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Amazon notices Apple, Google cutting app store commission rates, follows suit

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Re: Taxes and the rich

Owe the Taxman £100 and you have a problem,

Owe the Taxman £100M and the taxman has a problem.

Even more true today than ever.

Bezos is so rich that he could buy many of the world's countries from the change in his pocket.

Good luck ever getting him to pay his fair share of corporate tax. He's too big to pay.

FYI: There's a human-less, AI robot Mayflower ship sailing from the UK to US right now

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Re: What are the chances of it disappearing without trace,

I see a huge airship with the Amazon logo on the sides swooping down and sucking it up into the cavernous hold. Naturally, the airship will be super stealthy and will simply disappear from satellite and other surveillance.

Next year Bezos's new mega-mega yacht will be launched and somehow all the cool tech that is on the robo ship.

By then... he will be so powerful and rich that he'll just buy all the outstanding US Government debt from his small change. He'll then close down DC and proclaim himself President Bezos for life.

Oh wait...

I've just exposed the plot to a future NCIS episode.

Only joking people.

Roger Waters tells Facebook CEO to Zuck off after 'huge' song rights request

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Welcome to the 'Zuck' Machine

I'm also an old Floyd fan from the Syd days and was at the premiere of DSOTM (50 years next January) so well done Roger, you fellow GOM.

Zuck personifies what much of Floyd's Music is about.

I just wish that Zuck would build a spaceship... like fellow billionaires Bezos and Musk and mistakenly 'Set the controls for the heart of the sun' on its first flight with him on board. The world would be a far better place without Facefart and the like.

Eat this Zuck [see icon]

Intrepid Change.org user launches petition to make Jeff Bezos' space trip one-way

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re: the last open seat

I'd just gift it to Donald 'I won, I won' Trump.

Then 90% of the world would cheer.

But somehow, I feel that he'd find a way to return. Grifters are like that.

Debian's Cinnamon desktop maintainer quits because he thinks KDE is better now

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Re: But wouldn't someone who wanted Cinnamon choose Mint in the first place?

not if you are a Linux purist who does not like what Ubuntu/Canonical has done with their Fork.

Debian is to many a purer distro than the IMHO, monstrosity that Ubuntu has become.

Personally, I'm more of a RedHat sort of person but if I had to choose another distro then Debian would be high on the list if not at the top.

Norton dodges UK courts after telling Brit watchdog it will be nicer to consumers

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Re: Until you die, and then some...


In some parts of the USA, dying does not get you out of subscriptions/contracts.

USA... The land of the Free being strangled by an avalanche of stupid and inane laws.

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Re: tended to be considerably easier than getting out of them

May I present 'Amazon Prime' as an excellent example of that?

Hard to avoid signing up and a dog's breakfast to get out of. Almost as if Bezos himself is offended that someone would not want to keep paying him $$$/££££ etc each and every month.

If posting this makes it harder for me to accidentally join Prime then brilliant.

Inventor of the graphite anode – key Li-ion battery tech – says he can now charge an electric car in 10 minutes

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re: 600v fast charger?

Er.... sorry to be a bit pedantic but they are either 400v (nominal) or 800v

Most EV's use 400v DC to charge them. Some such as the Porsche Taycan use an 800v electrical system.

Chargers such as those operated by Ionity can work at either voltage.

Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

Re: A power station at each garage ?

Large scale EV charging sites will have a large battery as well. This won't be Lithium Iron but a different chemical makeup. The battery will charge when the site is not in use and will help balance out grid demand

Plus the head of the National Grid has gone on record stating that there is sufficient generating capacity in the UK + the various Interconnectors to handle the foreseeable load of EV charging.

Blue passports, French service provider: Atos bags £21m UK Passport Office deal

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Re: Yeah, but how many just have a mobile?

Yeah but...

I know several 'old crusties' who refuse to get a smartphone and rely on dumb phones.

"I don't need no stinking internet access on my phone' etc etc

'Those effing yanks will track everything I do'

etc etc etc

One of those 'crusties' is as I found out last week, a few months younger than myself.

