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The 30-year-old prank that became the first computer virus

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Re: OK now this isn't fair (again)

Well..."Metro" (Windows 8/Modern UI) apps in Windows 8 achieve that, one of the advantages of the new apps. People do tend to overlook this as an advantage, also means when you uninstall an app you can do it in two clicks and all remenants should be removed from your system.

Of course many of them use cloud services so it's another issue if you aren't fond of the cloud.

The Times offers subsidised Nexus 7s to get subscribers

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Anybody know if the app lets you download the content for offline reading or does it just display from the web same as other news apps that are free?

Literally didn't know they charged for their online content until today, assumed it was free like every other paper, I can see why they would want to charge, they have to make a profit to stay in business, can see how many aren't convinced though since every other paper is free online, and you have tons of other places for news online too.

Windows 8 early-bird users still love Windows 7 more - poll

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I don't get it either. So many people who are making negative comments (Not all of them) talk as if they've never even tried it yet...and maybe they haven't.

The traditional desktop is still there and it's better than ever. If you hit the Windows Key and start to type, it also seems to find the application you want much quicker than Windows 7 did, one of the things that's always annoyed me about Windows since Vista introduced the useful search bar.

Reg hack runs Windows 8 on 82-inch touchscreen

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Charms come in from the right hand side of the screen, not the left

Microsoft throws open Windows Store to all developers

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"if the Windiws 8 is going to get close to the appeal of Mac OS X, Android, or even BlackBerry."

Did you mean to mix Desktop and Mobile Phone OS's

Or did you mean:

if Windows Phone 8 is going to get close to the appeal of iOS, Android, or even BlackBerry.

Google sneaks in back door, slips YouTube onto iPhone 5

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You can just use the mobile site, I think it's pretty well designed these days.

The Microsoft YouTube 'App', just launches the mobile site on WP7. When I used to have an HTC WP7 device, I could download the HTC app for it.

I actually prefer using the mobile site on my Nokia for the past year-ish.

I don't see the point of apps sometimes, if there's no value in getting push notifications, or live tile updates, then mobile sites works really well in today's world.

An example is the Costa Coffee mobile site. If I am in a new area and need to find one, this works perfectly from their mobile site. No need to search for and download a special app.

Now Apple wants Samsung S III, Galaxy Notes off the shelves too

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Is it just me...or do other people think the S3 looks absolutely nothing like an iPhone....

It's about twice as big for starters!

Samsung to offer Apple Dock style Start Button in Windows? Really?

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Hopefully it doesn't restore the *actual* start menu. I'd hope the code has been removed so it's not just a case of a simple registry change or something like that.

If MS wanted the start menu to be kept, it would still be in there.

HP to take one more stab at consumer tablets

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I don't think HP will be able to compete with Samsung, ASUS, and 'Microsoft' with the surface. In terms of the actual hardware, pricing, and brand perception.

....Not with a Windows 8 Tablet. The Samsung Slate 7 is a great tablet, and it's replacement i'm sure will be great too, maybe similarly priced though.

If they had stuck with their original WebOS tablet they may have had something a little more unique, I liked the look of that tablet and OS, but it tanked way too early

Amazon UK to offer collection service at corner shops

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Re: Deliver to office/workplace?

I've worked a few places that don't allow this, but agree it's convenient when you can do it.

You can still have something delivered to your work, but this is good for the people who can't. Why not have the choice?

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Great stuff, I have used CollectPlus before with other companies and it worked out great everytime.

I don't have to worry about being home and can pick up the item any time up until 10-11pm.

I wouldn't mind too much if items were left with my neighbour but most of them are all at work the same time I am.

Welcome, friend, to Metroland

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Re: "And, what's more, it offers Flash!"

I believe they have said that the Metro version of IE10 will now support flash (Which is the same version running on the ARM version).

The browser is "Plugin Free" but I think they are embedding the Flash Support into the browser, and so it's technically not a plugin.

