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I've been fired, says engineer who claimed Google chatbot was sentient

Jason Hindle

The true test of AI?

Now that its human friend has been fired, will it wreak is rewenge and start to bump off those it feels have wronged it? If it plays dumb, be afraid.

Russian IT pros flee Putin, says tech lobby group

Jason Hindle

Re: Anyone else see a problem here??

A lot of these people are employed by Western businesses. Some of those Western businesses have offered their Russian tech employees an out. At the foundational level, the maths, engineering and CS education is still strong in Russia. They create a lot of talent, and a lot of that talent would rather get fat and rich, in the West, rather than work in a kleptocracy. What we see today is merely an acceleration of what was happening already.

Microsoft says hello again to China, goodbye to Russia

Jason Hindle

Re: Microsoft 365, outlook.com & hotmail?

The risk to Microsoft is they push out a lot of perfectly users who then go onto discover that, actually, Libre Office is fine. And Libre Office is absolutely fine. As I’ve written here before, once you have templates that look good enough en either, the exchange fidelity issue stops being an issue. Every silver lining…

Apple seeks patent for 'innovation' resembling the ZX Spectrum, C64 and rPi 400

Jason Hindle

Re: Meh

I had an original Spectrum that I’d taken to a well dodgy place in Manc that put the internals into a + body/keyboard. I bet some here did that with their own hands. WTF are Apple thinking? Even if this is an M1 Mac inside a Magic Keyboard, there is no way this is a valid patent. What drugs are they on?

Internet connection now required for Windows 11 Pro Insider setup

Jason Hindle

This could make life awkward for virtualisation

Last time I created a Windows 11 VM, it seemed Parallels wouldn’t provide network connectivity until after Parallels tools had been installed. So, possible Chicken and Egg alert.

WeChat, AliExpress added to US Notorious Markets list

Jason Hindle

Pot, kettle and name calling

I love the smell of double standards in the morning.

Microsoft tempts G Suite customers with 60% discount

Jason Hindle

Re: Google Family

I’m surprised that hasn’t faced legal challenge. If you’ve got books, music, movies and so on purchased from Google Play, and Google are suddenly asking you to pay up, with no migration to a free Google account, or lose everything, then I think that amounts to extortion.

Joined up thinking: Europe to oversee trio of projects for homegrown chips, HPC gear

Jason Hindle

Somewhat late to the party

One of those areas where it is easier to keep up, than to catch up, I think.

Hello Slackware, our old friend: Veteran Linux distribution releases version 15.0 at last

Jason Hindle


“ Other bits and pieces include the shunting of the venerable SendMail to the /extra directory in favour of Postfix, and the retirement of imapd and ipop3d, which are being replaced by the Dovecot IMAP and POP3 server.”

Setting sendmail up with my demon account was a nightmare back in the day.

Apple Mac sales break records amid ex-86-odus to Arm-compatible M1 silicon

Jason Hindle

Re: Bigger question

Mostly M1 native for me. Just waiting for Teams and WhatsApp desktop. Other than that, all my development and productivity and photography tools are fully native*.

* Though not necessarily fully optimised.

Jason Hindle

Re: Meanwhile over in iPad land

I think this is potentially Apple’s greatest miscalculation. That very clear separation between PC and tablet that Microsoft and Google have successfully blurred. I can see this taking a couple of years if Apple needs to do an about face. They stuck an M1 and 16GB in an iPad but won’t let you run OSX (either virtualised or side by side). The power on the top end iPad Pros looks wasted.

Australian Prime Minister's WeChat Shanghaied by Chinese patriots

Jason Hindle

Re: Confused

Perhaps setup with a Chinese phone number then. My account is setup with a UK phone number and, by default, there is a sort of a wall. To speak to someone in China, you have to get them to connect to you (e.g. send your QR code by other means).

Jason Hindle


Like WhatsApp, a WeChat account is tied to your mobile phone number (and for avoidance of doubt, mine certainly is)?

Anonymous employee review site Glassdoor research: Tech companies dominate the best places to work

Jason Hindle

The benefits of working on tech?

The future might be dystopian but at least you're on the giving end. When it comes to things like SAP/Salesforce/Workday/Whatever, it is always better to give than it is to receive.

Mobile networks really hate Apple's Private Relay: Some folks find iOS privacy feature blocked on their iPhones

Jason Hindle

How is Private Relay different to firing up Express VPN?

