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Explaining the Chocolate Factory's Patent Panic


Another Attention Grabber!

This is as nearly as informative as your article about Google behaving childlike for naming their products after ice-cream!!

No doubt you have invested your entire retirement nest egg in APPL - good luck with that!

Jobs: iPhone sales spank Android

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I'm merely suggesting that perceived popularity is an important strategy for Apple.

I recall reading about sales stats of ipod, iphone and ipads in news releases from Apple over the years, most companies don't brag about this stuff in such a reliable manner.

It's important here to make the distinction between "real" popularity and "perceived" popularity.


Sales figures are important for Apple

Putting my Marketing hat on;

Apple relies very heavily on the brand selling its products. Consumers who place the most importance when purchasing a product on brand (i.e. promotion in Marketing), rather than price, quality, features, distribution etc.., will find the popularity of the product very important to their purchase decision.

This is why I think it's critical for Jobs to continually quote sales figures, a way of saying "people think this product is really good".

The iPad is widely agreed to be functionally limited product and overpriced based on the feature set - yet we've heard a number of times how successfully it's selling already.

The numbers are really unimpressive when you compare them to the number of matches that have been sold throughout history, but in isolation and to the right people - the sales stats sound great.

It's been said plenty before: it's inevitable Android devices will outsell the iPhone. But, this won't stop Jobs quoting how many Apple products he has sold.

Viewsonic ViewBook 130 ultra-slim laptop


@ I don't get it.

I am just as confused by this review. This is an ultralight laptop that competes with the Mac Air!

No one in their right mind would be buying this for gaming so why the graphics tests and comment "serious gamers will need to look elsewhere."

Sounds to me like this would be perfect for users that need a larger display than a 10" Netbook but require high portability and connectivity. This ticks all the boxes.

"The ViewBook is actually quite a nice little laptop: it’s light and easy to carry, and perfectly adequate for day-to-day tasks.."

You said it! how about rerating this at least at 70% given the price / functions and quality?

Royal Mail lawyers demand closure of postcode lookup site


It's a bit like...

It's a bit like local councils retaining house street numbers as IP.

There's something now quite right with this.

GM Volt to deliver three-figure fuel economy


Electric vs Fossil Power

for those struggling with the idea that fossil fuels are required to generate electricity anyway so whats the benefit using electricity in cars - some ideas;

1. An electric motor is massively more efficient than the internal combustion engine.

2. Electicity produced in a power plant can be generated from recycled/recovered/renewable sources.

3. Power plants have much better filtration of waste than cars therefore better for the environment.

4. Electicity is much cheaper and more efficiently produced than ICE power.

LaCie d2 Network


Not a chance

After my experience with the LaCie Ethernet Disk mini - Home Edition - and LaCie's woeful support - I won't be touching one of their products again in a rush.

Pity, the case looks so damn nice.

Windows 7, Bing and security: Mr Ballmer regrets


Microsoft Security Essentials must be a good thing

I think your comments about Microsoft Security Essentials are not particularly valid.

1. This is good press - with so many people thinking that Windows is full of security holes but alternative OS's are built like Swiss bank vaults - a positive story about MS providing FREE extra security can't hurt.

2. Manufacturers do have an incentive to provide Microsoft Security Essentials - it's an added feature that will cost them nothing - it could certainly sway consumers decisions to buy a system if they have added security plastered all over them.


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