Ofcom gets new CTO as UK regulator welcomes Amazon Alexa Smart Home exec

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Big Brother

Re: pent the last nine years at Amazon

This can go one of two ways

1) He'll cozy up to Bezos Inc and play hardball with everyone else.

(a case of I didn't get where I am today.... syndrome)


2) He'll play hardball with his now ex mates at Bezos Inc just to show that he is independent of any influence.

I hope that it is the latter but the cynic in me says that it will be the former.

Either way, Big Brother Bezos and their pals at Google will continue to dominate our lives. Stop the world, I wanna get off.

PrivacyMic looks to keep your home smart without Google, Alexa, Siri and pals listening in

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Big Brother

Re: misses the point

Who watches any TV as it is broadcast the first time these days?

With all the streaming and catchup services as well as our own PVR's there is little to keep us sat in front of a screen at a fixed time these days.

I also have a Humax Freesat box. I replaced the small HDD it originally had with a 1TB SSD. I've plenty of space to store all sorts of progs for later viewing. I plan my recording schedule once a week and then pretty well forget about it.

As for watching adverts? That's what the skip forward button is for. With most channels, it is one of two presses and you are at the end of the waste of space that is called TV adverts.

The more that I can frustrate those who are hell-bent on spying on each and every one of us just to sell more crap that we probably don't need anyway the better IMHO. In the grand scheme of things, it might not be much but at least I am limiting the amount of shit about me that gets collected and sold on which in my eyes is a good thing. If we all took the same attitude then the spymasters might have to think again. They get far too much data about us given to them on a plate.

There are a lot of people out there who'd like to fire Jeff Bezos into space – but he's doing the honours himself

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Why not go after that Tesla Roadster

and bring it back. (or perhaps don't come back)

If you did then that would wipe the smirk off of Elon 'The saviour of the world' Musk's face.

Two obnoxious people fighting about who rules the world. May both of them lose.

The real saviour is naturally, Flash Gordon.

Microsoft to unveil 'what's next for Windows' ... Rounded corners and what else?

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Re: soon we will share one of the most significant updates of Windows of the past decade…

I see trouble ahead

Subscriptions for everyone

Pay up or all your data is ours. That will be $500 to unlock it.

Be very afraid. This is only the start of the monetization of Windows.

They'll take over a major Linux distro next (Ubuntu is my guess)

All your data belongs to Microsoft.

Welcome to the Borg (Windows Version)

The common factor in all your failed job applications: Your CV

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Yep, used to do that

but one HR numpty insisted on going back to what I did at school (I was 50 years old at the time) and why I left at 15, why I didn't go to Uni and a load of crap like that.

I had missed off some things from my CV that were not relevant to the job I was being interviewed for.

She didn't like that one little bit. Her job was to filter the 'wheat from the chaff' and 'not to waste the managers time'.

After an hour, I just got up and walked out with the words,

"If this is the sort of interview that is typical for this company, I really don't want to work here".

Three weeks later I was back as a contractor.

That is all history as I'm retired but I still get the odd call from an agency asking for an up to date CV.

They can pound sand for all I'm concerned.

TCP alternative QUIC reaches IETF's Standards Track after eight years of evolution

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Re: Google pushing the web in the direction they want and making it a de facto standard in Chrome?

How long before we are all required to stop calling it 'The Internet' and have to call it


All your messages are owned by the Borg aka Google.

{eat this Google} See Icon

Microsoft: Behold, at some later date, the next generation of Windows

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Re: to the downvoters

just remember...

"The day's not done until Notes won't run"

The mantra that showed IMHO, the true colours of Microsoft. Still as true today as then. How long before they close off Windows to 'non monetized' apps. Naturally, 30% will be filling the MS coffers.

Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

Re: monetize applications.

That is a big Red Flag to me. Microsoft, while happily slagging off Apple in court (Epic trial), it does seem to have a lot of Apple envy at the moment.

I'm very happy that I got off the Microsoft Windows rollercoaster in 2016. After 20+ years of developing for the platform, I'd had more than enough of their crapfest.

I said to my family back then that I was done helping them with their PC problems. I still am done and I ain't going back besides, MS has probably changed so much in that 4+ years that I'd probably do more damage than good if I did relent.

