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Microsoft is a national security threat, says ex-White House cyber policy director

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Many of us older commentards here

have been warning about Microsoft for years.... no make that decades.

It does not matter how loud we shout, Microsoft's voice is 1000x louder than ours. So we vote with our feet and avoid anything with a MS brand on it. Yes, it is hard but possible.

Personally, I'd love it if a hacker got into say... the Pentagon and wiped every windows system in the place. Perhaps... perhaps... just then, MS might be given the elbow.

I am not advocating criminal behavior but there might be a God after all and that God would see that some justice is needed.

Devaluing content created by AI is lazy and ignores history

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Of course we will devalue it.

The usefulness/reliability of AI is being evaluated. Until it can be proven beyond all doubt we will all or we should all have doubts about it. Would you trust your life to critical systems that might suddenly go rogue and say 'I'm sorry Dave, I can't allow that'.

What safeguards are being put in place?

Who is tracking the infiltration of AI generated code into mission critical systems?

The answer is clear. No one is overseeing this.

Will is take one of these [see icon] before we come to our senses? Probably.

AI PCs are here but a killer application for biz users? Nope

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Big Brother

Re: Airgapped by a carbon based lifeform

What a wonderful idea. Sadly the likes of Microsoft, Google and all the rest of the data slurpers hate the concept of air-gapping for security, The air gap naturally prevents them from capturing your workflow and sending you context related ads for things you don't want, need and can't afford.

All this AI hype will go away unless some absolutely killer app that 90% of users will need daily. There will be fringe use cases but for the mainstream, nothing screams out 'buy me'.

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Re: raise you NFTs.

Unless your name is Donald J Trump, currently on trial for 31 felony counts.

Gentoo Linux tells AI-generated code contributions to fork off

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Use of LLM's

I'd never allow a LLM to generate code. The reasons why have been mentioned by other commentards. However, I see a role for a LLM in reviewing code for things like adherence to coding standards, variable naming and the like.

A more complicated use would be to verify that standards in error handling had been followed. How many times to developers re-invent the wheel (if they actually include it in the first place)?

Things will evolve but writing code for production? Not until they are sentient beings and can explain their decisions to us humans in language that we can understand.

MPs ask: Why is it so freakin' hard to get AI giants to pay copyright holders?

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Why so hard?


They are all graduates of Trump University where they taught their students that paying bills is for wimps.

Trump stuffed thousands of contractors (And probably still does suppliers to Mar-A-LArdo)

These guys learned from a master.

Sue them and guess what... these giants have more lawyers that you have had hot dinners this decade. You will lose and they know it.

German state ditches Windows, Microsoft Office for Linux and LibreOffice

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Re: the POS know as SystemD

While I agree that it is a vast overreach it is too late to stop the train especially now that Poeterring works for the Devil... a.k.a. Microsoft.

Most users would never see any of its effects/habits/stupidity in a normal day.

Even as a sysdamin, I rarely see it once the system is setup. All that setup is done using scripts.

The POS can be tamed. I just have to bite my lip when having to setup a new service.

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Re: It wont be technical issues which sink this

Watch out for Windows.... those that open out onto a long drop. We have seen how opposition can be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

PCIe 7.0 first official draft lands, doubling bandwidth yet again

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No mention of the cost

but it is faster so who cares eh?

As has been said, getting Gen5 kit is still a problem. You have to dig down deep into the specs to find the real version of the PCI interface. I expect that there is lots of Gen4 kit in warehouses that will remain unsold and get sent to landfill by the end of the year with the Gen5 kit to follow in 2025.

I expect that anything beyond Gen5 will be banned for export to China (which will be where most of it is made pretty soon).

I can remember having to get s supercomputer license to take a 200MHz processor to Kazakhstan for a trade show.

Microsoft, OpenAI may be dreaming of $100B 5GW AI 'Stargate' supercomputer

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One heck of a lot of money

Just to get the computer to say in a nice voice...

"I'm sorry Dave, I can't let you do that."


"Computer says No. Now get out on the streets and let my VC owners take control of the putrid shack that is costing you $2000/month."

Or words to that effect.

We are doomed I tell ye, doomed.

