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Europe clears Windows 7 for takeoff

Phil 49

Not Safari

Oh god don't put Safari first in the list, that'll tempt people to download the horrific thing. Even the Mac users I work with hate it.

People just not that into Blu-ray

Phil 49

Just to balance things out a little...

There's still a massive amount of misunderstanding about HD amongst the non-techie (majority) public. It's amazing the amount of people who think they are now watching glorious HD simply because they bought an HD TV, despite having no HD sources to input.

Which leads me to wonder, of the people polled how many said they own an HD DVD player whereas they just own an upscaling one? Also how many people answered no to getting a Blu-Ray player but may look to buy a PS3?

Price wise discs aren't the problem, it's the players. Discs *are* more expensive, but we're only talking around £5 more than a DVD when you buy from any online retailer (e.g. Play.com). I'd say that's worth it for the quality jump over DVD. Although on the flip side I must say that upscaled DVDs (e.g. via a PS3) are astoundingly better than via a regular DVD player, and it's hard to argue that the quality leap between well-upscaled DVD and Blu Ray is that different

Final note on players - I've not noticed load time issues being any different to DVD. Maybe the first commenter has had a bad run of it.


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