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NDS says Beeb's Panorama emails were 'manipulated'

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Re: So....

Aussie Press AFR where the real story is, says the timestamp on the original Ondigital/SECA hack is the same as the one on the hack carried out for "research" purposes for NDS in Haifa by Kommerling, der Deutsche HackMeister. It appears they had to visit UK universities to access ion beam? microscopes to do the reverse engineering.

4G hobonet stunt was riddled with flaws, doomed to ridicule

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Spammy Response

The charity I volunteer for pays 5% PA interest on investments made with their FSA registered company. All the money invested is used to buy houses so local homeless support groups in the UK can house and help homeless people. greenpastures.net

Dizzy: the Ultimate Cartoon Adventure Part Deux

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Best game I ever played on CPC was Sorcery, closely followed by Knightlore. PS Anyone want to buy issue 1 of Amstrad Action?

'Missing heat': Is global warmth vanishing into space?

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Oh Noes

Roy Spencer believes something.

If you can find a way that he's doctored his data, like factoring in the location of Noah's Ark frinstance - then go ahead and crucify the cheat.

But don't dismiss his research because you don't like what he stands for, otherwise there's a whole lot of science that you need to chuck out because the researchers weren't good Dawkinians.

Has UK gov lost the census to Lulzsec?

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Not all processed

Bet the online stuff was pretty well processed by now, those of us who filled our form in reluctantly and with our very worst handwriting (in a petty attempt to make sure Lockheed warmongers didn't make a profit on our census) are pretty safe.

Remastered 4K, 3D Titanic steams towards cinemas

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Can I be the first, but undoubtedly not the last to say

It'll still be a steaming pile of crap no matter how many different techniques they apply to it. Only the mythbusters can polish a turd.

Animal lovers stamp on goldfish racing

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So basically PETA are the Westbro Baptists of the animal welfare movement?

Calling all commentards: Want some new icons?

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Chicken Little

For all those "the sky is falling" pieces that El Reg enjoys so much. You know, all the Fukishima scare stories that Lester has been peddling ;)

The best sci-fi film never made: Also-rans take a bow

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Canticle - Bill the Galactic etc

Was made as a US Radio series and is frankly brilliant - would film nicely in the pre and post apocalyptic multiple timeline genre.

Wasn't Bill made as Starship Troopers?

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In amongst the EE Docs & things I forgot about A Canticle for Leibowitz - hope someone else voted for this masterpiece?

So, what's the best sci-fi film never made?

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Missing movies


Anything by Doc Smith especially featuring skintight jumpsuit highly developed redheads (cool your jets!)

Microsoft's .NET at ten: big hits, strange misses

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Gates Horns

Still partially rubbish though

Just this morning I tried to run MS's own keyboard re-mapper, only to find it wants .net 2.0 despite having 3.5 on the machine.

Makes me want to hug a penguin...

Yahoo! lavishes $75m on self

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Where! are! the! obligatory! Yahoo! exclamation! marks!

Firefox 3.5 gets third release candidate

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Fast as...

quite a fast thing

El Reg commentards offered extra iconography

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Big Brother

Rafa, Rafael

Rafa, Rafael, Rafa, Rafael

Rafael Benitez

... sorry don't know what came over me then.


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