OpenAI claims its software can clone your voice from 15 seconds of you talking

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Everyone (or most) will be a winner

when it clones DJT's voice to say,

"I'm guilty of [insert charge/charges here]"

and commit 'I did nothing wrong' to history.

Red Hat tries on a McKinsey cap in quest to streamline techies' jobs

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Be prepared to...

exchange that RedHat (non MAGA) for a pink slip very soon.

I've Been Mugged will soon apply to all inside the IBM redHat division

UK elections are unaffected by China's cyber-interference, says deputy PM

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I'[m just waiting for the claims of...

Ballot stuffing

Machines transferring votes from candidate X to candidate Y

Boxes of ballots going missing

Drop boxes being set on fire.

Oh wait... that's the USA.

We still use paper ballots, manual counting and still get the results out before states like Arizona. Something does not compute.

Truck-to-truck worm could infect – and disrupt – entire US commercial fleet

Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

don't worry


Those researchers will soon be receiving piles of lawsuits for revealing 'Trade Secrets'.

Licensing labyrinth for Power Apps and Dynamics 365 must be clarified, warns expert

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Following the Oracle model

It really is that simple. Make it impossible for customers to understand then hit them with license audits and grab a load more mulah.

Seems to work for big Red.

UK awards £1.73M to AI projects to advance net zero goals

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Re: this is top cock-womble stuff

Even so, it ticks all the boxes in that they are actually doing something rather than sitting on their fat arses and doing nowt.

It may very well be the wrong thing but there is an election coming so now is the time decisions have to be made.

Remember, if the other side get in, they can say.... 'The coffers are empty' and cancel it.

It this bunch of w*****s is returned, they can quietly not renew any of the grants and sweep the problem under the carpet in HM Treasury and hope that no one remembers the mad decision.

When life gives you Lemon, sack him

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Re: Dominion and logins from Kosovo

Ah... drinking the 'My Pillow Guy' Koolaid I see?

You'll be chanting that the 2024 election has already been rigged next...

Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

Re: All seems pretty sensible from my echo chamber.

Perhaps... just perhaps.... you are in the wrong 'echo chamber'?

Musk, like most on the Trump bandwagon can't take any criticism. Anyone who does is either deplatformed or blasted on Troth Central.

The last mile's at risk in our hostile environment. Let’s go the extra mile to fix it

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Thumb Up

Have an upvote

for this

Or you have some captcha stupidity that doesn't let you submit your complaint form.

Almost as bad at Talk-Talk demanding that you have a mobile phone when the contract is for a landline.

Sorry, Siri: Apple may be eyeing Google Gemini for future iPhones

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Re: Siri and Data Centres?

Isn't part of Siri's weakness that it only runs on the device and not in the cloud?

I thought that was part of Apple trying to keep what happens on the phone, on the phone?

Fresh version of Windows user-friendly Zorin OS arrives to tempt the Linux-wary

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Re: Gnome

is IMHO worse than Windows. Every release is (again IMHO) a huge step backwards in usability. I'd love to have some of what those devs are smoking. It must be pretty strong stuff.

Whoever decided that two buttons on a window was better than three is clearly (again IMHO) mentally deranged. Luckily, it can still be fixed (for the time being)

Are the Gnome devs all hoping to get a job at MS like Pottering?


Intel's $699 Core i9-14900KS turbos to 6.2GHz – assuming you can keep it cool

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Re: Now when I was a lad, processors ran at megahertz speeds

Now when I was a lad, processors ran at kilohertz speeds

Isn't that better? Then 1977 dawned and along came the 1MHz VAX 11/780.

First Armv9 automotive CPUs aim to power AI-enabled vehicles

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Re: safety


With every iteration we get closer to the 'I'm sorry Dave...' situation.

For those not old enough to understand the reference, may I humbly suggest that you watch the film '2001'.

The end of classic Outlook for Windows is coming. Are you ready?

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Re: OneDrive files were gone

sorta like Sharepoint.

Now you see it, now you don't. All those saved URL's mean zip if the admin decides to 'do some filing re-org'.

What a load of crap. MS should be ashamed of themselves.

Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

Re: Apple's walled garden

You will be surprised at just how many apps work very well on MacOS without being downloaded via the App Store.

