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Microsoft issues fix for Windows 11 Wi-Fi hotspots

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Windows Serarch?

In all my years of using Windows, I can safely say that I only used their search feature ONCE. When I found that it was searching the internet for something that was on my HDD I scratched my head and vowed never to use it again. From then on, I used the command line.

Naturally, MS goes out of the way to make finding your own data even harder by defaulting to hidden directories. There must be countless millions of HDD's (inc SSD etc) that a full to bursting with all the crap that MS hides away from the user. Whenever I got access to a new Windows box, almost the first thing that I would do was to unhide those directories.

MS is evil... pure and simple.

Totaled Tesla goes up in flames three weeks after crash

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Re: Am I the only one

I charge my EV from renewable sources. At the moment, it is charging using the output of my Solar Panels. This month, I have driven over 800 miles and used exactly 0.0000kWh of grid electricity. In winter, I still charge my car from solar and I get around 45% of the energy needed by the car that way.

When it is time to scrap the car, the body will be recycled as it is made of Aluminium. The battery will be recycled as well. Either used for powering a home (I already use 48kWh of old EV batteries to power my home) or broken down into recoverable elements which are a lot cheaper that using those same elements fresh from the mines.

Amazon shows off robot warehouse workers that won't complain, quit, unionize...

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Re: Yin and Yang

You can detach yourself from Amazon by refusing to buy anything from that [redacted] company.

Bezos can suck on this for all I'm concerned... [see icon]

Yodel becomes the latest victim of a cyber 'incident'

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Yodel at the bottom of the list?

They must be sharing it with Hermes then.

Wi-Fi hotspots and Windows on Arm broken by Microsoft's latest patches

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Move along there - Nothing new to see

Borkzilla strikes again.

Metaverse progress update: Some VR headset prototypes nowhere near shipping

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re Bet that we'll fall over ourselves...?

Er no we won't.

Ok, some who are all in with FecalBook will but for the rest of us? Fat chance.

On the 'Snog, Marry, Avoid' scale, Facebook is for me in the 'Run like hell as fast as possible' category.

Once upon a time, FB was regarded as a cool place to hang out. That ship sailed years ago. now it is regarded as a place for oldies.

Perhaps that is why they target their communicator thing at....(drum roll)... old people.

Again, personally, the world will be a better place when FB closes down. The only people who won't like it will be the mental health professionals.

Will optics ever replace copper interconnects? We asked this silicon photonics startup

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For domestic customers?

given the fact that BT (or their contractors) laid Fibre to the poles in my street over a year ago, they don't have any plans to switch it on this side of 2025 (or so on BT guy told me)

That all seems like a tick box job. Lay the fibre for FTTH and get paid by the Government. Nothing about making it work...

'The Epoch

So... the answer for us users at home is 'The Epoch' or Armageddon, whichever is sooner.

Microsoft readies Windows Autopatch to free admins from dealing with its fixes

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There is a reason for that nickname.

The prosecution rests. (and types 'dnf -y update' into their Linux box)

(other Linux software update options are available)

Businesses brace for quantum computing disruption by end of decade

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Now that Crypto has tanked...

lo and behold... another bandwagon/tech bubble comes along to make the consultant (who know zip) a tonne of money.

EV battery can reach full charge in 'less than 10 minutes'

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Re: 1000 Charges

That is 1000 charges from 0% to 100% which no one in their right mind does on a regular basis.

It is recommended that you charge from 10% to 80% when on long trips.

I never charge more than 60% when I'm doing local trips and 85% in preparation for a long journey.

My EV battery is almost 4 years old and has lost 5% of its usable capacity. Slow charging (like at home) can extend the life of the cells.

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Re: Battery format

Even the mighty Tesla is using prismatic cells these days in cars that are being built in China.

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Re: Full charge in 10 minutes?

There are already a lot of Petrol Stations with high power (350kW) chargers installed and operating.

A prime example is the BP station on the A4 Westbound at Hammersmith. There are at least 6 high power DC EV chargers there as well as traditional filling station pumps.

Even the BP station at Bagshot (A30) has two of these chargers a few feet from the petrol pumps.

Why not take a trip to one (while you are filling up with fossil fuel naturally) and see for yourself?

Meta slammed with eight lawsuits claiming social media hurts kids

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Call it what it is...

Antisocial Media

I once saw a FB page. That 'once' was circa 2012 if not earlier. I do know that all of FB has been blocked at my firewall since

EU lawmakers vote to ban sales of combustion engine cars from 2035

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Re: A problem easily solved by simply driving over the plebs

Move to Florida. Death Santis passed a law that allows car drivers to do just that to pedestrians.

