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Catholic priests, scientists head to Rome to ponder alien life


Father Catholics Had A Smarter Copyrighter

Don't Catholics have God who made first people look similar to Him, and aren't here too much capitals if aliens turned out to be little and green?

If they do, and ETs had human-like bodies, don't Catholics have a "right of the first night" amongst other branches of Christianity to call ETs brother aliens, for the Church's trademark is translated as, you know, "Universal"?


How I rebuilt Europe after the Berlin Wall collapsed


The Time When XP's Testing For Bugs Began

There were computer magasines in SU before the 286icans, mostly of Texas Instruments, came and, generally, everyone involved in the ring knew that US technical export brings flattened crocks of - sshhh - IT. To withdraw even a Lisa, Mac GS or a fashionable Sun graphic station out of the "West" through American Custom office was impossible for a civil one. But even in 2009 there are plans "to settle in Russia an innovative Western hi-tech production plant to print 90-nm processor chips", costs a huge lot, just looks like they've bought somebody from the government and sell a recovered mainline to crooks from the ruling mob. Someone even had the courage to offer some hardware to Putin personally, as Reggers could read recently.

Anyway, Soviet Iskra and ES series (thx KGB for 8086 delivery, but they forgot to include a mouse in the first mail package) looked great in 80s, before the face of metal 16-kg home-made personal monster called DVK (jokingly "WCC", a "Wooden Computational Complex, древесно-вычислительный комплекс) with alfabetical Matrix-type black-green display... well, some dinos must remember.

When West stops selling innovations of 90s by the way of the bribery? The answer is obvious, I suppose: just when there will be no bribers on duty in offices of the government. Thus, there are still "evil commies" in Russia, but they are some members of different hi-sci commitees.


Baying mob turns on miniskirted Brazilian uni student

IT Angle

Just Scroll It Down If A Non-Republican, Irish Neither

@ "By Anonymous Coward Posted Monday 9th November 2009 18:12 GMT

You say a brazilian students have been wearing mini-skirts?

How many is a brazilian anyway?

George W. Bush." re http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/11/09/brazilian_student/comments/

processing... done

1) "I Vote For Nader 2009-11-09 11:55:53 AM

How many is a Brazilian?" re http://www.fark.com/cgi/comments.pl?IDLink=4756846

2) #2 2009-11-09 12:10:24 PM

"With clinging robe of samite, leafy green,

And bangles serpent-shaped of beaten gold,

And golden fillet, shone the fairy queen,

With necklet rich and old,

Studded with rubles fair and sapphires bright,

And far, around her, waved her lustrous hair;

Her cheeks were soft, suffused with rosy light,

She seemed a goddess there!

- 'Vivian and Merlin' by Ralph de Tunstall Sneyd (1929) re same fark URL

3) (-: not lucky matching the position number) "4chan 2009-11-09 12:15:06 PM


Am I doing it right, I want to hop on the bandwagon of thread jacking to satisfy the flames of my agonizing longing to attack gosh darn non-republicans.

\Ireland is next, they don't have any GOP members in their lib-tard borders." re same URL


'Something may come through' dimensional 'doors' at LHC


Verschlingen II ?

Hmm, that old trick again. Put in the LHC half of the U-Crane, and you'll find it moved to the Poa-Land.


Russia planning nuclear-powered manned spaceship


East Or West, Up Is Best

@ frank ly

"A vacuum doesn't have a temperature" -

Point of view of a vacuum?

@ Martin Nicholls

"one of the world's largest supply of illicit plutonium" -

Oops.. how much illicit plutonium does man suppose to be necessary to get lifted to the orbit?

As for the gear, I'd suppose that it will be a plasma-driven one, with a relatively compact nuclear power source. A student recently made a battery demo from a TV antenna, a magnet and two empty Coke cans, scientists were shocked. Roskosmos seemed interested... though, my personal point of view that international affair would be not just a vanity fair as anybody may believe it to be. All above the sky is international, especially if the oils go down.

