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Asda IT staff shuffled off to TCS amid messy tech divorce from Walmart

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They are all the same. Only the consequences and fallout differs.

Brit tech tycoon Mike Lynch cleared of all charges in US Autonomy fraud trial

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Re: HP still has a damages claim in the civil courts.

This. The only light at the end of the tunnel might be that if I recall correctly whilst the judge in the UK civil case whilst finding Lynch guilty was pretty scathing of HP. So it could be one of those settle for a token amount cases....

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Re: Does Mike Lynch get compensation ...

It aint over. Likely will never be until Lynch is dead or bankrupt.

HPE are still after compo (£4bn?) in the UK for winning the UK civil case.

Snowflake denies miscreants melted its security to steal data from top customers

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Re: What do they do?

You seem to have no idea what you are talking about.

Shipping data to 3rd parties is nothing new....and hasnt been since the first server was offered for rental and certainly not since the rise of AWS.

Also there is no requirement to provide an opt out, EVERYONE has sub-processors.

Snowflake is the same as any database. You can have a single admin account running everything or you can have fine grained role permissions down to column level - in that case the fact that its cloud is neither here nor there.

Tesla nearing shareholder vote to grant Musk $46B

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Re: We'll always be together in Elon's electric dreams

The fact that the Tesla chairman is lobbying for this bonus tells you all you need to know about how effective Corporate Governance is at Tesla.

I cant recall another Chairman behaving like that.

Throwflame launches fire-spitting robo-dog from Hell

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Did you have a war porn boner when you wrote this?

Law prof predicts generative AI will die at the hands of watchdogs

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If history tells us anything its that legal obstacles have rarely stopped or got in the way of the Hyperscalars.

The Prof is delusional, and the regulators will be fighting a rear guard action - just like Ad-tech, Privacy/GDPR etc etc etc

Tesla misses the mark on all fronts in quarter of chaos

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Wall Street is weird. They love job cuts, and with a bit of flim flam about bring forward the cheap model and they give Musk an easy ride.

The guy who wants a 56Bn payout as profits drop, a price war looms and competition ramps up.


Microsoft really does not want Windows 11 running on ancient PCs

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Re: What happens when

Whilst most of your post is valid I think its laughable to suggest that lack of suitable computing hardware is responsible for a lack of innovation in functionality - there is nowhere to innovate until some new interaction paradigm comes along. Touch was the last one and that's mostly still irrelevant for day to day enterprise computing.

We are just gilding the lily at this point.

Ex-Amazon exec claims she was asked to ignore copyright law in race to AI

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Re: "Everyone else is doing it."

If you really believe that tripe you are part of the problem. Stats show that women are regularly treated as less than men and that pregnancy only exacerbates the gender gap.

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Re: A tech company?

I've worked eDiscovery. It's like everything else some really shafted people, some chancers and a whole lot of meh in the middle where relationships have broken down.

You are a bullshitter and ICMFP.

If the lady was really challenged with a task I don't believe an Emeritus Engineer (or whatever AMZ call their senior ones) could have solved that in 8 days, then that looks like constructive dismissal. I couldnt solve that in our company in 8 days let alone something as complex and hyper optimised as Amazon.

Tesla asks shareholders to reinstate Musk's voided $56B pay package

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Re: Charitable lot

Jeez. Do some basic research.


Blackstone wants to plug hyperscale datacenter into former Britishvolt battery site

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Nope. More like 3-5 times current renewable capacity - see my other post.

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Re: Nuclear fail


Show your working that its impractical.

(A simple google will show you baseload is a concept with no objective reality.)

The *worst* renewable generation day last year in Feb produced 33% of demand. Ergo 3-5 times the current capacity (most of which has been added in the last 10 years) is achievable between now and 2050.

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Nuclear fail

Hinkley C - our only new Nuke plant actually under construction was started in 2018 and is now not scheduled to be operational until 2027. It will add 3.2GW of capacity.

None of the other UK "new nuke" plants have even broken ground.

In *1 year* between 2021 and 2022 the UK added 4GW of renewables. So in the same timeline you could add 40+GW if you put your mind to it.

Before anyone says baseload. its a myth. No-one has even even put a number on what Baseload needs to be, and it can be addressed by renewables just like mass cheap storage does - by extensive overprovisioning.

Gentoo Linux tells AI-generated code contributions to fork off

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Re: What is the difference

15 replies in before someone points out the bleeding obvious.

Code is text it's virtually impossible to reliably detect provenance.

KPMG bags £8.5M NHS gig as cheerleader for Federated Data Platform rollout

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Re: KPMG help to implement Federated Data Platform (FDP)

Reading between the lines this is rollout and deployment. They wont be in a position to give Palantir actual requirements, and even if they did the septics would ignore them. NHSEngland are probably quite capabile of fucking up the requirements on their own.

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Re: Nearly 400 million

Errrm. KPGM are actually Anglo-Dutch and because they are mostly a set of limited liability partnership the segregation between country entities is a lot higher than most multinationals. Their US staff is the biggest in term of headcount tho....

