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Microsoft Surface ad targets preppy, Glee-watching youngsters

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Re: The point is..........what?

BATTERY | Up to 8 hours mixed activity • 7-15 days idle life

Pirate Party takes Mayor's chair in Swiss city

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Free stuff.

Ten external battery packs

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I got a 5000 mAh (61Wh) one from ASDA a couple of weks ago. 500 mA or 1A output and was only a tenner.

Came in useful yesterday when i had a power cut and an almost flat phone, too

Apple iOS 6 review

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Re: Upgrade or wait?

Downvoted because I don't like the taste of pears...

HTC hawks fresh WinPho smartphones

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I'm tempted by the 8X

but I like the look of the 8S in Domino

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8X is £400

8S is £225

As a point of comparison, Lumia 710 is £220

'Stuff must be FREE, except when it's MINE! Yarr!' - top German pirate

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Re: Yawn...sorry.

I got as far as "My name is Julia and I live on the internet", and skipped the rest

Ten iPhone 5 challengers

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Re: No Lumia?

The Lumia 920 comes in Red, Yellow, Black, White or Silver

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Re: No Lumia?

Doesn't matter if it's not available yet

"some just launched and some that have not quite made it to the shelves of Blighty’s shopkeepers yet"

Apple iPhone 5 hands-on review

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Re: Erm isn't the Droid Razr

No. You're wrong. iPhone is thinner.

I'm sure I also read that it's the world's first 4G phone...

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Re: Little bit underwhelming = good news for some

"No major Samsung release imminent"

I think you're forgetting about the Samsung Ativ S

Everything Everywhere's 4G: Why I'm sitting this one out

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Re: "the communications equivalent of the change the jet engine made over steam".


Sorry to be a pedant, but I think you mean "pedant".

Broadband minister's fibre cabinet gripe snub sparks revolt

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I agree with the residents of Westminster

They shouldn't have their streets filled with unsightly High Speed Internet cabinets, they should be filling the streets of MY local area instead!

Bruce Willis didn't Buy Hard: His girls can't inherit his iTunes

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Re: Is that the sound....

"what child actually wants to be able to listen to their parents' music collection?"

I have a very similar taste in music to my parents, so Me

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RE: ...and that would be...?


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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CS is the only game I've ever played as part of a clan, but like many others, I also stopped playing after 1.6.

Thankfully the internet at my new place is terrible, otherwise I'd end up losing too much of my time to this

Microsoft's new retro-flavoured logo channels Channel 4

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17 years in the making...


Outlook.com launch a gold rush for jokers, spammers

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Re: Name claiming, but... Here comes da' spam!

The spam filters seem to be fine. Certainly a lot better than hotmail used to be. All the spam was in my spam folder and there were no false positives or negatives

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Feel free to change the colour scheme. It's easy enough to do.

Half the team at the heart of the RBS disaster WERE in India

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Re: ...anyone that suggests the outsourcing is a bad idea..

"BUT, if you do 'write them off as `in fear for their jobs`'; and it turns out that they were indeed 'correct'; then how do you explain a clusterfuck like this one?"


W3C: 'Do not track' by default? A thousand times: NO!

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Yet again

Internet Explorer fails at standards-compliance

Self-driving Volvos cover 200km of busy Spanish motorway

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Re: Really? A six metre gap at 60 mph?

Of course it's stupid, but people still do it in the expectation that the car behind will slow down and let them in (no choice otherwise as it's stupid to leave such a small gap)

The question is, if the person pulling into the small gap doesn't have this system, will the car behind still keep following the original car with a gap of 6m?

The Register is rocking on Windows Phone 7

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i was avout to piy tbe same meaaagd aboyr rne spellcjecjet

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not sure if it's still the case

but WP7 marketplace was growing at a faster pace than android when it first came out

Headbanger plays Star Trek theme on floppy drives

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Re: To boldly go....

I've upvoted you solely because of your typo!

Samsung sheds light on low-cost WinPho blower

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Re: I hope it's cheap (at least)

I expect it will be cheap, as that's the whole point of WPTango!