@ Will 22

"Let's hope they give it a suitably cool sounding Russian name with the obligatory black paint scheme and imperial red star. NATO will, of course, need to give a reporting codename..." -

Name is hardly less serious item than a gear. Must be an international name contest or something, I talked on the oil already...

Though, for wider mentioning in English-speaking Google, a NASA reporting codename may appear there, with the obligatory imperial red star, and you may choose the black paint.


BOFH: The stupidity criticality


Monicarious Stuff

"I just had to tell someone..." -

Simon... did he REALLY never tell you where he keeps his bong?


El Reg launches 'Comment of the Week'


RGB Award

Reg Got Balls.

I'm slightly in fear what's going to be for the winner's award next month. Either they will turn the camel front, or lift its tail up.

Wikileaks publishes BNP 'member list' (again)


Blind Servants/In-Constitution Moles To Open Eyes Of Society?

Sky... Racist movements seem to have nothing to do with counter-zionist movement, which the zionists in most cases are glad to call loudly "anti-semitism". They can attack only the poor lonely Semits or Indians on the block, and are terribly scared of the real Z-7 crew and their banking and political consulting clergy thug services. They say they open eyes to those who has ears. In such case, he who thinks he has ears seems violently f**ked into them with slogans of nazi.

Tree... Gotta wake up the beast inside yourself, and learn to trust it, to destroy the one from without. Some members of Moscow Trojan Skin movement (which is declared to be counter-racist combat skinhead movement) state that a great lot of Hitler bitch bonheads are paid on-hook informers of the special services. Being attacked by some MTS crew on the streets of Moscow, they start to call police loudly. I mean, there's a dick with a screw for every ass with a threading.

Roots... Aren't Z-7 masters of most racist divisions worldwide? It brings profit above normal to classic zionist movement, and a state protection and legislature and even civil sympathy and worldwide support at zero cost, and an opportunity for moving out of the occupied zones, allegedly at an account of "brothers and sisters" in religion doomed to die in European concentration camps.

Ground... "As just as you hear someone somewhere say "Zieg Heil" considering a person, you should know: it's there where they are waiting for us, it's there where we'll start our great revival from" - (C) SS Gruppenfuhrer Muller @ "17 Moments of Spring".

Background... Where's your Swiss wallet of Italian leather now, Herr Muller? You didn't tell it out loud before you dance your last sewerage pipe tango.


Adam Curtis uncovers the secrets of Helmand


Seconds Rushing Along...

Afghanistan: is anybody expecting Turkey to step in? RSVP.

@ Frank Gerlach - a very sensitive question, but my grandma would invite you for a family tea if she could hear you. I'm sure that if Stalin could be Hitler in 1941, the Russians would say the same words about German women after Germany wins. But the past makes some extremely angstlich Menschen care for the future (-; Now my daughter can a little ride a horse, a little shoot and go kung-fu, a little dive, a little speak alien language... hmm, just for any case. A little, because she's nearly 5 presently... and the seconds are rushing along.


YouTube video spam promotes Russian real estate


Non-Profit Shot To The Sky?

Anywhere in the Europe (not Luxembourg, Monaco and Nice), real estate is a much less expensive substance than in, say, Moscow.

Advertising real estate in Russian language on Youtube is a shot to the sky, 99 percent of the auditory will never buy anything like that just because nowadays the rent is too high and salary is too small for the locals to think about any personally dwelled up future. So we are having mostly probably a spontaneous non-profit cultural video event (-;

73 (-:

MoD 'How to stop leaks' guide leaks


Must Be Read Into Holes?

When Country is in Danger, or a "Guide on How to Meet Local Counterintelligence Interrogator for Primary Group of Risk for the Nation: Agents, Journalists and Hackers".

You will hear a scratching metal-to-bone noise inside your crank on page about nearly 2000, I suppose, but the knowledge of whose hand holds this spoon will be in the eaten out location already.

Just to digitize and put all these pages together, if there are scanned papers, not just txt... Das Man Kann... Somehow nearly Voganic.

