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Natwest net and phone banking goes titsup

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RBS is also down

The Royal Bank of Scotland is also down at the moment with the same message. Natwest is now just a part of RBS so it makes sense that they are all down together.

Frustrating stuff, but as long as my money is still there after I am ok about it. just a few years ago we didn't even have ibanking etc. so whatever.

Royal Navy halts Highlands GPS jamming

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Radio Jamming

I am pretty sure that "radio jamming" actually throws out LOADS of frequencies and is not just targeted at one specific band. That would be a pretty inefficient way to disrupt "enemy" comms. as they can just change band, and hey presto!

I am not at all suprised that military grade jammers knock out damn near everything. This will be why it is dangerous.

The writer is presumably unaware of this.

Bargain-basement botnet kit – yours for just €5

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Probably Leeching off of his user base

I bet he is trying to get as many people as possible out there to start infecting machines for the Seller themself to use.

Why bother doing the dirty work when you can make money by selling the kit and then backdoor into all of the machines infected by his buyers.

Mars trips could blind astronauts

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Well, gee, they just have to simulate gravity then huh?

I would have expected NASA to construct the manned section of the vessel as a toroid or cylinderand rotate the section such that the centripital force approximates 1g.

Is it just me or wasn't this approach WIDELY publicised in 2001: A Space Odyssey?

Three in ten Americans urge feds to read their email

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Paris Hilton

Quite a small sample size

The sample size is really very small, and it doesn't sound randomised either. It is easy to prove an outrageous conclusion in any study by carefully selecting your sample group.

But yeah, I would say that there really are too many people that have this sort of attitude. Around 50% is a figure I would debate, or at least scrutinise closely.

US and Russia to give uranium to ANYONE

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I do believe that they have Uranium Mines in Iran

Two anyway. Although about a quarter of the the worlds supply is refined in close by Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

Why is it that there is absolutely no concerns about them I wonder? Maybe the west can't admit that Iran has had pretty harsh treatment from us in the recent past.

I think we should not be ruled by fear. If we think about the realistic probabilities that even if Iran made some nukes, and then actually used them on civilians anywhere in the world, how likely is it that the retaliation in kind from everyone would simply make Iran a "once was" country.

Yeah, same goes for North Korea. If they nuke someone, expect the whole country to win a darwin award. I think that mostly the people there are intelligent enough to see that.

London rioters should 'loose all benefits'

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Anyone have any Ideas that don't include Genocide?

It seems to me that at least most people here are agreed that these people aren't really people, just mere scum to be flicked off of your boots.

Some great ideas:

Cancel benifits to those that choose to have children. So in other words kill the scums babies by starvation, a particularly cruel method.

Shoot them all (if only there was a way to distinguish them with 100% accuracy)

Make them get a job to repay the damage.... get a job or starve (but wouldn't repaying the damage mean that if they got a job they STILL wouldn't have money?)

Send them all to death camps! (worked out so well for Hitler and the Nazis)

I am starting to think it might just be easier to kill all the rich people to stop them complaining, there are after all a lot fewer of them and they tend to be so soft and fat and squidgy. Could maybe even temporarily put off the energy crisis. Fat Boy Biodiesel anyone?

Will the looters 'loose' their benefits?

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From Wikipedia "french revolution"

Economic factors included hunger and malnutrition in the most destitute segments of the population, due to rising bread prices (from a normal 8 sous for a four-pound loaf to 12 sous by the end of 1789),[3] after several years of poor grain harvests. Bad harvests (caused in part by extreme weather from El Niño along with volcanic activity at Laki and Grímsvötn), rising food prices, and an inadequate transportation system that hindered the shipment of bulk foods from rural areas to large population centers contributed greatly to the destabilization of French society in the years leading up to the Revolution.

