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Microsoft bricking lesson bodes badly for Elop's Brave New Nokia


Microsoft are to be applauded.

They have managed to get the full desktop experience of using Windows onto a mobile device, other manufacturers will be so jealous... or not.

Sony expands legal offensive to more PS3 hackers


the required title

I do not recall anything like this drama over the PS1 and PS2, nothing more than the usual try and ban the modchips.

This with Sony and the PS3 is a completely different kettle of fish. trying to get the details of people who watched a video clip ffs. The insanity is off the charts.


Good job Sony.

I dislike Microsoft with a passion, I run Linux and refuse to have any Xbox for eg. Cut my nose off to spite my face maybe, but I stuck to my principles.

I own a PS1

I own a PS2

I own 2x PS3 (neither is jailbroken)

The chances of me owning a PS4 are heading rapidly towards zero.

Sony is actually making me look favourably at Microsoft...

Sony sues PlayStation 3 'hackers'


Has it damaged sales ?

Xbox and Wii have been cracked for how long exactly, yet they seem to enjoy very healthy sales figures. I'm pretty sure a bunch of people buy a console because it HAS been cracked so that they can supplement the games they can afford to buy, with some extra ones they can't.

Of people with hacked consoles, I can't think of a single one that doesn't buy any games at all.. But several did get one because it WAS cracked.

World of Warcraft bot ban ticks off world of critics


QQ and l2p.. but seriously...

If you didn't learn to play properly at lower levels in a group, then its likely because your high level friends just boosted you, or you stood around SW/IF perhaps begging for boosts.

You don't have to be boosted, the game has never been *that* barren at lower levels, look to your own game play, and perhaps what your guild promotes (are they pushing to powerlevel you, not letting you learn)

I prefer to let my guildies learn, I promote learning rather than boosting new players in our guild. There isn't an excuse for not learning to play other than lazyness, the game has gone downhill in recent times mainly due to attitudes, but look for guilds that fit your needs.. They are out there.


People are getting confused..

Glider did not complete quests for you.

All it did was move your character around predefined paths killing mobs it detected there. There was no intelligence to it, and once you got a few bots in an area, as a player trying to complete quests it was a complete nightmare and could levae you virtually unable to find any mobs to kill to progress.

If the bots did quests, moved on and acted smarter they wouldn't be noticed different from normal players. That isn't how they behaved though and could really impact on real players ability to play. That is what was so bad about them.



As a WoW player who has tried completing quests in zones with those bots running I applaud this decision.

The bots go around an area simply killing any creatures/mobs present which are frequently required to complete quests. They will stay there for hours, days and even weeks making what should be a fun game, into a frustrating PITA as you try to complete with a mindless bot repeatedly killing the things you need to progress.

This wasn't about whether you can mod a game to my mind, this was about ruining an MMORPG where these bots actions seriously affect *many* other peoples enjoyment.

Brits blow millions on over-priced ink


Manufacturers go to great lengths..

To tell customers how the sky will fall down if they use 3rd party inks, well at the very least the state very clearly in most cases that their warranty will be invalidated.

To be honest, I suggest folks get a cheap home black and white laser printer because thats all 80% need. For the other 15% I also point them to an online photo printer and indicate the continued savings. The for the remaining 5% I would suggest a dedicated 6x4 / 7x5 photo printer for those times where they don't want to wait the 24-48hrs for photobox to deliver, or where they just want a couple printed.

Seems to give the best of all worlds then.

Anti-piracy lawyers 'knowingly targeted the innocent', says law body


And this leaves the DEB where?

So shock and surprise that the "evidence" isn't very good and innocent people got/get caught up in accusations, but where exactly does that now leave the Digital Economy Bill which is based on precisely the evidence, surely it shoots a lovely big hole in its hull.... I forget its a government boat though, the relevant politicians will be sticking fingers in the holes and keeping it afloat I guess.

Android rebellion: How to tame your stupid smartphone


Got a Galaxy S here..

Fantastic phone, the problem with the email and having to factory reset is one I can relate too though.

I added two gmail accounts to the phone, but I added them as secondary email address first then the primary one (secondary one is less private and contained the 32 digit alphanumeric password to the other one; there was a reason I was arse about face ;)). I failed to find a way to switch that afterwards, and when I then tried to find a way to just delete the first email account, I couldn't.

Had to factory reset and this time just added the one address and be done with it.

It was a small problem though, I may have simply missed a setting somewhere but as the phone was only hours old it was probably faster to factory reset and just config it again.

The tone of the article does seem rather blinkered and not what I would have normally expected to read on the reg though, ho hum.

Provincial outrage over BT's broadband upgrade race



Anywhere that you can 1000 people to express interest in fibre beofre it arrived has surely going to have a heck of a lot more customers if BT did the upgrade anyway, and surely 1000 separate properties hanging off an exchange has to make it already financially viable.. Surely?