Somebody who already clicked on http://wikileaks.org/wiki/UK_MoD_Manual_of_Security_Volumes_1%2C_2_and_3_Issue_2%2C_JSP-440%2C_RESTRICTED%2C_2389_pages%2C_2001 , is the Guide really in pdf?

Article +, Reg rocks as always with headline.


UK already 'major world power' in cyberwar

Thumb Up


[puff]We're the One Nation[/puff]

In the Land of NoFear.


Botnet buries commands in image files



Howto find a necessary image in the Flow? It's Damn easy.

Order the images from a page resize in your sandbox before they've gone loose into your OS. If you can't make one, why not to ask any from the handful of your friends?

Images that refuse to resize are the ones you need/don't need at all/always wanted to ask about but are ashame to.

But here we come closer to the problem ofputting to/removing the pic msgs from the Primary sources right after they are confirmed as received and recognised/crispy chewy consumed. But this part of the job must better be executed on a... right, diskless station having an "Unrecognised net card". Ask your friends howto find/install it. Well, true citizen usually address GCHQ/KGB/NSA/ETC with similar questions. But don't you ever forget that we are the One Nation; well, looks like not everybody just knows it.

Geese, I'm not a kind of a computer geek myself, and I'm telling IT to the readers of IMO the best computer geeks' mag. Do you hear a hiss? Sssend mme mmucch mmuny ffor the adviccce, mmy preciousss.


Malware ecosystem thrives thanks to pay-per-install fees


@ Charles 9

"yet no one can seem to get the Russian government to do anything meaningful" -

This is really interesting. First problem is poverty, second one is that local rules say when you study programming, you have to write some malicious code first, then comes an invitation from MIT/Bletchley if you have fluent English. Third is that RU govt needs more students to have practice in MIT on the house (-;



Past/Present Perfect Or Future Indefinite?

Charles 9 @ "It's hard to get priorities straight when they're not straight (and likely CAN'T BE straightened) in the home countries of the criminals" -

WTF. Academic Primakov speaks about present actions of the Soviet Union this week... do you also state that the malware came from Soviet Union?

Dan Goodin @ San Francisco, you could get a thankful attention of the Soviet audience then (-:

Mine's with a Soviet passport in the pocket.


OMG! US science quangocrats surf porn at work!

Big Brother

Yzers Went Haywire On NSF Traffic?

Perhaps NSF just drew NSA Traffic&Content bureau out of yearly budget just this autumn because of the agency's multiple attempts to analyze all that porn stuff. Just someone issued a circular recently about a bunch of global crooks who invented the way to deliver a sensitive information through some breached porn sites to its members (-;

A cool technique to piss off Frater Magnus Echelonicus. Also, it is considered that the uglier the porn is, the less time will officers be psychologically able to work in the bureau.


AI robots to mark exams


AI Qaeda?

Anyone to introduce a bot having a sense of humour?


Paris Hilton

Чего стоишь? Работать надо!

Robot. Karel Chapek. Chech, Europe. "RUR", 1920. Slavic for "to work" - Rus. "работать" [ra-'bo-tat'] -- to execute a job. " t' " @ the1st syl. is a sound when you pronounce "t" the way you'd do it saying "teh", a "mild t".

The title is probably translated as something like "Why stuck? Get on working!" is the last phrase from http://video.tvguide.com/Window+To+Paris/Window+To+Paris/812913?autoplay=true&partnerid=OVG , the unprecedented Alien XCellence in every tick of the alarm watch. Originally presented @ http://livefilm.info/otc/360-okno-v-parizh.html , no anti-pirate rules for the visitors. Some 512k+ connection speed only, sorry London (-:

Definitely Paris, because she's the City where the Walls lead to.


Ammo rationing at Wal-Mart as panic buying sweeps US

IT Angle

.22 Reasons Why IT Being Not Humanistic

A number of the comments is making the issue outstanding. Could anybody just suppose that the mostly green IT-community will discuss what kicks better - .38 or .45...

