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Forget China and India, Sweden is tech's superpower

Mr Blonde
Paris Hilton

Sweden FTW!!!

Kazaa, mySQL, Skype, The Pirate Bay, Spotify...

Long legged Blondes like me and mine?

Maybe it's the long and dark winters?

Mr, Mrs and Ms Blonde

IE zero-day used in Chinese cyber assault on 34 firms

Mr Blonde

Colour me surpised

A Serious Security Breach involving Microsoft Internet Explorer? Tell me it isn't so!

What were the Wee Wille Wonkers doing at the Chocolate Factory? Not eating their own dog-food one must presume.

Microsoft ends Windows and Office 2007 rental restrictions

Mr Blonde

Earn Ye some Balls

"Sterling Ball, a jovial, plain-talking businessman, is CEO of Ernie Ball, the world's leading maker of premium guitar strings endorsed by generations of artists ranging from the likes of Eric Clapton to the dudes from Metallica. But since jettisoning all of Microsoft products three years ago, Ernie Ball has also gained notoriety as a company that dumped most of its proprietary software--and still lived to tell the tale. "

more here


Malware ecosystem thrives thanks to pay-per-install fees

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Windows FTW!!!

OK, I'll go peacefully, just got to get my coat.

It's the asbestos-lined polar-bear furry thing in the corner.

Where's all the malware för Mac and Linux at?

NHS hospitals struggle to hold back the malware tide

Mr Blonde

Botnet === Windows

Most of will solved by Chrome.

Intel cozying up to Google Chrome OS

Mr Blonde

An abundane of marketshare???

Maybe Otellini is playing a wild card here, but Googles liquidity could be playing a small part in Intels strategy. Google cooperation could mean Microsoft subservience, if such a thing can even be imagined, but I doubt it. Mobile is the key, and instant on ;-)

Nothing to see here, just Intel collecting some OS-goodies, concessions? that AMD will have to emulate.

Not a fan of any of their houses /:

Google's vanity OS is Microsoft's dream

Mr Blonde

It's a trap!!!

Google is sailing up Microsofts blind side. When the desktop is the browser most users will be happy doing mail, facebook, myspace, twittering and what not....

Remember Picasa and YouTube!!! Google will not be gimping around as the astrotards so merrily maintain.

Police want new remote hard drive search powers

Mr Blonde

Give them everything they want

Total surveillance of the populace.

Total subversiveness as required.

I. E. You must be suspect as you possess various digital devices.

/Ultimate Terrist Question

- Do you type obscure commands such as ping or ingratiating scripts beginning with whois? on the command-line?


DAT's a open n shut case

- off to to dungeons with this wretch...

/may he/she/it feel the the wrath of the Moderatorix very own Dominatorix (if there be such an thing)

No icon

Has Microsoft matched Flash with Silverlight 3?

Mr Blonde

Lukie... I am your father...


Microsoft aims 'non-security' update at gaping security hole

Mr Blonde

Silly Billy

AutoMount is sexy.

AutoRun is not.

This began as verse,

- for better or worse.

The tail is now held by a Bot.

Excel Trojan targets unpatched flaws

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Gates Horns

Excell not excellent?

How very surprising. One would think that Microsoft with its tens of thousands of programmers and its vast cash reserves would have some way of untangling the mess of spaghetti-code that they have released over the years.

Open Office while ugly is very functional reasonably safe.

Firefox millions - only 12 per cent Google free

Mr Blonde

Weasel Words or what...

>>>saying that an arrangement with "a search provider...facilitates the dissemination of the Foundation's browser, thereby increasing the accessibility of the internet."<<<

Translation required...

Is using a commercial outfits money taxable if your revenue stream is extremely dependent on that entity?

>>>"If it doesn't pass the test, the Foundation says, it will become a private charity, coughing up about $100,000 in taxes."<<<

Is this how an organisation that develops a flagship application on the open-source front line should behave? Where is the ethical leadership?

Windows 7 'pre-beta' washes up on Pirate Bay and co

Mr Blonde
Gates Horns

Free bug hunt

As the eminent Sir William Gates the turd once expressed his sovereign wish that if people would pirate software he would like them to pirate his Microsoft software.

Leaven this with a bit of old fashioned bribery


"But if, as appears may be the case, Microsoft is letting people have Dell XPS M1330 laptops with 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo processors and 3GBs of RAM on "indefinite loans"..."

and... we (maybe) have a winner, extra points for MS-Vista as the obvious loser.

Sarah Palin gets righteously punk'd

Mr Blonde
Paris Hilton

No Fair - punking the villiage idiot

Maybe she could wink or flash a leg or something.

Paris because she's obviously more intelligent and infinitely hotter.

Facebook rattling tin in Dubai?

Mr Blonde
Gates Horns

Sell a small chunk to Google

and wait for Steve Ballmer to come calling with bags of cash.