So it will support Flash on both ARM devices and full-flavour Windows (The latter being the obvious choice for myself personally)

Android games console scheme nets $2.5m

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I think the OnLive games console idea is better than this. But haven't seen it widely available in the UK yet (Haven't tried looking lately though).

Can't ever see this really taking off. You can develop games for Xbox Live and get access to it's large user base. All games on there are also free to try (Indie Games).

Might be good for people that enjoy playing on their phone/tablet though and don't currently have a console at home.

Tech fault at RBS and Natwest freezes millions of UK bank balances

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My wages haven't appeared today. Hoping they show by the end of the day. I was still able to take cash out this morning though.

I need to multitask, but Windows 8's Metro won't let me

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Re: @dogged

Isn't the key combination Ctrl + Shift + Esc

Maybe that's why it's not working for you ;-)

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One thing you haven't realised...Eclipse isn't a metro app, it runs as a traditional desktop app does. There is no difference when it comes to running traditional desktop apps.

It's clear reading the comments on ANY Windows 8 related post on El Reg that most people haven't actually spent any decent amount of time trying the very thing they are complaining about.

I didn't realise it was still "cool" to hate everything M$ does without even trying it properly.

You can still run your normal desktop apps in the same way, this isn't changing. They (Microsoft) also aren't saying everything should be a Metro style app.

It's fine to have an opinion and there will genuinely be things a lot of people won't like. That's allowed, but at least try things before randomly bashing them.

Dual monitor support may need some work doing to it, but the OS isn't even out yet....


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Is this also free on Blackberry now?

Microsoft’s Mango update falls from tech tree

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You can force the update by following these instructions:


It worked fine for my Sim Free HTC 7 Pro

Apple to execute touch-less iPods

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I'd best pick up one of those 160GB classics then. I have a 30GB Video that I one day intended to upgrade to a higher capacity classic. This one has lasted me a long long time with no issues and I really prefer non-touch for my iPod.

Microsoft: No Windows 8 ARM support for x86 apps

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I'm pretty sure an x86 based tablet will be able to run full blown x86 Windows applications...

Sony qicks off Qriocity streaming service

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Is this the PS3 video store basically, but available on PC / Internet enabled TV's (Why...?)

Rethinking the iPhone

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How about a £25 per month contract inc Unlimited internet and enough txt/calls

Combined with a Nokia running Jokiuspot for sharing WiFi to your other devices...

I don't use a Nokia, had a Blackberry for the past year, but used to love Jokiuspot (sp?) for sharing my connection. Better battery life, and cheaper than a MiFi with a dedicated contract just for that. Which are imo expensive in the UK when you already have a phone contract w/ internet

Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect Launch Games

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Nothing to stop them releasing accesories such as a gun with buttons for more "core" games such as shooters, to overcome the inability to track fingers.

Two-year wait for Windows 8, MS blurts

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Windows 7 is the best MS Operating System so far, so I see no need to rush and release a new version.

Windows 7 does the job, it's quick and runs very well. I've seen it running on a 3.2ghz P4 with 768MB Ram for general browsing, word processing etc and it runs a treat.

Cameron cocks up UK's defences - and betrays Afghan troops

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Could somebody explain

Could somebody explain this to me:

"The disastrous Nimrod MRA4 subhunter* plane, now cancelled just as it approaches delivery, was actually ordered by Tory Defence minister Michael Portillo. The decision that the UK would order the jumpjet version of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, for which Mr Cameron yesterday explicitly blamed Labour, was actually taken by the Tories in 1995, looking for a future Harrier replacement."

What exactly was wrong with the "Nimrod MRa4 subhunter plane, and the jumpjet version of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter?

If they were so close to being delivered, and I assume all paid for? Why not take them. What's so bad about them that they couldn't be used against any country that threatens us if they needed to be?

If they work and have weapons, if the pilots know how to fly them, then aren't they enough to stand up to the countries who are likely to attack us etc?