Strange that no sound of supporting .22 lead is heard in the environment. Usually this round puts the bullet with great accuracy and less recoil on the subsonic, you can feel the bullet crawling through the barrel. Trigger - it's a mild mouseclick with enough free way.

IMO .22 is an excellent ammo because you can easily hit the subject's extremities without killing him or delivering him a heavy pain shock. The honourable IT-community will possibly agree that this issue is especially important when you plan to have an informative briefing with the subj after the shot.

Real gangstas in the Reg (-; Well, if one decides to shoot the bloody attacker totally dead with .22 lead, one might shoot his head, why worrying about some vests?


Met steps up stop and search with mobile phone scanner


How Kind Of You Officer Not To Touch Me With Hands

Poor people... How happened that you let it go in London? Though, guess, how much time will it take for the technology to spread over Europe? The funny side is that when you are already used to it, thousands of devices will be mounted on every block as stationary cells. A Global System of Stolen Property Search/GSSPS (-; Why not to use two frequencies and build a RFID coverage?



News anchor tells weatherman to 'keep f**king that chicken'


What The Fox?

It was OK to say f++cking in Fox News, Ernie just needed to omit "~en" in the word "chicken". Though, this action was not typical for foxes, they used to have chicken for food recently.


Cruises on ex-Soviet space warships offered

Thumb Up

Just Another Rubber Rope

@ AC Sep 12 0824 - Hello comrade, Minsk is really a жопа, they should have been possibly paid for making the design of the bike and performance of the engine so poor.

I agree also that if you suppress the automatic defence and increase the output to support a far-going orbital testing with all power of Testers... any power station may easily go titsup, especially considering a specific model of the reactor. More than two parts moving, yeah, just like that Finnish Gen said.

Aeroflot, which folk symbol was a cold blue boiled chicken leg, usually served as a combination of 1st and 2nd meal, and those violent non-smoking laws of the company! Nowadays, if one enters the lounge of some lucky IL-86 to have a drink, there is a definite smell of grass in the air. And this was a real Zen spirit, the Soviet advertising - "Fly By Planes of Aeroflot" when it was the only company in the country.

Well, jumping to the theme (-: the Almaz was specially crafted for Spetsnaz forces. Today it represents a kind of, you know, that long rubber rope wich you jumped off the Westminster bridge last night with, but which is made for going jumping into the opposite direction. People love things like that... well, not everybody had a chance to get to know about it yet, maybe?

The following statement finally explains the trend. This one on photo is a modern version called "Almaz 35M".


Scientists lay bare Irish potato famine blight


Is Potato Historically American?

Those scientists. If we manage to play it cool, what will the nature look like a hundred years later (the question is, possibly, rhetorical)?

A service log:

Jesus> hi, feel myself new here

Support> welcome jesus, whats your question


New web filter laws questioned by top child abuse cop

Paris Hilton

Bottom Line, As Almost Always

A good canvas imo is presented here, on which is imo definitely painted the following:

"A novice is somebody who's new to this - a new paedophile who wants to go out and find images" -

Here we can see a usual passive surveillance system which is based on a bait. Some gov-contracted underground work - and you own a dozen sites with pseudo-pubertals in the age of about 25. Sure that's ok, but this is a world-known issue when a group is formed, the tasks are set and financed, and you suddenly hear in the office that the team has some wider powers which you can't even snore about when sleeping.

I mean, is this financial demand done to buy a demanded number of porn actors and pay for lots of cameras? Hardly so, yet there could be a reason to do some brag.

Heavy Pixel hunting? Through all IPs? Sounds somehow brave... someone teach me how to encrypt/decrypt messages in picture!

If one could talk to amfM about this opportunity to use porn sites for messaging (-; I don't suppose bad sites, of course... IT would be the hell for the IPFilter live op team. And an unexplainable migration of Reggers, first of all (-: hey wait imkiiiddiiing...

Paris, anyway.