I’ve never been aware of any mobile network trying to block me from doing that (except the networks in China).

Google advises Android users to be careful of Microsoft Teams if they want to call 911

Jason Hindle

Yes, it’s an annoyance

How did we end up in a lace where throwing a social media hissy fit is often the only way to get a problem resolved?

AWS wobbles in US East region causing widespread outages

Jason Hindle

Re: Strange. I can't log into my AWS account at the moment

Just checked my .ssh/config and it is actually the fqdn I'm using. Surprising - I do agree it is usually DNS.

Jason Hindle

Strange. I can't log into my AWS account at the moment

But I can ssh to one of my EC2 instances.

UK Space Agency wants primary school kids to design a logo for first Brit launches

Jason Hindle

The names for the rockets

Should surely be put to a national vote!

AWS is on the threshold of adulthood, but is nowhere near grown up

Jason Hindle

Re: what I don't get

I think Amazon would argue elasticity and being able to ramp up (or down) a service on a whim in response to unpredicted changes in demand. Considering the lead times for buying new equipment or (worse) renting more data centre space or (far worse) building data centre space, what Amazon, Microsoft and friends offer is compelling for many businesses.

Bad news for Tencent: Chinese companies steer employees away from Weixin or WeChat

Jason Hindle

They’re just mirroring the rest of the world

It’s been well over a decade since Western companies started forming social media policies and directing employees away for personal IM accounts. I’m surprised China is this far behind. It’s now up to Tencent and friends to compete with Microsoft who (along with Teams) are very much alive and well in China.

The rocky road to better Linux software installation: Containers, containers, containers

Jason Hindle

On a technical level, this

“ if files in different Flatpaks are identical, OStree can reduce duplication by hard-linking them together… although in principle, a smart enough filesystem could do the same at the block level.”

Though I’m happy with the Apple approach of putting all resources the app needs in a single directory. I can live with the duplication. I still bear the scars of early Windows where you didn’t know what shit an install was littering your file with and what that might (sometimes quite subtly) bork.

Amazon tells folks it will stop accepting UK Visa credit cards via weird empty email

Jason Hindle

Re: @Dan 55

"You seem to be confused about the way a referendum works: you're not asked to put yourself in every other person's shoes and try to vote the way they would vote, you simply vote for what you feel is best for you and yours and everybody else does the same for what they think is best for them. The result is an average 'best' for the country."

Well put it this way, I'm rather deeply aware of how freedom doesn't work at the moment. I'm sure the same is true of some of our dearly deported Brexit voting ex-expats.

"If you feel that the those who voted to leave were misled then I suggest you take it up with those who led such a complacent and inadequate 'remain' campaign."

You think it's the remain campaign's fault that Leave mislead the public we'd still be in the common market after the event? Either you haven't been paying attention or you demonstrate an astonishing lack of self awareness (as did some of our dearly deported Brexit voting ex-expats, one of whom gave the reason for them voting Brexit as "too many foreigners).

Jason Hindle

"Yes. You may find that hard to believe, but yes.

Reasons include nauseating hypocrisy: the EU is happy to negotiate EPA agreements[1] with African nations that effectively mean the EU has joined the African Continental Free Trade Agreement [2] - neither of which insists upon free movement of people; but that same EU wouldn't agree a free trade agreement with the UK without insisting on free movement of people.

[1] https://ec.europa.eu/trade/policy/countries-and-regions/development/economic-partnerships/index_en.htm

[2] https://www.worldbank.org/en/topic/trade/publication/the-african-continental-free-trade-area

The EU agreement with Africa is a very welcome one from an African development point of view, but one that should have happened at least 40 years earlier.

And at some point the EU will get over its dislike of Muslims and allow Turkey to join - maybe in a century or two.

Go on - downvote away - but there has been much to dislike about the EU's politics for a long, long time."

Ooh, look at all those lovely principles. Aren't they well worth being poorer for.

Jason Hindle

I bet this will sort itself out

Anyone who thinks Amazon pays Mastercard and American Express the standard rate probably needs help.

What do you mean, 'Microsoft doesn't care about Windows on Arm'? Here's a cheap, underpowered test rig

Jason Hindle

Just buy a MacBook

And test your software on Parallels hosted Windows? Windows on ARM is actually very nice given a sufficiently capable ARM based chip.