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Re: 5 months and obsolete

Yes, obsolete.

Because it will instantly stop working as soon as WP8 comes out.

If people didn't buy phones because a new better phone is coming out during the contract period, people would never buy phones

iTunes fanbois outraged by Apple's sex-life quiz probe

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Re: "I literally cannot choose from the 2nd set of questions, none of them apply"

I don't drive

I hated all my teachers

I don't go to concerts

I've not liked any of my jobs

I was part of a large circle of frinds, but didn't class any as a "best" friend

For example

Google motors into cloud storage with Drive

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Re: shook up the email market

That's interesting, I assumed the storage level was the same for everyone. Maybe it's based on length of time you've been on there. Or maybe they just set it so you're only using about 4% of the space

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Re: Rolling in it

Aye, I'm happy with my 25GB on SkyDrive, and all the photos I take with my Windows Phone are automatically synced with it

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Re: shook up the email market

The storage level is what tempted me over. 2GB, I think it was at the time when I signed up.

The storage level is now 9.2GB, and I'm still only using 373MB

Microsoft unveils paid SkyDrive options

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Re: Hope they fix their photo gallery view!

My photos display correctly, but all the ones I have on there are autosynced from WP7. so I've not tried it from other sources

Nest cloud storage for backup fun

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Re: Max Size Restrictions?

If you already have a Skydrive/Hotmail account, log in to Skydrive and you should be able to bump your storage up to 25GB, which is nice

RIP Ceefax: Digital switchover kills off last teletext service

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Re: turner the worm end screen

What do you mean ejaculate? He's clearly being sick!

Sweden: talk, text and drive? OK

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Re: Nearly run over

I was told by my driving instructor that you don't have to stop at a zebra crossing unless the pedestrian physically has a foot on the road.

No idea how true that is, but I'm sceptical

Ofcom calls for end to 0800 charges on mobiles

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I'm on an old (2009) price plan from T-Mobile that has 0800,0845 and 0870 numbers included in my Flext allowance.

They've stopped it now, but there's no way I'm moving off it

Smoked by Android: Microsoft coughs up free laptop

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Re: BenThePCGuy

It's an advertising campaign

Game closes 277 stores

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Re: Too many stores

Stevenage is the same, 2 Games and a Gamestation. If I recall correctly, Leeds is the same, though fairly spread out.

It never seemed like a good business model to me. I guess I was right.

BBC iPlayer added to Xbox

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Re: Very good & about time too ?


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Why so long?

"Other IPTV services promised back then include Channel 4's 4OD and Channel 5's Demand Five. They made it in plenty of time - neither Microsoft nor the BBC said why it had taken so long to port iPlayer over."

4OD and Demand 5 are both identical to the Lovefilm app, they even say that when you load them up. iPlayer seems to be a completely different app, rather than just a reskin of an existing one

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Re: Xbox Live Gold Required

Gold not required, this is available to all.

As a point of note, this is reported in every article I've read about it apart from el Reg. Same goes for the fact that it will stream in HD as well

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Re: No HD

It does do HD

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Re: Paywalled

No, you don't need XBL Gold for iPlayer

Chunnel mobile available – but only while heading towards UK

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Re: Err

Yes, but by that point, they'll be leaving, so who cares about them?

Nearly one in 10 Brits 'fess to shower phone faux pas

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Re: Flushed with success

Or people could have them in their hands, maybe using them to browse the internet, maybe using them to post comments on El Reg while in the bath.

Just a possibility.


Posted from my mobile phone

Microsoft blasts 'web video killer' Motorola Mobility in EU gripe

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I believe Apple have also lodged a complaint

Boy died after satnav fault delays ambulance

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What was the fault?

Did it send them the wrong way, did it not recognise the address etc?

Boy burned in Nintendo sensor substitution

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Re: ...far cheaper to either get the system repaired or....

No, the conversation would be: "If you don't spend £100 on a new Wii, I'll set the house on fire"