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Google ordered to censor 'torrent', 'megaupload' and more words

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Right, well then, I'll just have to type the full 7 letters in "torrent", rather than clicking the suggested search.

This extensive extra work on my part will stop me downloading copyrighted material FOR SURE.

YouTube blurs faces to protect the innocent

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Re: Awesome News!

No, you just have to shake your head from side to side really quickly.

Its a proven anti-surveilance technique.

HSBC Trojan warning tracked down as false alarm

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Unless Im very much mistaken, HSBC give free copies of Kaspersky (might be McAfee) away as their "Security software of choice".

Crystal ball torches woman's flat

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Thats why, as a juggler,

I put my balls in a thick sock for protection of things around them.

An ex-Scout leader of mine had her entire house burnt down after the sun shone through a paperweight and set fire to some papers it was weighing down.

HSBC online banking hits another wall

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@ Mike Gannon

Me too. Worked perfectly.

I thought the problem was fixed...

HSBC online banking goes off the wall

Jon 83

Oh nay-sayers

I tried loggin on this moring, logged in fine, clicked on one of my accounts, was botted back to the root page, was very odd.

Had a few minutes of it not working, but it is all fine and dandy after (for me) about 10 mins of no service.

Those people complaining that it was "running like a dog" should STFU.

I check my bank accounts everyday, and this is the first time it has ever had a slight glitch.

Oh nay sayers, stop complaining about a service that is normally rock solid - nothing is up 24/7/365

Spanish court in favour of topless celebs

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#4 for me