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World's first proper flying car makes debut flight

Ken Lord

Not the first ... meet the Mizar


Ford Pinto with optional Airplane attachment.

Yes, a Pinto ... i guess there's less of a rear end explosion when in the air.

But, in general, the concept will NEVER work. The vehicle must be strong enough to be safe on the road and light enough to fly efficiently. Compromising to do both just makes for an expensive, fuel guzzling beast that does poorly on the ground and in the air.

And you've seen all the idiots you have to drive with ... do you really want them in the air ... tossing out trash, bottles of urine, lit cigarette butts above your home?

Great Aussie firewall claims first victim

Ken Lord
Black Helicopters

Wish it was a 2 way firewall

I should be a two way firewall.

The Coral Seas Villas hotel in Port Douglas Australia abused their guest email list recently ... intentionally sending me in Canada a PETA chain letter, stupidly thinking it was somehow a legitimate petition, encouraging me to send it on to more people.

And they exposed their entire guest email list to me. ... idiots must not know about BCC.

Make the firewall two-way ... If australians are too stupid to be able to surf without censorship, then they shouldn't be able to send their crap to the rest of the world either.

... and yes, the hundreds of email addresses I received did get a reply telling them to never stay at Coral Seas Villas ever again (I encourage you to never stay there either) as they've shown they can't be trusted with our private personal data.

Uncle Sam buys 20 petaflops BlueGene super

Ken Lord

Notice from the department of redundancy department

" the 36 racks that house these processing elements will take up 36 computing racks"

Now that there is just some freakin' awesome reporting. Yeeehawww!

Amazon UK pulls Scientology exposé for 'legal reasons'

Ken Lord
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First Scientology, then all religion

Keep up the fight, Scientology will die with enough effort and education.

Then we will have the experience and know-how to finish the job, to kill off all religions and end the millenia of destruction they have wrought on mankind.

Old Windows exploits dominate hack attack traffic

Ken Lord
Jobs Horns

Everyone Missed the point.

The real (and unmentioned) point of this article is that there have been no new significant exploits for Windows in a few years that can be taken advantage of in massive numbers like in 'the good ole days'.

In other words ... Windows has become more secure, A properly patched and properly used XP computer is not at much risk, and a Vista computer is absolutely more secure than an XP or older Windows computer, at least until some new vulnerability is exposed.

As for the people worried about Bloat ... come out of your dark corners, spend two seconds looking at the prices and sizes of current hard drives and give yourselves a smack. Then look at the capabilities of current hardware compared to the power actually needed for your websurfing and emailing habits ... and smack yourself again, why not use some of that wasted power?

... Meanwhile in Linux Land, 128 bit security certificates created in the last 2 years on Debian and Ubuntu systems have been revealed to only be useless 16 bit certificates, that have rendered insecure potentially millions of systems, linux or otherwise, that use the certificates ... How many millions will be spent by IT departments everywhere weeding out the bad certificates? Thanks Linux Land!

Archos 705 Wi-Fi mobile DVR

Ken Lord

Closed Linux OS = Bad. Nokia's Open Linux = Better

The makers of the Archos have given the device a closed version of linux. You can not develop applications for it, so you simply won't find any of the common applications you would expect ... unless Archos makes it and slaps a price tag on it.

The Nokia N810 is far more flexible. the Maemo OS is open, hundreds of applications are available from people around the world for free ... although admittedly many of them should NOT be coding ... but if you don't like it, you can build something yourself, unlike with the Archos.

... For example, Mobipocket ... not available for either device. But thanks to the open source Garnet Virtual Machine, with some effort you can run Mobipocket for Palm on your Nokia N810, while the Archos owners keep begging Mobipocket for a version ... that Mobipocket can't make due to the closed Archos system.

The Nokia N810 has similar battery life, a good screen if smaller, is much lighter and comfortably fits in a coat pocket.

Of laptops and US border searches

Ken Lord

It's totally your choice.

At many Canadian airports, you will see signs that say something similar to: "Passengers are free to decline security inspections by choosing not to fly".

In other words, you cross the border knowing full well what you are doing, with the expectation of being inspected.

If you believe anything different, and take risks at the border, you will get what you deserve.