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Re: Grid capacity

The Head of National Grid begs to differ. He gave an interview to Fully Charged


It is a very interesting interview.

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Re: The charger numbers seem a bit low.

Please go look at what Gridserve is doing.

They are building the EV equivalent of a petrol station. 24 high-power chargers (> 150kW) and services. They also put in local storage (aka Batteries) that allows them to manage the grid load.

They also have their own Solar Farm.

Their sites at Braintree and Norwich are already operating. Gatwick and Uckfield are under construction. More than 50 more sites are planned.

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Re: replacing a battery pack is fairly easy

Not if Emperor Elon (the last) gets his way. He wants batteries to be part of the structure of the vehicle. That makes replacing them an absolute nightmare. I don't think it will be too long before your lovely tesla is written off after a minor prang because the cost of repair is so prohibitive. Oh... and it can only be done at a Tesla service centre who love to take months to get even simple parts from the Elon Mothership.

Even skateboard chassis cars like the ID series need properly trained people to work on the main battery. 400V/800V/1000V and a lot of Amps are not to be sneezed at nor taken lightly.

As for the service costs of that Tesla. Perhaps that included a replacement Battery? Early Tesla's were like early Nissan Leaf's in that their battery degrades pretty quickly. Battery tech has moved on since those days (pre 2016/17)

Most Battery makers are now predicting 1,000,000 miles on a battery. That means you won't have to replace it in the lifetime of the car.

Makers like Kia/Hyundai have 7 year warranty on the whole car including the battery.

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The charger numbers seem a bit low.

This article says the following


That’s according to a recent report on workplace chargers, which found there are 33,000 charge points at work vs 31,500 at public sites. Mobility group Transport & Environment, which commissioned the study,

Add the two together and you get 64,500 chargers.

Do we still need more? Yes. There are areas where DC charging of any level is simply does not exist.

Here... (40 miles SW of London) there are now 15 50kW DC chargers within 8 miles of my home including two at my local McD's not that you will catch me going there any time this side of the apocalypse.

Makers of ad blockers and browser privacy extensions fear the end is near

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Does anyone need more justification

to consign Chrome to the great bit bucket in hell?

Google as we all know relies on their ability to slurp, slurp and slurp to its heart's content.

We... OTOH want to stop that.... well, we do if we value our privacy.

Chrome is banned from my network. It can't phone home due to the huge number of rules that are in my firewall.

That said, many people use Chrome for everything. The more enlightened will have add blockers and anti trackers installed but the writing on the wall from Google is clear.

Your time is up. We are coming for you. We own your internet history and content so get used to it sunshine.

At least for the time being, there are alternatives. Use them. There really is no excuse for delaying your switch away from Chrome.

It will be interesting to see how MS reacts to this move and will their copy of Chrome follow suit and give a competitor (aka Google) free rein to slurp everything from the millions of Windows users.

We sat through Apple's product launch disguised as a dev event so you don't have to

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Re: Coffee Grinder?

That's ancient tech. Shouldn't you be all in on coffee makers that use those stupid pod things that cost an arm and a leg more than even ground coffee?

Note, I still buy roasted beans and use a grinder that dates from circa 1977.

Microsoft delays next Exchange Server release to 2025

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Re: Well thank Satan for that.

I foresee a lot of people who currently support Exchange look at their retirement portfolio and then say...

Ok, 2025 is it and I'm gone. 'F' you MS, I'm not going to start learning how to get around your inevitable stupidity and general crappiness with the next product.

Elon Musk orders Tesla execs back to the office

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Re: Ego Musk for President

Once Trump gets back in in 2024 and throws the US Constitution into the Shredder, there won't be anything to stop Lord Muck from becoming POTUS.

Mind you, we might have to fight the other evil billionaire, Baldy Bezos for the job of POTUS in 2028 (or when Trump dies on the job)

Zero-day vuln in Microsoft Office: 'Follina' will work even when macros are disabled

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Just in time for...

Mega-super-giant Patch Tuesday.


maybe not. We shall have to wait and see how long it takes for MS to close this huge hole.

Dutch public sector gets green light to use Google Workspace

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Big Brother

I hope that they like getting into bed

With the Devil, the borg and Big Brother all rolled into one.

This won't end well.

This Windows malware uses PowerShell to inject malicious extension into Chrome

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In my book, anything coming from Google is malware. How can this extension (malicious or not) make it worse?