Another cause was the state's effective bankruptcy due to the enormous cost of previous wars, particularly the financial strain caused by French participation in the American Revolutionary War. The national debt amounted to some 1,000–2,000 million[citation needed] livres. The social burdens caused by war included the huge war debt, made worse by the loss of France's colonial possessions in North America and the growing commercial dominance of Great Britain. France's inefficient and antiquated financial system was unable to manage the national debt, something which was both partially caused and exacerbated by the burden of an inadequate system of taxation. To obtain new money to head off default on the government's loans, the king called an Assembly of Notables in 1787.

Meanwhile, the royal court at Versailles was seen as being isolated from, and indifferent to, the hardships of the lower classes. While in theory King Louis XVI was an absolute monarch, in practice he was often indecisive and known to back down when faced with strong opposition. While he did reduce government expenditures, opponents in the parlements successfully thwarted his attempts at enacting much needed reforms. Those who were opposed to Louis' policies further undermined royal authority by distributing pamphlets (often reporting false or exaggerated information) that criticized the government and its officials, stirring up public opinion against the monarchy.[4]

Does anyone here see some worrying similarities? Financial Crisis, Destitution, Bankruptcy from running expensive unpopular wars, Government indifference and isolation from the poor?

DIY aerial drone monitors Wi-Fi, GSM networks

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Settle down Jimbo

It amazes me how so much managed to pass you by.

It uses a 4g command and control system, and is AUTOMATED, as in the pilot issues instructions only, not direct control of the flaps/throttle etc.

It doesn't need to operate at 22,000 feet, that is the highest it can reach if you instruct it to go as high as possible, suspiciously few wifi nodes up that high.

It as previously mentioned doesn't crack the WPA "on the fly". I just captures enough info to crack it later.

The point is that it can just fly around (anywhere with 4G reception) collecting the data needed to crack LOT's of infrastructure controlled from anywhere that is internet connected. A truly sneaky and assuredly REAL development. Disbelieve at your peril. RTFM.

Sorry, time travelers, you’re still just fiction

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No joke

It would be very hard to disprove the hypothesis that the "wave front" isn't moving faster than light as has been mentioned that it may result in the effect hitting at exactly the same time as it moved itself very slightly backwards in time to sit exactly where it was before exceeding lightspeed.

UK Channel insolvency rates soar to nine-year high

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"Consumers are holding onto their cash" LOLASAURUS

Or rather, the number of consumers is greatly decreased because they have no cash. The government is taking it all in taxes.

Income tax + NI= 33% (for most people) or %45 for those lucky enought to have a good job

VAT: %20

Council Tax: ~ %10 for low wage earners

TV tax: + 140 quid a year, now payable even if you only have a computer and net access

Drinking and smoking: Variable rate but not less than 15%

Fuel: 42% of purchase price

Car Tax: couple of hundred quid minimum (for a proper car)

Anyway I think you can see where I am going with this. Westminster takes the vast majority of everybody's money and pisses it all over the place on idiot contracts with there friends, paying the heads of quangos (more nepotism).

My advice, Run for fucking office and hope to god you can convince the suckers that live here that you really do deserve to take over %80 of their earnings for very poor services in return.

Engineering student cracks major riddle of the universe

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Ummm, having read the paper

They have not given any sort of analyses about how much mass the filaments constitute as a total of how much mass we expect there to be in the universe.

It also appears that these filaments were already "known" to exist. So its not even like they discovered them.

So please can you show me the calculations that indicate that all the "missing mass" is accounted for by these findings?

Don't get me wrong, the paper is well written and obviously significant to be published in this prestigious journal, but this story is WAY to sensational for what the paper actually states. Is she a friend of yours perhaps?

NHS IT dino-project NPfIT should be killed off - NAO

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Electronic care records allow better patient care

End of story. I am refering to the observations made in superfreakonomics that when doctors in ER didn't have access to a patients data in 1 place they spent 95% of their time managing information, i.e. finding test results, phoning other departments/GP practices etc. and only 5% of their time treating patients

When an IT system (now called amalgum) was installed they spent 40% of their time actually treating patients. The savings on costs and lives was massive.

So this project is expensive. I know I would like my doctor treating my ills in an emergency than on the phone checking if I am allergic to anything etc. (I am not, so just give me the F*cking DRUGS etc. etc.) Especially so when I am KO'd and about to die.