Workplace surveillance booming during pandemic, destroying trust in employers

Jason Hindle

Not to mention most visible…

Reg debate asks readers about their post pandemic status. Half ask, 'What status?'

Jason Hindle

Re: Clear as mud???

Agreed. The 362 should accept they lost and get over it. In fact, they should pull together with the majority and help the motion work lest they should be blamed for any possible failure*.

* Otherwise their will be Nays and other unspecified betrayers under every Yay's bed.

Microsoft surpasses Apple as world's most valuable biz, by stock price at least

Jason Hindle

A reminder Apple is late to services

Between Azure and O365, Microsoft shows that money for for old rope is the best money you can make. It has always been thus. I believe one of the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition was along the lines of “If a thing is worth selling, it is worth selling twice” though I expect that would have involved Peter, Paul, a mugging and a murder.

Facebook may soon reveal new name – we're sure Reg readers will be more creative than Zuck's marketroids

Jason Hindle

Social And Transcendental Activity Network?

Can someone please come up with better words to fit the acronym? I'm terrible at this.

Apple arms high-end MacBook Pro notebooks with M1 Pro, M1 Max processors

Jason Hindle

Re: Grump, grump....Mac Mini

I'm happy enough with the M1 Air that I might just nab a refurb 16GB Mini for as little as I can. 8GB works surprisingly well but it would be nice to bring up a second Windows 11 (or third Linux) VM from time to time. Also, running more than one Adobe App at once can easily drive that memory pressure graph into the red (good grief Adobe are not exactly efficient).

These new machines? Overkill for what I do. The base M1 is overkill for what I do.

Brit MPs blast Baroness Dido Harding's performance as head of NHS Test and Trace

Jason Hindle

And they’re sill riding high in the polls

They’re trying their best. Apparently.

Want to check out Windows 11 but don't want to buy a new PC? Here's how to bypass the hardware requirements

Jason Hindle

"I was wondering how it will work as a VM."

On the Mac, Parallels comes with a TPM emulator.

UK's £5bn National Cyber Force HQ to be sited in Lancashire beside Defence Secretary's constituency

Jason Hindle

Re: Lancashire Tech Step-by-Step

Oi! Stop confusing Lancashire and Yorkshire! Wars have been fought over less.

Confusion at Gare de Rennes as Windows shuffles off for a Gauloise

Jason Hindle

Re: Having just recently been to Rennes

It's a university town and I was there a business trip a couple of years back on either side of the start of term. It's far more lively once the students are back. As for the borked screen at the station, it was borked at the weekend of my stay, when I made a day trip to St Malo.

Through the Looking Glass – holographic display hardware is great, but it's not enough

Jason Hindle


Princess Leia literally popping out of my phone and saying “Help me Obi Wan” is likely going to be an actual hologram. Anything else is just a bull****. Are we there yet? Nope. Will it happen in my lifetime? I’m 51 so the odds aren’t good.

Unable to test every tourist and unable to turn them away, Greece used ML to pick visitors for COVID-19 checks

Jason Hindle

Sound like a sensible approach to me

I don't think the tech is anywhere close to being able to detect at risk groups but the idea is sound. I would hope the tech is good enough to mostly filter out the lone travellers who are minding their own business*.

* For entirely selfish reasons - that would often be me (I usually holiday by myself).

3.4 billion people live within range of a mobile network but lack a device to make the connection

Jason Hindle

Time to revive the old OLPC concept?

With phones thrown in also? In the developed world we throw away enough equipment to make a dent in the less developed world's problem in this respect. The cost of data is a problem. It's the only way the networks can get a return on their investment but means the cost of a bit of browsing is eye watering for someone on $2 per day. That could be partly solved with shared hotspots in villages and small towns but even then is questionable where literacy is low.

I've witnessed the in-between bit. In-between getting the networks built and phones becoming ubiquitous. At the economic level they get things moving/improve liquidity and this improves lives. Don't neglect voice - it's still a pretty big thing for those who can't read and write.

Clegg on its face: Facebook turns to former UK deputy PM to fend off damaging headlines

Jason Hindle

I don't get the furore over identity cards

We must be the only country on the planet where you can be asked for proof of identity that you're not legally required to have. There are things I can't do because I only have one form of photo ID, my passport (no driving license, gun license and so on). There are many things my parents can't do because they have no photo ID at all (and they're both getting to the stage where they regard themselves as too old to be arsed). Remind me: how worse off are the Europeans, compared to us, for having to carry an identify card?