Beyond video to interactive, personalised content: BBC is experimenting with rebuilding its iPlayer in WebAssembly

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Re: TV that doesn't get upgraded.

Those so-called "Smart TV's" become blathering idiots the moment they are unpacked.

My Sony 'Smart TV' has never been connected to the internet. I am like many here and across the world... junked the smart part and just use the thing as a dumb TV.

In my case, a Humax FreeSat box and an Apple TV do all the heavy lifting.

Lessons have not been learned: Microsoft's Modern Comments leave users reaching for the rollback button

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Big Brother

Re: "Modern Commenting"

MS Word - fragile since 1983.

There ... fixed it for you.

MS (sigh) has yet to learn after all these years that there is good reason for the phrase, 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it'.

Just as we get used to how something works and we get productive again, they decide to [cough][cough] improve it without asking anyone outside their Redmond or Indian enclaves.

but obviously, Big Brother knows best.

Like hell they do but they gave up listening to us plebs years ago.

ASUS baffles customer by telling them thermal pad thickness is proprietary

Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

The solution is... {blindingly obvious}

ASUS wants you to buy a new Laptop/PC.


UK's competition watchdog gives £31bn Virgin Media and O2 merger the seal of approval

Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

And... then there were four no, three, no two,... one

The phone/cable companies get bigger and bigger.

We continue to get shafted with piss poor service, multiple price rises every year and crap speeds even on Vermin.

The 'C' level execs meanwhile play merry-go-round between the remaining players getting fatter and fatter on our money.

Situation normal then.

Microsoft hits Alt-F4 on Windows 10X: OS designed for dual-screen PCs axed

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Re: Dual screen

You had it spot on when you said

Window's internals weren't so brittle

There is clearly some nasties inside windows that makes this almost an impossibility to fix in any short order AND get it to work reliably.

Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

Re: Do kids these days even know what an Aural Brevity Code is?

Unless there is an Emojii for it then you might as well be talking Romulan with a Klingon accent.

Unit4 handed police ERP deal after 'significant deficiency' found in Oracle Fusion system

Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

Unit 4?

Where is the + 2 or are the 'Plod' stuck in 'concrete and clay'?

I'll get me coat.

Cloudflare launches campaign to ‘end the madness’ of CAPTCHAs

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Re: Hardware dongles?

When did you last see a US Style 'Fire Hydrant' in the UK or Europe for that matter?

10.8 million UK homes now have access to gigabit-capable broadband, with much of the legwork done by Virgin Media

Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

Re: I'm the other way around

Let me guess...

Your infrastructure dates back to the days of NTL then?

all my neighbours suffer from their legacy and Vermin still try to flog me 1Gb.... They are having a larf.

Openreach slaps another 5 million premises on top of FTTP connection target, expects to pay 'minimal tax in the UK' over next few years

Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

Re: Have they published lists?

Of course, they have. The list is in one of the disused underground stations, in a rusty filing cabinet that is protected by a King Brown snake that hasn't eaten for a year.

Oh, and the list is printed in white text on white paper.

Microsoft embraces Linux kernel's eBPF super-tool, extends it for Windows

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Re: Sounds like a root kit to me too.

What do you expect eh? The sugar plum fairy carrying a gold bar?

Tesla Autopilot is a lot dumber than CEO Musk claims, says Cali DMV after speaking to the software's boss

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Re: we even prefer to change gears manually.

Electric Cars (other than conversions) don't have manual gearboxes. The huge torque range of an Electric Motor makes them redundant.

Sorry to spoil your dream of being able to change gears.

If you must do it then get a classic car converted from ICE to EV. May I humbly suggest that you start with a Ford Anglia or Prefect?

Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

Re: failure to yield the right of way to the car

Don't forget the rule that says...

Don't argue with a bigger 'thing' than you. Because they are bigger, they are stronger than you. Guess who will come off worse in an accident?

