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Open barbarians poised to storm Apple's gate

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Android kicking iOS?

Our visitor stats (we get millions a month) say otherwise. More people might have Android phones but it sure as hell does not translate into more users of the web and, ergo, HTML5. As others have pointed out, shipments of cheap but utterly crap Android phones (and tablets) doesn't make Android a de facto attractive platform.

"But, just like in open-source communities, while Apple's closed platform approach may win over developers in the short term, over the long haul openness wins. Every time."

That is such a patently and verifiably false statement I can't believe you even wrote it. Openoffice, Jabber, GIMP, Linux, etc. are all glowing examples of the rampant mediocrity of much open software. Sure there are counter examples such as the many that underpin the internet, but Open most definitely does not always win in the long haul.

Transition leaves frustrated corporates locked out of Google Groups

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Definition of an oxymoron = Google support

Sorry, but in which universe is Google's 'support' anything other than fucking abysmal? Resonse times range from several days to fucking months. Google DOESN'T SUPPORT A FUCKING THING. You pay them your money and they fucking abandon you. Do NOT use Google for your business.

Google says Android 'club' makes phone makers 'do what we want'

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Wrong. Very, very wrong.

Read again. If Google marks your version of the OS as 'incompatible' (a decision that is made behind closed doors, and is arbritary and solely at the discretion of Google), you do not have the 'Android' OS. You have no right to use the Android brand. You have no right to use Google's brand or apps. All you have is a version of the OS that is incompatible with Android. You can't even market it as an Android phone or mention its links to Android because Google will sue your fucking arse.

Welcome to Android.

Apple patent eyes Mac OS X tablet

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You have that in OS X already. This would just be an additional option on top. Not hard to imagine that now is it?

Raised res iPad 2 to sport four-core chip?

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Um, it makes things easier to read because everything is dramatically clearer and reduces the need for anti-aliasing. Also, with this type of device - phones in particular - you tend to have the screen closer to your face than a monitor, which makes lower resolutions much more noticeable.

Whether or not the proposed resolution in the article is technically possible (at a reasonable cost of manufacture) for that sized screen is another matter altogether though!

1984's MacPaint source code hits web

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Not true...

Writing for smartphones like the original iPhone and 3G forces a lot of memory constraints on developers. Write tighter rather than write tight perhaps, but doing more with far less is suddenly the name of the game again.

iPhone upgrades - a one-way control-freak street

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To summarise...

In spite of the usual El Reg trollbait, you can roll back to a previous version of an app, you can revert the OS to an older version. Apple just don't make it easy to do (unless it is something you are going to do straight after an upgrade - iTunes backs up the state of your phone each time you attach it you know; there is a Restore option built-into iTunes; fwiw, savvy users can trick this into running a restore to a prior version of the OS if they want to and have e.g. a Time Machine or other back up of it).

IOW, your typical flamebait material with the usual Regtard commentary to go along with it. Fun.

Trojan plunders $480k from online bank account

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@ Bozo


This bozo should be fired at once and sue by MS #

By Anonymous Coward Posted Thursday 15th October 2009 04:52 GMT

It's idiots who should not even have access to a computer who are the problem, not windows.

It's clear to me that the only idiots here are the ones jumping up to defend Windows as they clearly haven't got a FUCKING clue and haven't read the original articles by Krebs. Man, you Wintards truly take the biscuit when it comes to defending the indefensible. READ THE ORIGINAL ARTICLES. Don't rely on El Reg tor report them either accurately or with reference to all the facts. Haven't you idiots learnt anything?

Apple iPod Nano 5G

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Quote from article: "Apple rarely - if ever - praises the products of rival companies..."

Um, they (Steve Jobs as well) praise other company's products in virtually every keynote they hold. It is actually very rare for them NOT to do so. They also criticise products too, Windows and MS in particular, of course.

Linux chief challenges Microsoft to pony up on patents

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Gates Horns

It'll never happen.

Quote: "Send a message to the developer community that cares about this that Microsoft is a company that will compete on how will they innovate and not on a patent portfolio."

Since when has MS ever competed by doing something innovative? It simply isn't how they operate, or even possible for them to do so. Their entire MO is to stifle innovation and extinguish it wherever possible in favour of their own antique software.

It'll never happen.

Amazon sued for sending 1984 down Orwellian memory hole

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Apple #

By Anonymous Coward Posted Saturday 1st August 2009 22:28 GMT

Just remember that Apple can do exactly the same thing - delete and modify content - with all the iPhones on the world.

As can Google, MS et al. with their phones.

Hackintosher aims 'blazin' guns' at Apple

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@ Go Psystar

Quote: "By Wrenchy Posted Wednesday 29th July 2009 03:51 GMT

Let's take some control back from these evil people. Besides, what is Apple so afraid of?? This can only be good for them. What? Can't control what you spoonfeed the Apple faithful?


Given that Apple has actively requested that this goes to court in spite of Pystar's "bankruptcy", my guess would be that they are not afraid of anything because they know that they are going to win. As it seems that others think that this is only about the EULA, it isn't as it is also about the DMCA and theft of IP. Psystar might (a big might) have got somewhere if it were just about the EULA, but they have no chance whatsoever against the DMCA. They are going to lose and lose badly.

Kent Police clamp down on tall photographers

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@ Martin6

Quote: "So he now has a criminal record which will show up if he ever wants to go near a school or work for the council."

Umm, no. You have to be convicted in a court of law for a criminal offence to get a record. Being stopped and searched or arrested then released does not give you a criminal record at all. Being arrested will get you on the police databases thus making you a candidate for a stitch-up by our infallible and uncorrupt [sic] Police Service, alas, but that is all.

Apple ends Palm Pre's iTunes charade

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"... and there are other third-party applications we can consider."

Which is what the fuckwits should have done in the first place instead of using a stupid hack!

iPhone 3.1 code goes beta

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Wiggle vibration

In all likelihood this is a Universal Access feature for those with poor vision, who would otherwise have no feedback that they had activated the mode.

Firefox's little cousin pops out of den

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Is it just me, but why are they …

… only developing this for the platform with the absolute least amount of promise in the mobile space? Windows Mobile? 6.5? WTF?!?

Microsoft strikes back at Outlook 2010 rendering grumbles

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Fixinated ...

"... We are constantly working to improve our products and the experience that they give to our customers. It is just a shame that we are fucking shit at it though!"

AT&T punts not-free iPhone nav app

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Navigon app has been available for a few days now

Fwiw, the Navigon app is already on the UK (and probably other European) store for an introductory price of £40 for the UK only version and £60 for the Europe-wide one. One off payment. Not a subscription.

Punters 'confuse' netbooks with notebooks

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Quote: "If consumers are confused, I'd like to see a similar survey directed at the manufacturers, and see what THEY think the difference is between a netbook and a notebook."

Isn't it obvious? Profit! One gives them barely any the other does.