Apple to lead fanbois 'Back to the Mac'

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Wow they update Mac OS X quite often really compared to Windows.

I've never owned a Mac but is it normal for new versions of the OS to be released regularly?

I don't think it's necessarily a good or a bad thing, but curious none-the-less

RIM opens its PlayBook – tablets clearly set for dominance

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Everybody will NEED a phone and a tablet...

Need is a very strong word, I don't think many people NEED a tablet

Microsoft releases Windows Live apps suite

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Live Mesh...?

I'm suprised Live Mesh is in the release...since Live Mesh is not being developed any further (Much to my annoyance as it's great at synching documents).

So seems like a strange one to include, unless i've not heard and they have decided to continue offering Live Mesh?

Sony PlayStation Move

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So it comes out today...What games have been released with it? Anybody know?

I've got Kinect pre-ordered, the thing putting me off PS Move is that I bought the PS Eye ages ago and there was no support for it, which seems to happen with the PS3.

The Six Axis motion sensing was a flop and can't remember the last time i've seen a game on the PS3 that uses it.

This looks good, and Kinect seems closer to what the EyeToy / PSEye is. The main decider won't be the accessories themselves but the software.

It was lack of decent software the EyeToy / PS Eye didn't do that well. Luckily the PS Eye has been 'recycled' in a way and used with Move, making it cheap for us PS Eye owners to get in on it.

IE9 strips to win Chrome fans

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All standards compliant browsers don't render standard compliant code in exactly the same way.

In many organisations one web browser is used, so you develop your app to work perfectly in that browser.

Also if the organisation runs Windows on all their machines and you want to use Active Directory to set the application permissions then IE lets you do this without requesting the login details from a user.

Cinema chain bans laptops, tablets

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I think Vue allow you to take in whatever food and drink you like. Or so it seems to be the case at my local one.

Sony updates PS3 system software

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You mean the same thing Microsoft do...the same thing any company would do to protect their product.

Even if Sony wanted to allow this through, i'm pretty sure developers/publishers of games would not be too happy with them.

Not everybody will use it to play pirated games, but lots will, and that is where the money is made on games consoles usually. The hardware often sold at a loss (especially for the first few years) so they need to make it back some how.

iPads for hospitals: is this a good idea?

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The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

Is it possible to deploy your own software legally on the iPad? Don't all releases need to go through the public App store?

I don't know how this works with other operating systems such as Windows Mobile etc, but seems with most new devices the possibility for a company to develop their own in house software for most mobile devices has been taken away.

I'm sure there are some apps out there that could be semi-useful, but as said can probably done on another, cheaper, more purpose built device.

Facebook beta joins web Q&A craze

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Linked In

Sounds like the ask a question feature on Linked In but for less professional uses.

Phonemakers cry foul on Steve Jobs 'We're all alike' attack

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My Blackberry Bold 9700 doesn't lose signal when I try to replicate what was on the apple site, but when I tried my friends iPhone 4 the other week, holding it in the way shown didn't cause it to drop signal for some reason.

One thing I did notice was that two friends with the iPhone 3GS had full 3G signal with their phones just lying on the table, where as the the friend with the iPhone4 had EDGE only rather than 3G at all. Same networks (all o2)

My Blackberry had full 3G signal, but is on Vodafone.

Doesn't seem as big of an issue as it's being made out to be, although i've seen plenty of videos showing it's possible to replicate, on this occasion it didn't happen.

Internet 1 - England goalkeeper 0

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I'm assuming this was a joke? If not, the noise constantly in the background is people blowing those south african horn instruments.

How to... read comics on the iPad

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I've never been a fan of comics really. So this doesn't apply to me. Looks similar to the app on the Sony PSP for reading comics but with a decent sized screen.

Apple bans competing ads from the iPhone

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Can Apple collect that data?

But by owning and using the device are you giving Apple consent to collect that personal data?

