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Rockall pod-dweller braces for stormy weather


Pfffft - only you Brits would consider 30mph to 50mph winds extreme weather. Why, here in west Texas, that's just a light breeze, not even news worthy. Of course, we're not sitting atop a slippery rock.

Space Station in CRISIS: Furious Russia threatens to BAN US from ISS

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Re: "the irreplaceable orbital station"

Nice nod to B5.

50+ crowd are wolfing down tablets: Silver foxes are even migrating to the Twitters


WTH - Who Are You Calling @Gramps?

I’m just rather bummed by the title of the article citing 50+ then going on to characterize us as “@gramps” and “silver foxes” and “oldies.” Those are my parents, not me. Although I am usually in bed by 2030, get up several times during the night, am on Twitter (@displacedtex) and Facebook, have a MS Surface Pro 2 and a Windows Phone (does having an iPad offset that?), so maybe….oh, hell. I am old.

Now, get off my lawn. I have to update my status.

WOW! Google invents the DIGITAL WATCH: What a time to be alive


Re: Aaaaaand...

Hey, now.

Fame-hating planets don't need to hang around STARS – boffins


I’m just disappointed you felt you had to tell your readership that Monoceros was the Unicorn. Have more faith in us.

Too-tall terror snapper stopped by cops again


What's the harm?

Regardless of how tall the photographer is, or of how innocent his actions may have been, I think if the police ask for ID you’d be stupid not to give it. What’s the harm, unless you’re up to some nefarious activity?

Dinosaurs actually slimmer than we thought, say boffins


@Greg Trocchia

"While I will agree that, to our shame, the percentage of Americans who subscribe to "Flintstones Paleontology" is way too high, still, blanket condemnation of the entire country is not called for."

I consider myself to be a fairly religious, or spiritual, person (especially when compared to our heathenistic European and British friends) but I don't see any incompatibility with Biblical teachings and science. The Bible isn't a book of science, it's a book of religion / philosophy / life lessons, whatever, and I see the Biblical story of the creation as more metaphor than literal truth. To try to make it a book of science does a disservice to both spiritual matters as well as to science.


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