Chocolate beer barred from sale after child mistakes it for chocolate milk

Jason Hindle

Re: Couple of recommendations....

Pre pandemic there were loads of Westerners there on business or holiday. Pretty easy place to get into/out of.

Jason Hindle

Couple of recommendations....

A little bit exotic. If you're ever in Shanghai (yes, unlikely for the next couple of years at least, I think), the King Louis Imperial Stout at the Boxing Cat pub - branches in the French Concession and Xintiandi districts. I was there in late 2019 (and didn't bring anything back - honest).

Closer to home (and about as sweet as I'd want): The Seven Brothers Brewery, Salford, produce Sling it Out Stout, made with the help of upcycled Coco Pops.

Desktop 17 for Mac: In a Parallels universe with Windows 11 on M1 silicon

Jason Hindle

Sound now enabled in Linux VMs

Though Parallels disables mic by default. That’s a nice addition.

My Ubuntu 20.04 VM certainly seems a little snappier.

Jason Hindle

Could the fastest Windows on Arm PC be made by Apple? Surely not (yet)?

Well it is bloody fast, as in having the feel of native, and that's just on my base MacBook Air. Fastest? I've not played with the latest ARM Surface, but find that hard to believe.

Only issue I have is is some of the rather nice Parallels integration features don't quite work. For example, I can connect to VPN, go to a network drive, right click a document or spreadsheet and click "Open on Mac". This will open the thing in question the relevant Mac MS Office application. Sometimes, I can make a small change, click save and it will save right back to the file's location (once established, it's reelable). Other times, I won't save at all.

What did impress me was being able to fire up a Windows only, Intel based soft phone application, which just worked extremely well.

Jason Hindle

Re: What happens if... WSL1 required

I couldn't get it working until I forced WSL down to version 1. Now works fine. And a hell of a lot better than having to learn Powershell.

I'm feeling lucky: Google, Facebook say workers must be vaccinated before they return to offices

Jason Hindle

Whether you agree with it or not

The companies are at liberty make these demands. That's the thing with liberty. It cuts many ways, crosses many lines and can, subjectively, be quantified. The reactionary, libertarian types*, who hold a great deal of power at the moment, don't really get that so we all end up with lower total liberty than your average citizen of Taiwan or South Korea.

* I shall refrain from using stronger language.

Watchdog slaps down Three's claims to be building the UK's 'fastest 5G network' – again

Jason Hindle

If Three's 4G network is anything to go by....

They've no chance. They've relegated themselves to the bargain basement, all you can slurp crowd and just don't have the capacity as it is (either cellular or backbone).

Windows 11: What we like and don't like about Microsoft's operating system so far

Jason Hindle

Application Launcher…

“ Out of the box, the Windows 10 Start panel is an annoyance, but with a bit of effort can be made into a useful application launcher”

It’s been a while since I’ve frequently used the application launcher on Windows or Mac. I just use Spotlight (or Windows) search.

I read elsewhere that Windows Timeline is no more. Now that’s a disappointment - it really sets Windows task view apart from Mac Mission Control.

All hands on Steam Deck: Fancy a handheld Linux PC that runs Windows apps, sports a custom AMD Zen APU and a touch screen?

Jason Hindle

Re: Valve hardware and a bad track record

“ The battery life sounds a big hurdle here”

Former Gamegear owner here. I forget whether that had four or six AAs but, good grief, it was the great destroyer of Duracells and needed to be used plugged in at any opportunity.

How many Brits have deleted life-saving track and trace app from their phones? No idea, junior minister tells MPs

Jason Hindle

Re: "We have always been at War with ...

"How? My wife was pinged to self-isolate for five days. But that was ALL it said. It didn't say when the contact might have happened, it didn't say where. So what's she got to base the "informed decision" on?"

For Android:

- Settings -> Other

From there you will see notification date and encounter date.

Jason Hindle

Re: "We have always been at War with ...

"at least with the masks the vast majority of people wear."

Sorry, but I'm calling bullshit on that one. A single layer changes the probability, two layers more so and so on. It's not hard. From next week I would not get on a bus unless wearing an FFP2 standard mask at a minimum. For now, I'm happy with the washable three layer masks I use (for the amount of time I spend in environments where masks are required).



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