Vote now for the best sci-fi film never made

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@ Trevor3


Bill the galactic hero is another fantastic HH book. Could be HILARIOUS

Brian Miller 1

perhaps we should use

The alternative voting system where we rank our top five and they get counted like the new voting system.

Brian Miller 1

DAMN, voted too soon

I handily suggested both stranger in a strange land and snow crash on the original call to arms.

I missed that Snow crash was in there at first and now I think it probably would make a better movie.

EVERYONE VOTE SNOW CRASH, or at the very least read it.

Five amazing computers for under £100

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I got a full pc for £100, not bad spec either

I picked up a dual core intel e2180, 2gigs ram, onboard gfx and sound, 160gig HD, (admittedly crappy) 400W PSU in a relatively nice case, for exactly 100 smackeroos. From gumtree.

Made a nice base platform to upgrade from for super cheap.

You can easy pick up an old p4 on ebay for less too. They still have work left in em (thinking home server/NAS/dedicated firewall etc.).

So, what's the best sci-fi film never made?

Brian Miller 1

oo ooo ooo

Snow Crash would make a Frikkin AWESOME movie!

Brian Miller 1

AC got to agree

I have to say "stranger in a strange land" has some SERIOUS potential to be made into a really inspirational and awesome movie.

I would also vote for Raymond Feists

The Magician, and subsequent riftwar saga

Libya fighting shows just how idiotic the Defence Review was

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It's ALL about business

In my opinion the whole affair is just an excuse to go blow up the Libyans hardware so that when the new democratically elected gov. come in the y have to buy some nice shiny new hardware.

From their saviours of course.

" no cash???"

"Don't worry we take black gold. I knows your good for it."

Fukushima update: No chance cooling fuel can breach vessels

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How do you predict that again?


It seems to me that some of the commentards are saying a design is poor because it doesn't take into account a NEVER SEEN BEFORE WORLD RECORD MAGNITUDE FIRST OF ITS KIND event.

Gee, with all these planets floating about in space its only a matter of time before we collide with one, we must therefore design our buildings to withstand the destruction of earth....

Not to scare you peeps, but engineers only factor in PROBABLE events, not all possible ones.

And how many future deaths and cancers are being caused by the blazes around that gas storage facility? WHO CARES, thousands have already died instantaneously. Where is the criticism of the government for not building a 20 metre, no 60, no 5000 metre tall earthquake proof wall around the WHOLE OF JAPAN. cause you know, shoulda seen that coming (SARCASM, just to spell it out for the tardos)

Council loses USB of patient records

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what about peoples lives?

Is everyone hear really so blind to see that the already overworked doctors might need some potentially life-saving details contained on patient records REAL FAST to make use of them? Rather than plug 4 eternally rotated unique passwords into a keyboard just to be able to access that data.

This is a classic example where the IDIOT MANAGERS chasing "data loss" prevention targets, at the cost of PATIENT CARE. The IT dept of the NHS work hard and have good intentions however are pretty toothless themselves. How about a unified password? Maybe biometrics (fingerprints?) presents a clearer solution than old fashioned rotating extra strength fantastically unmemorable password system for access to the PC's, and a unique key file for the encryption of any removable media (this way only computers that have been given the key file can decrypt the data i.e. the doctors' PC's) meaning no more password.

How about using SOLUTION based thinking rather than throw a fit at someone who fails to operate under a flawed system.

Get over it, someone has hemorrhoids oh, and there neighbour found out! OUTRAGE.

Official: PhD in 'Essential Oils' or 'Natural Toiletries' = 'a Scientist'

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I agree with the sentiment but...

I think you will find that holding a bachelors degree in at least medicine and engineering they do in fact allow you to begin practising as Doctors and Engineers.

I know this because my wife is a doctor, who incidently started after graduating with her bachelors (5 years) as a Junior House Officer, allowed to treat real patients in a real hospital. Not without supervision, however still a "real" doctor. Obviously training continues after initial qualification but even JHO's and the like can pull locum shifts or even get a job as a staff grade doctor in a specialty.