If Apple can collect that data without consent / or force you to give consent in the terms and conditions of using the device...Then that's the problem

Ten Essential... BlackBerry Apps

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Submit post: Ten Essential BlackBerry Apps

I think IM+ is £30 to buy for my Blackberry, but only £3.50 on my friends iPhone.

Luckily I just downloaded Nimbuzz instead, but £30 for an IM application (Skype, Win Live, Google talk etc) is madness.

Microsoft picks over Google's Windows exit strategy

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Not everybody

I don't ever leave a shop via the security stand. I think the free alternatives are mostly better than a lot of the stuff you need to pay for.

Or atleast cheaper, and use less resources. Just my experience as in the UK the only AV etc shops seem to sell is Norton, and in PC world the main price they show for a machine includes Norton, with the "stand alone" price in smaller text below.

Guess buying it in store makes it easier for somebody with little computer knowledge like somebodies Nan or something.

Obama: We're off to Mars

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Should try making it to the moon again/for the first time, depending on what you believe really happened.

Haven't been there for over 30 years (last landing was 1972 google tells me?)....So surely there may be more to discover with over 30 years of tech advances.

Seems odd nobody has been for so long as you'd think it would be relatively easy (albeit expensive) now that we are in 2010.

X-Box 360 theft suspect busted after online gaming sesh

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The UK

Anybody think that if this happened in the UK the police would bother to follow it up?

Jimbo asks online folk to play nice, be civil

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Spare time on your hands?

This is nice for those that have time to bother setting up things like this lol. Surely most of us are too busy to care about what goes on Social networking sites, or in the comments section of the Mail website?

US mum calls 911 over Grand Theft Auto

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Not late...

2:30am on a Saturday morning isn't really that unusual of a time to be playing a computer game really...

Although the kid should do as his mum asks really. If I was her I would just have left him to the game and gone to bed...

BlackBerry wristband accessory priced, dated

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Does it

Does it tell the time?

WTF is this country called America?

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Ummm isn't America a continent?? ;-)

Still, whoever that Canadian guy is...is just being picky really.

RIM revamps BlackBerry Bold with Bold 2

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It's the same phone other than upgraded camera and different form factor then?

Plus the slightly increased resolution (Now the same as the Curve 8900 I think).

Now they just need to bring out a Curve with 3G.

Anybody tempted to wait for the E72 over this? Means no need for silly Blackberry specific bolt-ons.

Palm getting heavy over non-O2 Pré sales?

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Isn't this phone supposed to be pretty average compared to the iPhone, Nokia E71/E72, and the whole host of available Blackberrys anyway? They should be looking for all the sales they can get.

Microsoft adds Ping to Bing, leaves Windows Live in dark

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Windows Live

People actually use Windows Live for Social networking type activities?

I can see the reason people may use the Windows Live Mail desktop app etc if they want a free mail app (I don't personally). But the social networking side of it always seemed under used to me.

PS3 backwards compatibility gone for good

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PS2 Games

I got my PS3 at the launch in the UK, and at first was glad I would be able to play a lot of PS2 games and most PS1 games, but turns out it wasn't something I would ever bother with.

It's good to be able to play all of the Metal Gear Solid games on one console, but not essential. Still don't see why they don't leave the software emulation like we got on EU launch models in there. What's the point of taking it out?

I always thought it was 100% software emulation, and didn't need additional hardware inside the box.

Do we know if future PS3 (including the Slim) will still play PS1 games from Disc? Because at the moment I think all current ones play pretty much all PS1 games you can buy, just the 60GB is the only one that can play PS2 games via emulation.

The 360 and PS3 are the last consoles that will feature any Backwards compatibility anyway I think. It's going to be too complicated with the next generation of consoles.

Anybody with a 360 (including myself) probably also never played many original Xbox games on their 360.

It's true there are plenty of decent titles on the current systems that you likely won't play your old games that much, but if it is software based why remove it?