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Beer drinking model to get caned in Malaysia

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@Neil 4

The thing is Neil, is that it's only illegal according to the RELIGION'S laws, and not the COUNTRY'S laws.

If she was caught taking heroin, fair enough to punish her by sending her to prison (the cane is still inhumane) but if, for example, someone in the US, or England was caught not going to Church on a Sunday (a religious crime, since these two countries are Christian), they wouldn't be punished at all - it's another case of religion ruling the country, and not the country's laws and government. Sharia law sucks major arse, and to all those Muslims who practice it - stop being douches and following an out-dated, cruel, inhumane and sexist penal system...

Sharia law and all those who follow it = FAIL!

Tom 94
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Silly Buggers

It's a dumb law, but it's also an inhumane law - lashes?? I mean - WTF?

That went out of English schools ages ago because it was deemed cruel and immoral, so why keep it in these backwards countries (no offense to any Malaysians, but you gotta admit, the punishment REALLY doesn't fit the crime)...

We have ASBOs, which, although laughed upon by the general poplace, and held-high with pride by the Chavs who they get awarded to, also carry a fine, which is a fair deterrant. But fining someone AND physically hurting them is not fair, all because you drank a beer which is outlawed in a religious law - to the best of my knowledge, and a bit of internet searching, it's not illegal by COUNTRY law to drink alcohol in Malaysia - it's just that the province in which this girl was caught drinking has a massive islamic population, and so it was more by popularity than anything else. I think religion should keep their F*CKING noses out of the countries business, and stop acting like archaic, inhumane dooches! And that goes for all religions, not just Islam (it's just that most people in the Islamic world pay attention to their religion, whereas most of us in "Christian" countries couldn't give a rat's arse about Christian laws and values).

Also, IT angle??

Brazilian TV ad: Save water, piss in the shower

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Fair enough, really...

If it's yellow, let it mellow.

If it's brown, flush it down.

IT grad sues school over failed job hunt

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@ TeeCee

"Actually I think you'll find that this is one case where the septics spell it the same way as us: "stereotype".......

Have an icon."

It's a shame there isn't a picture of John Edward as an icon, because you'd win the award for biggest douche in the universe - STOP BEING AN INTERNET PEDANT - it just proves you have few mates, and that you're a prick.

Bye bye...

Tom 94


Yes you may have a good job now; yes you may have a good paycheque, but how long did it take you guys to reach this stage without a degree - degrees speed up the time it takes to get a meaningful and rewarding job - if you have two applicants, one with a degree, one without - you're going to pick the guy with the degree for the obvious reason that he's better educated (assuming they have the same experience).

With regards to the story, what a bunch of thunderc*nts - her, and her mother - you don't get jobs handed to you on a plate - you have to go out, work hard, send your CV off to dozens of companies, and then maybe, JUST FUCKING MAYBE, you get offered a job - clearly these two are just adding to the American steriotype of "I'm a Yank, therefore I'm the best - I want it NOW and if I don't get it, I'm going to SUE!".

(N.B. Note the use of "steriotype" - I'm not saying all of you over the pond are like that - just most of you... :D )

Whining serial commentard bemoans Reg bullying

Tom 94

This guy...

...makes me laugh - what a complete goon!! Aaron, if you're reading this, get a life, and stop being a gomper - seriously, you're just making yourself sound like a complete and utter tool!

Aaron = FAIL!

German old timers torture financial adviser

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I thought it said

"Amburn claims he was "chained like an animal", burned with cigarettes, beaten, hit with a chair leg..."

I thought it was about to say "hit with a false leg"...! :D


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