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'Op! Op! Op!' Gangnam Style earns Google $8m


Jan Hargreaves said: "65 cents per play? Is this guy for real? I work for a company that has a large catalogue in YouTube and from the last month of sales figures available, our highest earning track on YouTube earned $3.84 with 19,997 plays = 0.000192 cents per play."

No. It's not 65 cents per play. It's .65 cents per play. Granted that's still 3385 times more than your figures but is there the tiniest, weeniest possibility that there's some multipliers and 'publicity' involved....?

EINSTEIN'S BRAIN had unusual lobes and cortex


re: Roger Schlafly

So, some bloke who had to have his deliberately troll-baiting piece of cack self-published should be trusted over the general scientific consensus? Poppycock....

Disney plans three Lucasfilm flicks EVERY YEAR


Clone Wars & Lego

Between them Clone Wars and the Star Wars Lego videos (the Lego ones are only a minute or two long) have already done all of the watering down and p***-taking you could ever want.....

But, hey, maybe Willow is coming back.....

Giant idol 'STRUCK DOWN by the Wrath of God' unearthed in Turkey


Why has he got a tortoise on his head?

Harry Potter director takes on Doctor Who movie


Surely, given the Director's previous it's got to be a new 'grown-up' vehicle for Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson or Rupert Ginge? Emma Watson as the Doctor with the Ginger one as her assistant and Daniel Radcliffe playing the voice of K9. How could it fail to be box office Gold?

HuffPo goes UK: But shills and pols writing for free isn't new


i'n't th'Interweb lovely.....

Yay, congratulation on your stunning use of Wikipedia.....


Home-base - or B&Q? Or is this too parochially British....?

Oh, but it is about 'home-base' if you denigrate someone's lack of education for never having heard of someone that there is no reason at all for them to have encountered. I could reel off countless examples of people, companies, places and so on that most people in the UK would know instantly. Would that make you uneducated for not knowing who the hell I was talking about?


San Francisco - yes, UK - no

If TeeCee lived in SanFrancisco this comment might be applicable. Sure, they were Pulitzer Prize winners but how relevant is that and their near rabid focus on San Francisco life of any relevance to a UK audience? Your pomposity is undeserved.....

Profit piranhas want a bite of HP



You do know that HP DOESN'T stand for Howard Philips don't you.....?

(Where's the tentacular icon?)

Fast-fingered oldster relieves shop worker of iPhone cash


Wherefore art thou pedantry

Anonymous South African Coward wrote, "Facepalm, oh facepalm, wherefore art thou?"

You do know that this line means "Why are you called Facepalm?" rather than "Where are you, Facepalm?" don't you? Common misconception.

Oh it feels good to indulge in Shakespearean pedantry on a Thursday morning...!

Hardware boom boosts IBM in Q1


NOT talking about PCs

IBM don't make PCs any more. The article is talking about Server hardware. Utterly different.

Former top Sun exec mourns end of a franchise


Don't forget about another relatively small smin off - Cisco."

ummm....in what way was Cisco a spin-off from Sun? I don't remember any connection at all. The two founders of Cisco both came out of Stanford - but not Sun itself. One of them worked at DEC for a bit I think.