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Blackout Bug: Boeing 737 cockpit screens go blank if pilots land on specific runways

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Re: ...

I believe that was the turbine disc that failed – not a blade separation event

Good luck containing the kinetic energy from a failed turbine disc when under take off/climbing power.

Iranian-backed hackers ransacked Citrix, swiped 6TB+ of emails, docs, secrets, claims cyber-biz

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Re: That would be the Citrix...

Errrr no I believe that would be Cisco.

UK getting ready to go it alone on Galileo

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Re: That is going to be one hell of an expensive failure

It's had aircraft on it since it commenced sea trials...

If you're referring to F-35B's then we are taking delivery of them right when we need them and in accordance with the test program.


1,300 customers of Brit bank TSB defrauded due to botched IT migration

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Re: She cannae take it, captain

Indeed, they've failed to honour two standing order's of mine, on both occasions the account had more than sufficient funds to cover them.

Let me be clear, they weren't returned due to insufficient funds either, they just weren't processed at all. If that doesn't raise some eyebrows that there is something very wrong with their systems I don't know what will.

Naturally I've been unable to get through to anyone to actually find out why and have decided enough's enough.

TSB meltdown latest: Facepalming reaches critical mass as Brits get strangers' bank letters

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Voting with your feet

Already had enough, it's been one cock up after another so I've pulled the plug on them and moved.

Historically I was a Lloyds customer who never asked to be bumped over to TSB, they just decided my branch was going and that was that.

Did it old school as I assumed any migration process was as likely to cock up as anything else they've done recently.

If enough people whip their money out from them I can see that causing them a few problems as well, not sure what their liquidity ratio is but might be interesting to keep an eye on it.

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Re: ... and Crapita

If I'm getting letters delivered to my address but to people I've never heard of your damn right I'm opening them.

When the oh so charming bailiffs turn up trying to enforce a writ I want some advance warning.

Been there done that.

In my experience they’re not that bothered about mistaken identity either, my girlfriend (now wife) had two goons turn up to try and collect on a debt for a woman with a different first name, birthday and address to her (woman at one stage lived about 20 doors away) from an organisation she had no links with whatsoever.

I would add these two were at the more budget end of the debt collection spectrum rather than the more pucker one’s you might’ve seen on TV.

DIY device tinkerer iFixit weighs in on 15-month jail term for PC recycler

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Re: The issues was never reselling the discs


You don't know you're born. We had to use the bottoms of broken milk bottles to focus the sun's rays to melt the solder!

Paul Allen's six-engined monster plane prepares for space deliveries

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As bat shit as that looks, I love it.

I know it'll not make any financial sense but purely for the awesomeness factor of the engineering you've got to raise a glass to them.

MH370 final report: Aussies still don’t know where it crashed or why

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Re: Conspiracy theories

Ultimately if the guys (or girls) sitting in the pointy end decide to do something nefarious there is nothing anyone can realistically do, the opportunities to bin an aircraft from the flight deck are endless.

Fasthosts' week to forget: 4-day virtual server summer bummer

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If they're that shit, maybe move them to a different provider?

Poor service provided = vote with your 1's and 0's and move them elsewhere.

That minutes-long power glitch? It's going to cost British Airways £80m, IAG investors told

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Oh dear, how sad

Said nobody.

Boeing preps pilotless passenger flights – once it has solved the Sully problem, of course

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Re: Emergancy action is the problem.

"those not even willing to give a pseudonym" - says the Anonymous Coward

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Re: The industry is also facing a severe shortage of pilots

Not sure you gave much thought to that before you hit submit.

There's a reason large aircraft have more than one engine, even at MTOW losing an engine shouldn’t compromise the ability to get airborne in a controlled manner and level off at a safe altitude.

Notwithstanding an uncontained failure, in which case it somewhat depends on what the hot spinning bits hit when they depart the engine case – kinetic energy being a cruel mistress and all that. Hydraulic lines and passengers don’t take kindly to being hit with fragments of compressor disc.

FWIW people caught flying drones in controlled airspace should be hung from the nearest bridge.

BT considers scrapping 'gold-plated' pensions in bid to plug £14bn deficit

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Re: Never bothered with a pension...

Steady, I'd rather live with the social stigma of being a drug peddling, gun-running pimp than a politician.

LastPass now supports 2FA auth, completely undermines 2FA auth

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Re: "an arbitrary subset"

Back in the day to change your password on Santander's site you'd have to enter your existing password all in upper case for it to accept it. Even though my actual password was upper and lowercase.

Very worrying. I ceased having anything to do with them shortly after pointing that out and them not realising the significance of the problem. No idea if that's still a 'feature'.

Train station's giant screens showed web smut at peak hour

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Toot toot!

Said Thomas as he shunted Henrietta roughly from behind....

Redmond's on fire, your 365 is terrified: Microsoft email outage en masse

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Mrs Live Account

Mrs freetard Live account is screwed but the office corporate subscription seems fine and dandy... still Cloud - whatever....

Oh how I yearn for the day of eseutil and isinteg...



Who's behind the Kodi TV streaming stick crackdown?

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Games Up

The Genie is out of the bottle for the content providers and he's not too keen on getting back in again - games up, they need to accept the rules have changed and adapt rather than try and stiffle the alternatives.

People will generally pay a modest subscription rather than use a moody alternative but most people I know who have a Sky/Virgin sub aren't happy with the cost and are fed up with the drip drip price increases, invariably at some point these people will look for alternatives when either they just cant justify the subs or realise the alternatives are there.