I have my BEng and had a job as a real engineer. Doing controls and instrumentation for gas turbines. Also incidently my course is accredited by the IET to become an "incorporated engineer" or chartered when completing work based further development. I am now doing a PhD in Microfluidics and biosensing (which I hope will qualify me as a boffin someday).

So other than that I wholeheartedly agree with the dread of having the reported subjects defined as classical scientists.

Nokia sues Apple in European courts

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Probably a Deft Legal Manouver

By choosing different countries the law and ways of operating in court all have subtle differences. Obviously Nokia fighting near their home turf makes a lot of sense. They will have multi-lingual specialists and will surely know all the best IP attorneys and approaches for each country.

Also their offices are nearby, hence the costs incurred in bringing witnesses/inventors to trial etc. will be greatly reduced compared to apple.

All in all it just makes life a lot more difficult and expensive for apples legal team.


US Navy achieves '100 mile' hypersonic railgun test shot

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Sattelites? Building materials more like.

The G's pulled in reaching escape velocity would pertty much rule out a lot of manufactured goods. However sending raw materials into space for assembly after reaching orbit is a good shot. I'm talking rolls of sheet metal, girders/framework. PV panels, Screws and Fixings, etc.

It means that only sensitive materials would need the expensive launcher based mode of transport.

Eventually if we get enough machinery up there they could start pulling in NEO's for material and processing them up there. No more energy would be required to reach escape velocity, and space ventures might actually become an energy SOURCE rather than a SINK.

Heres to dreams...

Brian Miller 1

Turbo Boost

Aim all railguns directly behind us.....

Fire on my command.


150 NAUTS SIR!!! She cannae take it captain.

Just a little more Scotty.

Tha's as much as I can gi ya cappin.

Very well, Uhura, see me in my quarters.

Scareware solicitors sent to regulator

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What an unfortunate namesake I have

Previously to this I had only ever come across a redneck tractor racer and a "high end" second hand German automobile salesman by the same name as me.

Sure makes it easy to be the best of a bad bunch.... The Brian Miller refered to in this article comes in a solid last place.

Bebo rave becalmed by waves

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My sister was out there, had a great time!

And BTW AC @ comment 2

No the organiser should not be prosecuted, fair warnings were given and they didn't call the police/lifeboats. Its the namby pamby morons who trail off to a party with NO information or understanding of where they are going or what they are doing that then phone the emergency services to "rescue" those same poor little idiots.

I mean come on! Does anyone feel the need to be responsible for their OWN actions. Or is it that the organiser wasn't a good enough big brother to provide first aiders, security, ferries, bum wipers etc. for a FREE PARTY.

So how about you FOAD! always someone elses fucking fault. It's not like he provided faulty equipment and charged money for the use of such. If you PAY for something you can expect some standards of protection. If you invite yourself along to a free party in the middle of nowhere that you read off the internet, don't go screaming to mummy when you find out your reading skills are deficient.

Gov confirms plans for Sky box in charge of your house

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Has anyone asked them yet...

How much power the meters themselves consume. I imagine it is a fair whack more than the tiny amount of energy it takes to spin the tiny analogue meters wheels. Especially if it contains a modern processor, networking gear etc.

Also how much energy is it going to cost to produce these. And who pays for these nuggets of modern oppressive technology? OOOHHH we do. Thats right, the government says we all must install these as a matter of law. How conveinient for the few official manufacturers that all of the politicians and their friends just so happen to have money invested in.

I am going to move out of this country so soon its not even funny. When the government and technology combine to oppress people in an endemic fashion its time to move on to another country where my taxes are used to BENEFIT people.

Honestly I reckon we should all just boycott the uk and jump ship to the mediterranean. France and Spain seem to have a much greater realisation of what a government should be. Toothless and ineffectual and most of all, INEXPENSIVE.