When crossing international borders, there is NO difference between the contents of your laptop and the contents of your luggage. The same search and seizure rules should apply. If security is not allowed to compile a database from a paper list of friends, then they are not allowed to do so from your laptop ... but if they are, it's your fault if they do. If you disagree, I bet you also foolishly don't believe in copyrights or intellectual property as an excuse to protect your other crimes.

The author of the article can't even define a clear line of what he thinks is reasonable, stating a laptop should only be inspected for drugs and explosives, that the data is not security's business, then on the last page the author states that it's totally reasonable for some random searches of laptops without suspicion.

He must really mean: Go ahead search everyone elses, but it's wrong to search mine.

The real problem regarding Americans and Security is how fast you let George Bush destroy your constitution in the name of 911. You ignored your constitutional responsibility to overthrow Bush for taking away your rights. Having done so, you have nothing to complain about when crossing the border.

Astronauts ride robotic arms into space

Ken Lord


Just once, I'd like to see an american news outlet actually give credit to the fact that the 'robotic arms' used on the shuttle and space station, that allow astronauts to check the shuttle for launch damage and have been indespensible in the building of the ISS and repair missions to the Hubble Space Telescope are a Canadian technology that is properly reffered to as the Canadarm.


Yes, I'm still holding a grudge after you bastard americans repaired the Hubble Space Telescope years ago, but removed the red Canada and Canadian flag from the arm before launch so that the common dumbass american watching the highly televised event would not know that the repair could not have happened without Canadian technology.

Are you really that pathetically insecure?

Led Zeppelin reunion opens with Communication Breakdown

Ken Lord

Domain is Down

As of about 8:45am (pacific coast Canada), The Server or Domain has gone from being too busy ... to being entirely down.

Server not found

Firefox can't find the server at ahmettribute.com

I think I may have pre-registered ... after re-submitting the form many times and finally getting a 'Done' status bar message instead of 'Timed Out', but i didn't successfully load any confirmation page despite continuing to submit it for another 15 minutes.

Hopefully an email is on it's way.

NASA weather error sparks global warming debate

Ken Lord

Hurricane link missed.

Interestingly, the corrected temperature data highlights even more strongly the relation between increasing temperatures and hurricane numbers and strength.

The last period of high hurricane activity and strength was in the 1930's.

Anywho, idiots will believe what they want to believe about the corrected numbers instead of looking at it all properly. All those missing glaciers and iceshelfs are meaningless now that a small error has been exposed huh?

eBay seller nabs $1500 for Jesus-like garage stain

Ken Lord

just another myth fools follow.

It's so amazing just how many people are unwilling to take responsibility for their own actions.

Why hasn't an american sued god yet? You blame him for everything you do, and you love to sue everyone else while dodging your screwups, come on! sue god already!

There's thousands of gods out there that people believed in that no one follows today. Each and every one of them inspired fools to be totally devout and unquestioning.

... and one day the Christian god will simply be another forgotten myth worshipped by misguided fools.

Ken Lord

The Religion of Contradictions

If god is all forgiving and all loving, your faith, all your actions, and all your thoughts on earth are irrelevant. Fighting over religion is thus moot, and doing anything in god's name whether it be war or charity simply exposes you as a fool.

If god is all forgiving and all loving he must love and forgive you whether you are a serial killer, a child molesting priest, or even if you're a dumbass american.

"Jesus is not going to be found on a dirty floor. He is Holy" ... I guess all that work with the lepers was just another lie made up in the bible? Being an oily splotch on the floor is far cleaner, so why not be an inanimate coincidental splotch of dirt? Or wait! maybe this is just more proof that jesus wasn't holy!

If we are all created in god's image ... then the sin of pride DOES come from god, as does every other sin. Don't tell me it came from a mythical figure's choice to eat an apple ... who created the apple and imbued it with it's evil secrets?

.... All we are seeing with the buyer and seller of this coincidental splotch, and the freaks proclaiming their misguided faith in the splotch is a bunch of fools who don't understand that our sight and brain has evolved to be very good at pattern recognition, to the point that we often see patterns in things that are meaningless.

If you weren't good at seeing a lion in the tall grass on the African Savannah's, you would be lunch. By being good at seeing lion in the tall grass, you also end up seeing coincidental patterns elsewhere. It is as simple as that.