Granted they'll always be a certain number of freetards who wouldn't pay for it out of principle if they could get away with it but I'd wager that's a very small minority.

Anyone in the industry who thinks they'll be on the winning side with this strategy should look at TPB. How's that blocking working out for you?

IT team sent dirt file to Police as they all bailed from abusive workplace

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Re: Not a great surprise

Thanks for your replies Trigger, will take a look at them.

Place I've been at has had a change of senior management in the last 12 months and the new SVP is a full on sociopath, coupled with a recent change in HR..... sorry "People Strategy" we've got a clown that wants to make a name for himself and has already put himself about a bit.

Suffice to say the first tasty role that comes along you won't see me for dust but having someone in your corner probably isn't a bad idea and the cost is relatively trivial in the grand scheme of things.


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Re: Not a great surprise

Any suggestions on a good Union to join for an IT type? Asking for a friend....

Laser surgery ignites internal methane, burns patient down there

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"vaginal methane" - there were two words I didn't expect to find next to each other when I set off for work this morning!!

Straight outta Staines: Attenda has finally been sold... to US biz Ensono

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Re: Do you mean?

Seaman Staines?

Samsung's million-IOPS, 6.4TB, 51Gb/s SSD is ... well, quite something

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Just given me a semi...

UK IT consultant subject to insane sex ban order mounts legal challenge

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Re: "He was found not guilty, therefore he is innocent"

"This comes across as the plod being rather vindictive."

Be under no illusion, if the Police charge you and you go to court and are found not guilty, in their eyes you're just one who got away, if they get the chance to punish you in the future you'll be the first person in their cross-hairs.

If we can't find a working SCSI cable, the company will close tomorrow

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Re: Been there, done that

Also been there, done that, just replace Compaq for IBM!!

Lonely bloke in chem suit fuels Mars orbiter

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Re: Better yet,

"supplementing an out-of-the-envelope aerobraking maneuver with an unscheduled lithobraking maneuver"

Yeah I've done that on KSP as well, poor Jeb, he's still up there :o(

What's it like to work for a genius and Olympic archer who's mates with Richard Branson?

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"apparently now a fugitive from justice"

What was Julian like to work with?

Get 'em out for the... readers: The Sun scraps its online paywall

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Re: Phone Hacking ... Hilsborough ...


I'm sure I'm not alone in the fact I wouldn't use that shit rag to wipe my arse with!!

Been a while since I was last in Liverpool but is it still a case that no newsagents would sell it?

New Horizons: Pluto? Been there, done that – now for something 6.4 billion km away

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I for one.....

...welcome our new 2014 MU69 dwelling overlords!

Spaniard trousers €60,000 bank error, proceeds directly to jail

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Re: If I remember correctly

"Of course you can have the money back, once the bond matures in 5 years I'll gladly transfer back the original capital to you..."

Pluto revealed as KING of the Kuiper belt

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IAU broke the mnemonic....

My Vicar Eats My Jam Sandwiches Under Neverending Protest!

Goodbye Vulcan: Blighty's nuclear bomber retires for the last time

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Vulcan 607


Well worth a read.

NetApp consciously uncouples from 500+ staff

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"Our focus is on operationalising our strategy to take full advantage of the opportunity in front of us."

Wow. Just wow.

ALIENS ARE COMING: Chief NASA boffin in shock warning

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Re: May I bethe first


Not enough 'new overlord' references these days...

VMware planning 'biggest launch' on Feb 2

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Re: Biggest launch event?

The vSphere Web Client is the proverbial bulldog chewing a wasp of an app – its utterly hideous – every time I have to use it a little piece of my soul is eroded.

Philae healthier: Proud ESA shows off first comet surface pic

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Re: More photos kept back >-(

To be fair sometimes BT struggle to provide me 26 Kbps over a few miles, to do it over 300M miles is quite an effort!

Watchdog puts UK gov IT on RED alert. Yes, that's a bad thing

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Watchdog puts UK gov IT on RED alert

Did they change the bulb?

UK's pirate-nagging VCAP scheme WON'T have penalties – report

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Remember Kids

Home taping is killing music!

SpaceX Falcon tests hovercraft tech – despite ISS outage

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Re: At last!

And if it has fins it absolutely has to have LASERS!!!

Middle England's allotments become metric battlefield

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I really do hate the Daily Mail with a fucking passion.

That is all.

Forget superstars, this HYPERGIANT star is 1,300 times the size of OUR SUN

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The Universe is full of such weird shit :)

Space-junk RAYGUN wins Australian government funding

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Makes sense

I get the lasers, every situation needs them.

What I don't get is how they are going to get sharks into LEO or how they will control them (Mechjeb?)

IBM to shutter Greenock x86 line after sale to Lenovo - reports

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Bullying and Bluster

Surely the first King of Scotland will tell us all its just scaremongering?

NHS England DIDN'T tell households about GP medical data grab plan

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Funny that..

I can't stop Virgin Media from bombarding me with shit about services that I have no interest in but yet this was deemed sufficiently trivial to not be delivered to me.

Big goolies-grabbing black snake nips unlucky bloke's trouser snake

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Excuse me my dear...

...have you seen my one-eyed trouser snake?

My one's the dirty raincoat!

Martian MOM LAYS another EGG in SPACE - but it's not big enough

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Should have used MechJeb...

Hypersonic MEGA METEOR pulled from lake, then Russians drop it

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Polish that son of a bitch Makka Pakka!