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Google demos image rec 'quantum computer'

John Bishop

Quantum encryption/decryption

Quantum computing seems to allow both the generation of an uncrackable code and a computer that can crack it

My head hurts...

Amazon pulls Japanese rape simulator from shelves

John Bishop

What a topic for valentines day!

Any comments from women what they think about this? Or just blokes saying things like 'Rape is wrong yes'


Seagate isolates 'potential' Barracuda flaw

John Bishop

New firmware means no data recovery needed

Installed the new firmware last night and it restored the PC to it's previous state

It;'s the firmware that was knacked - once restored to working everything came back OK


John Bishop

Screwed up disk!

Well I upgraded my drive with the SDA1A firmware (500Gb 3500320AS) last night and now it's screwed!

After re-boot, get a message about missing system disk

Trying to re-install windows 7 beta (which installed and ran fine last night before the firmware upgrade) says -

Windows cannot install on this disk - ensure the disk controller is enabled in the BIOS

Looking for a revised firmware file, the web site says (as of 13:50 BST) 'This file has been temporarily taken offline as of Jan 19, 2008 8PM CST for validation.'

Checking the Seagate forums, lots of people are having the same problem

I've always used Seagate, never had any problems. Argh!


Seagate promises second fault fix in 24 hours

John Bishop

And the answer is...

Yes, it worked! Completely fixed the problem and booted straight into Windows 7 (cue sarky jokes)

John Bishop

The fix is out!

Well, who cares how many hours it was, the important things is, will it work?


John Bishop

24 hours from??

My only issue is - 24 hours from when? Hopefully it will turn on Thursday...


Seagate firmware fix bricks Barracudas

John Bishop

Am I reading this wrong?

Yes you are. The original register story focused on the 1Tb drives, but seagate's web site listed which drives were affected and included the 500Gb model.

I checked my drives's serial number and was tol dit was affected.

Masses of posts about this on seagate's customer forums and a really interesting post here from a Seagate employee - http://slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=1098793&cid=26542735

John - waiting for a firmware update to fix my brick!

After months of denial, Microsoft cops to IE vulnerability

John Bishop

Same old stuff

IE vs Firefox

MS office vs Open office

Windows vs Mac

Windows vs Linux

MS are evil/fantastic

The iPhone is great/rubbish

What would we be talking about on el reg if these topics were all banned?


Nokia ships 100 million phones in Q2

John Bishop

Fantastic iPhone sales

So, using that calculation of 9,000 phones sold every hour, Apple have sold 19,656,000 iPhones in the same time period

Steve Jobs must be very happy :-)

Southern Ocean calls time on carbon sinking

John Bishop

Dodgy science!

These comments are making me smile -

If you could pump away the CO2 (which I doubt for lots of reasons, like where's the energy going to come from to do it), it wouldn''t deplete our supply of oxygen! Oxygen isn't part of carbon dioxide, it's a separate gas.

And as for saying 'the sea's full of CO2, why isn't there lots of algae'- algae (and all other green plants) produce CO2 as part of photosynthesis, they don't consume it. They need oxygen, the same as us.

Downing Street rejects Vista petition

John Bishop

Linux fans business models don't work!

Dear Steve

Er, how many of those companies are selling Linux as an alternative to Windows as a desktop OS in a high street store near you...

John Bishop

Linux fans business models don't work!

Dear Karl

What planet are you living on?

1. Go into a shop.

2. Pick something off the shelf

3. Pay no money

4. Mr Shop keeper says 'Thanks for visiting to my shop and please come again'

If you run your business like that, god help you!