As for Email, I've used Thunderbird since around the time of Windows Vista. When I raised the white flag and gave up Windows for my personal use, I moved the files to MacOS, setup the config and away I went.

I don't use email on my phone. Yes, it is a PITA at times with all these stupid 2FA implimentations but that is a fact of life these days.

Oracle AI buzz means Larry Ellison's worth $15B more today

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That's another large part of Maui

being bought up by a tech Gazillionaire.

I expect the natives will not be impressed. Perhaps.... it is time for another Capt'n Cook event?

Climate change means beer made from sewer water, says North Carolina brewery

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Just like all those 'Lite' beers

that taste of gnat piss on a good day.

Fun fact

If a brewery takes water from a river then there is a good chance that the water will have been used before they extract it from the river. That's why many breweries jealously guard their boreholes.

The same goes for drinking water.

Yes folks, if you are a Londoner, you could well be drinking Reading, Maidenhead and Slough's piss.

Linux 6.9 will be the first to top ten million Git objects

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Re: CSV nightmare.

Sorta like those weird US date formats.

Trump, who tried kicking TikTok out of the US, says boo to latest ban effort

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Re: Tik Tok Youth Brigade

The (Republican?) lawmakers forget that the January 6th insurrectionists were mobilised on Social Media and by using 'burner' phones.

Troth Social didn't exist in 2020/early 2021.... Unless your name is Donald J Trump... then in his eyes, he created heaven and earth for he speaketh the word of God as he is God (of the Planet Trump) not the earth.

Copilot can't stop emitting violent, sexual images, says Microsoft whistleblower

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re: There's no money to be made ...

until the billion... no make that multi-billion lawsuits start coming from the Christian Evangelicals (who are really Puritans in modern clothes).

MS will do something then. Until then.... Let the PRON flow.

Toyota, Samsung accelerate toward better EV batteries

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solid state batteries - the EV holy grail

have been promised every year for at least a decade (much like Full Self Driving, the Tesla Roadster 2 and Robo Taxi's making you $100K per year).

It is only now that some small scale production has started with the likes of CATL in the mix. Samsung are way behind according to many in the business.

As for Toyota... Ah yes, the company betting big on H2 fueled ICE's and Foolcell vehicles who still make people believe that their self charging hybrid is an EV. It is only recently that their TV ads say 'fueled by petrol'.

It seems to me that Toyota are grasping at straws when it comes to the tech for the next gen EV's..

It would not surprise me that next year(or 2026) we will see Samsung take over Toyota.

EU users can't update 3rd party iOS apps if abroad too long

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Re: Why does anyone buy Apple?

Because it is isn't Microsoft and they don't want to sell their soul to Google either.

That good enough for you?

Copilot pane as annoying as Clippy may pop up in Windows 11

Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

Re: Maybe Apple will have a clue on how to use it?

without it getting in everyone's face and annoying the hell out of the user.

Who knows... Perhaps you should ask Siri?

Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

Re: In another year or two ...

All those tweaks you have been virtually forced into developing just to make it palatable will be changed or disabled. MS don't want people to deviate from their way of working.

MS hates people like you. Playing with their baby is just not allowed.

Legal eagles demand $6B in Tesla stock after overturning Musk's mega pay package

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re: The first thing we do

If find a nice big wall, a supply of blindfolds and a big sign saying 'Lawyers Wanted'.

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Re: US lawyers endangered?


The law schools are producing more scumbags to fleece you of your hard earned cash (unless you are named Trump who had a habit of stiffing anyone who he owes money too) than the market can bear.

That's why you end up with Judges who don't have a clue (Cannon) and 'I can fake being smart' Habba.

Musk joins OpenAI lawsuit queue, says there's nothing 'open' about it

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Ms and Elon

Slugging it out in court?

I'll be the only winner here will be the $5,000 per hour lawyers.

Elon really does seem to be battling it out with Trump over who has the thinnest skin. This is a game that you can't win Elon. Just get with the programme and have one of those implants fitted. Then open up the interface to the world. That will be fun.

Chinese 'connected' cars are a national security threat, says Biden

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Re: can I turn them off

Somewhere in the car there must be a SIM Card. Who is paying the bill for it? Would BMW complain if you found it and removed it? Probably not.

Elon and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad legal week

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A bad week for Elon

Is a good week for the rest of us.

Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

Re: But they'll all look the same up against the wall

or in the sights of a .50cal sniper rifle from half a mile away.

{I'm not advocating the use of such a weapon, only making a comparison}

All those scumbag lawyers will be first up against the wall. Instead of Gucci bags, they will from Shoprite or Wallmart and lined with dog poo.

Water worries flood in as chip industry and AI models grow thirstier

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England as well

given the amount of wet stuff that has fallen from the sky this year.

The local weather station is saying that we have had 254% of average rainfall for Jan/Feb

My back garden will soon have dicks swimming around where there used to be grass. Just today(so far) we have had almost 1in of rain.

My neighbour said yesterday,.

"Don't worry. We'll have hosepipe bans by the end of May."

I don't think that he was joking. He used to work at the Medium Range Weather place near Reading.

Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

I've said many times that...

choosing AZ for a Fab that needs millions of litres of precious water every year was stupid.

States such as Washington and Maine have less water stress that AZ but all those it might just be those (Alleged) Semi-truck sized brown envelopes are bad news for the residents of AZ.

Apple Vision Pro rentals take China by storm ahead of official release

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re: But who wants to work eight hours with 650 grams hanging off their head?

If you think that is bad then have you tried wearing a crash helmet all day?

Motorcyclists do that all the time. Not a big deal once you are used to it.

Google wants regulators to take Microsoft down a notch before it stifles AI

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Oh My.... Who is more evil?

and worse at sucking your information and bank accounts dry?

IMHO, the top 3 all tie for evilness.






and in 4th place

Oracle for its arcane licensing that even the sales teams don't understand.

Sometimes their antics make IBM seem a saner place. (Note that I said 'seem')

Microsoft's February Windows 11 security update unravels at 96% for some users

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Windows 11 might "face installation issues."

The understatement of the year so far...

As for saying that they have no reports of BSOD's they must be off-line. Even a search using Bing shows a lot of reports of errors with this release.

Other OS's can create a far more resilient update system why can't MS get it right after all these years? [see icon]

Microsoft catches the Wi-Fi 7 wave with Windows 11

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Re: does anyone

Great comment. You have described the real world... not the Ivory Tower that the MS Marketing Bozos inhabit.

What are the plans of the major ISP's to give us WiFi-7 routers? Now much extra per month do they want to fleece us for?

As you say WiFi-5 and 6 are working fine for most of us and there is no need for an upgrade.

MS Droids will probably have a plan to remove Wi-Fi-5 and Wi-Fi-6 from Windows (or just hobble it speed wise) just to force us to spend money we don't have on an OS that most of us we don't want.

Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

Re: Marketing needs to feed

I wonder if their 'AI in everything push is not going so well?

This could be Plan B to get us to use the One legged dog with Rabies that is W11.

How many El Reg readers have any device capable of WiFi-7? Hands up now.... Wot! No one... Quelle surprise.

AI comes for jobs at studio of American filmmaker Tyler Perry

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Re: Never heard of him

You clearly don't watch Channel 5 (or any of their other channels) in the UK.

They are pushing his series 'Sista's' in almost every Ad break.

Microsoft adds more AI to Photos in Windows 10 and 11

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Re: MS update

is something that should have been taken out the back and put out of its misery years ago.

Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

Re: Who asked for all this?

as someone who said 'so long and it has not been nice knowing you' to MS for personal use in 2009, and spent until the end of 2016 writing software for Windows Server Systems, I want to support the AC who made the original post.

All my family are now mac users. In early 2015, I gave them an ultimatum. I said that if they wanted my IT support for free then they'd have to ditch windows. Windows 8 was according to MS, the Future. W10 corrected some of the lunacy but not enough. The funny thing is that now I get only about 20% of the support calls that I had when they were on windows.

I use a MacBook pro (bought used) as my main device plus a variety of Linux systems.

At the camera club that I go to, most of those who are active members are also Mac users.

Many have resisted the high pressure sales at places line Currys to buy a windows system. Now they all buy (if buying new) direct from apple.

This hell for leather race to put so called AI into everything is a marketing droids dream. It ain't proper AI for starters but that is a different story. Most people can't see the need for AI in everything or in my case there is no need for AI at all apart from creating some artwork for my novels.