{Does not apply to Caravans naturally) :) :)

Facebook: Nice iOS app of ours you have there, would be a shame if you had to pay for it

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Re: You Can Check Out But You Can Never Leave

That was the case with an HTC phone. The FB app could not be uninstalled without rooting the phone. If you disabled it, something in the background would wake it up again and start draining the battery like there was no tomorrow. I rooted the phone, got rid of FB and the battery life went from 8hrs to 3 days. Go figure.

I then moved to an LG phone. Same problem. That was it with Android for me. I moved to an iPhone 4S and I was free of Faecalbook at least.

I hope that Zuck starts charging for FB and everything else he runs. Watch the users head for the exits at a great rate of knots.

Zuck's 'Hotel California' can't last forever. Even tomorrow is too long.

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Re: temporary privacy addresses enabled by default for IPv6

This is all well and good BUT...

If you are connecting over WiFi AND your WiFi network is not IPv6 compatible then this feature is a total waste of time.

It will be years and years and years before the piece of crap routers that ISP's use will be IPv6 enabled.

That sorta defeats the whole thing, doesn't it?

Gone in 60 electrons: Digital art swaggers down the cul-de-sac of obsolescence

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Thumb Down


Indeed. not Frigging Trustworthy. Much like pretty well all of those digital currencies beloved by the likes of Elon Musk. (need I say more)

I'm sure that there are a lot of crooks/scammers and grifters involved with all of this shite. Like all bubbles, it will burst sooner rather than later and a lot of ordinary people will loose an awful lot of mulah.

NFM (Not for Me).

Highways England seeks vendor to replace Windows 2003-based pavement management systems

Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

Lots of the damage was self inflicted

That anti-skid surface coating that was applied to existing roads has IMHO caused a more rapid deterioration of the surface that is underneath the coating. Potholes galore

Then there are the speedbumps that sit in the middle of the lane. Once again there is every chance that the bump surface will crack and crumble due to the hammering the things get thousands of times a day.

I don't envy anyone taking responsibility for this mammoth pile of crap that is the surface of our roads.

Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

Just replace the whole thing with a sheet of paper

that says

"Not Fit For Purpose."

Job done. That will be £30M please

Microsoft's Edge browser for Linux hits the Beta Channel ... if you're into that kind of thing

Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

none of this Microsoft shite

is coming anywhere near my Linux systems. If it did it would find slurping my data back to Redmond because at the last count, I have more than 600 MS-owned domains and IP addresses blocked at my firewall and this includes microsoft.com.

Once you let these guys into your domain, like any invasive species such as cane toads in OZ they are almost impossible to get rid of.

Bill to protect UK against harmful foreign investment becomes law

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re: more than a few pints...

speaking of which.... because we have not been drinking as much beer there is a shortage of Marmite.

I'll be having a few bottles of Sussex Pale Ale tonight just to help out... honest guv.

Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

re: Jaguar

JLR was sold to Ford in 2000 and then Ford sold it in 2009 to Tata.

Both of those deals were done with a Labor Government in power.

Both main UK Political parties have questions to answer on this whole mess. I can remember Mt Gannex himself talking bollocks about 'the white heat of technology. Even he wasn't afraid to sell parts of the UK Industrial crown jewels to Johhny foreigner.

Microsoft demotes Calibri from default typeface gig, starts fling with five other fonts

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re: No substantial changes;

Indeed but they'll raise the subscription just the same.

One step forward, two steps back. Standard fare for Microsoft.

Apple won't be sharing revenue guidance for rest of the year, but we can always guess what it'll look like

Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

not giving guidance won't please

those numpties on Wall St who make a living predicting APPL's revenue out of orifices that they normally sit on.

The Apple bubble will probably burst in a couple of quarters if the many anti-trust cases go against them.

Then there is the Epic squabble which goes to trial next month.

The Fast and the Curious: Safety-conscious Red Hat eyes continuously certified Linux platform for motors

Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

Re: A potentially insuperable problem

You make a lot of good points

Yet, Volvo/Geely have gone with Google Android in its EV's. I'd love to know what the interrupt latency of that package is when compared to a dedicated RTOS.

Perhaps single digit microsecond responses to external events aren't needed in a car? (sic)

Traffic lights, who needs 'em? Lucky Kentucky residents up in arms over first roundabout

Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

Re: Er ...

