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Microsoft delivers Google Chrome IE9 beta

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Please stop spreading these lies. Opera is NOT the fastest. Chromes JS Engine still blows everyone out the water. FF3 JS Engine is faster than Opera, with word that FF4 JS Engine is getting an upgrade.

Opera alerts EU to hidden Windows browser-ballot

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Is this what Opera has come to? If they had a decent browser that was even mildly popular they wouldn't even be worrying about this. Do you see google pursuing this? Of course not, Chrome ALREADY has a higher market share! Do you see Mozilla pursing this? Once again no, they have a decent market share.

Opera is a thing of the past, just like Netscape.

** The flame cause thats where Opera belongs. **

Legal high fire sale starts now

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Thanks for the great laugh :) I just watched the whole Dune series the last few days! (original, remastered, and Children of Dune).

"Watch out for that Spice Beer, it goes straight to the head"

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Do you drink alcohol?

Grow the fuck up.....

** Paris cause she likes illegal activities to **

Why the Google antitrust complaint is not about Microsoft

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Get a clue...

Did you realize that OEM's do not HAVE to use Microsoft's OS? They tried with Linux for a bit but no one was buying. Why would the OEM's want to shelve products that have such a low purchase rate? This is simple business sense.

As the title says, get a clue.

Apple's draconian developer docs revealed

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To clear it up a bit

Actually the Xbox isn't that bad at all. With the introduction of the XNA from Microsoft and the OPEN SOURCE solution OpenXDK there is a much bigger oportunity for developers here. Same goes for Google's Android. I can't say much about the PS3's openness to developers because I have never needed to develop on it.

Windows 7 - The Reg reader review redux

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Whats the issue?

I have been running the RC's for months now without issue. Still boots faster than xp/vista, shuts down faster than both, never had a BSoD on it.

Opera slams Microsoft's Windows 7 E move - again

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Tell Opera to shut the fuck up and accept the fact they have one of the lowest market shares. They haven't done anything innovative in YEARS and their recent "fastest javascript engine" is still slower than Chrome's V8 engine. It is time for them to just get out of the browser business and attempt to enter a field where they may have a fighting chance to make some money.

That is all.

Tattooed Swedish devil girls sexually molest cyclist

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Why oh Why....

Couldn't it have been me :(

Paris cause she can molest me to!

Opera Software reinvents complete irrelevance

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Good article

This is what I expect from Opera after all these years of holding onto their 3.5% (+/- 2%) market share. They promise the world and give an acre. Lets look at this from a security point of view... would you really want someone that knows nothing about computers suddenly running their own web server? I suppose that we do need job security for tech support but come on... Talk about giving the bad side of the web a golden ticket to the chocolate factory!

Even Paris can have her own web server now!


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