"We are all atheists about most of the gods that humanity has ever believed in. Some of us just go one god further." - Richard Dawkins

Ken Lord

The real story behind the Splotch

Son, wipe up that oily splotch you made on the floor!

... No mom! I don't want to!

... Son, wipe that mess up right now!

... No Mom, I'm a lazy little bastard, I don't want to clean up my mess!

... Son, you'll be grounded if you don't clean up your mess right now!

... But mom! It's the image of jesus! It the second coming! He's back, in the form of an inanimate oily splotch!

... Son, stop procrastinating, clean it up now!

... I'll prove it's jesus mom! I'll sell it on ebay! If someone buys it, it must be real!

... fine son, just use the money to get someone to clean up that damn oily splotch.

OK Mom.

(read's best if you use the voice of Eric Cartman as the son)

Kind of makes you re-think that whole 'virgin birth' too doesn't it? Really dad, i swear we never had sex! It was an act of god!

Firefox leak could divulge sensitive info

Ken Lord

Ajax is Javascript

Ajax is nothing more than using Javascript a particular way with some compatible tools. Just a buzzword really.

Remember how the world swooned over Ajax? Even though every good computer user knows that they must not ever use anything related to Javascript (at least according to most people who post to slashdot or similar forums)

Funny how all those javascript haters fell in love with Ajax.

But I digress, really my point is this:

Use Firefox and get owned just like users of internet explorer! Open source isn't perfect! Now that Firefox has a larger market share, they are getting hit by more hackers! I told you so!

Windows Vista aligned with good management practice

Ken Lord


Brett Weaver makes the usual common mistake of uninformed windows users.

Vista is a new OS ... yet he believes that despite all it's new features, improved graphics, etc, that it should run the same or better on the same hardware as an OS designed 5+ years ago. He thinks it's wrong to have to upgrade to get good performance with new software. He's obviously never played video games.

If his laptop really does require 5 minutes to boot with Vista, then he really didn't have a clue when he picked out his laptop. If anything it's HP's fault for selling something claiming to run Vista which apparently can't ... and his fault for buying something to run Vista that apparently can't.

Then, as usual, he blames MS or the OS when he has control over whether or not his computer fires up with useless software running.

If he bought his laptop from a major retailer, no doubt it was stuffed with crap like that nasty 'I'm a Mac' commercial tells us. The benefit to him being a cheaper price, subsidized by the companies that paid to get their trial versions bundled on the laptop ... chances are he could have bought the same laptop from a smaller local retailer without the crap and simply paid more for it.

... but the rest of the world simply removes the crapware, and enjoys the benefit of the cheaper purchase price.

Ken Lord

All the negative comments say nothing but "I'm an ignorant fool"

Ok lets go down the list of ignorant problems with the messages posted to this story.

One person here seems to think that Windows XP activation will force people to move to Vista.

... No, it won't. When the time comes to end support, Microsoft will still allow activation of existing XP licenses so that people reformatting their computers won't be shut out. There simply won't be any new licenses created / sold, and you won't be able to talk to MS about your problems with XP.

They can't stop you from using your existing XP licence after support ends anymore than GM or Ford can stop you from using your car after their legal requirement (in Canada) to support your car ends after 10 years. Your tin foil hat is tied on a bit tight today.

You will be able to go on using your old crappy hardware with your old crappy OS for as long as you want.

Funny how as soon as MS releases a new OS, everyone who hated XP with every fibre of their being suddenly can't pry themselves away from it.

When XP came out, there was the same problems with using old hardware, especially scanners and printers, there was the same lack of drivers for the first year, and the same group of whiners unwilling to let go of their old ways.

A couple years later, XP is like an ailing father on lifesupport, with the smart, eager, and better equiped kids standing around him ready and able to run the family, but you whiners won't put the poor old guy out of his misery. Pull the plug already, stop living in the past, and come into the future already!

Next ...

In this world of fast dropping prices and perpetual obsolesence of computer hardware, it won't take long at all (hmm say 12 months or less? Funny how its the same 12 months isn't it?) ... for the cost of Vista capable hardware to drop in price more than enough to cover any increased cost associated with buying Vista licenses over XP licenses.

Next ...