Russian prez launches YouTube channel

Paris Hilton

Same Words Said Though As Always

In Soviet school:

- Who Youtube? Me Yotube? I'll get ya, jerk... after the classes!

In Russian school:

Now pupils, at the beginning of the year we will watch Youtube.

Pupils: "Превед, Медвед!"

Paris becausee she's studying Russian cyberpunk presently.


Spyware ad-on targets Firefox fans


There's More To Hack Than This

Oh, we talk about the Security of Mozilla (-: User is the best hacker, especially when downloads the add-ons from, right, anywhere else.

The thing that really shocks is not Firefox though, talk about some ...sky antivirus FTP connection negotiations are not encrypted and you can always see "k...vdumps" pass in pcap files served on the plate. Though, it's not an official c...mplaint.

Oh, sorry, we're talking about Mozilla. Best idea of a browser ever, I suppose.


Key McKinnon extradition ruling due next week


To Be Yet Shorter -

"a New Paradigm which will..." -

IT will not.



Electropulse weapon fear spreads to UK politicos

IT Angle

Just Another Quantum Conspiracy

As for mepersonally, only matching keywords match the quantum coherency with EMP event horizon are -

in actors line: Satanist-type, Government, Pole, Deep-bedding depots, CERN, Vatican (-: , Sunstorm, Submarines; in temp line: 2012.

Impact on a human: death or temporally losing conscience, darkening in the eyes, changing colours in the picture seen, physical disability, hearing very loud unbelieveably unpleasant sound, disorientation, heart attacks, hair loss. A lot of health diseases follows. Impacts also weather, as we all know, and direction of the magnetic axis. Completely a joint New Sky experience. Err... I said "joint"?

Nice set, I agree. Of course there is protection from EMP. But there is only the duty personnel will be in right place at right time. I would also send a possibly big genetically well crew as farther from Mother Earth as possible for a while.

For some, those folks exercising with horse-riding, swords and archery... don't forget Enc.Brit... look not too old-fashionable, yet critiqued as being torn from the reality.

It's, probably, impossible to escape making a choice having all the corresponding data, whatever media-please-make-my-end-comfortable trick/Google search direction is chosen for this. EMP is a dangerous idea in dangerous minds. Unfortunately, this is a definite statement.

Rhetorically: what will be the sense of the expression "IT angle" if UK once will make just a sysadm-free group of mountain islands?


RIM fights BlackBerry snoop gaffe



"Targets of Interest" - what if someone thinks he knows the real targets that must immediately become the ones of interest of top services worldwide? Or how the world gov may be estimated?

Easily, as reported (-; in two uneasy steps, rapidly and fatally damaging the karma of the responsible persons. PROBLEM 2012: MORE TO BLAME KILLER SUN OR POLAR NUKEKNOCK?

I/we/other also have an absolutely crazy msg for some of the Reggers, hr it is:


Deletionists will... err, it won't already matter.


Regulator sniffs around Live Nation, Ticketmaster merger


Transferring the Better Quantum State of Wealth Closer To Bodies And Minds?

Bigger game means mainstreaming and owning a media source. Appearance of its semantic flow is often be not approved as correct (I can imagine a disclosure of the source of some concepts (-: ), because of sometimes delicate matter of a delicate nature of the live air.

Though, it maybe only seems so because of somehow an old-fashioned way of thinking. And, of course, union is a move which is really appreciated for non-gov and probably state actors. If both [both stressed] parties were good in IT... Transferring the Better Quantum State of Wealth Closer To Bodies And Minds?


Russian snatches world's strongest 'intimate muscles' crown



You may really call it a Tantric/Tao point of view. But it's a long story, well, first is that there used to be a technique of meditation, IMO, a curious one, to some extent - watching a coitus and thinking about anything phylosophical/nothing at all. The task of the training is to keep concentrated. There are more ways to train, e.g., intercourse with an ugly partner, but in the light of >

> Frank Bough Thu 9 Jul 1259 "...Virtually Every story I read that comes out of Russia makes me slightly..." -

I'd better not continue the post... or...