Coat... with a bottle of anti-fungicide (google version) in the pocket

Experts: AI inventors' designs should be protected in law

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I've said this many times...

Politicians who are also lawyers only exist so that they can pass even more stupid laws that will keep their lawyer brethren in Country Club memberships until it is their turn to climb the greasy pole of the political ladder.

Is if any wonder that the great unwashed (those who are not lawyers) see lawyers and by implication politicians as slimy bastards who can not be trusted an inch.

Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

Hell No!

How can an AI stand up in court and defend their 'so-called invention' when they are sued by a sentient being (aka a Human).

Sadly, the USA is 'fscked' enough to pass this into law given the huge donors to the GQP who will be making sure that the SCOTUS does not consider this as a valid law.

AI's will then get the same rights as us humans under the US Constitution. The USA is doomed, it tell ye, doomed and we will not be that far behind.

Elon Musk needs more cash for Twitter buy after Tesla margin loan lapses

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re: give Drumpf a platform

Drumpf has a platform... Truth Social. According to him, it is where all the action is and Twitter is a desert.

(since when had Drumpf ever been known to tell the truth eh?)

He's about to make about $100M from the deal that set it up at the expense of all the small trumpers/MAGA supporters who invested in it... and saw their investments become almost worthless overnight.

Beijing needs the ability to 'destroy' Starlink, say Chinese researchers

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re: hones/internet weren't available before Starlink

But.... Lord Elon invented the Internet.... didn't you get the memo /s /s /s

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After an EMP attack

Not a lot of fancy electronics will be operational. Bins, pen and paper (plus Semaphore flags) is about all that is left that will work.

Microsoft shows off Windows updates at Build dev event

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Re: print spooling

It would not surprise me to hear that MS is making print spooling :-

1) an extra $5.99/month

2) only work when connected to the mothership as all documents have to be printed via MS as they check the contents for illegal images (no prints of bums on photocopiers allowed)

Ok, so I'm joking but all the people I work with have the 'Meh' attitude when it comes to anything coming out of Redmond. They aren't migrating to W11 this side of 2025 if they can avoid it. I'm done with Windows so their faffing around with the UI and everything is irrelevant to me. And to think that once upon a time, I drank the MS koolaid and even was a certified developer. Oh... how silly I was.

Clearview AI fined millions in the UK: No 'lawful reason' to collect Brits' images

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Only $7.5M?

It should be $7.5B. Then they might stop scraping images of all and sundry without a thought to the damage they are doing.

suck on this--> [see icon]

Microsoft patches the patch that broke Windows authentication

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re: it's not a patch

agreed. More like a sneak peek of the clusterfuck that Windows is fast becoming.

Never mind... When Azure hosts all your windows systems this will all be a thing of the past other than 'glitches' like this will mean total TITSUP and MS sticking their collective fingers in their ears and shouting 'read the small print' and denying any liability for their mistakes.

meanwhile... those of us who saw the runes with W10 and left the ship even before the W11 drone strike will be laughing all the way to the bank and keeping their customers happy

Arm, Microsoft at pains to say this CPU arch can be trusted with real server work

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If you think that ARM is so great

How about making Windows/ARM available for us normal folk to download and use?

Cue the image of sagebrush blowing through the deserts of Redmond.

Cars in driver-assist mode hit a third of cyclists, all oncoming cars in tests

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Re: The point is we are further away

Please go and say that on a Tesla forum. They will not like it one little bit.

The Tesla cult/disciples are all in on Full Self Driving and RoboTaxis.

I think that you are 100% correct. The legal things alone will take years to sort out. Tesla will not want to have the liability for each and every crash that one of their cars is involved in unless Elon buys major insurance companies in every country where this is allowed.

Elon Musk puts Twitter deal on hold over bot numbers claim

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re: he is a charlatan.

A snake oil salesman and a flim-flam artist all rolled into one.

I have to wonder how much due diligence he did before making the purchase announcement? If the chickens are coming home to roost and he ends up bailing out could he be liable for a whole raft of lawsuits? Or even another SEC investigation?

He should learn to shut his gob and just get on with running Tesla and Space-X

Appeals court unleashes Texas's anti-Big-Tech content-no-moderation law

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PReventing the removal of 'misinformation'

It is only 'misinformation' if it was not Abbot's 'misinformation'. He's as guilty as any in the GQP of spreading lie after lie after lie.

Texans should remember how much his latest stunt at the border will cost them this year, next year and for decades after when they vote for the next governor in November.

With Mexico moving much of their freight over to New Mexico, TX will lose big time. Abbott is flim-flamming about everything he can to divert attention from that.

