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Obama okays spectrum auction

Jim Marshall
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Oh Noes, Not Again!

I hope this auction will not require another DTV box purchase down the line.

Student found guilty of obstruction in Sarah Palin email trial

Jim Marshall

Needs a "WTF" icon, apply within...

What does a hacked email account have anything to do with the "integrity" of the political process?

Oh yeah, its Palin who is talking: logic and proportion have nothing to do with it in actual reality.

Steve Jobs: 'Pad? That's my word'

Jim Marshall

Dear Mr. Jobs:

Quit being a jerk to developers. Scratch that, quit being a jerk. You need them more than they need you, they can always write for Windows or the current *nix flavor of the moment.


A Former Mac user

'Negatively strange' antihypermatter made out of gold

Jim Marshall


How about "Semprini"? Nobody is using it for any practical purpose right now...

Star Trek to boldly go (again)

Jim Marshall

no need for effin' title

How 'bout Federation vs. Ori (after said Ori get back religion?)

Google releases open source browser

Jim Marshall

Missing something

Tried it. It borked the bookmarks it tried to import from FF3, and there isn't any means of bookmark management as far as I can tell... or find in those two widgets that are for "file functions" and "tools".

Until it does, I'll put up with FF3.

Guitar maker Gibson thrashes out more robo-axes

Jim Marshall

Purple Riff Eater

It seems Gibson still likes to crank out SGs with the awful full face scratch plate, instead of mounting the p'ups directly to the body like the '61 vintage model. Even in purple it reminds me of the awful Kyle I started playing on back in '75.

Mine is the Carvin windbreaker.

Firefox update puts lid on Jar bug

Jim Marshall

Crashes @ I-71 & I-80 crshes constantly.

Here I thought it was just the fact I'm using it on a Jaguar/beige G3 combo that might be soon retired.

Ion drives USB deck to digitise cassettes

Jim Marshall

I agree Oliverh

Good thing I'm not waiting for the 8-Track version... No carts to digitize!

Seriously, Why Audacity? There's too much latency between the signal reaching the digitizing circuit, and it finally showing on the application window. Plus the application is too crash-happy on either of my platforms (both Mac & PC) for serious use.

Moduslink blames OEMs for Vista upgrade delays

Jim Marshall

Deadline come and gone

Bought a Toshiba laptop on December 12th from Best Buy here in US, sent in voucher per instructions.

Received notice from Microsoft's "official" redemption center in Orem Utah stating that they need the COA info that is on the sticker, something I had already included on the voucher itself, by March 31st.

Day I received the notice: April 30th, a month after the deadline.

I don't think ModusLink alone should be held in the lowest of contept in this situation, *All* fingers should be pointing back at Redmond for this one.