This will be KPGM UK getting £10m of PR glitter to sprinkle over the £300m Palantir Turd.

UK health department republishes £330M Palantir contract with fewer ██████

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TBF Bupa are one of the better ones. A non-profit for a start. The acceptable face of private healthcare..... unlike the others.

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Re: "is trying to lock future governments into"

TBF hes not wrong on Streeting.

No mainstream politician has the answer to funding the NHS because the costs are increasing year on year in line with an aging population, and the cold hard reality is that funding has to come from higher taxes.

Until Labour (maybe) or the Tories (no chance) break ranks and start talking about using taxes for adequate funding for a decent service the NHS is f*cked.

Vernor Vinge, first author to describe cyberspace and 'The Singularity,' dies at 79

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Re: Alas!

Funnily enough I've been thinking of Vinge and Brin a lot lately.

Have just belated got around to reading Adrian Tchaikovsky's Children of Time novels - just finished the first and started on the second.

The first is basically inspired by Deepness in the Sky and Uplift War - but done really well and a homage to both parents.

Worth digging out. Took me ages because I have this irrational aversion to books being recommended because they are award winners. (Arthur C Clarke's in this case).

Is that a Helicopter warning sign or a Spider warning sign?

UK council won't say whether two-week 'cyber incident' impacted resident data

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"As to the OP's comment he is actually saying the same thing"

No he's not. He's suggesting a serial process because you can only ever have 2 pilots.

Incident Management is parallel process.




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BOFH Cattle prod of doom for you.

IT Estate is not a plane.

ITIL (or any other framework worth its name) has an Incident Management process that includes a role for Incident Comms, that should cover all your user stakeholders including the general public .... and for which the press is a valid comms channel.

Your ERP goes down and you're not giving the CFO hourly updates on the expected recovery time and process - your IT dept is a clown car.

Its been 20 years since I've done IM. This is basic stuff.

Oracle AI buzz means Larry Ellison's worth $15B more today

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How stupid are these shareholders and traders?

I can only assume its part of a pump and dump scheme.

Oracle are nowhere on the AI radar.

Justice Dept reportedly starts criminal probe into Boeing door bolt incident

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Those Air Batik pilots did things in the wrong order

They should have put Jakarta before the snores.

Reddit wants to raise $748M with IPO, sets value at $6.4B... and it has yet to turn a profit

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Is there anyone in El Reg land

...that thinks Reddit is worth more than 50p and a bag of marbles?

Copilot pane as annoying as Clippy may pop up in Windows 11

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Not sure it will be that intrusive

This behaviour is already present in Edge Copilot on the icon in the top right.

Its a "Hover and Pause" action like a tooltip rather than an instant reaction. It needs deliberate intent.

Underwater cables in Red Sea damaged months after Houthis 'threatened' to do just that

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Re: Why do they need a submarine?

I came here to say the same thing. Pretty much any threat actor has the wherewithal to hire or steal a big enough boat to drag an anchor around the seabed.

Why is this a surprise?

Staff say Dell's return to office mandate is a stealth layoff, especially for women

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Re: Wouldn't suprise me

I think you're a little too negative on this one - at least as far as UK law goes.

The announcement (if reported accurately) is a blanket policy and open to huge challenges, and potential joint actions by multiple 10's of employee's.

There is zero chance Dell will try to blanket enforce this in the UK.

Expect them to quietly back out and say it was US only.

But don't be surprised to hear of huge payouts by Compromise agreements to keep everything on the down-low.

Oracle is hiring two new teams to build its cloud faster and stronger

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OCI is a joke

Its basically a load of oracle hardware and some virtualisation plus a UI thats designed to fool people into thinking they can compete with the hyperscalers.

You can throw as much dev at it as you like but its just lipstick on a pig.

Lukewarm reception for Microsoft's Copilot Pro amid performance, cost grumbles

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Re: Open source version

Oh Really? Care to name it?

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Re: Classic MS are making people put up something they don't want nor need yet

Rammed Computers into everybodies hands..... this is a wind up right?

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Early Pro Adopter here

Mostly doesnt work for me.

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Re: Copilot ... sucking up resources and spying on everything you're doing to use Copilot

It doesn't spy on anything you are doing. Yes it has some access by default but its not (currently at least) doing stuff with that access unless you explicitly tell it to.

If you're worried about that you need to spend a lot more time working about MS Graph. Thats the monitoring-ware.

Case in point - look at the default Edge Home page OR if you want real nightmares look at MS Delve. It basically can tell you what your boss had for breakfast.

The Post Office systems scandal demands a critical response

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One Correction - private prosecutions

The post office is not unique in using Private Prosecutions and has no special powers to do so, (in spite of its origin as being one of the earliest Investigations function.

The difference for the PO was that the Legal system was *accustomed* to them doing so *at scale*, some of the usual scepticism that maybe another private company would get was missing.