There is nowhere near the IT burden associated with Vista as everyone assumes, IT administration of a Vista machine will require the same or less effort than an XP machine, probably much less since it has so much better security. If you run 64bit Vista you are effectively immune to most of the security threats faced by XP.

IT departments that are on the ball are only waiting a year to allow Vista machines on their networks so that they themselves have time to become more familiar with the OS. IT departments that are claiming they will allow Vista in a few years are simply admitting that they don't have a clue about the new OS and don't want to deal with it.

Next ...

The supposed DRM infection, has way too many myths associated with it. Vista will not in anyway stop you from playing any media that you could play natively in windows XP.

If you are pirate / hacker scum with a library of stolen (non-HD) media, you will be fully able to carry on playing your old, low resolution, crappy quality, stolen movies and music. If you possess stolen HD content, simply convert it to another format. You can hack can't you? ... good! then you will still have HD quality, just not HD / Blueray format, and you can carry on being a pathetic criminal.

Vista adds the ability to natively play HD content, a new feature that XP did not natively support, it just happens to force you to abide by your legal responsibilities and respect the copyrights of HD media ... don't like being forced into this? You only have hacker and pirate scum of the world to blame. ... There'd be no police issuing speeding tickets if everyone driving followed their legal responsibility not to speed.

The DRM issue is utterly meaningless to IT departments and most companies. It will have no effect on migration to Vista ... you're supposed to be doing your damn job at your computer, not watching HD media content!

Next ...

Most companies big enough to have an IT department, and especially larger companies are not going to simply throw out all their existing computers and XP licenses, any company that throws money around like this has far bigger problems than the quality of their IT department.

They will replace them slowly over time as the computers become obsolete or as new employees are hired that require new computers. This makes the migration much cheaper and spreads the cost out. It also keeps the number of people using Vista small at first, allowing a good IT department to learn and adapt to any problems. Only a very small percentage of computers will be wiped and reformatted with Vista on their current hardware.

Vista works perfectly well on a network full of XP computers ... in fact with the new network protocol stacks it will work much better, I know mine sure does. Under XP I never saw anywhere near the speed limit of my cable internet ... I always see it now, 3 or 4 times faster downloads using the same hardware.

Next ...

Why should XP become public domain? MS owns it, they can do whatever the hell they want with it. They have the rights to the software. Dropping support for XP will not in anyway force you to stop using it on your computer, so who cares! If you want to be an ignorant luddite, be one, keep using old technology. Heck go find some really old hardware that can't run anything but DOS if you want. The public domain arguement is the arguement of cry-baby whiners.

MS could suddenly decide to drop their entire business model, drop all their current software, and switch to selling shoes and handbags if they want. It's their IP, their money, their stock capital. They can do what they want with it just like you do what you want with your own assets. No one forced you to use XP in the first place.

The arguement about MS not being allowed to have an end of life cycle on their software is just as stupid. Everyone wants the latest greatest thing with the newest features ... but no one is willing to cut their ties to the old technology that

holds them back.

Do you really think MS should be forced to fully support DOS, Windows 2, Windows 3, Windows 95, Windows 98 ... and a dozen other versions leaving them with no resources to develop new products? Just imagine how expensive a Vista license would be if you had to pay the wages of people supporting those useless old OS's!

Next ...

Let me answer the new improved corporate IT survey on behalf of everyone:

When do you intend to migrate to Ubuntu (or some other common linux distro)? .... NEVER!

The guy who wanted that question is utterly clueless. His idea of big corporate IT must consist of him and his three buddies writing love letters to each other with Open Office.

Of course he won't hear us screaming because his sound card isn't working. He can't fix his sound card because he's obsessed with trying to get is CD burner to work, and he's hopelessly lost in configuration windows which don't actually have any code behind them to configure his hardware!

Ya, He'll be getting lots of chargeable work done today for his company.

Digital data can bite you in the ass, researcher warns

Ken Lord

I agree, you must have utter privacy in all cases.

Yup, it was a very bad thing to find evidence on computers that led to the conviction of those two murders.

Yup, it's just wrong to use people's own admissions that they committed crimes, backed by their own photos, posted on their own public web spaces to convict them of the crimes.

