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An HTC named Desire. OK, two HTCs...

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Consistancy again lacking

When are HTC going to realize that releasing so, so many handsets in such a short amount of time will be their downfall. How on earth do app developers maintain a standard when their are so many screen resolutions and other hardware performance factors to cater for. Everybody (non-iPhone owners I'd add) complain about being locked into the iPhone walled garden, but you know what? It's a flipping HUGE garden to play in. No I am not being a fan boy, but iPhone are winning the hearts of the application devs because they know they can write code for a particular hardware and it will work, and work beautifully. NOT so with Andriod (I won't even visit MS in this discussion) - because Andriod devs, don;t know what they are writing for from one month to the next. HTC - STOP flooding the market with new models every 3 weeks. Fail in the long run.

Seagate preps three terabyte whopper

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@ The flopping bird

"and get yourself a proper operating system." ...

But does it play Crysis?

Jobcentre ejects Jedi Knight

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What a ...


Skype first to scrap Windows Mobile

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It sucked anyway

Awful quality, every time somebody called me, I needed to phone them back on a normal mobile connection. And it would only play through the speaker phone ... WTF???, unless you had a hands free earpiece, so everybody could hear your conversation. CRAP.

Mozilla cracks on with fourth Thunderbird 3 beta

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All I want for Christmas is ..

Simple and Extended MAPI support!!

How to run Mac OS X on a generic PC

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@ AC 12:45 6/8/9

"Geez, if you can get a new Mac for 253 quid, let me know where and I'll buy 5." ...

White Transit, Back of 2nd car park, M1 Toddington Services

Microsoft warns of 'irreparable harm' on court's Word injunction

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Gates Halo

Boo fcuking hoo

IF Microsoft have effectively stolen this portion of the code that relates to this XML, then lost revenue, millions of $$ of sales lost ... then Boo Hoo, my heart bleeds.

NZ council to scrub Muff Road

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This is still my favourite

Me and a mate drive out to this place especially for some stand by the road sign photo ops. Not much here tho, small farming community ...


Cocaine-smuggling golfer fails 'what's your handicap' test

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Depends on your income

@ JonB

83k / trip risk of 4 years. Not Bad??

That's bad, very bad. I guess if your normally earning 20K per year, it's 'not bad' - 4 years income (tax free mind). But those of us on significantly higher than 20K pa, this isn't a good method to earn money.

Airbed-fixing German blows up mattress flat

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Thumb Down

I.T. Angle?

What a rubbish article, go back to sleep Lester.

Prof: Global windfarm could power entire human race

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Invest all that money for those 60 million fans into Nuclear Fusion technology. Enery problems solved.