Tesla owners in deep freeze discover the cold, hard truth about EVs

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This isnt really news is it?

Vehicles of all descriptions have issues with extreme cold, the different Joe Schmo's diesel isnt newsworthy.

Im all for a bit of Musk slagging but this one seems kinda pointless.

Gordon 10

WTAF does power production to do with EV's charging?

Are you drunk?

Infosys co-founder doubles down on call for 70-hour work weeks

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Alternative view. Do your contracted hours and not a cent more. when the wheels of capitalism come to crush you bleeding yourself dry for the company wont save you. Your company wont remember you after you have gone. Your family probably will - if you've been present.

DARPA's air-steered X-65 jet heads into production with goal of flying by 2025

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Re: What could go wrong...

"* Short landing and take off requires heavy use of flaps."

No shit sherlock. Fancy highly paid aeronautic engineers not solving that one up front before some random on the internet points it out......

Sam Altman set to rejoin OpenAI as CEO – seemingly with Microsoft's blessing

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Re: Satya?

Eh? Are you drunk?

Considering he was sideswiped too he's not put a foot wrong. His decision at every point has been to protect MS's investment in Altman and his inner circle who are the geese laying the golden eggs.

The El Reg article on this from yesterday has aged rather badly. Lol.

MOVEit victim count latest: 2.6K+ orgs hit, 77M+ people's data stolen

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Re: What?

Weird response dude. I can only assume you don't keep up with your professional obligations? You must have been hiding under a rock all year.

SpaceX celebrates Starship launch as a success – even with the explosion

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Re: I can't help but feel....

Your first comment was a bust - but keep digging.

Not a Musk fan but SpaceX payloads have some of the lowest insurance costs around because it's the most reliable launch platform in existence.

Its exactly how deep SpaceX's pockets are. SpaceX expect and have planned for the first few launches to be underwritten by themselves, and will be offering hugely discounted payload fees.

Why do you think he launched the Roadster on Falcon Heavy?


Tesla Cybertruck no-resale clause vanishes faster than a Model S in Ludicrous Mode

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Why on earth would you want one.

Its Musk's version of the Homer or the Edsel.

Apple exec defends 8GB $1,599 MacBook Pro, claims it's like 16GB in a PC

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You are confusing your geeky needs with general use cases - they are not the same thing.

You *want* 16Gb coz you are willy waving. Coz bigger in better innit. Do you own an SUV?

I agree with the general tone of the article but the reality is there are tons of use cases where 8Gb is plenty.

Even on Windows - ironically have at 2012 MBA with 4Gb comfortably running basic browser and office tasks using Win10 Bootcamp.

Gordon 10

Re: I was gonna say...

On what planet are you on where you are running a big DB on a laptop? The 90's called and want their shonky development methodologies back.

Snowflake puts LLMs in the hands of SQL and Python coders

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Alex Savage doesnt seem to have a clue what he is talking about

Unless you're a tier one enterprise who can piss money and pride up the wall developing your own LLM's the only game in town are those LLM's from the hyperscalers, for which re-training and fine tuning are very limited options anyway. With a bit of prompt engineering they are pretty good - certainly for the general stuff you're likely to throw at them via Snowflake.

The actually cost of running the hyperscalars LLM's are buttons too - only the artificial price points set by the hyperscalars is a consideration. Anything from with GPT3.5Turbo is peanuts, GPT4 is still expensive but expect that to come down as the competition builds....

(Theres some interesting low resource LLM's emerging on places like Hugging Face, but Consumer grade LLM's from the hyperscalers is mostly where its going to be at unless you've got a big Data Science team struggling to stay relevant.).

Batterygate bound for Blighty as UK court approves billion-dollar Apple compensation case

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Re: make it hurt

Why should it have to hurt? Leaving aside the fact that you probably wrote this out of Apple spite - what harm was done by this action, and therefore what damages are due?

Gordon 10

Its a weird one

This case has always struck me as a bit strange.

As others have pointed out showing that apple actually profited from this action is counterintuitive as they lost out on upgrades and similar. No-one has shown or proven any nefariousness on Apples part merely what appears to have been a poorly communicated effort to improve battery life and stability.

I dont see how ANY sane judge could rule that people have suffered a financial loss from Apples activities, and therefore are due damages. Even if they have suffered a loss there is no way to show its been anything but trivial.

This stinks of a monetisation play by greedy lawyers rather than any pro-active consumer led action.

Qualcomm claims its X Elite PC parts can go toe-to-toe with Apple, Intel

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Re: Well that's lovely...

But at least 6-9 months behind the curve now the M3 is out, more realistically 2 years.

Qualcomm also have a mountain to climb in terms of volume and brand recognition.

Apple lifts the sheet on a trio of 'scary fast' M3 SoCs built on a 3nm process

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Re: Apple’s Problem?

Thing is Apples refresh cycle has never really changed. Its more like 5 years on the corporate side than the WinTel 3. So Apple is building M3's for the last of the Intel Mac generations.