H Ross Perot Jr fails to grab rhino by the horns

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I am imagining

That this guy is so crap a shot, the locals had to bring out "Trinny" the trained Rhino. I envisage a guide hiding in the bushes next to trinny and when Mr. Perot shoots wildly into the wilderness the poor bugger has to make Trinny play dead.

I mean how do you miss a FUCKING RHINO. What a class "1" Grade "A" Jerk for wanting to shoot it in the first place, but then to miss...

Probably ended up shooting poor local guide in the arse.

Disney kicks 'Ho White' out of bed

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Fair use

To parody a copyrighted work is 100% legal.

Comedy and piss taking are enshrined in the law. Otherwise comedians would get their asses sued off. They can dislike it all they want. Anyone hear remember spitting image?

Video games linked to ADD? Say it ain't ooh butterfly

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Or Maybe...

Video gamers don't have to use as much of their brain power to perform this task. I would like to know if the results were significantly different between the two groups with regard to accuracy and time taken per answer.

It might just be the case that video gamers are better at dissociating the word from the colour.

In other words, video gamers are better at the task and inherently need less attention to complete it accurately.

Take all sociological "sciences" research with a grain of salt. Also if the research is from the USA you can take two grains of salt. Too many political agendas are looking for "scientific proof" over there.

Torrent crackdown pushing pirates towards file hosting

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Streaming video services...

The rise in quality of video streaming services has rendered P2P pointless and risky for most people.

People who just want to watch the shows they actually like and listen to the songs they like without ads and other crap. They don't care if it's really high quality . I have seen some damn fine quality streams recently.

The harbinger was stage6. Once that was the only one. Then they shot themselves in the foot and limped off the stage. Now people can watch reasonable quality video that looks pretty good even on 22" + screens the downloading and storing and uploading just puts the user in a compromising legal position.

If you stream it, then yeah you probably still have a copy somewhere on your hard drive for a while...but you cannot be seen to be making it available. So the court argument falls down. Also you don't need that 2TB raid 0+1 array to store all o your ill gotten bits.

P2P was awesome while it lasted but it is all getting made redundant and by the time they sort out how to limit streaming something else will already be taking off.

I still think that its incredible that you can technically still videotape anything off the TV, send it by post to a friend and thats legal, but to do the same with a computer is illegal. Talk about victimising a format.

ATM pays out credit for unwanted gadgets

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Errr, fencing stolen goods?? very much

This seems to make it very easy to find a "buyer" for stolen mobile phones. Think about it. You are in the mall food court. You stick your phone on the table after a call, turn away for 3 seconds. Snatch.

By the time you find a payphone to report it missing it has already been "recycled" for a quarter the value.

Or hey "fake friend" can I borrow your phone for 1 minute my phone has just died. Quick sneak to the machine. HAHA the machine ate your phone.



BT to push fibre to 1.5m more homes and businesses

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I also live away from the larger population centres and I have to wholeheartedly disagree with the previous poster who is "down wi dat". It will NEVER overcome the cost issues. Thats why it must be subsidised. I object to having the money taken off of us in advance.

Do the work, then we will collect the round of subsidies and pay off the debt. This whole pay it forward and trust it will get done pisses me off. They will simply not bother. Why when you can just keep eating the cake and having it too.

And wi-max, seriously? Are you joking yeah? Cause if not you are simply ignorant.

Hotmail phish exposes most common passwords

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Phishing Scam?

My wife had her hotmail account hacked NOT through a phishing scam but by someone inside a UK based E-commerce site.

She ordered t-shirts printed for her mates "hen do" from the cheapest online t-shirt place. A week after recieving the shirts in good order suddenly she was sending all of her contacts e-mails saying how great and cheap the t-shirt printers was. Only she hadn't sent any of them.

It was obvious that she had her account used to push out spam for the company she ordered with. She had used the same password for the e-commerce site as for her email, which she obviously entered into the site as well.

So, I think it is very possible that these are not specifically people falling for a dedicated phishing ring but frighteningly by apparently genuine businesses. I only hope to god that we don't get a credit card bill through for lots more t-shirts.

