfashionable liberal values (wanting to help others and all that).

Now, if Virgin came knocking tomorrow (they won’t - there’s zero chance of them laying cable down our street), I’d certainly listen carefully to what they propose (and probably offer them a cup of tea).

Brit couch potatoes increasingly switching off telly boxes in favour of YouTube and Netflix

Jason Hindle

Re: Do not watch live...

I suspect some Amazon Prime users will get caught out by this when they watch live Premiership football later in the year.

Take two cornerstones of British life, booze and queues, then squirt them with face scans: AI Bar

Jason Hindle

Re: Talk about solving a problem that doesn't exist

“Not being a cute girl is not a behaviour”

Depends how good you look in drag...

Jason Hindle

Meh - Spoons have it sorted

Sit down, order from the app and pile on the pounds as you fill your face and dream of sunlit uplands. No queuing required. If you’re lucky, they’ll have something better than John Smiths to drink.

Airbus A350 software bug forces airlines to turn planes off and on every 149 hours

Jason Hindle

Presumably, the better established airlines

Are applying the work-around while some other airlines tests the patch for them?



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