Sorry Frank Bough, it's even (-: So that the desire to watch sex [watch stressed] is recognised before as a kind of a wish to escape the world just for a while, because of any reason, headfirst through the vagina. Get back to this cosy place where all mankind was so unkindly drawn from.

Err.. Head first... So the woman was a genius to perform such a teaching as so good as reported here, real Zen, for this was a head of every unique visitor of this videolink inside the vagine. [I didn't, folks, la-la-la!] And the ball, whatsits wide-known TM, the Murano? That must be the real head; so respectful to the customers from her that it wasn't a bowl ((-;

Crewelly Cool, Lester.


Vulture Central unleashes RegPad™



Thank you thank you Reg! Long time no such laugh! Ржунимагу!


Programmer charged with stealing Wall Street-ware

Black Helicopters

Caritas In Veritate

"By the way, talk about LHC and stuff like that - will any hole there appear just enough big to verschlingen some Swiss international gold depots? Aren't the Spaghetti Divini' banking trees keep more stable being Roman-rooted? Heavy concurrence became very intensified suddenly, looks like. I'm worrying for the continental Europe a bit, ya know, fella..." - http://www.phrack.org/issues.html?issue=65&id=14&page=3 @404 Found September 12th 2008 at 4:06 PM, the word "crisis" is not mentioned for a general purpose.

"Species" (I'm looking at your post, Nanky Poo ;)) + "Spaghetti Divini" ... In this light, Dyene Brown appears to be the best PR agent of NWO (-; http://www.vatican.va/holy_father/benedict_xvi/encyclicals/documents/hf_ben-xvi_enc_20090629_caritas-in-veritate_en.html

For the Veritative Dessert comes the http://www.newstatesman.com/politics/2008/12/pilger-british-blair-iraq , 4irw4y 07 January 2009 at 19:07, I'd only ask an Intelligent Being, if Mr. Cheney lost the train or the train lost Mr. Cheney?

Things are starting to hot up/get really interesting.

ЗЫ: "ben-xvi" in the address string of the Vatican site - is it a model of a new charity car?



Someone Would Probably Invite GS Men To A Desert...

...for a circumstantial talk. Tough guys talk easy lying on locally wet sand, and oh, the sweetness of the night air (-:

I only say - suppose this supposition. 400 grands for being a programmer - I'd kick any ass off the department if the ass signs such a bill. Why trouble a poor Jewish Russian who made himself (and his employees) believe that they can extract urgent information not from the money, but from the very fact of its flow to and fro the highly VIPped accounts of their most respective clients, both private and corporate/incorporated? Sure you don't need to be a fortune teller to tell where it ends... my MagIQ friends. And the Russian - I'd let him go further, from Germany to Switzerland, whether he really did steal the booming program or just leave the door of GS IT dept open.

Deletionists will join the travel (-:

NASA, Japan (nearly) finish topographic map of Earth


@ Dorset Rambler

Good question, Dorset Rambler, not in a bit more/less than related to you or anyone else amongst the commenters.


Japan Government: When GPS Is Not Enough

According to the latest Japan governmental decision, stating that Southern Kurily island group is a part of the territory of Japan. In the terms of International law, the govt of Japan will have the right to attack the military presence of RF.

Finally, quickly having the recon and targeting group deployed at the orbit comes smart and quite in time for jpgov. I'd rather lead my ships out of the Harbour. As I heard somewhere, somebody there really wants to ease out the steam, or, as cited, the eastern nation will ~ "come up to the final failure caused by lack of space around a single human".

Well, mapping service... perhaps, Africa too can make a home on these maps if Eastern Conference is not acceptable because of the ~ "lack of financial transparency "?

El Reg commentards offered extra iconography


Population Grows Quantitate... brr, ...vely And Qualit... Better Meet

This is my first msg to this world (:

Some two more lines down those are maybe left for the future generations? 'Tis no problem if there could be even more icons, I suppose.


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