BT promises biggest ever rural broadband project


I hear you...

"How about some fibre love for those of us up the road in Devon?"

I can almost literally throw stones over the border to Cornwall, I don't feel any richer or any better off than my neighbours in that direction. Sucks that for want of a few hundred yards there will be such a difference in internet access for the foreseeable future.

Still, thats the way the cookie crumbles and it could be worse.

Oh, and hello DCLUG buddy fancy seeing you here :]

Cinema chain bans laptops, tablets


The Cinema is just playing catchup....

... With all those retail DVD's that have the trailers telling you not to pirate it, that you can't fast forward through, nor skip doing their best to put you off buying genuine product. It makes the downloaded version even more appealing than it might have been.

Wikileaks caught up in Swedish police raids


"The Scene" is not a group.

"Leaders of the group get "credz" points for first seeding films onto the network. The next layer down is described as "topsites" and is spread around several IT firms and is where the copyrighted material is held, the paper reports."

Its actually a massive credit to sceners that statements like that exist. The various groups are isolated and insular, security is tight and the fact that this is how its believed to work is a credit to the scenes secrecy.

Monkey, because he knows his dump from his topsites and his couriers from his sceners ;)

Blackhole your malware


Best practise ?

I was reading it was better to route to than Something to do with failing without waiting for a time out. probably makes little difference in practise but I am curious to know the "right" way :]

iPhone users get more sex than Android fans


I suppose...

it sounds better than more sluts use an iPhone.

At least I know which phone the wife is NOT getting next upgrade ;)

Bound robbery victim IMs for help with toes



On the one hand she does sound like she kept her cool and used her noodle. However, she tried to fight the guy with the gun... Not so smart, she got off light with a bonk to the noggin.

I am suspecting an odd combination of clever lady, acrobatic with suicidal tendencies.

Extreme porn law on the ropes


Hypocritical oafs.

They collared (arf!) someone a few weeks ago actually shagging a dog and let them off with a slap on the wrist. Then they chase this guy all the way to court before deciding to let common sense prevail.

I wonder if the defence would have raised the outcome of the other case in their defence as it hardly seems logical to lock someone up for being sent an email joke of the activity that someone actually doing it walks away from o_O. Surly some lawyer would be able to use that as an example in court.

Lets hope this porn law and a bunch of other stupid laws get binned.

Romford coppers try to stopper young snapper


This is what you want.


Of course you may want to contact the original publisher to obtain permission to reproduce it, and pop it in your camera bag, thats where mine is just waiting to be produced in a polite and respectable manner to whatever jobsworth halfwit necessitates its use.

Council of Europe condemns teen-bothering Mosquito


I can hear 16khz

Just did a google search for some 16khz test sounds, and I can hear it.... I just hit 40 today, so I call bollocks on the theory that no one over 20 can hear it.

I don't think my hearing is perfect either, I have trouble hearing people against background noise, more so than most (estimated number) folks.


Range of test tones from around 11khz to 18khz.. I can hear them all.

Speakers used are pretty expensive Logitech THX certified, should be no problems with upto 20khz.

Son of Transputer powers new Amiga box



With Firefox and Openoffice ports thats getting more tempting.

I dearly love the time I spent with my Amiga's, still in the attic but sadly the internal floppy drives are dead on at least two. Internal HD still works on my A1200 though.

Even now I still miss my Amiga, it was an incredible machine in its day, Commodore management really stuffed things up badly and should have got a spanking. Linux is proving to be a reasonable substitute for the tweaker in me but I pine for the day of AmigaOS's serious return.

Google hits coder G-spot with Linux command line tool



Already knocked up a script to upload images much faster, pops up a zenity window to ask for the album too. gThumb will be getting a hotkey bound to a command to upload an image also, much faster.

The calendar isn't so useful yet, it doesn't report events for all calendars it seems, only the default. And you can't set which calendar an event is added to. I reckon that will be sorted later though, then it will be very useful, especially with a couple bash aliases.

Off topic, the crappy sarcasm of this article is becoming too common on the reg these days, I'm actually starting to reach the point where I can see I might get sick of reading here, which is saying something as I've been here for donkeys years. It got annoying a while ago, now its just wearing me down till I give up loading the site.

Apple bans competing ads from the iPhone


I rally don't understand..

.. why they aren't in a really big ass monopoly lawsuit. If Microsoft tried even a tenth of what Apple do they would be up to their ears in court documents before lunch.

Apple just seem to be going further and further downhill, literally begging to be taken to court. Aren't they ?

Thousands of 'sexsomniacs' suffering in silence, say profs


Used to be a "sufferer"

I use quotes because I wasn't really the sufferer, it was my girlfriends at the time. They would be woken up by my mauling, thrusting etc only to find that I was still fast asleep. On occasion I would also wake during this and more often than not be much too tired to bother finishing, again much to the girlfriends disdain at the time as they were quite getting into it sometimes, yes sometimes I felt obliged to finish rather than add insult to injury.