We should all be able to commit any crime we want, post information about it to public places, and be permitted to get away with it, who cares about the suffering of our victims and their families!

Dodging responsibility for our own actions - It's the American way!

Hacking WoW and the pursuit of knowledge

Ken Lord

Typical hacker scum making typical hacker excuses.

Tell any hacker that they are doing something that is wrong ... and you will always get a list of pathetic excuses and pathetic claims that the rules don't apply to them. Now you can reward a hacker by paying for a book full of this kind of misleading BS! Yay!

The Warden is not spyware ... to be spyware, you have to be unaware that it is there, or unaware of what it is doing ... if you read the EULA, as is your responsibility, then you are aware ... if you don't read it, too bad, you made the choice to be uninformed when you clicked the Accept button.

Whether or not the EULA is enforcable in court is irrelevant, everyone, especially hackers, are aware that by clicking on the accept button, you are agreeing to follow the rules. You can't claim ignorance ... especially if you fully intend to break the rules. Here in Canada, 'intent' matters more than the law itself. If you can be shown to have had no intent to commit a criminal act, then you did not commit a criminal act except by an act of negligence. Hackers are nothing but pure criminal intent incarnate. Only a fool would try and debate this fact.

Blizzard has never hesitated to ban cheaters, in the hundreds of thousands. They don't need a reason, they can do it on a whim and regardless i'm sure that's very clearly stated in the EULA in an undisputable way. You don't own their servers or any virtual property, they do and can do as they please with it.

The article is very misleading too. If it is possible to alter your game coordinates by a simple hack then WoW was programmed by idiot monkeys. In other games the client does not send the server coordinates, it sends the server actions (move in this direction at this speed modified by this buff) ... which makes it very easy to detect if your character is moving faster than is allowable or if you are using a buff / spell / item effect that should not be available to you. I believe it was Everquest several years ago where this method of location hacking was fixed and led to many instant bans one day when the hacker scum tried their tricks after a patch.

Greens demand boycott of Lockheed Martin census trial

Ken Lord

Existing laws may allow USA to steal the cenus data

The boycott may well be justified, for a reason not posted, and overlooked by the author.

US anti terrorism laws force all US companies to hand over private personal client data to the US government upon request. Companies are not allowed to reveal that they have handed data over and can be charged with various crimes if they do make such an announcement.

If the UK census data is at anytime transferred to a server on USA soil for any kind of processing, the US government will no doubt take a copy of it.

In Canada, where many data services involve interactions with US servers ... such as central credit card and bank processing facilites on US soil, or contractors to the Canadian government with US home offices and servers centralized on US soil ... the privacy of personal data of all Canadians has been put a risk.

The agreements to a couple of my canadian credit cards, which I have now paid off and cancelled, state that I agree to allow the card company to hand over my personal data to the USA government without my knowledge!

The province of British Columbia has passed a law to ensure that all processing of BC government data by american contractors must be done on canadian soil. Other provinces have enacted similar laws.

You should be scared of Lockheed ... and any other US company that processes your data.

US spy chief wants 'some control' over satellite imagery

Ken Lord

They started this during the first gulf war

The USA started oganizing first purchase rights of satellite images from private venders to cover their lies because of the First gulf war.

The Americans were caught lying about Saddam Hussein's military intentions (gee surprise). They claimed that they had to invade immediately because Saddam had 1500+ tanks and a quarter million troops lined up to invade Saudi Arabia.

An American journalist ... in what may be the last example of an american journalist actually doing good unbiased in-depth investigation ... bought satellite images from a private vendor, of the area where troops were supposedly amassed, and exposed the American government as a bunch of lying bastards. There were no troops, no tanks, no tracks, just sand. Lots of sand, in fact many roads in the area were so buried with sand that no troop vehicals could have passed. Other vehicals and tracks could easily be seen ... vehicals used in servicing oil wells ... but no great Iraqi army.

The USA government claimed that perhaps the journalist had acquired images from an earlier date by mistake ... but they have never revealed any of their own images to prove that the Iraqi troops were truly there.

Here's the archived original article by the journalist:


So, even way back in 1990, when the USA actually had justifiable reasons to invade Iraq, they were making up evidence and lying to their own people to gain support.

Seems to be the only thing Dubya learned from his father.