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Email-stealing worm slithers across LiveJournal


enabled again

Embeds for all domains but the offending one are re-enabled as of yesterday sometime, after the patch fixing it was pushed live.


I'm betting the 100 accounts number was an early guess; I'd guess 500-3000, based on the number of news post comments and how very easy it was to spread.

I missed getting hit by it because I didn't think to bring my laptop with me when I went out that night; by the time I was back, it was blocked.

Google Docs to get 'shiny new' interface


Size matters.

Perhaps Google Docs would consider holding more than 512k of HTML in a document if they want to compete?

The USB wedding ring


Some women have standards...

I wouldn't want to settle for less than a terabyte. Guess that means I'll be an old maid for a while.

(But, seriously, I'd lose the cap so fast unless it has some sort of hidden latch mechanism that can't be defeated by tugging. It's also ugly.)

Yes! It's the vacuum cleaner mouse!

Thumb Up

Whiteboard marker scuzz

I'd love one of these for work. My office has draconian security policies about proper disposal of paper notes, so the whole calll center uses miniature whiteboards in place of paper and pen for those moments you need to jot something down and take it over to someone else.

The result is constant writing/erasing/rewriting, which leaves these disgusting little black flakes of expended ink all over. I have to wipe my desk down twice a day to have it look halfway clean, and the opposite shift rarely returns the favor (and steals my markers to boot).

Unfortunately, that same security policy forbids personally owned mice and keyboards, so I'll have to go without...

Wikipedia bot-swarm foretells snooker result


Bots can't spell.

I hate it when I edit an article that has a word or bit of punctuation wrong, and find myself reverted in two seconds, because a bot considers what I did "vandalism".


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