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Facebook button triggers tidal wave of human organs


Re: Bloody hell ...

Maybe they should add blood doning achievements or counts to FB?

Goldeneye 007: Reloaded


Golden Eye Source

There's a free source based remake out for the PC already. Just look up Golden Eye Source. Very popular too according to Wikipedia.

Robot cop tackles mystery tinfoil poo-bomb bandit

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Thumbs up if you read that as Robocop

Scrabble friends Facebook, innit



Sounds like something Klingons eat

Data for 100m Facebook accounts published to BitTorrent


Re: Remeber Geocities...

Despite abandoning it years ago, I found my old Geocities now being hosted at oocities.com so they may not be all gone.

As for this story, this is such a non-event story. The files told me that they had found a couple of thousand people who had the same name as me, and didn't find the link to my url. And so what if they did, it's not as if it's not available from Google anyway.

Nokia latest to feel wrath of Jobs


Third party to carry out these tests

Regarding the previous comments that to make the tests unbiased, a 3rd party should carry out these tests, I must concur... Maybe Reg could do this?

Airline ejects passenger for being hungry


Details missing

Something missing from this story here. Maybe he was talking about police to someone else on the plane and was after the steward/ess overheard.

Since when is it a crime to ask if there are police aboard a plane. Yes, she could decline to answer for security purposes, that's fine, but to kick someone off the plane, for that...

Prevx blames Microsoft for black hawk screen down


Regarding Steam backups

If you keep your operating system on a separate drive/partition to Steam, after reinstalling Steam, it should pick up all the Steam downloads from before without any trouble.. Worked for me anyway. :)

Microsoft hit with lawsuit over Xbox memory card ban


Hope Datel win

Sorry, but if it was there from the start then so be it. Datel have done nothing wrong. Microsoft have, IMO.

Facebook enshrines dead people profiles


Back from the dead

What about people who are reported as dead, who then have their email account hacked. They email FB saying, "but I'm not dead". FB reopens their account and the grieving relatives then get asked if they want to join their Mafia and get a penis enhancement from the dead, etc.

Don't get me wrong.. I think this is a nice idea. But yes, I could see how this could be a nightmare to administer.

Video games linked to ADD? Say it ain't ooh butterfly


Brain training

Results could be swayed if the test subjects were playing brain training games as at least one of them includes the say the colour of the word, not the word itself, type tests as part of it's gameplay.

Hotmail phish exposes most common passwords


@What kind of idiot system

Worse still, it allows a 1 character password!

'Stop NASA bombing the Moon!'


Before it's too late

When the Earth's space and resources are all but used up, the ozone layer is depleted, etc, and we ask ourselves why we didn't try and get humans settled on another planet...

Well we wanted to communicate to and soothe the planets, didn't we?

Apple chokes on Woolworths logo


All we need is...

Guy Goma to come and talk about this on BBC News again :)

Swedish parents win right to name sprog 'Q'

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Q Continuum

Maybe they hope he will gain the powers of the Q?

Nation's parents prepare to be vetted


Exempt form

Can't they just sign a form saying that whatever the government/ofsted are protecting them from with this law, that they take the risks of leaving their kids with those other people in their own hands?

DVLA pledges investigation over Castrol spy posters



Well the people who will see the billboard will also be able to see the cars in front of the billboard so DPA-wise, it's hardly telling anyone anything they couldn't find out if they used their eyes?

As for it not being an 'appropriate' use, I think a different word might be more appropriate here?

Facebook claims mail API less intrusive than Gmail


@Jerome 0

For a nano-second there, I was starting to see Facebook might've had a good idea there but you put it in a correct perspective there.

Boxer sets lawyers on Facebook


Where would you stop?

Not surprised FB don't seem to be bothered. I mean where would this end? Anyone can set up a group about anyone, celeb or otherwise, and say 'I hate such and such' or 'I love such and such' - In fact for every I love one, there is usually an I hate one. There are loads already out there and if every person decided to sue FB over it... well it's just a fail to even consider that to start with.

Labour calls for free Wi-Fi on trains



Sorry, but as some have pointed out, this is ridiculous.

1. At one point, round my neck of the woods, police travelled on a bus route because of abuse and vandalism - in fact, I think they changed the bus route altogether in the end. So buses are quite notorious for trouble and thieves looking for a good place to pick up some valuable tech might start using the buses more - joy.

2. Never mind being fed up of the headphones next to you, what about the laptop digging into your seat space as well.

3. @Lionel Baden, imagine how many sick people could UPLOAD child pornography from the (dis)comfort of their bus seat?

4. What about privacy? At least on a train, you might not have someone peering over you but it would be harder to get privacy on a bus.

5. if the reception is as good as the time keeping of buses round here during rush hours, you can forget it.

6. Oh yeah, and they will up the price for this - count on that.

US magazine to display Harry Potter-style moving images



Could we one day see cross SCREEN script vulnerabilities where ads can be hijacked?

The school kid could one day be telling his/her parent he/she is studying the book from school, but the video inside has been replaced with something less/more educational. ;)

All this is assuming this thing is programmable/hackable, cheap enough and this actually gets taken up. If it is, in fact, environmentally unfriendly, expensive, non-reusable, etc, then well...

Opaque Wi-Fi laws 'damage UK economy, social inclusion'


Trespass in garden analogy - law is on criminal's side

Well the law is on the criminal's side in the UK. If a would-be/caught robber injures themselves as a result of a flowerpot in the wrong place or something, they would attempt to sue the home owner and probably succeed, due to the ridiculous of the law in this country.

Therefore if they used your network and their password was ripped or device got infected, etc, causing damages, costs, etc, they will probably end up being able to sue the home owner again.

However laws on this work out, the innocent law abiding users will end up in some big news story about being unfairly treated, at least in the UK. In the states, they will probably just be able to shoot someone in self defence if they detect them using their network. :)

NASA fires up the 'interplanetary internet'


@Ian Johnston

Yeah, sounds familiar to me too.. So this would be the start of the backbone for a new zone? :)

Amiga Forever updated for Windows 7

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My Amiga...

...lives on, on my PC these days. I transferred the whole hard drive and loads of disks across years ago using a null modem cable - took some time, but it was worth it. Glad they are still working on these things.

Vodafone offers customers chance to pay for own infrastructure


Cordless phones?

At home my mobile links into a wifi network and i can chat to any of my friends using any number of internet chat programs, via text or voice using an app on the phone. If I want to send a picture, etc, and I can't be bothered to go to my PC, I could still use the wifi on the mobile. Should I want to go as far as the garden to chat to them, I can use the cordless land line phone. Seems little point in paying for this facility to me.