Google results flog millions of compromised webpages

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Are their any software firewall products that I could use to filter ip addresses by geographical location?

I would like to just stop any traffic between my computer and all of the eastern bloc countries. I never look for stuff there anyway. It would teach them a lesson that if they can't play nice we won't talk to them.

Kinda like an electronic silent treatment. To be honest the cleverer ones may start spoofing other IP's but ultimately the more obstacles you put in the way the better.

Please point me in the right direction. It MUST be possible.

Google Maps Monopoly board folds under server strain

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@Martin 6

That would make sense if it was to run for even half a year, but the creators have already limited its life to January 2010. So four months of game time.

It would not make financial sense to buy servers for a four month long PR stunt (gone horribly wrong). I expect they rented them I know I would have. I could rent top end servers for four months for less than buying low end ones.

They totally burned everyone who was excited to play it. And then stopped talking on their blog as everyones panties caught fire and they were probably running around like headless chickens trying in vain to fix it.

I bet they even try the old DDOS red herring.

A phone in every car gains hard-won GSMA support

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See how fast second hand car values rise

It will be the first time in history where older cars are going to cost double that of a new one.

Barclays online banking takes a dive

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RBS is golden

I have never had a problem with the RBS Online banking system. Not once. I am an early adopter too.

How can banks claim that your money is safe with them if its held on unreliable systems. Lets face it money is just numbers on a computer nowadays and if they can't get their computers to behave then I would not trust them with my money.

Taiwan hits Dell with $30k fine in pricing saga

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Loss of revenue my hairy ass

They never would have sold that many monitors in that amount of time if the pricing was correct. Sensationalist journalism at its worst.

They will have made a slight loss on each monitor but I cannot see it being that huge. maybe $20 a piece which is mightily annoying I am sure. They can deduct it from their taxes and so I imagine the hit is even less.

Suck it up dell. That another 30k down the pan for being so stupid as to not honour your deal. Want to lose more? Hire some expensive lawyers to argue your flawed case.


Feminist org declines nude calendar cash

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Has anyone else checked out the website

It looks as if they are falsely advertising that the money raised will go to womens aid when we know that's not the truth.

Book 'em for fraud. A couple of nights in the slammer ought to learn 'em good.

Wikipedia's Gallery guy hung up to dry?

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@Dr Stephen Jones

As you said

"The gallery has fulfilled its public duty by making the originals accessible for free and making the images available for the entire world to see. Anyone using a browser can already see them."


"So there is no moral justification for Wikipedia or any other leeching organisation hosting these images without compensating the British taxpayer for loss of revenue."

Firstly, There is no loss of revenue whatsoever. The NPG have to PAY to host them and maintain its web presence. Wikipedia is NON PROFIT, so nobodies making money there. All that is actually happening is that more of the world has access to great artworks.

You contradict yourself by saying that making the art available freely for the world could in some way be in itself a revenue stream.

Think before you type.

Brian Miller 1

@ Neil C Smith

I agree with you wholeheartedly.

The NPG is using public money to create private works? It holds copyright to a COPY of someone elses work?

My mother was an art historian and now is a business owner. She wanted to use some works of art that are in the public domain for logos and background images for her products.

Here's the trick. The photos of these works are copyrighted so you have to pay for there use. You are not allowed to take your own photos of the artworks where they are held in the galleries. So the ONLY way to use PUBLIC WORKS is by paying private individuals. Its a monopoly and they should be done for anti-competitive practices.

Bunch of wankers. The rest of you that are siding with the Gallery are simpletons and uneducated fucktards.

Virgin Media sets throttle on hardcore hogs

Brian Miller 1

of course they throttle everyone, only 5% at any one time

They pretty much tell you that they throttle everyone. Here is the maths.

Top 5% of bandwidth users get throttled immediately during throttle hours.

Suddenly OMG, a completely different set of users comprise the "top 5%" because the previous top %5 are now slower. So throttle on to the next 5%. (10% of all users within minutes of opening throttle hours) Ad infinitum until (almost) every user has been in the top 5% during the throttling hours.