Microsoft tests ‘Suggested Actions’ in Windows 11. Insiders: Can we turn it off?

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Re: Just. Stop.

No can do. Besides, it is not your computer anymore. It belongs to us. The sooner you understand that the better.

You clearly didn't read the (very) small print in the EULA that you agreed to. We take full ownership of the computer and we control everything you do on OUR machine.

Stop arguing or we'll lock it down so tight that you won't even be able to log in.

Yours Microsoft.

Apple to replace future iPhone Lightning port with USB-C next year, this guy claims

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Re: Still doesn't change anything ....

There are plenty of others out there who will be getting one.

Tim Apple does not care about what the likes of you, me and even the esteemed hacks that work on this site think. He works in millions of sales.

TBH, this move has been coming for a long time. It is not that startling although the likes of Kuo will milk it for a long time.

Rocky Linux sponsor CIQ secures $26m funding for CentOS successor

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Re: Source of the source ?

The source RPM's comes from RedHat. They remove the RH branding and add their own, As the source is all GPL2 this is allowed. This was how CentOS started and how a number of other clones have worked for years. Alma Linux does the same.

If you dig around on the RH site, I'm sure that you can find the source RPM's.

Jeffrey Snover claims Microsoft demoted him for inventing PowerShell

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At the risk of being downvoted to hell

(you need to be an old-timer to get this)

Bring back DCL.

Compared to Powershell it was pretty good.

iOS, Android stores host more than 1.5 million 'abandoned' apps

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Re: Once you're a Google 'subject', you always will be.

Google Rule 1

Google never forgets anything.

Google Rule 2

See Rule 1

Google sucks. Don't neet do say any more.

Only Microsoft can give open-source the gift of NTFS. Only Microsoft needs to

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Re: "but if 2022 has any lessons for us, it's that we can't have good things"

That should be...

but if 2022 has any lessons for us, it's that we can't have good things because some [redacted] politician or cable news anchor wants to ban it and stop us from having fun.

Wanna have fun? Watch out Fun is an endangered activity and could damage your health, wealth and well being.

[Yours... The Ministry of Truth]

RISC-V CEO seeks 'world domination' by winning over the likes of Intel

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re: Redmond tells us they are looking at RISC-V to diversify their risk.

If Intel is on board then Microsoft will be as well. After all, they have to keep the WINTEL monopoly flying high, don't they?

This gives MS the perfect excuse to ignore Windows on ARM from now on. That looks like it is a dead duck.

If their OS assets won't run on silicon from the likes of Apple (and others) then they and Intel can raise a huge glass of something nice and say 'Job Done'.

"The job is not done until Lotus won't run'

Yes folks, we have been here before.

If this fails then heads will roll in Intel and MS but not the top people naturally.

Twitter buyout: Larry Ellison bursts into Elon's office, slaps $1b down on the desk

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It could have been worse...

If Emperor Musk had brought in Bezos and Zuck.

But... there is still time.

Personally, I hope all involved lose a lot of pocket change in this. But Mush should have paid for it all out of his own... sorry Tesla's pocket. Why would the richest man in the world need loans for this deal? Something smells here. Perhaps he isn't as rich as his sycophants like to make out?

Google cancels bi-annual performance reviews, shifts to GRAD system

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Just another excuse

not to give anyone outside the "C" level execs a pay rise.

Just another day raking it in for the 0.1%.

Engineer gets Windows 11 working on a Surface Duo

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in Microsoft HQ, SATNAD is yelling at his engineers and telling them to make sure that this can't happen again.

MS Level C droids are control freaks. They do not like their restrictions being bypassed. W11 is their pig and only they are allowed to put any lipstick on it.

Elliott Management to WDC board: Spin out or sell flash biz

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because that would require real work rather than speculating with other people's money.

Companies like Elliot Management are the worst sort of leeches in existence. They invest in a company and want to double or triple their return in 12 or 18 months. They are willing to destroy a company to get it.

I'd love for them to try it on with a really big company who would have the resources to fight back dirty.

Worried about being replaced by a robot? Become a physicist

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Re: Doing my bit for the little guy(gal)

Ten seconds with Google would have found a reference to the law.

Here is just one link.


I have to assume that is where the OP got the link to 1930's Germany.

With the SCOTUS effectively outlawing any Abortion in the USA, the plot of the Handmaid's tale looks like becoming fact pretty soon.

Apple to bin apps that go three years without updates

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Re: Oh...THAT business model

What about all those apps that cost £0.00? 30% of that is still nowt...


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