I have spoken about it with friends, and also on a couple of boards as I was quite upset by it (well upset is a bit strong, but close enough), it seems to be out there, but not many suffer it. I have never experienced sleep walking other than once as a child. My brother also has had incidents of sexsomnia, noway in hell I asking my parents...

All in all its quite a wierd experience waking up during sex as a bloke, fortunately I haven't had it in a number of years now, last time was perhaps in my late twenties I think.

To the doubters, it is real but I totally agree that many times it might be used as an excuse by some. To the folks suffering it, hang in there, maybe as happened to me, it is something you might "grow out of"

ISPs told to keep filesharer naughty list


Bit of a difference between

what the US award and the UK, in principle though I know what your saying, and no.. They get to destroy someone's life but in return would barely get a slap on the wrist.

Reasonable costs would be phones calls you made. travel costs to get to the tribunal if physical presence is required and that pal, would be about yer lot. Fair does not come into these things in my experience.


I agree with you..

..sadly the courts likely will not, the UK has no fair usage rights. If you get a reasonable hearing/judge then let us know how it works out.

I've done exactly the same though a number of times though, downloaded tracks rather than rip them off cassette or vinyl, generally folks that know what they are doing have done a better job of it than I could.

Facebook promises simplified privacy controls from Thursday


Pretty swift roll out..

Getting it out before the big May 31st delete your failbook account thing was a complete coincidence, probably.

Mechanic drove three miles with angry bloke on bonnet


Reminds me..

Of one I read about a while ago, some guy looks into his backyard or whatever and sees someone breaking into his shed, he calls the police telling them thats it happening right now, but "noone is available", so he claims something along the lines of "ok, I'll get my rifle then." or something like that.

Within minutes the place was crawling in coppers who suddenly did get very very available, to probably arrest the home owner for making a threat, I can't recall details now.

Sharing bank PINs leaves consumers at risk


Chip and Sign ?

"And if banks don’t want disabled people to share PINs with carers, they ought to come up with an alternative, or be held to account under disability discrimination laws,"

Request a Chip and Sign card if remembering numbers is a problem. The banks won't give them out to "just anyone", it seems to be a case by case basis. My wife is disabled and takes a metric ton (estimated) of medication. She genuinely felt that trying to remember various numbers would be nigh on impossible and a chat with the bank got her a chip and sign card.

Its great to watch the confusion these days on till staff when it wants a signature, on numerous occasions they have been ready to hand back card and unsigned reciept not realising it needed signing and that no PIN was requested.. Damn our honesty we always point it out :[

Judge de-ASBOes yoof's low-slung kecks



"he needs a right belt"

In both meanings of the word.

Google buys BumpTop, could target 3D interface at iPad


Is it freeware?

I thought reading their homepage it was just the free version they were giving away for another week, not the full version.

Or did I misread ?

Music biz defends ISP from music biz


What is it with this week..

Apple calls Adobe closed.

Yahoo gives Google business advice..

And finally now, Music biz defends ISP from music biz

What next, "Politician answer a straight question with a straight answer" ??

"Microsoft releases Windows source code" ??

I'm getting all confused lately.

Ubuntu's Lucid Lynx stalks PC and Mac converts


Hang on... Monolithic ?

Its 7.5MB... Monolithic seems a little bit of an exaggeration doesn't it.

As for the driver misinformation, IF you have to download a driver (like you would on windows anyway), most would take care of installing or compiling the modules they need themselves.. For example VirtualBox builds its own module, so does the nvidia driver, a degree is not needed for these things.

What is needed is just the intelligence to know that Linux is not Windows that you are used to, and you do things differently... Then google how to achieve it and carry on. Why hold windows up to be the model of perfection.

I am absolutely confident that my wife could if given a CD with Ubuntu and a computer, install it and have a working PC.. Given a Windows CD though, I do not imagine it would be installed and be anywhere near working properly, she is far from able to go finding the right drivers for the hardware. Most people would be the same.


Try this..

Just to setup, plug the HP printer into your Ubuntu machine.

When I installed 10.04 Lucid here a few days ago it spotted the HP printer plugged in and just told me which command to type I think it is "hp-plugin-ubuntu" .. It will then install it all automagically, I don't recall it asking anything else.

Sure it would have been nice if it ran itself, but it was still a ton simpler than windows generally is, where you have to identify your device, then go and get the driver yourself, and finally install it.

Good luck.



If its installed and checked its working properly, your Aunt Elsa with have far less trouble with Ubuntu than windows. She is actually a perfect type of person to run linux. Someone with fairly simple needs, web browsing, email, facebook but importantly no photoshop needs, no requirement to run games.