Apple patents OS X Dock

Mr Blonde

Hello there! just lay off Webster Phreaky!!!

He's just a minor bot or should I say A" lilttle-BOT" (otherwise known as a phenomenon only known to kNee-jerk web-sites such as tHe reGisters esteemed forum and other worthy or WoRdY Internet-communities)

Mac and Apple desgtroyed his childhood and all his "HOODS" in the dark years of Computer-Dark-aGes"

Love a hoodie <3<>hate a woodie

Love Your "Webster Phreaky " today before it's Testosterone-Day and all is lost or forwarded to the IRA...

I för one welcome our alco-posting inhibitors overlords already

Ballmer on banking crisis: No one is safe

Mr Blonde

Ballmer, live by the chair, die by the sword

Here's hoping that the recent financial downturn will sweep the abominable chairman and the Frankenstein monster that he helped to create into a long-forgotten but much deserved oblivion.

RIAA filesharing target Jammie Thomas wins retrial

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Paris Hilton

... required by the Recording Industry Ass. of America


This was a good summary of the RIAA name

Sucking the creative blood of the creatives is what the RIAA are.

- and snorting coke off hookers tits is what they need all this cash for...

Paris, for obvious reasons.

Will Microsoft ever get the web?

Mr Blonde
Gates Horns

Short answer


Turkish court bans Dawkins' website

Mr Blonde

Missionary position required ;-)

No intelligence needed or assumed, only acquiescence.

Ban it all... burn the books, execute the infidels and ignore science.

If it floats it's a witch.

Cray, Intel, and Microsoft birth baby supercomputer

Mr Blonde
Paris Hilton

This will of course attract the Point n' Click Brigade (TM)

... [click here]

No pain, no gain, no brain...

Windows for W*nk*Rs

MCSEies to the fore!

If only Switzerland would sue the M$ for infringing on the "How many holes can a cheese possibly have?" concept.

- Paris, who naturally trumps Swiss Cheese.

OMFG, what have you done?

Mr Blonde

Hu-mongos :D

Ahhh... let us draw a deep breath.

After all the fruit-bashing the Reg imitates Apple,


- (Fixed width and jumbled content)

... (/unsmiling icon)



... (/unsmiling icon)

- (Fixed width and jumbled content)

Bring on the fruitiness... El Reg!!!

Bring it on!!!

// - Paris, because she knows strange fruit...

Mr Blonde

More whinging

The Bad:

- fixed width === bleh

- small fonts === double-bleh

- grey walls of impending death === not very presentable.

- masthead === fugly

The quick fix:

- view the site with styles-sheets turned off (Firefox).

The good, some icons are back:

- Paris and the _old_ good and bad Gates, Jobs, the "I'll get my coat" and the mArTiaN är back. Yea!!!

Now a note from our sponsors (the spelling-bees):

@Solomon Grundy Posted Monday 15th September 2008 15:22 GMT

"(...)it was poorly thought out, and built on poor design principals."

I think you meant principles.

America's CTO: We have a winner

Mr Blonde

+1 _4_ A Man From Mars

because PoliticianS Speak wiTh Forked tongUes

World goes mad as Bill and Jerry eat churros

Mr Blonde
Paris Hilton

The wind blowing through the hole in the back

"Backward compatibility is important," [Ben] Green says. Windows 7 will have the same security model as Vista to minimize disruption.

- Paris shivers as she knows such winds

IT pay jumps as skills gap widens

Mr Blonde

pay peanuts... get monkeys

Mr. Pot meet Mr. Kettle and understand that both are burned to a crisp,

No offence intended to our overseas staff however you may fail at helping our customers due to over-estimation of our customers technical capabilities... i.e. pls turn on the power :D

Your mileage may increase or your alien-nation vary!!!

Long Live amanfromMars!!!

Forever may He Live

n/t or X

That is the answer

Not the Question

Microsoft urges Windows users to shun 'carpet bombing' Safari

Mr Blonde

what next?

Moseleys distant cousin not allowed to harry the infidels upp their Khyber pass?

Can Microsoft 'do' open source by 2015?

Mr Blonde
Gates Horns

Embrace, Extend... Extinguish

Placing large gobs of documentation out in the open is not opening up anything, it's laying large traps for unwary developers.

There is no nice side to this criminal predator.

Downing Street rejects Vista petition

Mr Blonde

The Down*ing of the Street... a few questions

How about putting a copy of the $3 version of the Windows OS on the shelves beside the £350 Vista boxes that contain a lot of hot air? Which version would the punters buy?

What exactly are organizations that should be watching out for the consumers rights doing about the predatory dollar to whatever EU currency conversion that is currently abused by Adobe, Microsoft, etc? Are "watchdogs" like The Office of Fair Trading asleep on the job?