Because the throttle is automatically applied for several hours you can see how by throttling "only the top 5% of heaviest users" means everyone in fact. Marketing speak (lies).

Now only the top 0.1% sounds better huh? Well actually it is exactly the same. Just sounds better to users.

Vulture Central plans Brit-Yank dictionary

Brian Miller 1

Clarty Bas


Radge, Chav, Townie, Bampot, Schemie, Ned = Scum

Cadger = Dirty Thief (i.e. can I cadge a fag off ye)

Fag = Lammy Bammy, Richmond, John Player Specials, or if you are down and out Mayfair

Blagger = Charismatic Liar

Giro Day = The happiest day of the week for Radges

Fudge-packer = Fag

Chib = Stab

"Square Goes" = Traditional Glaswegian dance usually performed outside. Think square dance

Nuggets = Great

Jammie Thomas calls for file-sharing trial #3

Brian Miller 1

Right On

To make sure the system works she needs to file a counter-suit for harassment, claiming this has destroyed her life and mental health unfairly.

Win the trial for a large sum and the system will have meted out the justice we all want. I think a $3-$4m dollar figure sounds about right. And getting the RIAA award down to about $10k.

Go USA justice system. WOOT

Dell accidentally sells 140,000 monitors for $15 a pop

Brian Miller 1

@ Tony S

You caught me. I am USA born, was taught at a British school and university though. In a way your right. Any shop can refuse to serve anyone and everyone provided it is not based on race, religion, creed, ability, RACE or age etc etc. as it is against human rights legislation. Pretty hard to prove that you were not prejudiced against for any one of those reasons. If you are drunk or abusive then it is likely that you will get told to fuck off, but in general shops don't go around chucking people out because of there own errors.

Also you have a right to report any company for false advertising if they display an inaccurate price. I did consumer rights law in my engineering course and so actually you seem to be the one unfamiliar with your own countries laws. Also I live in Scotland where they still value their civil liberties as opposed to that shithole England tacked on to the mightily large arse end of the island. Scotland has its own law system where the law is generally more the little guys side.

Anyway, S Tony you seem to have a bit of a casual racist streak in you, not unlike many of your fellow countrymen. I have suffered through the Bush years silently but now I speak up and throw shit in your face. Ballbag.

Brian Miller 1

@ Jon Lamb

where do you get this figure of £81 price difference. Retail price maybe. Don't forget that most of the flat panels are manufactured on that side of the globe and the actual COST price to dell is probably $30-$50 US so really they will be losing a lot less.

They never would have made that number of sales if they had listed the real intended price so you can't even claim your figure as reasonable lost sales. BUT Dell will be able to write down the losses against taxes anyway so Boo fucking hoo.

Poor suckers have to live with having a dell monitor. And a dell warranty. As we all know both aren't really worth a shit.

And as for UK law. The shops still must honor any the lowest displayed price. No watering down has occurred to UK trading standards. People here just don't stand up for their rights the same as elsewhere. I remember a rogue supermarket employee got fired for discounting loads of goods overnight. Hilarious. More of the same supermarket workers of the world unite.

US record industry wins $1.92m from file sharer

Brian Miller 1

Did it ever occur to anyone that

Maybe she is just giving them a hard time of it to illustrate the idiocy of there approach to dealing with music sharing.

They already chose to ruin her life. $5k when you have $0 is as big a mountain as $1.92m. She is doing the right thing and showing these monsters for what they are.

They can only afford to pay their lawyers for so long. The longer and more appeals she gets the better. Also she should counter-sue for harassment and torture. Get a few doctors to agree that she may well be depressed and that it can be linked to this civil case brought about by the RIAA.

Selective enforcement of their rights, she has been prejudiced against because they thought she would be an easy target. etc etc. Then she just needs to get a larger award than they got and hey presto the system works. Hopefully the jury would give her a little extra for all this hard fighting she has had to do.

Go Jammie woooot.



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