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Apple to 'vigorously' fight Nokia patent pout

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Prior art?

I wonder how many of those patents are invalid, due to prior art? It may be that Nokia find themselves with a few less valid patents that they can milk at the end of this.

Windows 7 versus Snow Leopard — The poison taste test

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I run XP on my Mac, but only because my wife who has had nasty experiences with pre OS X Macs at the research labs where she worked. She just prefers to use Windows as it's something that she knows well, and isn't willing to change or actively learn a new slightly different way to use a computer.

It's worth noting that XP is much snappier on my Mac Mini than it is on my work PC.

Mind you; she's grown very fond of the iLife bundle that came with the Mac for video and photo editing. And has even grown accustomed the odd menu/window behavior when compared to Windows, in Leopard.

As a programmer; I use Windows for some coding related things but for day to day stuff, I prefer using OS X. Spaces might not be a new concept, but it works bloody well and is something I miss when having to work in Windows.

T'was a good, well balanced article on the merits of both OS's but not enough to justify my buying a copy of Windows 7. Microsoft have screwed the pooch as far as I'm concerned with the whole Vista debacle, and I'm really more than happy using OSX for all my home needs.

Mechwarrior maker claims Microsoft 'destroyed' studio's culture

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Oh dear.....it's a real shame that the console wars trolls always seem to get ion on this thing. If the PS3 is such a fail, and the 360 is so full of "win" then why is the PS3 only trailing by 7 million or so units? Keep in mind that this is pretty much the number that MS lead sony by, come the PS3's US launch.

Surely if the PS3 is such a failure, Microsoft would have at least double the PS3 sales figures?

I hate to say it.but the only people who think that the Cell architecture is difficult to work with, are mostly from sub-standard coders who somehow managed to work their way into the games industry. I've never had any issues working with the Cell...it's a really nice piece of silicon, and all it takes is a little bit of planning before writing code.

Anyhow...back on subject. It makes me wonder how the guys at Lionhead have been dealing with MS's studio raping since being taken over, as well the bunch at Rare.

Microsoft ultra-thins to 'out cool' netbooks, Apple

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Don't panic, don;t panic!

I think what's really interesting, is that Microsoft consider Apple such a real threat to their business. It's not so much the Netbook fad that Balmer is trying to kill, he knows that it's already a lost battle and you can't compete an OS that works great and costs nothing, with an OS that works ok, but costs a pile of dosh.

Three years ago, Apple were just some niche computer maker that had done amazingly well in the consumer electronics market with the iPod. But in that time, possibly propelled by the iPod, people have been taking note of their computer range that has been typically well thought out and implemented, and decided to give it a go.

I tend to see more people at airports with MacBooks, less so Netbooks these days. The odd few have a windows laptop. I'm not going to pretend that this is anything but a casual observation of a trend, rather than hard data, but it's been big enough to notice without actively looking.

Apple has almost all of the pc market covered with its range. From the "cheap" entry level Mac Mini to the awesome Mac Pro and the same goes the Mac Book range. Yes they are expensive when you compare them to the more cheap n' cheerful windows range, but they all work amazingly well and the bottom of the range Macs all have exceptional performance when coupled with OSX.

Microsoft is gunning for Apple in an attempt to dampen its rise in the home computer market, but somehow, I don't think Microsoft know how to do this. I'm not saying that Apple is going to conquer Microsoft, but it might be that the stranglehold on the pc market is well and truly over with Microsoft being just another software house instead of the "be all and end all" of the business.

Don't call me Ishmael

James 30

I'm lacking originality....

I've err..named all of our networkable devices at home after Battlestar Galactica stuff. My iPod touch is call Starbuck, the PS3 is known as Pegasus when in Linux, the router is called Kobol and err...I'm sure you all get the idea.


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