Texas might be big but there are bits of France that are 12+ hour flights away from Paris (not Paris Texas...)

Reunion is a lovely place to go. I'd expect that 99.99% of Texans would not have a clue where Reunion is on a map of the world.

As for being liked... Texans aren't liked by many other US citizens. If you want a corrupt state (and there are many if not most states) then Texas is at the top with Florida close behind but catching up rapidly especially after they've passed laws basically allowing car driver to run down protesters and not be prosecuted. Governor De Santis would probably give you a medal if you did just that.

Maybe high-speed internet is infrastructure after all, say US Republicans in proposal to spend $65bn over five years

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Re: Guerrilla warfare

El Trumpo promised and promised an 'Infrastructure Week' but failed to deliver even one. He was totally devoid of ideas. Not surprising really. After all, he is a failed businessman several times over.

Biden comes in and within 100 days, he has a plan. That must really hurt the GQP drones (like Gaetz, Bobert and M T-G (of space lasers fame))

All they can do is lie, bluster, lie and say No, No and thrice No to anything that Biden and co want to do.

With the Senate split 50/50 that have to tread carefully especially with two Repubs in their ranks (Manchin and Senima)

The whole thing is playing out a soap opera.

iPhone XR caught fire after getting trapped in airline passenger's seat

Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

How else...?

did the Indian variant of Covid-19 get here then? By Elephant...?

Zorin OS 16 beta claims largest built-in app library 'of any open source desktop ever'

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re: User Experience Designers

need to be taken outside and dealt with.

They seem to get off on making 'Ease of Use' a thing of the past.

Pah. Far too early for this sort of rant. It is Beer O'Clock yet?

Report: Aussie biz Azimuth cracked San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone, ending Apple-FBI privacy standoff

Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

Re: Apple should not get "upset".

OTOH.... The Fruity Company would get a huge amount of stick here and in many other places if they didn't make every effort to find these holes and fix them.

I wonder if there are any 'Will Not Fix' replies on their IOS Security Bugzilla. Seeing that would be a gold mine to the likes of Corellium.

Who'd have thought the US senator who fist pumped Jan 6 insurrectionists would propose totally unworkable anti-Big Tech law?

Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

re: we shall reform our Confederacy

Given the moves in Missippi to make April a celebration of 'Confederacy' and in Florida where De Santis is going to implement political correctness (his correctness) on Professors and Students at Universities then it might not be that far away.

With the latter, I fully expect to see McCarthy like trials where the faculty has to prove loyalty to their 'dear leader' aka De Santis.

Add in the fact that a blind mule could be put up as a candidate in the Matt Gaetz constituency and still win the election by a landslide shows how far ingrained the GOP psyche is in the South.

Meanwhile, No 45 is hiding away in FLA playing round after round of Golf with cronies (the latter always lose because 45 cheats) just waiting to rise like a Phoenix in August (according to the My Pillow guy) and resume his residency of the White House.

The whole thing is like a soap opera which would be entertaining if the USA didn't have the most powerful military machine in the world.

Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

Re: Limiting by-out powers

Will scupper an awful lot of startup CEO's retirement plans. Don't many of them want just this very thing? Then they can walk away with their pockets stuffed with cash and .... rinse and repeat.

That's how the Millionaires at 22 become Billionaires by 30.

The American Way.

Putting limits on take-over size does seem almost socialist in nature and very out of order for a true Republican.

OTOH, I suspect that a few very large brown envelopes (20ft container sized) might make this all go away. As has been said many times, the USA gets the Government it can buy but not afford.

Microsoft's Surface Laptop 4 now includes AMD options for biz customers, boasts up to 19 hours of battery life

Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

Re: matte screen

but.... haven't we been told for years that:-

- Matte screens are crap for watching movies

- Matte screens are more expensive than glossy ones.


Laptop makers think that everyone ONLY watches movies (hence the widescreen aspect ratio) and does nothing else.

Using your laptop with a glossy screen for business?

Cue most laptop makers laughing at you. Then they ignore you and produce more of the same crap.

Isn't that why we had years of 1368x768 screens on laptops for years?


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