Its people with specific software requirements that are problematic, unless they don'tmind relearning another package. Like The Gimp to replace photoshop... And yes it can replace photoshop, you know that super new content aware fill CS5 just got, The Gimp had a plugin called resynthesizer doing that for the last 3years.

UK data watchdog to quiz Google on Streetview Wi-Fi database


Seems to me..

Somethings might be "ok" to be public, until they are hoovered up and stuck in a database. It suddenly turns into something to be concerned about.

I'm not too worried that my ssid is broadcast under normal circumstances, but I do feel I should be concerned that it is now sat in a database of googles waiting for whatever use want.

I'm not even sure what the implications about all this are to be quite honest. I am pretty sure I might not like them though by the time Google has finished working out just how it can use it all.

Omegle invites you to show world+Facebook your bewbs


Points lost for this....

"The final session was a chat with an older man, who appeared not in the least bothered to find himself suddenly chatting up someone who was easily 30 years his junior."

What was the point of that observation?

Is it now, to the authors mind that an age difference of 30years is somehow "suspicious" when all you are doing is "chatting" with no mention of inappropriate behaviour

I've looked again, and the URL definitely doesn't say Daily Mail or The Sun anywhere...

Adobe man to Apple: 'Go screw yourself'


made my decision easier.

I've had an ipod touch for a while now after buying it off a friend who upgraded to an iPhone proper.

I was trying to make my mind up whether to go iPhone, which despite its locked down system isn't too bad, or an Android. Well given that the locked down on the Apple is only getting worse I am 100% convinced to go with Android.

Thanks Mr Jobs, you saved me any more thoughts on the matter, decision made :]

Bloke threatens BT with giant plywood cheque


Caller ID can still be had for free..

Just take them up on their "privacy" package or something for no cost, Caller ID is included in it.

A user's timetable to the Digital Economy Act


Call me sceptical...

But couldn't the media companies just ramp up the efficiency and number of CIR's they file over the year to give an illusion that its not enough, and the trend is still rising ?

They get then to have even more draconian laws protecting their lazy asses.

Seriously, if they haven't had enough time to sort themselves out with business models now, they won't ever do it. No matter how much money they get, it isn't ever enough, and a flat rate model really does not fit into the wallet busting amounts of money they want.

Racist content on US server 'within UK jurisdiction'


Is someone going to tell McKinnock ?

"the Court of Appeal has ruled. As long as a substantial measure of the activities takes place in England, its law will apply, it said."

YouTube saves dumb children from offensive content


Yay! for the comment filter.

Can we get it as a separate option though?

Something simple, like if someone has had some % of their comments downvotedreported/whatever. hide them by default. That would actually transform youtube in one simple move.

Aussie ISP beats Hollywood on 'copyright' rap


Excuse me while I have a gigglefit.

"iiNet customers were also accused of creating physical DVD copies of Hollywood films - but the court found that the only people who definitely did this were AFCT investigators."

Enough said.

Chinese villager jailed for eating tiger


Stating the obvious...

"Kang claimed he shot the cat in self-defence, but the local court ruled he "did not need a gun" to gather mussels"

I think the evidence rather supports the fact he clearly DID need a gun to collect mussels.. He has a dead tiger as proof.

(Assuming he also came home with mussels with his tiger, rather than went looking for tiger alone)

The Great Aussie Firewall is dead: Long live the firewall


A new sport...

Paste the Goatse ascii in IRC and watch all the Aussies ping out :]]

Navy's £1bn+ destroyers set to remain unarmed for years


I've spotted the problem..

>"Sea Viper/PAAMS is largely French and Italian in origin,"

Its the French genes kicking in, the missile didn't want to go to war, hence the misfire.

Nb... In case the icon is missed... I AM JOKING.

Virgin Media to trial filesharing monitoring system


Get a MAC code..

Not an Apple Mac.

Advertisers say new cookie law met by browser settings


They are wrong.

"has given his or her consent, having been provided with clear and comprehensive information"

A login cookie is a prime example of a requested service, though a brief text when the box is ticked to "remember login" isn't going to hurt anyone and be simple to do.

I have no idea what information literally any cookie on my computer holds though or what and who it tracks or relates too, so there sure as hell is not "clear and comprehensive information" available already, so they better had pull their socks up.

RIPA III: A legislative turkey comes home to roost

Thumb Down

A compelte travesty.

Just about everyone without "MP" after their name forecast what would happen.

Anyone with something serious to hide would use the containers that allow two passwords, one opens some content, but hides what you really want to keep hidden, then take the 2years max for not revealing the key than a no doubt greater sentence from revealing it..... I'm preaching to the choir here though.

I've completely lost the password to one of my PGP keys, though I didn't use it to encrypt anything which may turn out to be lucky one day....